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Make the TV Commercials Stop — 500ish Words
Obviously, some of these “internet businesses” (which probably feels as silly to write as it is to read) are increasingly advertising on television. I saw a ton of ads for Google’s Android operating system during the Finals, for example. And even some startups are dabbling in this — gotta love those Slack ads, in particular. But it’s hard to see a world in which these guys ever advertise on television at the scale at which the current heavyweights are doing it. And this is problematic for television, as we currently know it, to say the least.²
Now, I’m not predicting the death of advertising, I just believe that it’s likely to morph faster than people realize. Google’s business is based on this. Facebook’s business is based on this in a slightly different way. And soon, it seems destined that Snapchat will have a huge business based on this. Because it’s the latter, probably more so than anyone else out there right now, except for maybe YouTube, that can bridge the gap from television advertising — again, long the greatest form of advertising — to something akin to it in the new way of the world.
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How a 30K-member Facebook group filled the void left by Uber and Lyft in Austin | TechCrunch
Exactly a month ago, Uber and Lyft paused operations in Austin after voters defeated Proposition 1, an attempt to overturn mandatory fingerprint-based background checks for Uber and Lyft drivers in the city.

With almost a million residents of the 11th largest city in the United States now void of the reliable transportation option that is Uber and Lyft, no one really knew what would happen.

And while a few law-abiding apps sprung up to take Uber and Lyft’s place, it seems that a good deal of demand has shifted to an unlikely provider – an unregulated, peer-to-peer Facebook group.

The group is called Arcade City Austin / Request A Ride, and now has over 30,000 members. So how does it work?

Riders post their requests, which is typically a pickup and drop-off destination as well as desired time (most as ASAP). Then, literally within minutes, potential drivers will respond with an ETA, price, and phone number to call to confirm the pickup. Riders are then instructed to delete the post after confirming a ride, as not to clutter the page.
ridesharing  Facebook  Austin  alternative  Uber  Lyft  decentralisation  innovation  review  Techcrunch  2016 
june 2016 by inspiral
The Tech Boom’s Second Cities - The New Yorker
The shift toward tech has brought people to Silicon Valley cities like San Francisco and San Jose, of course, as happened during previous tech booms, but tech executives and investors have been somewhat more cost-conscious this time around. That has meant opening offices and hiring tech workers in secondary cities outside of Silicon Valley. Austin and Seattle have been big beneficiaries of that movement, as have some smaller cities, like Salt Lake City. In 2013, when the small-business blog at the Times started a series on what it called “startup cities” outside of the then-obvious tech capitals, one of its first posts was a profile of Austin.
SiliconValley  SanFrancisco  alternative  Austin  Seattle  SaltLakeCity  startup  venturecapital  NewYorker  2016 
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The end of app stores as we know them - Inside Intercom
That’s why companies like Uber are looking beyond homescreen icons. Instead of asking users to come to them – download and install an app – they’re deeply embedding their services where users already spend their time.
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february 2016 by inspiral
1. Executive Summary: The Future of Finance | TransferWise
We’ve asked people around the world about their current and future use of fintech providers in place of banks. In addition, we asked TransferWise users the same questions to see what the uptake by early adopters can tell us about mainstream adoption. We’ve also looked at the recent industry analysis on the impact the disruptors have had so far.

Based on what people have told us, the world of finance is about to change – for good and for the better. In five years’ time, the financial services sector will look completely different with a host of new providers and innovative new services. In ten years, it will be transformed. The main shift will be in our expectations and behaviour as consumers; the result will be the true democratisation of finance.
fintech  review  opportunity  consumer  research  banking  alternative  TransferWise  2016 
january 2016 by inspiral
Sniply: Social Media Conversion | Home
People who clicked the link were sent to the page with the article. In the bottom corner of the blog’s landing page, a pop-up suggested the reader check out the home safety checklist on

The pop-up suggestion is relevant but not too invasive. This helps capture a targeted audience through content on other sites that you share.

Sniply’s reporting platform continues to get better, making it easier to track your results. Not only will it tell you how many people clicked your Sniply link, it will tell you how many people clicked through to your site, conversion rate, originating platform, and more. Cool, right?
calltoaction  socialmedia  links  utility  bitly  alternative  Sniply 
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Better Than Cash | Fast forward | OZY
But the most controversial initiative has been the creation of “alternative” or “social” currencies. With names such as Eco or Puma, their specific mechanics vary but they mostly work as an exchange system: If you have goods or services to offer to the community, you gain credit that you can then use to buy whatever else is available through the network.
currency  alternative  Spain  Greece  Eco  Puma  UK  Bristol  Toulouse  BristolPounds  SolViolette  creativeshowcase  Ozy  2014 
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Six alternative web browsers you should know about — Tech News and Analysis
How many web browsers are you familiar with? Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera have the vast majority of users, but hundreds of other browsers exist. Are they any good? Here’s a closer look.
browser  alternative  privacy  speed  download  Gaming  WhiteHadAviator  Citrio  Midori  CoowonSpaceTime3D  Alienforce  GigaOm  2014 
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China wants to kick its Android habit in three to five years
However, as cyber security tensions between the US and China ramp up in the wake of Snowden/NSA, the perceived need for domestic operating systems is higher than ever. At a tech conference sponsored by China’s Ministry of Telecommunications, Ni Guangnan from the Chinese Engineering Academy said China will kick its dependency on foreign mobile OSes in the next three to five years, according to Techweb.
mobileoperatingsystems  China  development  alternative  Android  TechinAsia  2014 
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About Huddle - Enterprise Content Collaboration Software |
Find out more about Huddle: the #1 SharePoint alternative for enterprise collaboration used by more than 100,000 intelligent businesses globally.
Sharepoint  collaboration  utility  alternative  Huddle 
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The Five Most Promising Google Glass Alternatives
Google glass is very popular but what other options are out there? Take a look at five of the most promising Google Glass alternatives that you can...
TelepathyOne  GoogleGlass  VuzixM100  OlympusMeg4.0  2013  VengenceLabsEpiphany  ReconJet  wearablecomputing  ReconInstruments  alternative  Crunchwear 
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7 Lesser known social media sites
This post shares 7 lesser known social media sites that are gaining momentum and that offer a new social twist.
2013  alternative  socialmedia  DigitalBuzz 
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