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Brexit: A Test for Humanity - Bloomberg
The scary thing is this: So many of humanity’s core problems — addressing climate change, improving education, boosting innovation — ultimately have the same structure as “fixing Brexit.” It’s just that these other problems come in less transparent form and without such a firm deadline. We face tournament-like choices and perhaps we will not end up doing the right thing.
Brexit  politics  democracy  review  critique  UK  EuropeanUnion  author:TylerCowen  Bloomberg  2018 
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Brexit is a red herring when it comes to the plight of UK fishermen | John Lichfield | Opinion | The Guardian
Small fishing companies are harmed not by the EU, but by government rules that allow big interests to corner the quotas
Brexit  EuropeanUnion  fisheries  quotas  review  UK  Guardian  2018 
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'I’m exhausted': life in England's homelessness hotspot | Society | The Guardian
Newham in London has topped homelessness table but problem doesn’t stop at rough sleeping
housing  homelessness  review  critique  Newham  London  UK  Guardian  2018 
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No pints, no pulling: does the death of the pub spell the end of sex? | Life and style | The Guardian
The decline of the British boozer is coinciding with another downturn: young people are having less sex. But is the loss of the local really calling time on romance?
pubs  alcohol  sex  decline  consumer  trends  relationships  dating  UK  Guardian  2018 
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As fake news flourishes, the UK's fact-checkers are turning to automation to compete | WIRED UK
Speed is everything in a post-truth world of alternative facts, online propaganda and political lies. Full Fact, the UK's fact-checkers, are increasingly relying on technology to tackle counter-narratives
journalism  webjournalism  factchecking  FullFact  politics  UK  Wired  2018 
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How to explain Jacob Rees-Mogg? Start with his father's books | Books | The Guardian
William Rees-Mogg wrote the prophetic The Sovereign Individual and had views on capitalism and chaos that have fascinating links to his son’s enthusiasm for Brexit
WilliamReesMogg  JacobReesMogg  politics  Brexit  Conservatives  UK  Guardian  2018 
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Kombucha: can the fermented drink compete with beer at the bar? | Food | The Guardian
The health beverage has already made the leap from health store to cafes – and now it’s on offer in pubs as an alternative to booze
Kombucha  drinks  trends  growth  UK  Guardian  2018 
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Britain’s Boarding School Problem | The New Republic
How the country’s elite institutions have shaped colonialism, Brexit, and today’s global super-rich
education  privateschools  culture  history  review  critique  UK  NewRepublic  2018 
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The decline of northern England, 1780–2018 | VOX, CEPR Policy Portal
Northern England is now less educated and less productive than the south. This north-south divide is often characterised by policymakers as evidence of market failure. This column uses surname distributions to show that the northern decline can instead be explained by persistent outmigration of talent from the north. People of northern origin perform as well on average as those of southern origin. Talented northerners, however, are now mainly located in the south, where they are an economic elite.
inequality  region  migration  research  income  education  England  UK  Vox  2018 
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Brexit’s Future Without Boris Johnson - The Atlantic
The grand promises of withdrawal from the European Union run aground on the tedious and technical details that campaigners ignored.
Brexit  review  critique  internationalrelations  politics  UK  EuropeanUnion  TheAtlantic  2018 
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Opinion | Boris Johnson Has Ruined Britain - The New York Times
“He knows that the verdict of history is about to come down on him — and bury him.”
BorisJohnson  politics  Brexit  profile  review  critique  UK  NYTimes  2018 
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The Brexit Short: How Hedge Funds Used Private Polls to Make Millions - Bloomberg
Private polls—and a timely ‘concession’ from the face of Leave—allowed the funds to make millions off the pound’s collapse.
Brexit  referendum  politics  polling  hedgefunds  NigelFarage  democracy  review  critique  UK  Bloomberg  2018 
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George Osborne’s London Evening Standard sells its editorial independence to Uber, Google and others – for £3 million | openDemocracy
Exclusive: Newspaper promised six commercial giants “money-can’t-buy” news coverage in a lucrative deal, leaving millions of Londoners unaware of who’s paying for their news.
EveningStandard  nativeadvertising  editorial  critique  journalism  London  UK  OpenDemocracy  2018 
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Death by the sea: how drug abuse is scarring Britain’s coastal towns | Society | The Guardian
Seaside communities have the highest rates of heroin deaths in England – and Barrow-in-Furness is one of the hardest hit ‘brown towns’. What are the causes – and is there a solution?
drugs  heroin  review  seaside  decline  Barrow  UK  Guardian  2018 
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The new rules of clubbing: from illegal raves to spacehopper hedonism | Music | The Guardian
As more nightclubs close, illegal raves are on the rise. But – from reimagined LGBT nights to bars with ball pits – they are not the only big change to the way people party
clubbing  music  trends  UK  Guardian  2018 
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This Leaked Government Brexit Analysis Says The UK Will Be Worse Off In Every Scenario
Exclusive: BuzzFeed News has seen a new Brexit impact assessment, which says leaving the EU will adversely hit almost every sector and every UK region.
Brexit  EuropeanUnion  review  critique  geography  decline  UK  Buzzfeed  2018 
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How the far right has perfected the art of deniable racism | Gary Younge | Opinion | The Guardian
There is method to this madness. Petry said that the AfD, under hardliners, lacked a credible plan to govern; Marine Le Pen called her father’s comments political suicide. In other words, they wanted to win. And while racism and xenophobia were central to their meaning, they needed them to be coded in their message. To achieve this they must relegate racism from an issue of power and discrimination to a matter of politeness and decorum.
politics  racism  communication  UKIP  AFD  UK  Germany  Europe  author:GaryYoung  Guardian  2018 
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'As a black woman I'm always fetishised': racism in the bedroom | Life and style | The Guardian
In a Bedfordshire nightclub, white couples queue to have sex with black men. Meanwhile, black women are routinely snubbed on dating sites. Why do racial stereotypes persist when it comes to sex?
sex  race  racism  stereotypes  relationships  UK  Guardian  2018 
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The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober and A Short History of Drunkenness – reviews | Books | The Guardian
Booze – a demon we’re better off without, or a social lubricant down the ages? You decide …
alcohol  trends  soberiety  UK  Guardian  2017 
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Children’s media literacy - Ofcom
Media literacy enables people to have the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to make full use of the opportunities presented both by traditional and by new communications services. Media literacy also helps people to manage content and communications, and protect themselves and their families from the potential risks associated with using these services.

Our research includes findings relating to parents’ views about their children’s media use, and the ways that parents seek to – or decide not to – monitor or limit use of different types of media.

The Communications Act 2003 placed a responsibility on Ofcom to promote, and to carry out research in, media literacy. Our research into children’s media literacy contributes to Ofcom's fulfilment of this duty.
children  parents  Internet  media  television  medialiteracy  socialmedia  advertising  UK  Ofcom  2017 
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How the sandwich consumed Britain | The long read | News | The Guardian
The world-beating British sandwich industry is worth £8bn a year. It transformed the way we eat lunch, then did the same for breakfast – and now it’s coming for dinner.
samdwich  food  trends  history  Pret  UK  Guardian  2017 
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Northern Ireland Is Sinking Into a ‘Profound Crisis’ - The New York Times
As the standoff drags on, and polarization increases, people find it harder to envisage Northern Ireland as an autonomous entity. “We’re back to this binary situation where people either see it as a problematic part of the U.K. or as a part of united Ireland,” said Graham Walker, a politics professor at Queen’s University, Belfast.

To resolve the crisis in the long term, some suggest reshaping the Good Friday Agreement to allow for other kinds of coalitions, instead of a mandatory partnership between the region’s two largest nationalist and unionist factions. Others predict a referendum on Irish reunification within a decade, arguing that the current dysfunction, coupled with the fallout from Brexit, may encourage moderate nationalists to see a united Ireland as a more urgent priority than they did previously.
politics  government  GoodFridayAgreement  SinnFein  DemocraticUnionistParty  review  critique  NorthernIreland  UK  NYTimes  2017 
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No One Knows What Britain Is Anymore - The New York Times
Mrs. May’s Conservative government is now so split that some Brexit supporters are calling on her to simply quit the bloc with no deal at all — probably the worst alternative for the country, but just the kind of populist, tub-thumping gesture favored by the Brexit elite and the right-wing tabloids.
Brexit  EuropeanUnion  UK  politics  internationalrelations  review  critique  decline  NYTimes  2017 
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5 reasons why no deal could mean no Brexit – POLITICO
What happens politically if the British government fails to agree a Brexit deal with Brussels?
Brexit  EuropeanUnion  internationalrelations  NoDeal  review  critique  politics  UK  Politico  2017 
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Seed capital: has veganism become big business? | Guardian Small Business Network | The Guardian
As more of us embrace a plant-based diet, the vegan industry is rolling out vegan vending machines, food channels and snack box deliveries
vegan  food  enterprise  growth  startup  UK  Guardian  2017 
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This new Tory Brexit battle will be the bloodiest of all | The Spectator
After more than 50 years of civil war, the Conservatives still can’t agree what kind of deal they want
Brexit  EuropeanUnion  Conservatives  politics  TheresaMay  MichaelGove  BorisJohnson  review  critique  UK  Spectator  2017 
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How the aristocracy preserved their power | News | The Guardian
After democracy finally shunted aside hereditary lords, they found new means to protect their extravagant riches. For all the modern tales of noble poverty and leaking ancestral homes, their private wealth and influence remain phenomenal
aristocracy  socialmobility  wealth  review  critique  UK  Guardian  2017 
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The Enduring Shame of London's Grenfell Tower Fire - CityLab
Coming as it did in the wake of an unexpectedly strong showing for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party in the recent General Election, Grenfell has provided a salient emblem of how unfettered capitalism can unstitch a city’s fabric at a time when austerity apologias are running out of steam. The precept underpinning the Corbyn movement—that a degree of safety and dignity for all should not be too much to ask of a rich democracy—is starting to sound ever more like a vociferous demand. People have called it a reckoning. Too late for Grenfell, it must be.
Grenfell  housing  deregulation  review  critique  UK  CityLab  2017 
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The Charlie Alliston case: the real story | Road Danger Reduction Forum
Over the last week there has been front page coverage of the case of one Charlie Alliston, who hit pedestrian Kim Briggs in central London in a collision resulting in her death. . Naturally it is unlawful and wrong to cycle with one rather than two effective braking systems, and we will accept the verdict of the court when it comes later today. But for me the real story here is not what happened on a central London street in February 2016.
CharlieAlliston  KimBriggs  cycling  safety  journalism  automotive  comparison  review  critique  UK  RDRF  2017 
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Inside the fearless bike movement tearing up London
This is Bikestormz: a free ride-out drawing nearly 3,000 cyclists in their teens and early twenties from across the country. The crew’s energy is wild, captivating passers–by, but it’s just a brief glimpse of the Bikelife movement that’s blowing up from South London estates to the Welsh Valleys.
BikeStormz  cycling  tribe  trends  UK  Huck  2017 
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The Communications Market 2017 - Ofcom
The Communications Market Report exists to provide a reference for industry, stakeholders and consumers across the sectors Ofcom regulates: fixed-line and mobile telecoms, TV, radio and video-on-demand services, post, and the airwaves used by wireless devices.

It supports Ofcom’s goal to research markets constantly and remain at the forefront of technological understanding, as well as fulfilling the requirements on Ofcom under Section 358 of the Communications Act 2003 to publish an annual factual and statistical report, and in Sections 14 and 15, to undertake and make public our consumer research.

More in-depth analysis of the UK communications market is available in the full report, and in-depth analysis of communications in the nations is available in the reports for Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
consumer  internet  mobile  mobileinternet  mobilephotography  smartphones  telecoms  broadband  socialmedia  television  televisionadvertising  binge  streamingmedia  radio  podcast  post  penetration  UK  Scotland  Wales  NorthernIreland  Ofcom  2017 
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The Labour left and Tory right agree on Brexit. Why don’t they merge? | Coffee House
The lack of a serious economic theory on the far left and the cynicism and opportunism among the bulk of Labour MPs explain the rather pathetic stories emerging from Westminster about Labour changing its position if the public mood changes. Maybe that will happen. But change will come despite not because of Labour. As things stand, the party which purports to have renounced the timidity of Blairism is now so frightened of speaking out it might as well merge with the Tories.
Labour  JeremyCorbyn  politics  Brexit  review  critique  UK  author:NickCohen  Spectator  2017 
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How the battle of Lewisham helped to halt the rise of Britain’s far right | UK news | The Guardian
In August 1977, the National Front suffered a defeat from which it never recovered. But the day also saw a radical change in police tactics
NationalFront  racism  protest  history  Lewisham  London  UK  Guardian  1977  2017 
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No Dunkirk Spirit Can Save Britain From Brexit Defeat -
Britain is not an economic powerhouse waiting to be liberated. We are a country of mediocre education and limited skills, whose preening vanity has prevented us from seeing our failings. Our membership in the European Union is not a set of restraints; it is what has been propping us up. If we insist on cutting ourselves off, parts of our economy will start to die.

Dunkirk is remembered so fondly only because, in the end, Britain was on the winning side. That wasn’t down to our plucky spirit. It was because America, with its overwhelming resources, entered the war. There is no such ally waiting to rescue us now, as we start down the dangerous path of methodically shredding our links with our neighbors and friends.
Brexit  EuropeanUnion  review  critique  UK  NYTimes  2017 
august 2017 by inspiral
Cancelling Brexit - what would happen if we changed our mind about leaving the EU?
Ultimately, what happens will, as ever, boil down to procedure. British Europhiles would do well to reflect carefully on what a British U-turn might mean for an institution they profess to support. Meanwhile, if we at any stage do ask our partners to stop the process, should we really expect them to welcome us back with open arms? Would they not be better advised to assume they’d be better off without us?
Brexit  EuropeanUnion  Europe  politics  UK  NewStatesman  2017 
june 2017 by inspiral
Britain: The End of a Fantasy | by Fintan O’Toole | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books
To understand the sensational outcome of the British election, one must ask a basic question. What happens when phony populism collides with the real thing?
Brexit  EuropeanUnion  TheresaMay  politics  review  critique  UK  NYReviewofBooks  2017 
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Stop Pretending You’re Not Rich - The New York Times
So imagine my horror at discovering that the United States is more calcified by class than Britain, especially toward the top. The big difference is that most of the people on the highest rung in America are in denial about their privilege. The American myth of meritocracy allows them to attribute their position to their brilliance and diligence, rather than to luck or a rigged system. At least posh people in England have the decency to feel guilty.

In Britain, it is politically impossible to be prime minister and send your children to the equivalent of a private high school. Even Old Etonian David Cameron couldn’t do it. In the United States, the most liberal politician can pay for a lavish education in the private sector. Some of my most progressive friends send their children to $30,000-a-year high schools. The surprise is not that they do it. It is that they do it without so much as a murmur of moral disquiet.

Beneath a veneer of classlessness, the American class reproduction machine operates with ruthless efficiency. In particular, the upper middle class is solidifying. This favored fifth at the top of the income distribution, with an average annual household income of $200,000, has been separating from the 80 percent below. Collectively, this top fifth has seen a $4 trillion-plus increase in pretax income since 1979, compared to just over $3 trillion for everyone else. Some of those gains went to the top 1 percent. But most went to the 19 percent just beneath them.
socialclass  socialmobility  comparison  UK  USA  review  critique  NYTimes  2017 
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Resurrecting the Forgotten Bike Highways of 1930s Britain - Atlas Obscura
The United Kingdom built hundreds of miles of protected bike lanes—and promptly forgot about them.
bikelanes  cycling  history  UK  AtlasObscura  2017 
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Why Britain’s homegrown AI talent leads the world
But, over the past five years, British start-ups have found a new niche. Others around the world look to us for our expertise in artificial intelligence, the development of machines with the ability to perform tasks usually fulfilled by humans.
artificialintelligence  machinelearning  startup  leadership  DeepMind  MagicPony  EviTechnologies  UK  FinancialTimes  2017 
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To Understand ‘Brexit,’ Look to Britain’s Tabloids - The New York Times
Despite their falling circulations and tarnished reputations, tabloids maintain a
striking grip on power as Britain prepares to cut ties with the European Union.
TheSun  TonyGallagher  politics  Brexit  tabloids  newspapers  review  RupertMurdoch  UK  NYTimes  2017 
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The great British Brexit robbery: how our democracy was hijacked | Technology | The Guardian
A shadowy global operation involving big data, billionaire friends of Trump and the disparate forces of the Leave campaign influenced the result of the EU referendum. As Britain heads to the polls again, is our electoral process still fit for purpose?
DonaldTrump  Brexit  VoteLeave  politics  elections  targeting  SCLGroup  CambridgeAnalytica  RobertMercer  SteveBannon  AggregateIQ  USA  UK  Guardian  2017 
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Look, no cars! Riding the closed-road Etape Loch Ness | Environment | The Guardian
Peter Walker takes in stunning views and steep climbs on one of an increasing number of UK cycling sportives that take place on routes shut to motor traffic
cycling  EtapeLochNess  tourism  tourist  Scotland  UK  Guardian  2017 
april 2017 by inspiral
The government just announced a gamechanger for cycling in England – Sam Jones | Environment | The Guardian
The new cycling and walking investment strategy is the first legislation of its kind to legally bind the government to long-term funding for cycling and walking provision
cycling  policy  government  UK  Guardian  2017 
april 2017 by inspiral
James Meek · Somerdale to Skarbimierz · LRB 20 April 2017
The chief of the many flaws in this version is that at both ends of the Somerdale-Skarbimierz journey, the new jobs are worse than the old Somerdale ones. Even supposing all the redundant Somerdale workers, and their children, found similar low-skilled jobs, they would never be as well-paid as they were at Somerdale, and, crucially, wouldn’t have the same generous final salary pensions. Some of the Somerdale workers’ children, no doubt, will enter the higher-wage higher-skill world of the professional tech class, but the flipside of Matt Cross’s optimism is that those jobs will be few, and the zero-hours army many. The outflow of old-style manufacturing jobs, with good pay, conditions and pensions, couldn’t be matched by any foreseeable inflow. ‘People at the lower end of the workforce,’ Cross said, ‘start to lose their engagement in the workforce and the jobs they can get are very temporary jobs, minimum wage jobs, the Sports Direct-type model.’
Cadburys  globalisation  EuropeanUnion  subsidies  employment  casualisation  Poland  UK  LondonReviewofBooks  2017 
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Is Labour’s Brexit dilemma being misunderstood? – UK in a changing Europe
Ensuring Labour’s survival in the North of England and the Midlands is not just a question of strengthening the party’s appeal to the so-called traditional Labour voter who voted to Leave. There are simply not enough of them for that alone to be a viable strategy. Rather, it is also about retaining the support of the majority of Labour voters in the northern half of England who voted to Remain. For without them, the party really will be in trouble.
Labour  Brexit  politics  research  UK  author:JohnCurtice  UKandEU  2017 
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Roger Mayne | Roger Mayne | The Photographers' Gallery
This major exhibition is the first since 1999 to show the iconic work of British photographer Roger Mayne (1929-2014).
RogerMayne  photography  exhibition  history  London  UK  PhotographersGallery  2017 
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How much could commuter cycling increase in your part of England? | Environment | The Guardian
New tool maps the potential increase in bike journeys under different scenarios – from routes avoiding hills to adopting e-bikes – revealing health benefits and informing future investment
cycling  advocacy  forecast  PropensitytoCycle  cities  UK  Guardian  2017 
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Brussels takes back control of Brexit
Until this week Brexit was about Britain. Now it is about Europe. A conversation largely focused on what sort of deal Britain would pitch for on its departure has become one about what the EU27 are willing to offer. To borrow a phrase, Brussels has taken back control. 

Those in Theresa May’s government who have blithely imagined they can have the best of all worlds face a cold shower of reality. If the two-year Article 50 process invoked by the prime minister does not break down in acrimony, it will conclude in 2019 with Britain a markedly diminished nation. The terms of the relationship with its own continent will have been set by others; and power in today’s world does not belong to those striking out on their own.
EuropeanUnion  Brexit  UK  negotiation  review  FinancialTimes  2017 
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Ebook Sales Dip Amid a Rising UK Book Market - eMarketer
Books sales in the UK rose 6% last year, according to Nielsen data, buoyed by increased purchases of physical books. In the digital realm, ebook sales fell by 4%, but ecommerce expanded its share of the country’s overall book business.
eBooks  books  publishing  sales  Nielsen  UK  eMarketer  2017 
march 2017 by inspiral
Google to Revamp Ad Policies After U.K., Big Brands Boycott - Bloomberg
Google, the primary revenue driver for Alphabet Inc., announced changes to its advertising policies after major brands pulled ads from the platform because they appeared alongside offensive content, such as videos promoting terrorism or anti-Semitism.

The U.S. company said in a blog post Friday it would give clients more control over where their ads appear on both YouTube, the video-sharing service it owns, and the Google Display Network, which posts advertising to third-party websites.

The announcement came after the U.K. government and the Guardian newspaper pulled ads from the video site, stepping up pressure on YouTube to police content on its platform.
Youtube  onlinevideo  onlineadvertising  content  review  critique  boycot  Guardian  government  UK  Bloomberg  2017 
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Operation London Bridge: the secret plan for the days after the Queen’s death | UK news | The Guardian
stands for stability and order. But her kingdom is in turmoil, and her subjects are in denial that her reign will ever end. That’s why the palace has a plan.
royalty  queen  death  review  UK  Guardian  2017 
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The death of dialect? Don't believe a word of it | Science | The Guardian
A British Library project preserves words used in different parts of the country. How many of them can you recognise?
language  dialet  BritishLibrary  WordBank  review  UK  Guardian  2017 
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The world after Brexit
The EU may be a club and it can make whatever rules it likes, but it should never forget that the Anglo-Americans own the freehold of the property on which the club is built. Brussels and the continental capitals are at best leaseholders, and in many cases just tenants of this order. Put another way, the UK is not just another European “space” to be ordered, but one of the principal ordering powers of the continent.
Brexit  EuropeanUnion  UK  internationalrelations  review  advocacy  author:BrendanSimms  NewStatesman  2017 
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Polimonitor | Political twitter intelligence
What have MPs/Peers/MEPs/MSPs/AMs/MLAs/LAMs/Govt Departments been saying on twitter?

Search them all and create alerts, completely free.
politics  politicians  socialmedia  monitoring  UK  WestminsterPublicAffairs  utility 
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Bundobust, Manchester: restaurant review | Life and style | The Guardian
Vibrant Indian food served with craft beer in a friendly communal space… Why has no one done this before?
Bundobust  Indian  restaurants  review  Manchester  UK  Guardian  2017 
february 2017 by inspiral
When did Britain stop being a nation of hedonists? | Society | The Guardian
Generation X were the last of the heavy smokers and binge-drinkers – and it could be brutal economic forces as much as changing attitudes that are keeping us out of the pub
alcohol  tobacco  drinks  drugs  trends  brunch  millennials  review  UK  Guardian  2017 
february 2017 by inspiral
Five arrests in 'fully loaded' Kodi streaming box raids - BBC News
Five people have been arrested, accused of selling set-top boxes modified to stream subscription football matches, television channels and films for free.
Kodi  piracy  television  UK  BBC  2017 
february 2017 by inspiral
Donald Trump is a disaster for Brexit
The reality is that the UK is now faced with a US president who is fundamentally at odds with the British view of the world. For all the forced smiles in the Oval Office last week, the May government certainly knows this. For political reasons, Boris Johnson, the British foreign minister, is having to talk up the prospects of a trade deal with Mr Trump.
Brexit  internationalrelations  USA  UK  EuropeanUnion  DonaldTrump  Russia  FinancialTimes  2017 
january 2017 by inspiral
Instagram Live Stories officially lands in the UK | The Drum
The Facebook-owned platform announced it was unveiling a real-time video service back in November but British users are now be able to officially go live within its ephemeral content service, Instagram Stories.
Instagram  InstagramStories  launch  mobilevideo  UK  TheDrum  2017 
january 2017 by inspiral
The 50 best breakfast places in the UK | Life and style | The Guardian
Breakfasts in Britain are among the best in the world. Here – region by region – are the very finest places to start your day
breakfast  food  cafe  restaurants  review  UK  London  Guardian  2017 
january 2017 by inspiral
Who killed the curry house? | Bee Wilson | Life and style | The Guardian
For a few decades from the 1970s to the 2000s, the curry house – like its high street companion, the pub – looked like a permanent feature of British life; maybe even an emblem of Britishness itself. Yet it is now clear that our passionate relationship with these restaurants was a product of particular circumstances. For the high street curry house to flourish in its classical form, British tastes needed to stay fixed and south Asian cooks needed to be free to work here. Neither of these conditions now holds.
curry  food  culture  trends  decline  immigration  employment  cost  UK  Guardian  2017 
january 2017 by inspiral
How Margaret Thatcher Took On Acid House - The Daily Beast
All-night raves known as Acid House parties were spreading across the UK in 1989, ‘the Second Summer of Love.’ But it took a letter from an MP’s irritated uncle in the shires to get Mrs. Thatcher involved in the debate.
MargaretThatcher  music  acidhouse  dancemusic  CriminalJusticeBill  history  UK  TheDailyBeast  2016 
january 2017 by inspiral
Key findings on international migration | Pew Research Center
Millions of people have migrated from their homes to other countries in recent years. Some migrants have moved voluntarily, seeking economic opportunities. Others have been forced from their homes by political turmoil, persecution or war and have left their countries to seek asylum elsewhere.

To mark International Migrants Day this Sunday, here are our key findings about international migration trends.
migration  refugees  statistics  research  USA  global  Europe  Germany  Russia  UK  UAE  Canada  France  Australia  Spain  Italy  India  Ukraine  Thailand  Pakistan  Kazakhstan  PewResearch  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
This Is What Chemsex Is Doing To Young Men - BuzzFeed News
When Stephen Port was convicted last week of the rape, drugging, and murder of four young men, police began to look again at dozens more cases involving date-rape drugs. But an investigation by BuzzFeed News into the hidden world of “chemsex” reveals, through unprecedented first person testimony, that this is just the beginning.
chemsex  sex  drugs  homosexuality  rape  review  critique  UK  Buzzfeed  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
Here's Who Voted For Brexit – And Who Didn't - BuzzFeed News
Leave voters were older, poorer, less educated, and far more likely to think the country was getting worse than Remain voters, new research shows.
Brexit  EuropeanUnion  politics  consumer  research  review  NatCen  UK  Buzzfeed  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
Streaming Won’t Kill the Radio Star - Noisey
The rise in popularity of Beats 1 and independent stations like Rinse, NTS, and Radar shows just how much we still desire a human touch over algorithm-curated playlists.
music  radio  Beats1  RinseFM  NTS  RadarRadio  comparison  streamingmedia  Spotify  London  UK  Noisey  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
Support for EU rises since Brexit vote, survey shows
Across the EU as a whole, 62 per cent of those polled would vote to stay in the EU compared with 57 per cent in March, according to Bertelsmann’s polling which covered nearly 15,000 respondents. The poll was conducted in August 2016 a few weeks after the British referendum.

In Britain, support rose to 56 per cent after the Brexit vote, compared to 49 per cent before. Approval rates fell in Spain to 68 per cent, but rose in the other four big continental member states – Germany, France, Italy and Poland.
EuropeanUnion  Europe  support  UK  Germany  Italy  France  Poland  Brexit  consumer  research  Bertelsmann  FinancialTimes  2016 
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Lidl offers to drop Christmas prices in return for tweets
The grocer claims the ‘Social Price Drop’ promotion is the first time a supermarket has determined the price of a product through crowdsourcing.

Lidl will invite the public to cut the cost of a different festive product each week in the four weeks leading up to Christmas.

The first phase launches today (21 November) and the grocer’s Christmas lobster, which usually retails at £5.99, will be the first product to have its price set through the strength of conversation on Twitter.

Customers have two days to drive down the price of the lobster by tweeting about it and on Wednesday the final product price will be announced and the product will be available for sale from Saturday.
Twitter  socialmedia  retail  groceries  creativeshowcase  Campaign  UK  2016 
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Children and parents: media use and attitudes report 2016 - Ofcom
This report examines children’s media literacy. It provides detailed evidence on media use, attitudes and understanding among children and young people aged 5-15, as well as detailed information about the media access and use of young children aged 3-4.
children  parents  teenagers  technology  mobile  smartphones  socialmedia  media  internet  television  radio  Facebook  Youtube  Twitter  Snapchat  Tumblr  newspapers  UK  Ofcom  2016 
november 2016 by inspiral
Mobile Takes Majority Share of UK Time with Digital Media - eMarketer
In 2016, for the first time, adults in the UK will spend more time with their mobile devices than with desktop and laptop computers, eMarketer projects. This year, mobile time—which includes nonvoice time with tablets and mobile phones—will account for more than a quarter of daily media time for the average adult, at 2 hours and 29 minutes, representing an 11.8% rise over last year.
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november 2016 by inspiral
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