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RA: Sonideros: The mobile soundsystems of Mexico City
Max Pearl reports from the Mexican capital on a timeless DJ tradition that stretches back to the 1950s.
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No, Mexico City is not “The New Berlin”: A response to Vice
To compare this reality to a city like Berlin, where most people have pensions, a good standard of living, quality state-run healthcare, and decent wages is the height of egregiousness. It makes you wonder exactly how tone-deaf the writers of pieces like this can be. Have they ever dared venture outside the Roma-Condesa bubble? How much do they even know about Mexico City? Why have so many of these articles been popping up in recent years? Is it just cluelessness that drives them, or is it part of some local government branding strategy akin to the “Mexican Moment” debacle of a few years back?
At best, these articles display a certain naïveté. At worst, they engage in outright erasure, where the parts of the city not inhabited by affluent, trendy (and yes, mostly White) foreigners are simply ignored. It’s a kind of metaphorical displacement akin to the very real displacement that occurs when this crowd moves into an area, gradually making it unaffordable for ordinary people. Intentionally or not, the idea of Mexico City as this “new Berlin” only helps to exacerbate the dynamics of exclusion that plague our city every single day.
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The World's Most Influential Cities |
In order to quantify cities’ global influence, we looked at eight factors: the amount of foreign direct investment they have attracted; the concentration of corporate headquarters; how many particular business niches they dominate; air connectivity (ease of travel to other global cities); strength of producer services; financial services; technology and media power; and racial diversity. (Click here for a more detailed description of our methodology.) We found those factors particularly important in identifying rising stars that, someday, might challenge the current hegemony of our two top-ranked global cities, London and New York.
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Which Cities Get the Most Sleep? - The Numbers - WSJ
People in Melbourne sleep the most, people in Tokyo sleep the least, and Americans just need more sleep overall. Those are some of the findings from a vast new dataset released to The Wall Street Journal by Jawbone, the makers of the UP, a digitized wristband that tracks how its users move and sleep.
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