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Buddhists Go to Battle: When Nationalism Overrides Pacifism
A call to arms for Sri Lankan monks. Ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya in Myanmar. A Buddhist faith known for pacifism is taking its place in a new age of nationalism.
Buddhism  religion  violence  conflict  SriLanka  Myanmar  review  critique  NYTimes  2019 
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What Happened to Myanmar’s Human-Rights Icon? | The New Yorker
The ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya reveals what the world didn’t understand about Aung San Suu Kyi.
AungSanSuuKyi  humanrights  history  profile  Rohingya  Myanmar  NewYorker  2017 
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This Is What Happens When Millions Of People Suddenly Get The Internet - BuzzFeed News
Less than 1% of Myanmar had internet access until 2014. Now the country is getting online at an astonishing rate — but so is fake news and anti-Muslim sentiment. Sheera Frenkel finds out what happens when everyone you know joins Facebook at the same time.
telecoms  mobile  smartphones  growth  penetration  Facebook  xenophobia  Myanmar  Buzzfeed  2016 
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Digital in APAC 2016 - We Are Social UK
Since our last APAC report in March last year, the reported number of internet users has jumped 27%, while the number of people using social media from mobile devices is up a staggering 50%. This compares to average global growth of 19% and 39% respectively for the same measures.

Here are the headline numbers for digital connectivity in APAC:

Internet users in APAC: 1.83 Billion
Social media users in APAC: 1.43 Billion*
Mobile connections in APAC: 3.86 Billion**
Mobile social media users in APAC: 1.36 Billion*
mobile  socialmedia  mobilesocial  mobilemessaging  internet  statistics  penetration  growth  Facebook  WhatsApp  FacebookMessenger  QQ  WeChat  QZone  Tumblr  Instagram  Twitter  Skype  Baidu  Weibo  Line  Snapchat  YY  LinkedIn  Pinterest  Telegram  Viber  VKontakte  Australia  Bangladesh  Bhutan  Brunei  Cambodia  China  Fiji  HongKong  India  Indonesia  Japan  Laos  Macau  Malaysia  Maldives  Mongolia  Myanmar  Nepal  NewZealand  NorthKorea  Pakistan  PapuaNewGuinea  Philippines  Singapore  SouthKorea  SriLanka  Taiwan  Thailand  EastTimor  Vietnam  WeAreSocial  2016 
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Mobile phones, internet and gender in Myanmar
The objective of the national baseline survey was to understand the information and communication needs and habits of people in Myanmar. The objective of the qualitative study was to understand the gender gap in mobile ownership and the reasons for low mobile internet use, which became evident in the national baseline survey.
consumer  mobile  smartphones  research  gender  mobileinternet  telecoms  penetration  statistics  Myanmar  LIRNEasia  GSMA  2015 
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Millions of people fleeing their homes suffer unnecessarily because of a lack of political will and humanitarian assistance.
refugees  crisis  Sahel  Yemen  Rohingya  Myanmar  Bangladesh  Iraq  CentralAfricanRepublic  WesternSahara  NorthKorea  Sudan  Indonesia  WestPapua  NorwegianRefugeeCouncil  2016 
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Digital, Social & Mobile in Southeast Asia in 2015
All the numbers you need to understand the state of the digital landscape in Southeast Asia in Q4 2015, including overviews of Internet, Social Media, and Mobile usage around the region, as well as in-depth analysis of each nation's individual digital landscape, and Facebook usage by country, broken down by gender and age group. This is the latest in We Are Social's on going series of studies into digital behaviour around the world; to access the rest of our free reports, visit
socialmedia  mobile  smartphones  mobileinternet  internet  Facebook  WhatsApp  QQ  FacebookMessenger  WeChat  Instagram  Twitter  Skype  Viber  Tumblr  Line  Snapchat  YY  penetration  statistics  Thailand  Laos  Vietnam  Cambodia  Myanmar  Burma  Brunei  Indonesia  Singapore  Malaysia  WeAreSocial  2015 
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Burma Gives a Big Thumbs-Up to Facebook | Foreign Policy
The sudden dominance of Facebook has much to do with the peculiarities of development in a country that has gone through “twenty years of digital development in two years,” says Yan Naung Oak of Phandeeyar, a non-profit group that tries to harness technology for social causes. As recently as three years ago, he notes, Internet access and mobile phones were virtually unknown in the country, which has spent most of the past sixty years in a political and economic deep freeze thanks to a tiny coterie of military leaders who kept it under tight control — until five years ago, when they started loosening the reins.
Facebook  socialmedia  Burma  Myanmar  dominance  politics  ForeignPolicy  2015  mobilesocial 
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