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Reddit redesign revs up engagement for Audi | Digital - Ad Age
Reddit's redesign and new ad products seem to be paying off—for Audi, at least.

The car manufacturer's "Think Faster" campaign featured stars such as Elizabeth Banks and Liza Koshy answering questions from Redditors live – "Ask Me Anything" style – while zooming 120 mph or more in an Audi sports car. Reddit says the redesign of its website and native video ad offering have significantly increased engagement from users.
Reddit  redesign  engagement  onlineadvertising  onlinevideo  Audi  creativeshowcase  AdvertisingAge  2018 
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How Spammers, Superstars, and Tech Giants Gamed Music
Gaming Spotify does not rely strictly on deception. Some artists, a term used very loosely here, are providing people exactly what they want. It just so happens that what they want is ephemeral nonsense. Take, for example, the artist Happy Birthday Library, whose Spotify catalogue consists of hundreds of personalized versions of “Happy Birthday” streamed more than a million times.
Spotify  music  streamingmedia  hacking  review  creativeshowcase  Vulture  2017 
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The Shattering Truth of 3D-Printed Clothing – Backchannel
Fashion visionaries are using 3D printing to create mind-bending textiles that are nearly impossible to wear.
3Dprinting  fahsion  threeASFOUR  innovation  creativeshowcase  BackChannel  2017 
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Fashion Fans Can Watch the Met Gala Thanks to Vogue’s 360-Degree Livestream on Facebook – Adweek
When Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour and dozens of A-list celebrities walk down the red carpet during Monday’s annual Met Gala in New York, Vogue will be livestreaming the event in 360 degrees from Facebook—with ads from champagne brand Moët & Chandon sprinkled throughout the broadcast.

The Met Gala is working with Facebook Creative Shop to set up the livestream, which will be the Met Gala’s first 360-degree broadcast. It’s also one of the Creative Shop’s first branded 360 live videos. During the broadcast, Moët-branded bubbles will appear periodically as interstitial ads between footage. Facebook is working with visual effects company Digital Domain to set up the video’s multi-camera perspective.
Facebook  Vogue  livestreaming  360video  creativeshowcase  AdWeek  2017 
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Uber’s public Q&A with drivers was a disaster - The Verge
Ride hailing giant Uber today trotted out Jeff Jones, its ride sharing president, in a public Facebook Q&A to try and address driver complaints. Given Uber’s reputation of late and its complicated and messy history with drivers, the session did not go over all that smoothly. In total, Jones answered only 12 questions on his public Facebook post. Two of those questions came from people wondering whether the session was live, while another involved Jones replying with “hey” to someone who simply wrote “hello.”
After realizing that 30 minutes of his free time may not be enough to try and address perhaps the company’s biggest and most sensitive vulnerability, Jones switched to addressing broad topics with links to Uber’s website. Those topics ranged from support and earnings statements to driver ratings and rider behavior. This did not appease many of the participants in the Q&A, who began flooding Jones’ comments with complaints, angry messages, and stories of their own negative experiences with Uber’s platform. For Jones, this is probably uncharted territory. The former Target executive is used to more in-person community engagement, and he has in fact been holding small, roundtable events with drivers that have been noticeably less public than this.
Uber  ridesharing  socialmedia  creativeshowcase  Facebook  critique  TheVerge  2017 
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How fashion brands are using WhatsApp | Glossy
Fashion brands are getting chatty on WhatsApp with the messaging platform’s 1 billion reported users.
Brands like Diesel, Burberry, Clarks, Agent Provocateur and Kenneth Cole have begun testing the space, which attracts global users to data-free messaging groups, for new marketing and customer service initiatives. It’s still early days for brands on WhatsApp — most are approaching it as an experimental platform — but with retailer mobile app traction on the decline and Facebook Messenger still building out its offering to be more brand-friendly, quick adapters of the chat-driven technology could find themselves at an advantage.
WhatsApp  fashion  apparel  mobilemarketing  mobilemessaging  creativeshowcase  Glossy  2017 
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Japanese white collar workers are already being replaced by artificial intelligence — Quartz
One Japanese insurance company, Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance, is reportedly replacing 34 human insurance claim workers with “IBM Watson Explorer,” starting by January 2017.
The AI will scan hospital records and other documents to determine insurance payouts, according to a company press release, factoring injuries, patient medical histories, and procedures administered. Automation of these research and data gathering tasks will help the remaining human workers process the final payout faster, the release says.
insurance  IBMWatson  artificialintelligence  automation  FukokuMutualLifeInsurance  creativeshowcase  Japan  Quartz  2017 
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CoverGirl's Chatbot Is Smart, Funny and Responsive | Digital - AdAge
CoverGirl has released what it claims is the first influencer chatbot marketing campaign, using a program designed to emulate a real person's conversational style.
The make-up brand, which was spun off to Coty from Procter & Gamble in October, invited fans to use the teen-focused messaging app Kik to interact with a chatbot version of Kalani Hilliker, a 16-year-old American dancer, model and TV personality.
CoverGirl  chatbots  creativeshowcase  cosmetics  virtualassistant  AdvertisingAge  2016 
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Capital One Bets Big on Facebook in New Campaign | CMO Strategy - AdAge
Capital One is turning to Facebook for its newest brand-focused campaign, which debuts Thursday. The push, #DefineYourDream, highlights empowering and uplifting stories from Capital One customers, and will run primarily on Facebook and Instagram.
One nearly three-minute video features a small business owner who sells lingerie and also runs a program to help cancer survivors. "We proudly celebrate our customers who challenge us all to dream big," text from the commercial reads.
CapitalOne  socialmedia  banking  Facebook  onlinevideo  creativeshowcase  AdvertisingAge  2016 
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What are progressive web apps (PWAs)? | Econsultancy
Simply put, they are websites that feel more like an app.

They load quickly (no App Store involved), can be added to your smartphone home screen, function offline and can send push notifications - making them much more convenient than a traditional web app.
ProgressiveWebApps  mobileapps  mobileinternet  offline  Airberlin  WashingtonPost  creativeshowcase  launch  innovation  Google  Econsultancy  2016 
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Lowe's Is Using Facebook Live to Unveil Its Black Friday Deals This Weekend | Adweek
The Mooresville, N.C.-based company will reveal 11 Black Friday deals during a 20-minute segment on Facebook Live on Saturday. Lowe's didn't disclose a budget spend, but it's been running video ads on the social platform for the last two weeks to push the livestream event, which is called "Mystery Box Bonanza."
On Nov. 2, Lowe's teased out Saturday's effort via Facebook Live, getting more than 2,700 real-time onlookers. Since then, the recorded version of the video has garnered 1.4 million views.
FacebookLive  livestreaming  FacebookVideo  retail  creativeshowcase  Lowes  AdWeek  2016 
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Lidl offers to drop Christmas prices in return for tweets
The grocer claims the ‘Social Price Drop’ promotion is the first time a supermarket has determined the price of a product through crowdsourcing.

Lidl will invite the public to cut the cost of a different festive product each week in the four weeks leading up to Christmas.

The first phase launches today (21 November) and the grocer’s Christmas lobster, which usually retails at £5.99, will be the first product to have its price set through the strength of conversation on Twitter.

Customers have two days to drive down the price of the lobster by tweeting about it and on Wednesday the final product price will be announced and the product will be available for sale from Saturday.
Twitter  socialmedia  retail  groceries  creativeshowcase  Campaign  UK  2016 
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Spotify Serves First Vertical Video Ads in 'Branded Moments' | Digital - AdAge
Spotify is serving its first vertical video ads through a new "branded moments" offering that gives people 30 minutes of commercial-free listening music afterward.
The streaming music app is in the middle of a roadshow across Madison Avenue where it is pitching agencies and brands on products including branded moments. Spotify argues that it has unique insights into what consumers are doing at any given time, especially when they click on a playlist marked for certain occasions, that make its ads more valuable to marketers.
"A branded moment is more about reaching users in a specific context," said Danielle Lee, VP of global partnership solutions at Spotify. "Based on the playlists that they're activating, we know the moments they are in."
Spotify  mobileadvertising  videoadvertising  BrandedMoments  vertical  launch  Bose  Bacardi  creativeshowcase  AdvertisingAge  2016 
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Quaker's Month-Long 'Oatober' Campaign Includes 31 Different Oat Recipes | Adweek
Even oatmeal is going digital. To show that Quaker's oats are used to make more than just oatmeal, the PepsiCo.-owned brand is launching a campaign this weekend as part of a month-long effort the brand is dubbing 'Oatober.'
Starting tomorrow, Quaker will start pumping out Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest posts with oat recipes, including muffins, cookies and oatmeal. Then on Sunday, Quaker is running its first Instagram Marquee—the social app's year-old takeover ads that let brands hit large audiences in a short period of time.
There is also a Tumblr and webpage launching this weekend and a series of sponsored videos with food publisher Tastemade that will roll out on Snapchat, Facebook and Pinterest later this month. All told, Quaker's campaign will include 31 different recipes for the month of October.
QuakerOats  food  socialmedia  Facebook  Instagram  Pinterest  Tumblr  Snapchat  Oatober  creativeshowcase  AdWeek  2016 
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Snapchat Users Are Spending 78 Seconds on Average Playing Under Armour's Cam Newton Game | Adweek
Snapchat users who've come across Under Armour's new interactive game are spending an average of 78 seconds playing, according to early data. 
The app's 60 million daily users in the U.S. (and Canada) are able to access Under Armour's It Comes From Below, a game based on the brand's ad campaign from Droga5 featuring Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, through ads in Snapchat's Discover section. When an ad appears (only U.S. users can see it), users can swipe up and play.
In the first day running ads for the game, Snapchat saw 20 percent of users swipe up. Those who did spent an average of 78 seconds playing the game, and 19 percent of users who played shared the game with one or more friends, per Snapchat. 
Snapchat  UnderArmour  mobilegaming  creativeshowcase  CanNewton  mobileadvertising  AdWeek  2016 
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CSO Imran Khan Explains Snapchat’s Rebrand to Snap Inc. | Adweek
Under the newly created Snap Inc. corporate name, chief strategy officer Imran Khan revealed a couple of notable stats during his pitch today for advertisers at Advertising Week. 
The CSO said that over 60 million of Snapchat's more than 150 million daily users come from the U.S. and Canada. Speaking at Dmexco earlier this month, Khan said that 50 million of the company's users are in Europe, meaning that the U.S., Canada and Europe represent 110 million daily active users. More than two-thirds of those folks actually create daily content within the app, with the average person spending 25 to 30 minutes in it.
"We rebranded our company to Snap Inc. because we are bigger than just one app," Khan said. "Snap Inc. is a camera company—we believe that reinventing the camera represents our greatest opportunity to improve the way people live and communicate."
Snapchat  Branding  strategy  SnapchatSpectacles  SnapchatStories  GeneralMills  creativeshowcase  AdWeek  2016 
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Facebook Is Letting Marketers Link Canvas Ads and Include 360-Degree Video | Adweek
Facebook's full-screen mobile ads, a product known as Canvas, is getting 360-degree video capability. Itau, a Brazilian bank that has been running a lot of Facebook ads, is testing the feature. 

The 360-degree ads will be rolling out widely today.
Also, the social network is letting Canvas advertisers link to other Canvas ads. The idea is to create a multi-page experience that tells a more in-depth and engaging brand narrative. It's supposed to work as if it's a digital storybook.
Facebook  FacebookCanvas  mobileadvertising  launch  Brazil  BeatsbyDre  creativeshowcase  AdWeek  2016 
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Snapchat's Mysterious 'Snap to Unlock' Ads Start to Pop Up | Digital - AdAge
Snapchat marketing codes are starting to appear in the wild, inviting people to scan them with promises of promotional add-ons inside the app.
These are Snapchat's new twist on old QR codes, which had a brief flirtation with relevance about 5 years ago. The QR code, it's worth remembering, was a digital marker that consumers could capture with their smartphones, directing them to special offers and other mobile marketing promotions.
Now, Snapchat has turned the concept into an ad format called Snap to Unlock. Brands put the codes, which look like Snapchat logos, on billboards, in stores or on products for people to scan.
Snapchat  SnaptoUnlock  launch  UniversalPictures  TheGirlontheTrain  QRcode  creativeshowcase  AdvertisingAge  2016 
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Chevy Is Tapping Into IBM's Watson to Fuel People's Positivity, and Their Cars | Adweek
vrolet wants people to see life—and their gas tanks—as half full instead of half empty.
Just in time for International Day of Positive Thinking, the Detroit-based automaker is launching a campaign to help the optimists of the world "find new roads." Partnering with IBM, Chevy built the Chevrolet Global Positivity System (conveniently abbreviated as GPS), which uses Watson's cognitive capabilities to analyze people's social media channels to see what kind of positivity they're pumping out.
While anyone can access the Chevy GPS online, the company has also activated several gas stations around the world to surprise visitors with free gas. Based on an analysis by Watson of the words and emojis people use on various social media channels, visitors to the selection of stations will be rewarded with a certain amount of free fuel. But, in order to boost everyone's mood, Chevy says even those whose online personalities are more negative in nature won't go away with an empty tank.
Chevy is initially temporarily taking over gas stations in New Orleans, Cape Town and Buenos Aires, but he initiative is also planned for other markets including Canada, Dubai and South Korea.
Chevrolet  IBM  partnership  socialmedia  automotive  creativeshowcase  Adweek  2016 
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Burberry launches 'see-now-buy-now' chatbot | Glossy
Burberry took a cue from Tommy Hilfiger and launched a fashion chatbot of its own yesterday to complement the brand’s first foray into “see-now-buy-now” fashion.
Burberry has long been innovative in the digital space, becoming the first luxury brand to run a Snapchat Discover channel native ad back in April, and launching Pinterest’s first customized beauty board in August.
Though Tommy Hilfiger was the first to launch its fashion bot earlier this week, Burberry is seeking to differentiate by providing behind-the-scenes looks at the inspiration for the latest collection in advance of its London Fashion Week show on September 19.

To use the bot, users can go to the Burberry Facebook page and click the link of scan the mobile QR code. They then receive a virtual “save the date” for the London fashion show before they are led through a series of inspirations for the line, including Virginia Woolf’s novel “Orlando” and pre-production sketches of items like a women’s cavalry jacket and a bridle bag.
Burberry  fashion  FacebookMessenger  chatbots  creativeshowcase  Glossy  2016 
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Profess Your Love for the Pumpkin Spice Latte Directly By Chatting With the Starbucks Drink on Facebook | TIME
The chat bot is sassy but only semi-functional, repeatedly asking questions like “What emoji do you think describes me best?” which it follows up with non-sequitur responses like “Look into your PSL… and you will find the answer” or “Well one time I learned to skate and that seems pretty relevant.” (Hint to The Real PSL: no, it’s… not.)

It’s amusing in the way that all bots are amusing: mostly for finding (and taking advantage of) the limitations of their glitchy algorithmic minds. This one seems especially primitive, however. And frankly, we always thought the PSL’s personality would be warmer and sweeter than the caustic bot they’ve served us, just based on flavor profile and the way a PSL will make you feel as you sip. (Along with pumpkin, we usually pick out notes of coziness and nostalgia.) But apparently Starbucks is here to subvert our expectations.
Starbucks  FacebookMessenger  chatbots  creativeshowcase  drinks  critique  Time  2016 
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Twitter launches Promoted Stickers in the UK
Announcing the rollout in a blog post, Twitter described the function as acting "as a visual hashtag" –meaning that a sticker can be clicked to search for people using it – allowing brands to monitor the consumers engaging with their content.

One of the first brands to use Promoted Stickers in the UK is Warner Bros, for its forthcoming Harry Potter spinoff Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them.

The UK launch comes two months after non-branded emoji stickers were first announced, and two weeks after Pepsi became the first brand to use Promoted Stickers, in the latest iteration of its #PepsiMoji campaign.
Twitter  stickers  emoji  launch  creativeshowcase  HarryPotter  Pepsi  Campaign  2016 
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These 11 Brands Are Already Using Instagram’s New Zoom Feature | Adweek
Less than a month after launching Instagram Stories—the Facebook-owned app's version of the popular Snapchat feature, which strings together photos and videos for 24 hours—Instagram moved a step ahead of Snapchat on Wednesday by giving users the ability to zoom in while viewing photos and videos.
Now, iPhone users can now pinch photos and videos to get a closer look at them, and there's plans to roll out zoom for Android phones in the coming weeks.
And when a social platform introduces something fresh, brands always follow, whipping up posts that incorporate what's new. Red Tettemer O'Connell + Partners has already created posts for Morning Star Farms and Reyka Vodka using the feature, but marketers should be cautious before going-all in.
"With the zoom feature, there needs to be some inherent reason to look at an image closer to discover something, but that action of discovery still needs to connect to the brands messaging in some way or it'll just feel like a gimmick," said Steve O'Connell, ecd and partner at Red Tettemer O'Connell + Partners. "That said, eventually the novelty of zooming in will wear off, and it'll simply be another tool in a brand's Instagram arsenal to be used specifically, only in special instances."
Instagram  zoom  launch  mobileadvertising  mobilesocial  creativeshowcase  ReykaVodka  CheesecakeFactory  GeneralElectric  NoosaYoghurt  MorningStarFarms  BudLight  KFC  Primark  BritishAirways  TurboTax  AdWeek  2016 
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Gatorade is running a Serena Williams Snapchat video game ad - Digiday
Gatorade is pushing the boundaries of Snapchat with a video game ad tied to the U.S. Open.

“Serena Match Point” gameplay
The old-school tennis game features 22 levels with each representing one of Serena Williams’ Grand Slam wins. Level 23 will unlock on September 10, the day of the Women’s Finals, should Williams win. Players can simply click on one of the three tennis balls to initiate the game, and tap left or right to catch the ball.

“Serena Match Point” is sitting inside ESPN’s Discover channel on Snapchat as an ad. When users swipe up the ad, they will be directed to an in-app game experience. They can also go to via mobile or desktop to play the game. Gatorade will also use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to drive users to the game.
Snapchat  Gatorade  tennis  mobilegaming  SerenaWilliams  creativeshowcase  SerenaMatchPoint  drinks  Digiday  2016 
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Snapchat Is Bringing Live Scores to High School Football Games This Fall | Adweek
Snapchat has inked a deal with ScoreStream, a platform that crowdsources live sports scores, to power real-time geofilters at high school football games in the U.S. this fall.
Snapchat started experimenting with real-time scores for NBA games this year and a handful of other sports, including the NFL, with a feature called Live Score. The location-based technology is now being deployed at thousands of high schools so the app's teenage and millennial users can spruce up their snaps with their teams' scores. The partnership with ScoreStream is the first time the real-time scores will include advertising, and Gatorade has signed on as the program's sponsor for the fall season.
Using the geofilter, Snapchat users will able to add a scoreboard decal to photos and videos taken and posted from games. The colors of the filters change based on school colors. Gatorade's messaging appears at the bottom of the graphics.
Snapchat  Gatorade  ScoreStream  SnapchatLiveScore  football  scores  creativeshowcase  AdWeek  2016 
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Facebook's Vertical Videos Are About to Appear in Your Mobile News Feed | Adweek
The Menlo Park, Calif.-based company today revealed it will soon support vertical videos on its 6-year-old flagship mobile app after previously only offering box-shaped clips. Vertical videos, which snugly fit the rectangular view most people experience on smartphones, have been Snapchat's calling card for users and brands in recent years. 
"We know that people enjoy more immersive experiences on Facebook, so we're starting to display a larger portion of each vertical video in news feed on mobile," a spokesperson told MarketingLand, which broke the news late Friday morning. 
Facebook  onlinevideo  vertical  launch  creativeshowcase  RubyTuesday  MountainDew  GE  Axe  Budweiser  AdWeek  2016 
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Denny's Facebook Live gambit: an animated talking pancake - Digiday
For its Facebook Live debut tomorrow, Denny’s will combine animation and voice synthesizing software to bring a pancake to life. The anthropomorphic pancake will respond to comments as they trickle in. The live stream is a follow-up to its popular animated web series called “The Grand Slams,” which features animated versions of popular menu items and has garnered over 62 million views since its launch in 2014.

“This is clearly part of our broader social and digital strategy to engage with our fans,” said John Dillon, chief marketing officer at Denny’s. “We’re always looking for new ways to use our brand voice and extend the real-life conversations that happen in our diners in the digital space.”
Dennys  Facebook  FacebookLive  fastfood  creativeshowcase  socialmedia  livestreaming  Digiday  2016 
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Snapchat unveils 360-degree ad format with campaign for Sony's Don't Breathe horror flick | Social Media | The Drum
Snapchat has debuted a new 360-video ad format, with Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) rushing to be the first brand out of the gate with a campaign for its forthcoming horror movie Don’t Breathe.

The video push marks the first time Snap Ads have integrated a 360-degree element. Essentially a 10-second Snapchat video ad, the latest format from the messaging app allows viewers to ‘swipe up’ in order to see an intimate 360-degree version of the trailer via a web page link inside the app.
Snapchat  DontBreathe  360video  creativeshowcase  onlineadvertising  film  movies  TheDrum  2016 
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Activision's Snapchat Zombie Belts Out Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and Drops the Mic | Adweek
Today, the team rolled out a sponsored lens campaign in the U.S. that morphs selfies into zombie faces with "zombie karaoke" sweatbands that sing along (with subtitles) to the classic '80s hit "Relax" by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Once people record a video of themselves singing the song, they can share it. On Friday, the lens goes live internationally, marking the first time a gaming company has purchased an international lens.
The campaign promotes Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, which comes out on Nov. 4 and entails battling "the undead in a space-themed amusement park full of deadly zombies as one of four classic '80s archetypes: the jock, the nerd, the valley girl or the rapper."
Snapchat  CallofDuty  creativeshowcase  SponsoredLens  AdWeek  2016 
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Beauty brands embrace augmented reality
With L’Oréal’s Makeup Genius app, curious drugstore beauty customers can try a bold smoky eye without making a purchase. Through Urban Decay’s Vice Lipstick app, the more adventurous can try on lipstick shades in Jawbreaker (a bright purple), Heroine (a dark blue) and Trick (a metallic gold) before buying. Anyone contemplating a new hair color can download Conair’s Virtual Hairstyle Makeover app to test out shades before hitting the dye bottle. This app’s hairstyle feature can also answer the persistent question, “should I get bangs?”
Augmented reality has infiltrated beauty, with individual brands like L’Oréal and Covergirl and retailers like Sephora and Ulta releasing apps that lay products over faces of customers willing to download and try them out. And while each app claims a unique approach, 46 of these hair, beauty and skincare brands have one thing in common: Their augmented reality experiences are powered by technology company Modiface.
The company, while officially founded in 2006, has roots dating back to 1999 when CEO Parham Aarabi began researching automatic facial analysis that could visualize the effects of Botox and other anti-aging tools. Seventeen years later, Modiface is having its biggest year to date. With 46 brand partnerships already underway and 20 more still to be announced, Modiface will operate the technology behind 66 different augmented reality experiences in the beauty industry by the end of 2016. Across all of the apps it’s currently behind, Modiface’s technology has been downloaded over 60 million times, according to the company, and it estimates that it can increase mobile conversions by 80 percent.
cosmetics  augmentedreality  innovation  Modiface  creativeshowcase  UrbanDecay  LOreal  Covergirl  Sephora  Ulta  facialrecognition  Glossy  2016 
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Five pioneering examples of how brands are using chatbots | Econsultancy
The chatbots are here, and while it remains to be seen whether they are a useful technology or merely a passing fad, many brands are already putting them to work.
chatbots  virtualassistant  creativeshowcase  Sephora  Uber  BankofAmerica  PizzaHut  FacebookMessenger  Kik  Twitter  Econsultancy  2016 
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The Guardian starts selling time-based ad campaigns
The Guardian joins the Financial Times and the Economist in billing ads by time. The thinking goes that buying ads based on number of impressions doesn’t translate to an effective campaign and can lead to clients paying for ads that are never seen. The interest from publishers is growing as they try to find an alternative way to charge for ads when they deliver value. Time is an alternative way of gauging whether the ad caught the reader’s attention.
Guardian  onlineadvertising  time  Economist  creativeshowcase  Digiday  2016 
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Burberry continues digital push with Pinterest partnership
Burberry is partnering with Pinterest to launch the platform’s first customized beauty board offering.
Using Pinterest’s application program interface, the luxury brand is creating boards with suggested products and makeup tips for users. The collaboration is part of an effort by Burberry to promote its new mascara line and is an extension of the company’s continued focus on digital. Users are asked to indicate their makeup preferences via a Burberry-sponsored questionnaire and then log in separately to their Pinterest account to discover their personalized board, where they can click directly on pins to make purchases on
Burberry and Pinterest have also teamed with Sephora on dedicated social media posts and “Pinterest Promoted Pins” to raise awareness of the partnership. Pinterest has 38.5 million unique viewers of its hair and beauty category, and the collaboration is intended to help bolster Burberry beauty sales by reaching new audiences, said Radhika Prakash, brand and creative strategist at Pinterest.
Burberry  Pinterest  partnership  creativeshowcase  cosmetics  Glossy  2016 
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Pepsi Buys First '#Promoted Sticker' Campaign on Twitter | Digital - AdAge
Twitter has introduced its first "#Promoted Stickers" campaign, with Pepsi as its inaugural customer. Starting Monday, Pepsi-themed stickers will be available for consumers to slap on their photos and tweet out.
In June, Twitter made virtual stickers available to all users as a way to bring a more visual and playful style to the service. The stickers are reminiscent of Snapchat's emojis, filters and animated lenses, which people layer on top of their photos and videos before sharing. They also make for easy brand integrations.
Twitter said it had been working with Pepsi for months, culiminating in a campaign that was its largest collaboration with the brand to date.
Stickers are an evolution of the emoji marketing Pepsi has already done on Twitter, and part of its broader "Say It With Pepsi" campaign.
Twitter  PromotedSticker  launch  Pepsi  creativeshowcase  drinks  AdvertisingAge  2016 
august 2016 by inspiral
Twitter Moments creation opens to influencers, brands, and soon, everyone | TechCrunch
Twitter’s curated tweet slideshow Moments has failed to move the user growth needle. But the sagging public company hopes to make itself accessible and indispensable by allowing more than just its in-house curators and partnered news publishers make Moments.

Today Twitter announced that “a broader group of creators will be making Moments, including influencers, partners, brands… and in the coming months, everyone.” It will start by featuring Moments from civil rights activist DeRay (seen below), Allure magazine, and the Budweiser brand.

Twitter’s aim may be to get users to promote their self-created Moments to their own networks, including people who don’t use it already. Harnessing the creativity of the masses could also spawn more viral hits. Some of the most memorable Moments have been crazy stories told in sprawling tweetstorms rather than predictable aggregations of news.

While Twitter is turning Moments into an open platform, it won’t be sharing ad revenue with new creators the way Tumblr is now starting to pay bloggers who host ads — at least not yet. However, the company is not ruling out the idea of revenue sharing if there are future opportunities.
Twitter  TwitterMoments  influencer  partnership  creativeshowcase  Allure  Budweiser  DeRay  launch  Techcrunch  2016 
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How a Digital Technology Might Speed Up Construction Projects
Builders are experimenting with Microsoft’s HoloLens to visualize projects and avoid expensive mistakes.
HoloLens  augmentedreality  construction  creativeshowcase  TechnologyReview  2016 
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Tiffany shifts its social focus to Snapchat
On Friday, in a snap posted by Kylie Jenner with her sister Kim Kardashian, Tiffany’s logo and signature robin’s egg blue appeared atop the photo and matching blue hearts dotted Jenner’s eyes. The selfie was a high-profile use of Tiffany’s first sponsored lens on the platform, part of the company’s biggest push on Snapchat yet.
Makeup brands like Maybelline, L’Oréal and Urban Decay have embraced sponsored Snapchat lenses in the past, particularly using the augmented reality technology to display different lipstick shades, but Tiffany is the first luxury brand to sponsor a lens, which also draws a white heart with the text “Return to Tiffany Love” scribbled on top when users smile into the camera. The heritage brand is expected to have spent around $700,000 for the activation, the estimated price for sponsored lenses as the company doesn’t disclose cost.
On Snapchat, Tiffany will also have a branded geofilter at all 93 of its U.S. stores throughout August, and will be running video ads in the app between users’ stories. Its native account, @Tiffanyofficial, was launched in April.
Snapchat  Tiffany  SnapchatSponsoredLens  luxury  mobilevideo  creativeshowcase  Glossy  2016 
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Lowe's New 360-Degree Videos on Facebook Aim to Teach Fans Home Improvement Skills | Adweek
Lowe's has been notably innovative with digital video for nearly two years now, going back to its Vine campaign called #FixIn6 that won Clio and Cannes Lions awards. Now the do-it-yourself brand is testing out Facebook's 360-degree clips, offering viewers step-by-step instructions on how to complete home-improvement projects. 
The initiative, called Made in a Minute, launches today on the brand's Facebook page and will run through August. The company is buying Facebook ads to push the effort, targeting people based on shown interest in home improvement or DIY projects. Lowe's worked with its agency, BBDO, and Facebook to put together the project, which will entail two videos that act like GIFs. 
"Through Facebook 360 technology, viewers can move their phone or interact with the video in-feed and go back and forth between each step [of the project]," said Brad Walters, director of social media and content for Lowe's. "Unlike most Facebook 360 videos, which are shot with a 360 camera, Made in a Minute consists of eight individual frames stitched together to show one person completing each step of the project. Each step plays like a looping GIF, allowing the viewer to see the individual step as many times as they'd like."
Lowes  DIY  360video  onlinevideo  Facebook  creativeshowcase  AdWeek  2016 
august 2016 by inspiral
Driverless taxis coming to Singapore - Marginal REVOLUTION
Delphi Automotive Plc, the vehicle-electronics supplier that last year conducted the first coast-to-coast U.S. demonstration of a self-driving car, will begin testing autonomous autos in Singapore this year that may lead to robot taxis by the end of the decade.

The test will involve six autonomous autos, starting with the modified Audi Q5 the supplier used last year to travel from San Francisco to New York in self-driving mode. In Singapore, the cars initially will follow three predetermined routes and by 2019 will range freely based on customer requests, without a driver or a human minder, according to Glen DeVos, a Delphi senior vice president.

“We actually will have point-to-point automated mobility on demand with no driver in the car,” he said at a briefing with reporters at Delphi’s Troy, Michigan, operations base. “It’s one of the first, if not the very first, pilot programs where we’ll demonstrate mobility-on-demand systems.”
selfdrivingvehicles  automotive  DelphiAutomotive  creativeshowcase  trial  Singapore  author:KeithNaughton  MarginalRevolution  2016 
august 2016 by inspiral
Warby Parker is offering Snapchat-exclusive sunglasses | TechCrunch
Warby Parker is offering its very first Snapchat-exclusive product — limited sunglasses that are only available for purchase to its Snapchat followers.

The eyeglass retailer said it just shared a Snapchat story with its followers with a unique URL where, for a limited time, they can buy “head-turning Haskell in Crystal, now with new silver mirrored lenses” for $95. (I don’t have the URL to share with you, because that would kinda defeat the purpose; but if you’re interested, you just need to follow Warby Parker on Snapchat. Username: warbyparker).

Even if you’re not looking for a sweet pair of new sunglasses, this still seems like an interesting example of how brands are experimenting with ways to introduce more traditional, business-y elements like marketing and commerce to Snapchat.
WarbyParker  socialcommerce  Snapchat  ecommerce  mobilecommerce  creativeshowcase  Techcrunch  2016 
july 2016 by inspiral
Mercedes-Benz's Minicar Brand Is Trying to Turn Snapchat Into Pokemon Go | Adweek
"The brand is surprising and delighting some of their followers on Snapchat with smart-branded gear," Mark Aikman, general manager, marketing services for MBUSA, explained via email. "For years, #smartspotting has been a way for consumers to share the smart cars they see on the road every day on social media. By leveraging the Pokémon Go phenomenon, the brand is able to take #smartspotting one step further with this treasure hunt-style activation on Snapchat."
The goal is to target Gen Y consumers. Whether or not it works—getting Snapchat users to play Pokeman Go instead of just using the Pokemon Go app—is anyone's guess. 
SmartCar  automotive  mobilemarketing  Snapchat  creativeshowcase  AdWeek  2016 
july 2016 by inspiral
How brands are jumping on the Pokémon Go bandwagon: the good and the bad | ClickZ
Pokémon Go has gone big very quickly, and brands have been quick to jump on the opportunity. 
PokemonGo  Pokemon  marketing  creativeshowcase  onlineadvertising  socialmedia  Clickz  2016 
july 2016 by inspiral
Tiger Beer showcases the best of Asian design in a temporary store in Chinatown, New York – Creative Review
Open for three nights last month, the store aimed to challenge perceptions that ‘Made in Asia’ equals cheap, counterfeit goods.
TigerBeer  alcohol  experiential  creativeshowcase  CreativeReview  2016 
july 2016 by inspiral
Ghostbusters' Snapchat Ad Lets Users Use Both Sides of the Phone's Camera to Add Filters | Adweek
Despite poor initial reactions to the YouTube trailer for this summer's Ghostbusters reboot, Sony Pictures is pulling out all the bells and whistles to promote the movie—including a big push on Snapchat that targets folks who may not be familiar with the original '80s version of the film.
Today, the film studio purchased Snapchat's sponsored lens—an ad unit that fits alongside the app's popular whacky and colorful graphics that overlay selfies. The one-day campaign is billed as the first campaign on the app that uses both sides of a phone's built-in camera lens.
Here's how it works: When a user presses their finger to the screen to apply a Snapchat lens to their face, a Ghostbuster-sponsored filter is the first one that pops up. Using a phone's front-facing camera, Snapchatters can shoot the character Slimer from the film with a virtual proton pack. The ad also encourages consumers to toggle to the phone's rear-facing angle, which triggers slime to fall down the screen. Meanwhile, the iconic music from the film plays in the background.
Ghostbusters  movies  film  Snapchat  creativeshowcase  mobilemessaging  AdWeek  2016 
july 2016 by inspiral
#IGotVerizon: Verizon gets trolled over promoted Twitter hashtag - Digiday
Fresh off announcing a slate of new data plans, Verizon thought it would be a good idea to promote it with a sponsored hashtag on Twitter.

The hashtag, #IGotVerizon, was meant to sway people to make the switch and encourage people to tweet positively about the brand, like this:

Instead, it quickly went haywire. Hundreds of furious Twitter users hijacked the hashtag to complain about the company, slamming the new plans in a communal therapy session. 
Verizon  telecoms  Twitter  hashtag  failure  socialmedia  creativeshowcase  Digiday  2016 
july 2016 by inspiral
Diesel Jogg Jeans Responsive Lookbook - The Inspiration Room
Diesel Jogg Jeans follows your movement, even the most extreme. To demonstrate that on digital media FRED & FARID Shanghai partnered with a contortionist, and used responsive technology like never before. Diesel Jogg Jeans are not a regular jeans, they look like a jeans but you can do every movement and feel comfortable wearing them. So how can we digitally demonstrate it? Simply by using the responsive technology. FRED & FARID Shanghai created The Responsive Lookbook, a website, on which you can contort a model, using the responsive technology. When you change the size of your window you can enjoy every time a different contortion that perfectly fits the size of the window. See the Diesel Jogg Jeans Responsive Lookbook website at
Diesel  lookbook  fashion  responsivedesign  creativeshowcase  microsite  InspirationRoom  2016 
july 2016 by inspiral
Toyota asked Reddit a question and didn't immediately get ripped to shreds - Digiday
To promote the new RAV4, Toyota hired actor James Marsden to show off the SUV’s durability in a new commercial. In it, he rescues astronauts stranded at a Mars simulation facility by repairing their broken rover and bringing them water.

In addition to airing on television, Toyota purchased a promoted thread on Reddit asking users “If you had to live in a Mars simulation colony for a year, which three people would you want to live with and why?”
Reddit  Toyota  creativeshowcase  socialmedia  automotive  Digiday  2016 
june 2016 by inspiral
American Express Is the First Financial Institution to Make a Facebook Messenger Bot | Adweek
Add American Express to the growing list of brands planning for a bot-driven future.
Since the F8 Developer Conference in April, big brands like 1-800-Flowers and the NBA have been working with Facebook Messenger to create chatbots that consumers can use in the app. And earlier this week, snack giant Mondelez said it would start building e-commerce and customer service bots for brands like Oreo and Cadbury.
Now at Cannes Lions, American Express is demoing its Facebook bot, which will roll out in the next few months. The brand is the first financial company to get on board with Messenger and, initially, is experimenting with transaction alerts and purchase-related content.
FacebookMessenger  chatbots  virtualassistant  AmericanExpress  launch  creativeshowcase  AdWeek  2016 
june 2016 by inspiral
Reddit: High risk, high reward - We Are Social UK
The vast majority of social media marketers have probably never considered Reddit as a viable platform for their brand activity. But with the recent release of Reddit’s official mobile app, I thought it would be a good time to look at the misunderstood platform, shining an optimistic light on brand opportunities for the so-called “front-page of the internet” for those who are new to Reddit.

First things first. It’s a platform with over 36 million users, over 240 million monthly unique visitors, and in 2015 had 83 billion page views. It's the 25th biggest website on the planet in terms of traffic. Sounds great, right…?

Well, to most brands the mere mention of Reddit sends even the most seasoned execs into sheer panic over the potential repercussions of entering the unknown. A number of brands have tried and failed to crack Reddit - it’s certainly not an easy win.
Reddit  socialmedia  guide  bestpractice  creativeshowcase  Ben&Jerrys  Spotify  Amazon  WeAreSocial  2016 
june 2016 by inspiral
Will Social Media Make You Sleep with Casper? — Backchannel
Casper wants to be your best friend on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. But should you really be buddies with a mattress company?
Casper  socialmedia  contentmarketing  review  creativeshowcase  VanWinkle  mattresses  BackChannel  Medium  2016 
june 2016 by inspiral
Philips Breathless Choir - The Inspiration Room
Ogilvy & Mather London has won the Pharma Grand Prix at Cannes International Festival of Creativity, for the Philips Breathless Choir campaign. Launching on World COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) Day in November 18 2015, the Philips Breathless Choir film brought together eighteen strangers in New York, all of whom are living with chronic respiratory conditions, including COPD, cystic fibrosis and asthma. Coming from all walks of life and all over the world, the group was brought together for a week by Philips to undertake what they had previously thought impossible: learning to sing. They are led by celebrity choirmaster Gareth Malone, who is famed for his ability to turn unlikely people into singers. The film is supported by four additional online films that focus on a different aspect of the singers’ journey. Philips’ belief that health is not an absence of illness, but enjoying fullness in life is revealed as the stories develop. Viewers learn that many of the group have difficulty speaking let alone singing, which emphasises their achievements even more. Their use of Philips’ latest portable oxygen concentrator (POC), SimplyGo Mini, which empowers patients who struggle with respiratory conditions to continue living full, active lives.
Philips  BreathlessChoir  experiential  onlinevideo  healthcare  creativeshowcase  CannesLions  InspirationRoom  2016 
june 2016 by inspiral
Alphabet of Illiteracy - The Inspiration Room
“Alphabet of Illiteracy”, an interactive feature developed for Pearson’s “Project Literacy” global campaign, has been awarded the Grand Prix for Health and Awareness at the Cannes Lions Health awards. 26 original sculptures by Wilfrid Wood were turned into 3D CGI models to be used in an animated film and linked with a re-write of the 1948 hit “A You’re Adorable”. The A to Z collection highlights the plight faced by people struggling to break out of illiteracy. The film was seeded in the UK across digital platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Unruly and Virool, targeting the millennial audience, with a focus on those who have a particular interest in social issues and those who are highly active and influential in social media. A complementary social media strategy tells the story of each letter and highlights Project Literacy partners’ work, as well as experiences of those affected by illiteracy. This will launch across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr. Each letter has a dedicated Instagram account featuring content on each topic, allowing users to discover each letter of the ‘Alphabet of Illiteracy’ natively on the platform. Outreach will engage key social influencers that include people close to literacy and sustainable development and a number of high profile partners, who will add their voice to the campaign.
digitalmarketing  microsite  Instagram  creativeshowcase  Pearson  ProjectLiteracy  CannesLions  InspirationRoom  2016 
june 2016 by inspiral
REI Opt Outside - The Inspiration Room
Venables Bell & Partners, San Francisco, has won the Promo & Activation Grand Prix for REI Opt Outside (REI #Optoutside), the campaign promoting REI’s decision to close its 143 stores on November 27, 2015, the busiest U.S. shopping day of the year. REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc Co-op) encouraged customers and staff to get away from the shops and head for the outdoors on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving Day. The effort generated 2.7 billion PR impressions, inspired more than a hundred other retailers to also close for the day, and got by REI’s estimates 1.4 million people to go outside rather than shop that day. The campaign also won Best of Show at the 2016 One Show, and a Wood Pencils for direct integrated and integrated mobile campaigns at the 2016 D&AD Awards.
REI  responsibleconsumerism  retail  creativeshowcase  onlinevideo  socialmedia  directmail  outdoors  CannesLions  InspirationRoom  2016 
june 2016 by inspiral
Snapchat Launches a Colossal Expansion of Its Advertising, Ushering in a New Era for the App | Adweek
Khan and his army (the company is now 900 employees strong) have basically flipped the script on the advertising community, where, not so long ago, it was widely assumed that Snapchat's leadership was too immature to fully take advantage of its teen-idol status among millennials. And yet, Snapchat has rapidly built its ad business since emerging as the talk of last year's Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. And next week, when the industry again converges on the Riviera, the company may well find itself the belle of the ball once more. Today, the company announces the launch of Snapchat Partners, its long-anticipated advertising API (application programming interface), which will hook up more than 20 tech-minded companies. The API promises to expand advertising dramatically on the platform in the long run. "Different marketers have different objectives, and we just want to make it easier for them to buy ads on the platform," Khan explains. "We want [brands] to have a place where they can tell their stories, you know, in a better way."
Snapchat  onlineadvertising  API  launch  ImranKhan  interview  SnapchatAdsPartners  SnapchatCreativePartners  effectiveness  audio  SnapchatSponsoredLens  SnapchatGeofilters  TacoBell  Gatorade  creativeshowcase  targeting  AdWeek  2016 
june 2016 by inspiral
Skyscanner's new Facebook Messenger bot
Introducing Skyscanner's latest flight search innovation: the Skyscanner bot for Facebook Messenger. Using the latest technology, we've made it even easier for you to find the best flights, but how does it work? Let us explain...
FacebookMessenger  chatbots  ecommerce  travel  virtualassistant  creativeshowcase  Skyscanner  2016 
june 2016 by inspiral
Just in time for holiday shopping, e-commerce gets AI upgrade with IBM Watson - TechRepublic
On Monday, outdoor clothing company The North Face announced a partnership with IBM Watson and e-commerce company Fluid to launch a new AI-powered shopping tool to make it easier to find the right item. The new experience is called XPS and uses natural conversation and a dialog-based recommendation engine to help users pick out the jacket that best fits their needs.
NorthFace  IBM  collaboration  partnership  ecommerce  artificialintelligence  IBMWatson  naturallanguageprocessing  creativeshowcase  TechRepublic  2016 
june 2016 by inspiral
McCann Japan hires first artificially intelligent creative director | The Drum
McCann has appointed an artificial intelligence creative director AI-CD β, who will be attending McCann Worldgroup’s new employee welcoming ceremony on April 1, along with 11 new college graduates.

AI-CD β was actually created by the agency under its ‘Creative Genome Project’, the first in a series of projects undertaken by the agency’s ‘McCann Millenials taskforce’.

The artificial intelligence can give creative direction on commercials because the data that forms the basis of the algorithm includes deconstructed, tagged and analysed TV shows, as well as data on the winners of the All Japan Radio & Television Commersion Confederation’s CM Festival.
artificialintelligence  agency  creativedirector  McCannJapan  creativeshowcase  TheDrum  2016 
june 2016 by inspiral
Samsung saves worst Instagram account - The Inspiration Room
Samsung recently helped an Icelandic man widely known for having the worst Instagram account ever to take brilliant pictures, thanks to the camera on the Galaxy S7 smartphone. In a campaign created by Cheil Worldwide and launched last month, Samsung helped a fisherman from Iceland take the perfect picture after his attempts to show off his surroundings were hampered by low lighting. Due to the low quality camera on his smartphone and the fact that Iceland is pretty dark, especially in winter, fisherman Rúnar Jónsson’s Instagram amounted to a collage of dark squares. He soon became famous for having the worst account on Instagram. Samsung and Cheil Worldwide equipped him with a Samsung Galaxy S7 and, thanks to the transformative effect of the phone’s camera on low lighting, Rúnar can now show the world exactly what he sees. His Instagram followers are now encouraging him to take more pictures and one fan even created the hashtag campaign #Runarforpresident which became a trending topic.
Samsung  smartphones  Instagram  photography  socialmedia  creativeshowcase  InspirationRoom  2016 
june 2016 by inspiral
Twitter Is Testing Carousel Ads for Video and Photo Tweets | Adweek
Twitter is launching a new ad unit that allows brands to combine multiple tweets in a single ad unit.
The product, called Promoted Tweet Carousel, lets marketers use a brand's tweets in a format that lets users swipe through photos, videos or text. Advertisers also can include content from niche creators—if they get permission from the originator first.
In a blog post today announcing the launch, Twitter Revenue product manager Andrew Bragdon said the Carousel unit is a way for brands to include visually appealing material in certain tweets while featuring pricing and information in others.
Twitter  TwitterPromotedTweetCarousel  launch  onlineadvertising  socialmedia  Disney  BigFrienlyGiant  creativeshowcase  AdWeek  2016 
june 2016 by inspiral
Samsung Will Take Twitter Users Inside the NBA Championship Series with 360-Degree Ads | Adweek
Just in time for the NBA Championship Series, the pair is partnering with Twitter to bring fans exclusive 360-degree video from behind-the-scenes footage of the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. Using the new Samsung Gear 360 camera before and after the games, the NBA will show pregame warm-ups and shooting, hallway entrances, captain meetings and postgame footage from the floor.
It's a first for Twitter, which will be powering the ads with a campaign via Twitter's Amplify platform, which is already used by more than 200 publishers, sports leagues and TV networks as a way to monetize video content. Beginning in Game 1, users will be able to click on a Twitter website card to play the 360-degree video, which will be available through the NBA's Twitter account and promoted by Samsung's mobile U.S. account.
NBA  Samsung  basketball  360video  onlinevideo  socialmedia  SamsungGear360  creativeshowcase  AdWeek  2016 
june 2016 by inspiral
How Starwood is learning Snapchat with branded geofilters - Digiday
But last week, Starwood’s loyalty program Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) started offering seven branded geofilters at 650 hotels across Starwood properties in the U.S., U.K. and Canada, including Westin and Sheraton brands.

The filters vary based on the type of property. Snapchat users can share their location via a digital postcard “Hello From ___,” play on travel terms like “Checking In” to let followers know that they’ve made it to their destination, or they can use “Do Not Disturb” to inform people that they are in full relaxation mode. Some filters even tap into fun travel props like a cocktail or a camera so users can share beach views or other hotel highlights.
Starwood  hotels  Snapchat  loyalty  creativeshowcase  Digiday  2016  SnapchatGeoFilters 
june 2016 by inspiral
Miles Davis’ legacy, represented by every Wikipedia page that mentions him
This year, Miles Davis would have turned 90 years old. 25 years after his death, he’s still synonymous with Jazz, but you can find his fingerprints on so many other ideas.

Let’s examine his legacy by sorting through every Wikipedia page (in English) on which he’s mentioned. This approach not only highlights his recordings and collaborators, but also wraps our arms around everything else, such as mentions in Kendrick Lamar’s “influence” section and the “notable usage” section for Motherfucker.
MilesDavis  jazz  Infographic  interactiveinfographic  Wikipedia  music  datavisualisation  creativeshowcase  Polygraph  2016 
june 2016 by inspiral
A London hotel has a 'hashtag kiosk' to print guests' Instagram photos - Digiday
Until now, the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel’s big claim to fame was being featured in the Spice Girls music video for “Wannabe.” But the heritage luxury hotel in London would rather be known for the experience it provides — both offline and online.

The hotel has set up a “Hashtag Kiosk,” a digital podium that automatically picks up Instagram and Twitter photos hashtagged #StPancrasHotel. Users can then access them on the kiosk as well as get free prints with the hotel’s branding by the tap of a button.

“Social media is a huge part of our marketing strategy, and something that is becoming more important as we see more returns,” said Madeleine Duxbury, marketing manager at the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel London. “The idea behind this is to incentivize our guests to become influencers themselves.”
StPancrasHotel  Instagram  experiential  photography  creativeshowcase  hashtag  Digiday  2016 
may 2016 by inspiral
McDonald's Unveils Burger-Inspired Art During Its First Facebook Live Video | Adweek
McDonald's hosted its first Facebook Live video today—an art show, The Starving Artist, reminiscent of Bob Ross' The Joy of Painting.
During the hour-long program the fast food giant revealed three oil paintings; "The Beefy Gastronaut" which featured the chain's Quarter Pounder with cheese, the "Burger Brawn," which featured the Big Mac and the "Beefy Peaks."
The point? To celebrate National Hamburger Day. The program was hosted by an improv actor playing a sweater-and-fanny-pack-wearing artist named Bevin, who explained to the roughly 1,000 viewers that he was going to take the burgers from "mouth-worthy to museum-worthy." (The paintings were created by a professional artist Adam Holzrichter.)
Facebook  McDonalds  FacebookLive  FacebookVideo  creativeshowcase  painting  fastfoot  AdWeek  2016 
may 2016 by inspiral
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