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Gawpers go home: how luxury flat-owners could shut down the Tate's viewing platform | Art and design | The Guardian
They were sold on their proximity to Tate Modern. Now the residents of luxury flats are taking the gallery to court, arguing its viewing platform invades their privacy. It’s part of a wider hijacking of cultural hotspots by property developers
TateModern  gentrification  urbandevelopment  regulations  review  critique  Guardian  2017 
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The Confidence Man of American Art | by Jed Perl | The New York Review of Books
The trouble with Robert Rauschenberg is that adventure and innovation invariably confound order and tradition. Didn’t it ever occur to him that the search for perfection, however quixotic, is among the greatest adventures? Although this overstuffed show offers only a partial view of Rauschenberg’s megalomaniacal output—among the many embarrassments wisely overlooked is a series of bicycles edged with neon from the early 1990s—there are enough twists and turns to leave museumgoers in confusion. From what I could see when I visited Tate Modern on a weekday afternoon, visitors were intrigued, beguiled, baffled, bewildered, and sometimes just plain bored.
RobertRauschenberg  art  review  TateModern  exhibition  profile  NYReviewofBooks  2017 
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