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RA: Electronic music in East Asia
From Japan's aging scene, to the recent growth in South Korea and Taiwan, electronic music in East Asia is in flux. Tobias Burgers reports on both the challenges and exciting developments that have gripped the region.
music  dancemusic  clubbing  Japan  SouthKorea  Taiwan  Taipei  Seoul  review  ResidentAdvisor  2018 
january 2018 by inspiral
RA: Nyege Nyege: East Africa's new wave
Electronic music is booming in East Africa, and a small collective based in Kampala is at the heart of it all. Aaron Coultate travelled to Uganda to hear their story.
music  dancemusic  BoutiqElectroniq  NyegeNyege  profile  Uganda  Kampala  Africa  ResidentAdvisor  2017 
december 2017 by inspiral
RA: 2017 in electronic music
We highlight the artists and musical movements that defined the year.
dancemusic  clubbing  music  review  electro  reissue  SouthAmerica  LatinAmerica  hardcore  ResidentAdvisor  2017 
december 2017 by inspiral
Moscow nightlife: how a new wave of DIY club is breathing life into the capital’s party scene — The Calvert Journal
Russia's recent economic hardships have had an energising effect on Moscow's clubbing scene, as lower rents and fewer international artists have created the perfect conditions for a homegrown scene to thrive
music  dancemusic  clubbing  tourist  Moscow  Russia  CalvertJournal  2017 
february 2017 by inspiral
Casual Gabberz are the Parisian collective making gabber cool again
Since its birth in Rotterdam in the early ‘90s, gabber has largely been derided by “serious” clubbers as as whizz-fueled music for puerile head-bangers. But forget what you’ve heard – a new generation of French gabber obsessives are pumping fresh blood into a maligned genre to bring a taste of gabber to a contemporary club audience. April Clare Welsh meets the Casual Gabberz.
CasualGabberz  gabber  music  dancemusic  Paris  France  FactMag  2017 
february 2017 by inspiral
RA: Some thoughts on 2017
RA's editorial team give their views on the coming year.
dancemusic  clubbing  forecast  music  ResidentAdvisor  2017 
january 2017 by inspiral
How Margaret Thatcher Took On Acid House - The Daily Beast
All-night raves known as Acid House parties were spreading across the UK in 1989, ‘the Second Summer of Love.’ But it took a letter from an MP’s irritated uncle in the shires to get Mrs. Thatcher involved in the debate.
MargaretThatcher  music  acidhouse  dancemusic  CriminalJusticeBill  history  UK  TheDailyBeast  2016 
january 2017 by inspiral
How Tiga Ignited Montreal's Dance Music Movement - YouTube
In Autobiographies actors, musicians, athletes, filmmakers and chefs share personal stories about the moments that changed their lives. In this episode we meet DJ entrepreneur Tiga who shares with us how he revolutionized the Montreal party scene by staying true to himself and rejecting convention.
Tiga  interview  dancemusic  music  Montreal  profile  Vice  2016 
october 2016 by inspiral
RA: Death by a thousand cuts: Austerity and London nightlife
As Angus Finlayson explains, the real reason for London's club crisis might have been overlooked.
Fabric  dancemusic  music  clubbing  closure  regulation  Police  review  ResidentAdvisor  2016 
october 2016 by inspiral
Opinion: London’s nightlife is dying. We should look to Eastern Europe for the future of clubbing — The Calvert Journal
Now London's Fabric has closed it's time to wake up to the fact that when it comes to clubbing, the momentum has shifted to the capitals of eastern Europe, whose underground electronic music scenes are starting to rival Berlin's
clubbing  dancemusic  music  EasternEurope  Moscow  Kiev  Tbilisi  advocacy  CalvertJournal  2016 
september 2016 by inspiral
Simon Kong - Person | AudioCulture
In 1991, 15-year-old Simon Kong made a habit of sneaking into Christchurch nightclubs. “Back then the DJs were really technically good, and they would play across the board,” he says. “Knowing what I know now, what you heard in the club was incredible. I would literally dance all night.”
SimonKong  interview  profile  dancemusic  music  clubbing  Wellington  NewZealand  AudioCulture  2015 
may 2016 by inspiral
RA: What's the way forward for UK nightlife?
Nightlife professionals from London, Berlin and Amsterdam sit down to discuss how to deal with the many threats facing one of the world's best club scenes.
nightlife  clubbing  dancemusic  gentrification  regulations  London  Berlin  Amsterdam  localgovernment  ResidentAdvisor  2016 
april 2016 by inspiral
And the brands played on: how EDM can sell almost anything | Music | The Guardian
Brands and advertisers are falling over themselves to tap in to the colossal success of dance music, and many of its stars are happy to help the marketing effort – with conditions
EDM  dancemusic  music  sponsorship  Volvo  Avicii  Smirnoff  SteveAoki  creativeshowcase  review  Guardian  2015  contentmarketing 
december 2015 by inspiral
The Year in Electronic Music 2015 | Pitchfork
Marked by an exhilarating formlessness, this year’s vanguard electronic music resisted bite-sized, EDM-style consumption as it offered an endless malleability that spoke to our culture’s increasingly fluid sense of identity.
music  dancemusic  review  author:PhilipSherburne  Pitchfork  2015 
december 2015 by inspiral
Last trance saloon: why is music's cheesiest genre making a comeback? | Music | The Guardian
Once maligned for its naff image and sugary euphoria, trance is being embraced by DJs such as Evian Christ and Rustie. Time to break out the confetti canons
trance  dancemusic  music  EvianChrist  Rustie  trends  Guardian  2015 
november 2015 by inspiral
The #Blessed Life Of Kaskade, EDM's Voice Of Reason
How $500,000-a-night DJ Kaskade — a 44-year-old Mormon father of three — became electronic dance music’s most unassailable superstar.
Kaskade  profile  interview  music  EDM  dancemusic  Buzzfeed  2015 
november 2015 by inspiral
It was 20 years ago today: the year British dance music went wild | Music | The Guardian
Yes, Britpop hit the headlines, but that was only part of the story. In 1995 dance music came of age, and a wave of hedonism hit the fields and clubs of Britain. Here some of the major musicians and DJs involved share their memories of an explosive year
music  history  Orbital  PaulHartnoll  Leftfield  Underworld  DJStorm  Metalheadz  Mogwai  Elastica  Cream  SkunkAnansie  PaulOakenfield  UK  dancemusic  Guardian  2015 
july 2015 by inspiral
How CDR kickstarted the careers of London's brightest artists
From the early 2000s onwards, CDR, run by Tony Nwachukwu of Attica Blues fame and his cohort Gavin Alexander, was a unique date in the Plastic People calendar.
CDR  PlasticPeople  clubbing  dancemusic  London  TonyNwachukwu  interview  FactMag  2015 
march 2015 by inspiral
Township tech: South Africans raving at apartheid’s afterparty | Music | The Guardian
A new documentary shows how a country still scarred by years of segregation has embraced locally brewed house music as a force for expression
dancemusic  Kwaito  clubbing  SouthAfrica  music  Guardian  2015 
february 2015 by inspiral
Go For the Music, Stay For the Holograms — re:form — Medium
How electronic dance music shows are becoming immersive experiences through computer-aided magic
EricPrydz  hologram  dancemusic  EDM  live  Re-form  Medium  2014 
october 2014 by inspiral
EDM vs. House — Cuepoint — Medium
Will dance music festivals extinguish the minimalistic sound of club culture, or fuel its next fire?
EDM  dancemusic  history  clubbing  USA  DaftPunk  music  Curpoint  author:JoshuaGlazer  Medium  2014 
october 2014 by inspiral
The Raving Crew Who Were Named 'The Most Dangerous People in the UK' | VICE United Kingdom
Jump forward 9,030 days or so, and somewhere under the stars this August bank holiday, DiY’s 25th birthday will be celebrated in the appropriate manner: consensual, eyes-wide-open carousing, with nobody being charged for the “privilege”. As DiY founder member Harry explains: “Our aim was always to take club music to the fields and the attitude of the fields to the clubs. We were very zealous about the ‘free’ principle as applied to festivals and parties. No start or finish time, no fences, no security. No rip-off, basically. Just the beauty of dancing at dawn in the fields.”
DIY  clubbing  music  freeparty  UK  history  dancemusic  Vice  2014 
august 2014 by inspiral
It seems to be a popular narrative with journalists and other non-Drum & Bass producing musicians at the moment, to wonder and show surprise that producers are still making DnB, that it’s “still here” and that it still has any kind of musical value or worth. This continued belief that DnB has been on some kind of hiatus, that it’s been in a state of hibernation or, what I read recently “nearly a decade in dance music purgatory” confounds me.
music  drumnbass  dancemusic  advocacy  dBridge  ExitRecords  2014 
july 2014 by inspiral
Shut up and spend: inside the electronic music money machine | The Verge
Exploring the EDMBiz Conference and music's hot new $6.2 billion industry
music  dancemusic  EDM  commercialism  sellout  USA  TheVerge  2014 
july 2014 by inspiral
RA: The life and death of the mix CD
The mix CD lives on in the face of an increasingly difficult market. RA goes behind the process of the embattled format to discover how labels are weathering the storm.
music  dancemusic  compilations  decline  ResidentAdvisor  2014 
april 2014 by inspiral
Illegal raves: social media messages bring in a new generation of partygoers | Music | The Guardian
Thought illegal raves went out with stonewashed jeans and acid smileys? Wrong. Warehouse parties are back – with fewer flyers, more Facebook updates and some very special party balloons
dancemusic  London  music  Guardian  2014 
april 2014 by inspiral
The Hitman and the Trickster: Todd Terje's Improbable Disco | SPIN | Profiles | Spotlight
After 10 years of dance-floor curveballs, the Norwegian producer expands the playing field with a slyly self-aware debut LP
ToddTerje  music  disco  dancemusic  profile  Spin  2014 
april 2014 by inspiral
Thatcher's War on Acid House
She may have got the Falklands, but she couldn't get the pillheads.
politics  Tories  2013  dancemusic  MargaretThatcher  Vice 
april 2013 by inspiral
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