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“Birmingham isn’t a big city at peak times”: How poor public transport explains the UK’s productivity puzzle | CityMetric
Our hypothesis is that, by relying on buses that get caught in congestion at peak times for public transport, Birmingham sacrifices significant size and thus agglomeration benefits to cities like Lyon, which rely on trams and metros. This is based on our calculations that a whole-city tramway system for Birmingham would deliver an effective size roughly equal to the OECD-defined population.
publictransport  transport  cities  urbandevelopment  economy  correlation  review  Birmingham  comparison  Lyon  UK  CityMetric  2019 
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Why Remainers were shocked by the referendum result, but Leavers less so | Coffee House
This is not just a mathematical quirk. This unequal distribution of Remain and Leave voters tells us why the referendum was such an upset and shock to some. It tells us why Remainers were shocked, but Leavers less so. This pattern of asymmetric distribution explains why you get Remain voters who say that they don’t have any Leave friends, but you get far fewer Leave voters who say the same thing of Remainers.
Brexit  forecast  review  concentration  comparison  politics  UK  Spectator  2019 
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Microsoft, Facebook, trust and privacy — Benedict Evans
There are strong parallels between organised abuse of Facebook and FB’s attempts to respond, in the last 24 months, and malware on Windows and Office and Microsoft’s attempts to respond, 20 years ago.  
Microsoft  Facebook  strategy  comparison  privacy  security  BenedictEvans  2019 
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Mark Zuckerberg Wants Facebook to Emulate WeChat. Can It? - The New York Times
What is happening in China offers clues to not only how Facebook may carry out its shift, but how the internet more broadly might change. Many of Silicon Valley’s tech giants are dependent today on online advertising to make enough money to keep growing and innovating on new services. Some call online ads the lifeblood of the internet.

But WeChat, which has 1.1 billion monthly active users, shows that other models — particularly those based on payments and commerce — can support massive digital businesses. That has implications for Google, Twitter and many others, as well as Facebook.

People use the WeChat app to shop, play games, pay bills and order meal deliveries.
Kenneth Tsang for The New York Times

Facebook  strategy  forecast  mobilemessaging  privacy  comparison  WeChat  NYTimes  2019 
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US Has Some Of The Most Expensive Mobile Data Prices In The Developed World | Techdirt
While the U.S. wireless industry likes to talk a lot about how ultra-competitive it is, that's generally not the case. While there's more competition in wireless than in the fixed-line broadband sector (where there's virtually no competition at faster speeds due to upgrade-phobic telcos and cable's growing broadband monopoly), much of the competition in wireless tends to be theatrical in nature. Most of the major four carriers still usually outright refuse to compete on price, something you don't get to have a choice about in a truly competitive market.
telecoms  mobile  prices  pricing  monopoly  review  critique  comparison  USA  Europe  TechDirt  2018 
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Vietnam's trade makes it the world's most globalized economy — Quartz
Vietnam’s exceptionally globalized economy is a result of its focus on exports for economic growth. Like China before it, communist-run Vietnam has opened up its cheap labor market to foreign investors and become a hub for low-cost manufacturing. The country is now a major exporter of electronics and apparel, with the United States and China as the main destinations for its goods. In order to make those goods, Vietnam is a major importer of machine parts and natural resources from South Korea and China.
trade  globalisation  comparison  Vietnam  Quartz  2018 
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My Father Says He’s a ‘Targeted Individual.’ Maybe We All Are | WIRED
Sound familiar? Many who hear the TI stories of surveillance and manipulation dismiss them as mere delusion. But we have created machines that track our every move, that beam thoughts into our heads. Were the targeted individuals America's prophets all along?
surveillance  paranoia  schizophrenia  comparison  analogy  Facebook  data  review  critique  personalaccount  Wired  2018 
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How Hungary’s Viktor Orbán destroyed democracy, and what it means for America - Vox
A new kind of authoritarianism is taking root in Europe — and there are warning signs for America.
facism  softfacism  democracy  authoritarianism  ViktorOrban  Hungary  USA  comparison  Vox  2018 
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It Can Happen Here | by Cass R. Sunstein | The New York Review of Books
In their different ways, Mayer, Haffner, and Jarausch show how habituation, confusion, distraction, self-interest, fear, rationalization, and a sense of personal powerlessness make terrible things possible. They call attention to the importance of individual actions of conscience both small and large, by people who never make it into the history books. Nearly two centuries ago, James Madison warned: “Is there no virtue among us? If there be not, we are in a wretched situation. No theoretical checks—no form of government can render us secure.” Haffner offered something like a corollary, which is that the ultimate safeguard against aspiring authoritarians, and wolves of all kinds, lies in individual conscience: in “decisions taken individually and almost unconsciously by the population at large.”
Nazi  history  totalitarianism  consumer  personalaccount  comparison  politics  DonaldTrump  Germany  USA  NYReviewofBooks  2018 
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LEL and PBP – how do they compare? – Cycling Intelligence
As this is going to be a long post, I’ll try to give a short answer first. Both Paris-Brest-Paris and London-Edinburgh-London are ruddy fantastic events. Taking part and finishing was among the best experiences I’ve ever had. From the outside, PBP and LEL may look very similar – you ride your bike for a bloody long way. But in fact, both events are rather different: PBP is a party, while LEL is an adventure.
LondonEdinburghLondon  ParisBrestParis  comparison  cycling  brevet  audax  personalaccount  CyclingIntelligence  2017 
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How Social Science Might Be Misunderstanding Conservatives
Maybe things aren’t as simple as conservatives being more intolerant than liberals, they write. Maybe what’s really going on here is that one side views certain groups as opposed to their interests and beliefs, and the other side views other groups as opposed to their interests and beliefs, and both sides have a penchant for intolerance toward the groups they view as opposed to them. That is: Sure, conservatives are more intolerant than liberals of groups traditionally viewed as liberal — but what happens when you ask liberals about groups they often view as their ideological adversaries, like members of the military or fundamentalist Christians?
authoritarian  liberal  conservatives  comparison  research  critique  NYMag  2018 
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Xiaomi IPO: Xiaomi is looking less and less like Apple, and more and more like Muji — Quartz
Xiaomi originated as a smartphone maker less then a decade ago, and later branched out into other gadgets like drones, fitness trackers, and smart home devices that sync with an app—such as this wifi-enabled rice cooker. Over the past two years, however, it has offered an increasing number of decidedly low-tech products to its customers.
Xiaomi  comparison  Muji  strategy  Quartz  2018 
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China increasingly challenges American dominance of science - The Washington Post
After decades of American dominance, Chinese science is ascendant, and it is luring scientists like Pastor-Pareja away from the United States. Even more China-born scientists are returning from abroad to a land of new scientific opportunity.
R&D  comparison  USA  China  WashingtonPost  2018 
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Atheists Are Sometimes More Religious Than Christians - The Atlantic
A new study shows how poorly we understand the beliefs of people who identify as atheist, agnostic, or nothing in particular.
religion  atheism  research  consumer  comparison  USA  Europe  TheAtlantic  2018 
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Should You Ride an Electric Scooter? - The Atlantic
What became clear in those first few days—and what I’m a little shocked to be writing now—is that electric scooters are a novel mode of transportation. They unite many of the best elements of traveling by car, bike, and foot. Like cars, they have an engine, so you can get to work without getting sweaty. Like bikes, there isn’t really road congestion, so you can travel faster than most cars can. And like walking, they let you spend your commute outside.
scooter  transport  innovation  review  comparison  cycling  startup  TheAtlantic  2018 
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Google Tag Manager vs Google Analytics: Fully Explained - Analytics Mania
In this blog post I’ll compare Google Tag Manager vs Google Analytics and show you the main differences.
analytics  GoogleTagManager  GoogleAnalytics  comparison  AnalyticsMania  2017 
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Comparison Tables for Products, Services, and Features
Use this versatile GUI tool to support users when they need to make a decision that involves considering multiple attributes of a small number of offerings. Consistency in content, scannability, and a simple layout are some of the most important qualities of successful comparison tables.
comparisontables  comparison  userinterface  userexperience  webdesign  review  guide  NielsenNormanGroup  2017 
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Google Maps’s Moat
How far ahead of Apple Maps is Google Maps?
GoogleMaps  AppleMaps  comparison  review  JustinOBeirne  2017 
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Disney and Fox – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
The implication of Netflix’s shift to original programming, though, isn’t simply the fact that the streaming company is a full-on competitor for cable TV: it is a competitor for differentiated content as well. That gives Netflix far more leverage over content suppliers like Disney than the cable companies ever had.
Disney  takeover  Fox  review  cableTV  streamingmedia  comparison  Netflix  strategy  Stratechery  2017 
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Bitcoin Is Greener Than Its Critics Think - Bloomberg
Still, it’s important to put things in perspective. A recent report suggests that at current prices, Bitcoin miners will consume an estimated 8.27 terawatt-hours per year. That might sound like a lot, but it’s actually less than an eighth of what U.S. data centers use, 1 and only about 0.21 percent of total U.S. consumption. It also compares favorably to the currencies and commodities that bitcoin could help replace: Global production of cash and coins consumes an estimated 11 terawatt-hours per year, while gold mining burns the equivalent of 132 terawatt-hours. And that doesn’t include armored trucks, bank vaults, security systems and such. So in the right context, bitcoin is positively green.
Bitcoin  energy  comparison  review  climatechange  Bloomberg  2017 
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The future of America’s suburbs looks infinite – Orange County Register
New technology, as well as the growth of work at home, can create the basis for more sustainable suburbs, and, if estimates from the consulting firm Bain are correct, enough momentum that by 2025, more people will live in exurbs than in the urban core. Ultimately the future of suburbia need not be as dismal as the critics suggest, but one that forms a critical, even preeminent, part of the nation’s evolving urban tapestry.
suburbs  urbandevelopment  growth  environment  health  geography  review  advocacy  comparison  USA  OrangeCountyRegister  2017 
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China is winning the future. Here’s how. - The Washington Post
Trump has often talked about how China is “killing us ” and that he’s tired of hearing about China’s huge growth numbers. He should notice that Beijing is getting its growth by focusing on the future, the next areas of growth in economics and technology. The United States under Trump will be engaged in a futile and quixotic quest to revive the industries of the past. Who do you think will win?
energy  coal  renewableenergy  solarenergy  windenergy  pollution  comparison  USA  China  WashingtonPost  2017 
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How to Win a War on Drugs - The New York Times
Decades ago, the United States and Portugal both struggled with illicit drugs and took decisive action — in diametrically opposite directions. The U.S. cracked down vigorously, spending billions of dollars incarcerating drug users. In contrast, Portugal undertook a monumental experiment: It decriminalized the use of all drugs in 2001, even heroin and cocaine, and unleashed a major public health campaign to tackle addiction. Ever since in Portugal, drug addiction has been treated more as a medical challenge than as a criminal justice issue.
drugs  decriminalisation  publichealth  harmreduction  heroin  comparison  review  Portugal  USA  NYTimes  2017 
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Uber’s New CEO – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
To that end, Uber’s strength — and its sky-high valuation — comes from the company’s ability to acquire customers cheaply thanks to a combination of the service’s usefulness and the effects of aggregation theory: as the company acquires users (and as users increases their usage) Uber attracts more drivers, which makes the service better, which makes it easier to acquire marginal users (not by lowering the price but rather by offering a better service for the same price). The single biggest factor that differentiates multi-billion dollar companies is a scalable advantage in customer acquisition costs; Uber has that.
Uber  management  DaraKhosrowshahi  strategy  aggregationtheory  accommodation  Expedia  comparison  Stratechery  2017 
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The Charlie Alliston case: the real story | Road Danger Reduction Forum
Over the last week there has been front page coverage of the case of one Charlie Alliston, who hit pedestrian Kim Briggs in central London in a collision resulting in her death. . Naturally it is unlawful and wrong to cycle with one rather than two effective braking systems, and we will accept the verdict of the court when it comes later today. But for me the real story here is not what happened on a central London street in February 2016.
CharlieAlliston  KimBriggs  cycling  safety  journalism  automotive  comparison  review  critique  UK  RDRF  2017 
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Microsoft’s Monopoly Hangover – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
Still, the fact that enterprises no longer have data centers doesn’t mean integration is no longer valuable; rather, the locus of needed integration has shifted to the cloud as well. The average enterprise customer uses 20~30 apps, data is often scattered on and off premise, or stuck in email or personal accounts, and while IT departments may be happy to no longer upgrade servers, managing identity and security across all of these services and on a whole host of new devices far more likely to be used outside a company’s intranet calls for the same sort of integrator Gerstner wanted IBM to be.

This seems to be the long-term goal of Microsoft 365.
Microsoft  strategy  comparison  IBM  cloudcomputing  enterprise  integrations  review  Stratechery  2017 
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Stop Pretending You’re Not Rich - The New York Times
So imagine my horror at discovering that the United States is more calcified by class than Britain, especially toward the top. The big difference is that most of the people on the highest rung in America are in denial about their privilege. The American myth of meritocracy allows them to attribute their position to their brilliance and diligence, rather than to luck or a rigged system. At least posh people in England have the decency to feel guilty.

In Britain, it is politically impossible to be prime minister and send your children to the equivalent of a private high school. Even Old Etonian David Cameron couldn’t do it. In the United States, the most liberal politician can pay for a lavish education in the private sector. Some of my most progressive friends send their children to $30,000-a-year high schools. The surprise is not that they do it. It is that they do it without so much as a murmur of moral disquiet.

Beneath a veneer of classlessness, the American class reproduction machine operates with ruthless efficiency. In particular, the upper middle class is solidifying. This favored fifth at the top of the income distribution, with an average annual household income of $200,000, has been separating from the 80 percent below. Collectively, this top fifth has seen a $4 trillion-plus increase in pretax income since 1979, compared to just over $3 trillion for everyone else. Some of those gains went to the top 1 percent. But most went to the 19 percent just beneath them.
socialclass  socialmobility  comparison  UK  USA  review  critique  NYTimes  2017 
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WannaCry About Business Models – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
This is exactly what is necessary for good security: vendors need to keep their applications (or in the case of Microsoft, operating systems) updated, and end users need to always be using the latest version. Moreover, pricing software as a service means it is no longer a capital cost with all of the one-time payment assumptions that go with it: rather, it is an ongoing expense that implicitly includes maintenance, whether that be by the vendor or the end user (or, likely, a combination of the two).
Wannacry  security  hacking  review  critique  softwareasservice  comparison  incentives  Stratechery  2017 
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The Myth of a Superhuman AI – Backchannel
A much better way to think about this is to see our intelligence as one of a million types of possible intelligences. So while each dimension of cognition and computation has a limit, if there are hundreds of dimensions, then there are uncountable varieties of mind — none of them infinite in any dimension. As we build or encounter these uncountable varieties of mind we might naturally think of some of them as exceeding us. In my recent book The Inevitable, I sketched out some of that variety of minds that were superior to us in some way. Here is an incomplete list:
artificialintelligence  evolution  review  critique  comparison  human  author:KevinKelly  BackChannel  2017 
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Can Wal-Mart’s Expensive New E-Commerce Operation Compete With Amazon? - Bloomberg
A recent acquisition spree including gives the retail giant much-needed digital chops.
WalMart  DougMcMillon  MarcLore  Jet  retail  ecommerce  comparison  Amazon  review  USA  Bloomberg  2017 
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No, Mexico City is not “The New Berlin”: A response to Vice
To compare this reality to a city like Berlin, where most people have pensions, a good standard of living, quality state-run healthcare, and decent wages is the height of egregiousness. It makes you wonder exactly how tone-deaf the writers of pieces like this can be. Have they ever dared venture outside the Roma-Condesa bubble? How much do they even know about Mexico City? Why have so many of these articles been popping up in recent years? Is it just cluelessness that drives them, or is it part of some local government branding strategy akin to the “Mexican Moment” debacle of a few years back?
At best, these articles display a certain naïveté. At worst, they engage in outright erasure, where the parts of the city not inhabited by affluent, trendy (and yes, mostly White) foreigners are simply ignored. It’s a kind of metaphorical displacement akin to the very real displacement that occurs when this crowd moves into an area, gradually making it unaffordable for ordinary people. Intentionally or not, the idea of Mexico City as this “new Berlin” only helps to exacerbate the dynamics of exclusion that plague our city every single day.
MexicoCity  Berlin  comparison  urbandevelopment  gentrification  tourism  review  critique  Medium  2017 
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How Wrestling Explains Alex Jones and Donald Trump - The New York Times
Alex Jones’s audience adores him because of his artifice, not in spite of it. They admire a man who can identify their most primal feelings, validate them, and choreograph their release. To understand this, and to understand the political success of other figures like Donald Trump, it is helpful to know a term from the world of professional wrestling: “kayfabe.”

Although the etymology of the word is a matter of debate, for at least 50 years “kayfabe” has referred to the unspoken contract between wrestlers and spectators: We’ll present you something clearly fake under the insistence that it’s real, and you will experience genuine emotion. Neither party acknowledges the bargain, or else the magic is ruined.
DonaldTrump  politics  truth  kayfabe  review  comparison  analogy  USA  NYTimes  2017 
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Which colonies fared best under British rule? - Marginal REVOLUTION
If you are looking for the upside of British colonialism, you are more likely to find it in the wealthier and better-treated Singapore or Malaysia.
colonialism  comparison  India  Singapore  history  author:TylerCowen  MarginalRevolution  2017 
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For the first time, more people subscribe to Netflix than have DVR | Ars Technica
Netflix reached another milestone that will worry traditional cable companies even further. According to a study by Leichtman Research Group, Inc., more people in the US report subscribing to Netflix than having a DVR in their households. Netflix narrowly eclipses the service offered by most cable providers, with 54 percent of US adults reporting they have Netflix in their households compared to the 53 percent of US adults that have DVR. This is the first time this shift has happened—Leichtman notes that back in 2011, 44 percent of US adults had a DVR while just 28 percent had Netflix.

"On-Demand and time shifting TV services like DVR, VOD, and Netflix have permanently changed the way that people can watch TV,"  writes Bruce Leichtman, president and principal analyst at Leichtman, in the report. "Today, over 50 percent of households have a DVR and, for the first time in the 15 years of this study, over half of households have Netflix. Yet traditional TV viewing still exists. For example, 46 percentof adults agree that they often flip through channels to see what's on TV."
Netflix  penetration  PVR  comparison  television  USA  ArsTechnica  2017 
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Surfing, metrics and creation: Facebook and Snap — Benedict Evans
One of the ways I've talked about social on smartphones is that smartphones themselves are a social platform in a way that the desktop web was not. Every app has an icon on the home screen, so it's quicker to switch apps than switch tabs in the same app. Every app has push notifications, and access to your address book, and your photo library. So, it's much easier to use multiple apps on a phone than on the web. This makes it much easier for apps to take off, but they can look like fireworks - burning brightly and then disappearing. Each social app is trying to capture some piece of psychology or of Maslow's hierarchy and encapsulate it in a few interaction mechanics, and each one is trying to find some angle that's unique enough to break out but not so unique that it becomes a fad. They're also trying to fund a mechanic that can't entirely co-opted by Facebook (live video is another good example here). Not many have managed all of this.
Facebook  Google  Snapchat  comparison  discovery  socialmedia  index  review  BenedictEvans  2017 
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Snap’s Apple Strategy – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
I do, though, have faith in Snap itself: Spiegel and team are the most innovative in tech, brilliantly laddering up to new opportunities, and creating new markets. The products will be great; we’ve known for 30 years, though, that that is not always enough.
Snapchat  IPO  revenues  ARPU  strategy  comparison  Facebook  socialmedia  Stratechery  2017 
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Feisty, Protectionist Populism? New Zealand Tried That - Bloomberg View
What would you think of a Western democratic leader who was populist, obsessed with the balance of trade, especially effective on television, feisty and combative with the press, and able to take over his country’s right-wing party and swing it in a more interventionist direction?

Meet Robert Muldoon, prime minister of New Zealand from 1975 to 1984. For all the comparisons of President Donald Trump to Mussolini or various unsavory Latin American leaders, Muldoon is a clearer parallel case.
DonaldTrump  RobertMuldoon  comparison  politics  protectionism  USA  NZ  author:TylerCowen  Bloomberg  2017 
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Facebook launches a marketing mix modeling portal for comparing Facebook ads to TV, print & more | TechCrunch
Facebook today announced a laundry list of updates regarding its measurement partnership program, including expanded partnerships with Nielsen and comScore, and the addition of a new partner, DoubleVerify. The company also offered details on the status of current integrations, and the launch of a new online portal to help marketers see how their Facebook ads perform, in comparison with other platforms, like TV or print.

The company, in the past, has been taken to task for not offering clear metrics, and, at the end of last year, Facebook announced a series of metrics bugs and errors that led to inaccurate reporting of critical data. By working with third-parties like Nielsen and comScore, which become Facebook partners last spring, the goal has been to ensure that advertisers are able to trust their ad delivery data.
Facebook  partnership  Comscore  Nielsen  metrics  onlineadvertising  comparison  televisionadvertising  printadvertising  Techcrunch  2017 
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Instagram Stories is stealing Snapchat’s users | TechCrunch
Good enough and convenient. That’s proved a winning strategy for Instagram’s clone, according to a dozen analytics providers, social media celebrities, and talent managers who told TechCrunch they’ve seen a decline in Snapchat Stories usage since Instagram Stories launched on August 2nd.
Instagram  InstagramStories  Snapchat  SnapchatStories  engagement  comparison  socialmedia  Techcrunch  2017 
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Generation X More Addicted to Social Media Than Millennials, Report Finds - The New York Times
But a Nielsen report released last week shows that Americans from 18 to 34 are less obsessed with social media than some of their older peers are.

Adults 35 to 49 were found to spend an average of 6 hours 58 minutes a week on social media networks, compared with 6 hours 19 minutes for the younger group. More predictably, adults 50 and over spent significantly less time on the networks: an average of 4 hours 9 minutes a week.
socialmedia  research  consumer  GenerationX  Millennials  comparison  penetration  Facebook  Instagram  Snapchat  LinkedIn  Nielsen  USA  NYTimes  2017 
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In Apple-Spotify World, SoundCloud Can’t Find Room - Bloomberg
The bottom line: SoundCloud hasn’t been able to transform 175 million users into profit, and its efforts to sell to Spotify have fallen apart.
music  streamingmedia  Soundcloud  profile  review  profitability  critique  comparison  Spotify  AppleMusic  Bloomberg  2017 
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Is it time to swap your Mac for a Windows laptop? | Technology | The Guardian
Over a decade ago Alex Hern switched from PC to Mac and never looked back. But the new MacBook Pro’s very expensive so could he finally be tempted to switch again?
MicrosoftWindows  MicrosoftSurfaceBook  review  comparison  Apple  MacOS  AppleMacBookPro  PCs  Guardian  2017 
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Streaming Won’t Kill the Radio Star - Noisey
The rise in popularity of Beats 1 and independent stations like Rinse, NTS, and Radar shows just how much we still desire a human touch over algorithm-curated playlists.
music  radio  Beats1  RinseFM  NTS  RadarRadio  comparison  streamingmedia  Spotify  London  UK  Noisey  2016 
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How Apple Lost China to Two Unknown Local Smartphone Makers - Bloomberg
Oppo and Vivo trace their origins to reclusive billionaire Duan Yong Ping and employ similar strategies. That includes harnessing the spending power of rural customers away from top-tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. It’s where Apple’s vulnerable given the iPhone’s lofty price tag. They eschewed e-commerce to instead court the stores where three-quarters of smartphone sales take place. Apple has been more reluctant to relinquish the retail experience to local free-agents, who sometimes charge brands for in-store displays and posters.
Oppo  Vivo  growth  comparison  Apple  smartphones  strategy  retail  China  Bloomberg  2016 
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How the SoC is Displacing the CPU – Medium
Over time, in line with classic disruption theory, the SoC transistor platform caught up to the incumbent CPU transistor platform to the point where now the Apple A9X SoC offers 64 bit desktop-class computing enabling a handheld tablet to go toe-to-toe with a state-of-the-art laptop CPU from Intel (See John Gruber here).
The key to the success of early post-PC products like the iPad is the fact that they were designed from the ground-up without the baggage of legacy PC-era software (Mac OS) or hardware (x86 CPU).
CPU  SoC  microchips  innovation  Intel  ARM  comparison  evolution  author:PushkarRanade  Medium  2016 
november 2016 by inspiral
The Right Way to Resist Trump - The New York Times
And an opposition focused on personality would crown Mr. Trump as the people’s leader of the fight against the Washington caste. It would also weaken the opposition voice on the issues, where it is important to conduct a battle of principles.
DonaldTrump  politics  opposition  strategy  SilvioBerlusconi  comparison  USA  Italy  NYTimes  2016 
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Hillary Clinton’s quiet revolution - Vox
Nobody's noticed, but she's running on an ambitious plan to remake the American social compact.
HillaryClinton  politics  socialwelfare  review  advocacy  comparison  Scandinavia  Sweden  Vox  2016 
november 2016 by inspiral
Netflix Projected to Officially Become Bigger Than Cable by Year's End | Complex UK
amuel Bennett, a data visualizer whose recent Reddit-shared comparison chart was spotted by Uproxx, has managed to show just how dire the cable sickness is going to get in the months ahead. As of 2016, Netflix (47.5 million) is roughly a million subscribers behind cable (i.e. not satellite and other alternative TV methods). Given the streaming platform's current estimated growth rate, Netflix could easily surpass that threshold by the end of this year, or the top of 2017 at the latest:
television  cableTV  Netflix  growth  comparison  USA  Complex  2016 
november 2016 by inspiral
Trump’s Inconvenient Racial Truth - The New York Times
Instead of seeking aggressive racial-equality initiatives, Democrats too often have opted for a sort of trickle-down liberalism. If we work to strengthen unions, that will trickle down to you. If we work to strengthen health care, that will trickle down to you. If we work to make all schools better, that will trickle down to you. After decades of Democratic loyalty, too many black Americans are still awaiting that trickle.
black  race  politics  Democrats  Republicans  DonaldTrump  comparison  review  USA  NYTimes  2016 
november 2016 by inspiral
Is America more racist, or more sexist? Admittedly, it’s a tough call -
Is this country more sexist or more racist? That can be argued both ways. We all have different perspectives, and can only judge from our own context. The fact is that the country is both extremely racist and extremely sexist. We shouldn’t be so fast to pat ourselves on the back, talking about how far we have come­. Consider the plight of the black woman, who doesn’t have a choice. Black women can’t question whether this country is more racist or more sexist; they must deal with both. We all need to do more to support them as we work to sort out America’s historical madness.
politics  racism  sexism  comparison  review  critique  USA  Salon  2016 
november 2016 by inspiral
IBM says it is 3X more expensive to manage PCs than Macs | Computerworld
IBM today told the record-setting seventh Jamf Nation User Conference that it is saving even more money by deploying Macs across the company than it thought: each Mac deployment saves the company up to $535 over four years, in contrast to the $270 per Mac it claimed last year.

That’s a hugely significant statistic for any Mac user and follows extensive use of the platform by IBM. IBM VP of Workplace as a Service, Fletcher Previn, told the conference that 90,000 employees are now using Macs, up from 30,000 in 2015. 100,000 of IBM’s global workforce will be using Macs by the end of the year, he said, and the number is climbing.
PCs  MacOS  totalcostofownership  enterprise  comparison  IBM  ComputerWorld  2016  MicrosoftWindows 
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Meet the Poles who went back: ‘A studio in central Warsaw beats an East London flatshare’ | Society | The Guardian
While most Poles who have settled in the UK plan to stay, many of the 5,200 Polish students at British universities intend to return to their homeland. Three graduates explain why
immigration  migration  comparison  Poland  UK  Guardian  2016 
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Daring Fireball: On iMessage’s Stickiness
The seamless interaction between the technologies hidden behind the screen, the software, and our services is good design. Apple thus far has made sure that it gets most of that experience right—especially the stuff under the hood. Perhaps the next time someone criticizes its designs, we should remember: good design means your phone doesn’t explode.
iOS  Apple  Android  comparison  loyalty  iMessage  mobileapps  author:JohnGruber  DaringFireball  2016 
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Apple, Samsung, and Good Design—Inside and Out - The New Yorker
The seamless interaction between the technologies hidden behind the screen, the software, and our services is good design. Apple thus far has made sure that it gets most of that experience right—especially the stuff under the hood. Perhaps the next time someone criticizes its designs, we should remember: good design means your phone doesn’t explode.
Apple  Samsung  comparison  design  review  critique  author:OmMalik  NewYorker  2016 
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Snapchat Beats Instagram and Facebook as the Top Social Platform for Teens | Adweek
Snapchat's growth as the preferred social platform for teenagers continues to outpace other social platforms, and it's cutting into Facebook usage.
According to investment firm Piper Jaffray's new "Taking Stock With Teens" report, 80 percent of teens use Snapchat at least once a month, up from 74 percent in the fall of 2015. While 79 percent of teenagers said that they use Instagram once a month—an increase from 76 percent one year ago—the photo-sharing app's reach is slightly less than Snapchat.
Perhaps more interesting is Snapchat's impact on Facebook, which has fought off reports that teens have fled the social network for cooler platforms in recent years. Piper Jaffray's study now suggests that's true when teenage usage for Facebook is compared to Snapchat. Just 52 percent of respondents in Piper Jaffray's study (which includes 10,000 responses) said that they use Facebook once a month, down from 56 percent in fall 2015.
Snapchat  socialmedia  growth  penetration  teenagers  comparison  Instagram  Facebook  PiperJaffray  USA  AdWeek  2016 
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Forum Software vs. Online Community Platforms: Which is the Best Support Option for Your Company?
nage membership and dues on an individual or company level. However, if you don’t have membership requirements now or plan to track membership in your community in the future, this might be an unnecessary feature.
forums  community  utility  comparison  onlinecommunityplatform  Socious  2014 
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Chat and the Consumerization of IT – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
So which definition of the Consumerization of IT is most meaningful? Is it consumer products ported to IT, consumer UI on traditional enterprise products, or a new business model that transforms the relationship between buyers and sellers? Certainly all three factors are important to the rise of software-as-a-service, but the upcoming chat wars will provide an interesting test as to which is the most important.
consumerisation  IT  enterprise  collaboration  WorkplacebyFacebook  SkypeTeams  Slack  comparison  strategy  Stratechery  2016 
october 2016 by inspiral
More Than 50% of Shoppers Turn First to Amazon in Product Search - Bloomberg
More than half of U.S. online consumers begin their product searches on Inc.’s website or mobile app, a survey found. That means that heading into the busy holiday season, the company is advancing its lead over major retailers like Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and search engines as the starting point for online shopping.
Fifty-five percent of those surveyed go to Amazon first when searching for products, an increase from 44 percent a year earlier, according to a Labor Day weekend poll of 2,000 people released by the Internet marketing firm BloomReach Inc. The second annual survey showed search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, and retailers losing ground to Amazon. Search engines were the starting point for 28 percent of those surveyed, declining from 34 percent a year earlier. Specific retailers were the starting point for 16 percent, down from 21 percent.
discovery  ecommerce  research  Amazon  Google  comparison  BloomReach  USA  Bloomberg  2016 
october 2016 by inspiral
Snapchat Spectacles and the Future of Wearables – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
To be clear, I am peering into a very hazy future; for one thing Snapchat still has to build an actual business on top of that awesome engagement, although I think the company’s prospects are bright. And it goes without saying that the technology still matters: chips need to get faster (a massive Apple advantage), batteries need to improve (also an Apple specialty), and everything needs to get smaller. This, though, is the exact path taken by every piece of hardware since the advent of the industry. They are hard problems, but they are known problems, which is why smart engineers solve them. What is more difficult to appreciate is that creating a market for that smart technology takes an even more considered approach, and right now it’s difficult to imagine a better practitioner than the one on Venice Beach, far from Silicon Valley.
Snapchat  SnapchatSpectacles  wearablecomputing  comparison  GoogleGlass  ecosystem  opportunity  Apple  Stratechery  2016 
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Measure customer satisfaction: CSAT, CES and NPS
In the table below we have summarized the key elements for each measurement type to clarify the differences between the three satisfaction measures:
customersatisfaction  customersatisfactionscore  customereffortscore  netpromoterscore  metrics  comparison  CheckMarket  2014 
september 2016 by inspiral
Oracle’s Cloudy Future – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
In short, what Ellison was selling as the new Oracle looks an awful lot like the old Oracle: a bunch of products that are mostly what most customers want, at least in theory, but with neither the flexibility and scalability of AWS’ infrastructure on one side nor the focus and commitment to the user experience of dedicated SaaS providers on the other. To put it in database terms, like a hierarchical database Oracle is pre-deciding what its customers want and need with no flexibility. Meanwhile, AWS and dedicated SaaS providers are the relational databases, offering enterprises optionality and scalability to build exactly what they need for their business when they need it; sure, it may not all be working yet, but the long-term trends couldn’t be more obvious.

It should be noted that much of this analysis primarily concerns new companies that are building out their IT systems for the first time; Oracle’s lock on its existing customers, including the vast majority of the largest companies and governments in the world, remains very strong. And to that end its strategy of basically replicating its on-premise business in the cloud (or even moving its cloud hardware on-premise) makes total sense; it’s the same sort of hybrid strategy that Microsoft is banking on. Give their similarly old-fashioned customers the benefit of reducing their capital expenditures (increasing their return on invested capital) and hopefully buy enough time to adapt to a new world where users actually matter and flexible and focused clouds are the best way to serve them.
Oracel  profile  review  database  enterprise  comparison  Amazon  cloudcomputing  critique  Stratechery  2016 
september 2016 by inspiral
The iPhone's new chip should worry Intel - The Verge
If you want to develop the next great processor, you’d better be going mobile first and building from there. Intel’s decades of futile attempts to shrink desktop chips into mobile devices have shown how not to do things. Now Apple’s persistent and apparently accelerating performance improvement with the A series suggests it might have found the right path through. It’s fitting that this new chip is called A10 Fusion, because the path it’s leading us on will eventually lead to the merging of what we now consider two distinct classes of mobile and desktop PCs. As Morpheus once put it, "it is simply a matter of time."
Apple  Intel  microchips  iOS  OSX  comparison  review  TheVerge  2016 
september 2016 by inspiral
YouGov | Instagram Stories off to a strong start
New data from YouGov reveals that users of Snapchat and Instagram still prefer Snapchat Stories to Instagram Stories, but Instagram Stories have been well received
Instagram  InstagramStories  consumer  research  comparison  SnapchatStories  youngadults  Yougov  2016 
september 2016 by inspiral
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