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Using email addresses for re-targeting - Smart Insights Digital Marketing Advice
Depending on the size of the business you work for, you might have an email list of hundreds, thousands or millions. You already know your email list is valuable because email marketing is one of the most effective channels in terms of ROI. But an email list isn't just for emailing. You can use it for all kinds of clever targeting techniques, to advertise to your customers at the exact moment they may be considering a purchase. Here are some of the options for utilising your email list for targeting ad placement:
onlineadvertising  Facebook  Twitter  retargeting  email  guide  SmartInsights  2016 
june 2016 by inspiral
KPIs for measuring Brand Marketing - Smart Insights Digital Marketing Advice
Of course, this doesn't mean that boosting brand awareness is pointless, far from it, it simply means it is only the first step on the journey to a sale. Generally speaking, your audience will either be unfamiliar with a product, on the fence about a product, or ready to act. In other words they will fall into one of these three categories:

Awareness (traditionally ad recall)
Consideration (traditionally brand familiarity)
Action (traditionally purchase intent)
What you want to do is make those unaware aware, make those aware consider, and make those 'considering' take action.

Defining KPIs for Brand Marketing

Depending at which point on this journey your customers are sitting, you'll need to frame your messaging differently, and use different KPIs to properly measure the effectiveness of the activity.
brand  metrics  KPI  guide  awareness  consideration  action  SmartInsights  2016 
may 2016 by inspiral
The average click through rate (CTR) for 20 key Industries [#ChartoftheDay] - Smart Insights Digital Marketing Advice
When you're running an Ad Campaign from scratch, or even if you've been running one for a couple of years, it can be tough to know how you're comparing to your competition. Wordstream recently used their huge dataset to show the average click through rate, across 16 industries (Advocacy, Auto, B2B, Consumer Services, Dating & Personals, E-Commerce, Education, Employment Services, Finance & Insurance, Health & Medical, Home Goods, Industrial Services, Legal, Real Estate, Technology, and Travel & Hospitality).
CTR  onlineadvertising  searchmarketing  responserates  WordStream  SmartInsights  2016 
may 2016 by inspiral
Pinterest launches 'Promoted Pins' in the UK [@SmartInsights Alert] - Smart Insights Digital Marketing Advice
Advertising options come to Pinterest, a year after it launched 'Buy it Buttons' on Pins to get e-commerce traffic
Pinterest  promotedPins  PaidPins  socialmedia  onlineadvertising  launch  UK  SmartInsights  2016 
april 2016 by inspiral
Growing email subscribers - Smart Insights Digital Marketing Advice
We'll look at growing subscribers in two steps. First reviewing all the customer touchpoints when opt-in can occur and second ideas to boost opt-in. I hope these give you some ideas to review your approaches!
emailmarketing  acquisition  review  guide  online  offline  website  events  telemarketing  callcentre  contentmarketing  socialproof  testimonials  exclusivity  socialmeda  SmartInsights  2016 
march 2016 by inspiral
EU Data law gets tough - Smart Insights Digital Marketing Advice
EU data law will be much stricter while the ICO is to hold brand owners directly responsible for agency behavior
directmarketing  regulations  privacy  EuropeanUnion  review  SmartInsights  2015 
december 2015 by inspiral
Email marketing statistics 2014 compilation
The best email statistics sources to benchmark open and clickthrough rates for your email campaigns in the UK, US, Europe, Asia-Pacific including Australia
emailmarketing  statistics  responserates  benchmarks  unsubscribe  UK  USA  Australia  SmartInsights  2014 
september 2014 by inspiral
5 tips for Social Selling - Smart Insights Digital Marketing Advice
How do you become more proactive, to move beyond the softly-softly approach? These are the approaches I recommend to help you turn social media sharing into social media selling. The social selling examples I use here mainly related to B2B selling over LinkedIn, but they can also be applied to higher involvement consumer products too.
socialmedia  B2B  sales  guide  SmartInsights  2014 
june 2014 by inspiral
What is Social media listening? - Smart Insights Digital Marketing Advice
In this article, I hope to explain how to implement social media. Where possible I will mention brands in the examples, in other places I will need to be a little more respectful of the brand’s privacy. It’s also worth noting that some of this was done purely as an experiment without the brand’s permission as part of exercise, which just goes to show how much information you can garner on other brands without the need for permission.
sociallistening  socialmedia  creativeshowcase  guide  SmartInsights  2014 
april 2014 by inspiral
How to best use goals in Google Analytics - Smart Insights Digital Marketing Advice
Goals in Google Analytics (GA) open a multitude of interesting and thought provoking questions when analysed properly. In this post I’ll show how to select the right goals, showing why it’s so important to apply a value to those goals to help with data-driven decision making.
googleAnalytics  goals  guide  analytics  SmartInsights  2012 
march 2014 by inspiral
Clicks: Great for Search, Bad for Display Advertising - Smart Insights Digital Marketing Advice
So rather than being click focussed, Quantcast suggest that you view the campaign through a different lens and optimise your display campaign using the four steps below as a guide:

How is you campaign performing in terms of understanding the characteristics of your click-based (clicks) and view-based (impression) audiences. Monitor the relationship between the two, by campaign.
Measure view-based conversion volume as well as click-based conversion volume. Buyers are likely to take another look, and perhaps multiple, before deciding to convert to purchase.
displayadvertising  metrics  CTR  conversion  conversionrates  critique  Quantcast  SmartInsights  2013 
august 2013 by inspiral
Guide to Using Advanced Segments in Google Analytics
Our guide to 10 ways to segment website visitors using Google Analytics I'm working on an interesting Ecommerce project at the moment for an established . Marketing topic(s):Google Analytics Segmentation. Advice by Dave Chaffey.
SmartInsights  guide  googleanalytics  2013  segmentation  analytics 
july 2013 by inspiral
Using the Google toolkit to identify good performing keywords and execute keyword research > Smart Insights Digital Marketing
A six stage approach to keyword research for SEO In Part Two of this 12 part guide to website optimisation, I explored competitor analysis for SEO. I cont. Marketing topic(s):Keyphrase analysis. Advice by James Gurd.
googleanalytics  2011  searchmarketing  ppc  googleadwords  imported  smartinsights 
october 2011 by inspiral
Is StumbleUpon worth another look? > Smart Insights Digital Marketing
Blog article reviewing StumbleUpon and looking at its potential use in an online marketing context
stumbleupon  onlinemarketing  smartinsights  2011  imported 
july 2011 by inspiral

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