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A Million Tesla ‘Robotaxis’ Would Cripple Urban Transport
However, Musk’s robotaxi proposal shows what the tech industry aspires to do if autonomy ever reaches a level where it can handle most driving situations, and it’s pretty clear it would be disastrous for cities. A million robotaxis within a year would cripple urban transport systems, but that doesn’t bother Musk because he refuses to accept cities have spatial constraints.
Uber  ElonMusk  selfdrivingvehicles  forecast  review  critique  RadicalUrbanist  Medium  2019 
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How the World’s Biggest Brewer Killed the Craft Beer Buzz
These problems are dogging the whole beer industry, but they’re particularly vexing for the world’s biggest brewery. Throw in the slowdown in the maturing craft market, and industry observers wonder how long ABI’s self-appointed role as the segment’s “beer positive” vanguard will last — and what consequences smaller brewers face once the salad days are truly gone.
beer  craftbeer  consolidation  ABI  artisanal  review  USA  Medium  2019 
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The Record Label of The Future is No Label At All – Denisha Kuhlor – Medium
Spotify’s acquisitions of Gimlet and Anchor signal ambitious plans to disintermediate the music industry.
Spotify  strategy  disintermediation  podcast  forecast  Medium  2019 
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The Future of Infidelity Is Female – The New New – Medium
“The gender gap in adultery is closing, and it’s not just about opportunity and possibility… Women now are more inclined to demand to have all their needs met.”
relationships  women  monogamy  infidelity  trends  TheNewNew  Medium  2018 
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What I Learned From Making Hot Sauce at Scale – Jenny Gao – Medium
I set out to create the first line of all-natural, deeply flavorful Chinese condiments. Getting there was harder than I anticipated.
hotsauce  manufacturing  startup  personalaccount  Medium  2018 
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Extreme Athleticism Is the New Midlife Crisis – Great Escape – Medium
For decades, the midlife crisis has been expressed in tired pop-culture tropes in which (usually) white men buy sports cars and carry on affairs with younger women in a doomed and desperate bid to feel young again. But increasingly, people are responding to the anxieties of middle age not by clinging to the last vestiges of expiring youth but to taking on challenges that seem to belong to the young alone: by pushing the limits of what they’re physically capable of through endurance athletics and extreme fitness. The focus is less on what happened before the crisis and more on what happens after. Call it the midlife correction.
middleage  midlifecrisis  exercise  ultraendurance  cycling  running  triathlon  author:PaulFlannery  Medium  2018 
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Beware of Isle of Dogs: the Fussy Racism of Wes Anderson
Isle of Dogs is emblematic of every Wes Anderson movie save for Bottle Rocket, his debut film. Bottle Rocket stands out as different because Anderson worked closely with James L. Brooks on the screenplay. Brooks, for whatever his flaws as a filmmaker — and there are many — is known for his ability to articulate the foibles and quirky emotions of the human experience. Anderson shows no such capacity. He’s more interested in superficial glossy details than in exploring how people relate to each other.
IsleofDogs  WesAnderson  film  review  critique  racism  Japan  author:EricCoyote  Medium  2018 
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The Hyperfragmentation of Retail and Why the Biggest Winners are Digital Ad Platforms, not…
I expect this proliferation of microbrands to continue, because it is easier than ever to start a boutique brand. But, mass distribution is still expensive, so the biggest winners will be those that can collect rent and tolls like Google, Facebook / Instagram, or those that can consolidate microbrands under an umbrella to leverage cross-brand marketing efficiencies. Continued fragmentation of brands will only make the discovery problems and the poor customer experience worse, leaving a massive opportunity to reimagine the retail experience on the demand side.
retail  fragmentation  microbrands  Facebook  Instagram  Google  trends  author:NamrataPatel  Medium  2018 
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Why Decentralization Matters – Chris Dixon – Medium
The lesson is that when you compare centralized and decentralized systems you need to consider them dynamically, as processes, instead of statically, as rigid products. Centralized systems often start out fully baked, but only get better at the rate at which employees at the sponsoring company improve them. Decentralized systems start out half-baked but, under the right conditions, grow exponentially as they attract new contributors.
blockchain  cryptonetwork  decentralisation  opportunity  innovation  startup  author:ChrisDixon  Medium  2018 
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CES 2018: Real Advances, Real Progress, Real Questions
After my 3 days and 87,207 steps I offer these five observations about the direction of products and technology on display at CES.
CES  review  consumerelectronics  voicerecognition  virtualassistant  Google  GoogleAssistant  television  OLED  headphones  Samsung  LG  strategy  augmentedreality  PCs  laptops  wirelesscharging  Qi  innovation  author:StevenSinofsky  LearningbyShipping  Medium  2018 
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Something is wrong on the internet – James Bridle – Medium
A friend who works in digital video described to me what it would take to make something like this: a small studio of people (half a dozen, maybe more) making high volumes of low quality content to reap ad revenue by tripping certain requirements of the system (length in particular seems to be a factor). According to my friend, online kids’ content is one of the few alternative ways of making money from 3D animation because the aesthetic standards are lower and independent production can profit through scale. It uses existing and easily available content (such as character models and motion-capture libraries) and it can be repeated and revised endlessly and mostly meaninglessly because the algorithms don’t discriminate — and neither do the kids.
Youtube  children  onlinevideo  algorithms  review  critique  author:JamesBridle  Medium  2017 
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10 things I wish every design student knew – Cameron Moll – Medium
This week I had the privilege of speaking to design students at two universities about my career. Here are some of the things I shared, most of which were answers to their questions.
design  guide  bestpractice  author:CameronMoll  Medium  2017 
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Introducing LabRdr: An Experimental Offline News App That Knows You
We’re refreshing content recommendations through transparent use of data, higher degree of control by the user, and minimal thoughtful alerts.
Guardian  mobileapps  webjournalism  labrdr  medium  2017 
november 2017 by inspiral
What The Economist learned in its first year on Snapchat Discover
People familiar with The Economist are often surprised to hear that the paper is on Snapchat. But is it really so surprising? The team has found its audience to be forward-looking, globally curious and highly engaged with liberal causes. “So The Economist is actually pretty well aligned,” says Ms Rohr.
Economist  Snapchat  webjournalism  review  Medium  2017 
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How big is Twitter Moments? – Balaji S. Srinivasan – Medium
Moments likely has >92M monthly uniques — more than CNN, the New York Times, or the Washington Post.
Twitter  TwitterMoments  penetration  statistics  advocacy  author:BalajiSSrinivasan  Medium  2017 
october 2017 by inspiral
Cities are not the future – Sakunthala – Medium
One of the big trends of the last 10 years was the rise of cities — knowledge workers especially relocated to urban centers, and the sharing of ideas that came from that made cities much richer than they were before. It’s become conventional wisdom that the future contains more of the same. However, I’ve started to think this trend may have run it’s course, and may even be reversing.
cities  urbanisation  review  critique  qualityoflife  author:Sakunthala  Medium  2017 
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Mastodon is big in Japan. The reason why is… uncomfortable
Our team at the MIT Media Lab — Chelsea Barabas, Neha Narula and myself — are releasing a new report today on distributed publishing, titled “Back to the Future: the Decentralized Web” We end up speculating that the main barriers to adoption of decentralized platforms aren’t technical, but around usability. Most distributed publishing tools are simply too complex for most users to adopt. Mastodon may have overcome that problem, borrowing design ideas from a successful commercial product. But the example of lolicon may challenge our theories in two directions. One, if you’re unable to share content on the sites you’re used to using — Twitter, in this case — you may be more willing to adopt a new tool, even if its interface is initially unfamiliar. Second, an additional barrier to adoption for decentralized publishing may be that its first large userbase is a population that cannot use centralized social networks. Any stigma associated with this community may make it harder for users with other interests to adopt these new tools.
Mastodon  decentralisation  socialmedia  socialnetworking  innovation  review  Japan  pornography  author:EthanZuckerman  Medium  2017 
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So, about this Googler’s manifesto. – Yonatan Zunger – Medium
I’m writing this here, in this message, because I’m no longer at the company and can say this sort of thing openly. But I want to make it very clear: if you were in my reporting chain, all of part (3) would have been replaced with a short “this is not acceptable” and maybe that last paragraph above. You would have heard part (3) in a much smaller meeting, including you, me, your manager, your HRBP, and someone from legal. And it would have ended with you being escorted from the building by security and told that your personal items will be mailed to you. And the fact that you think this was “all in the name of open discussion,” and don’t realize any of these deeper consequences, makes this worse, not better.
Google  sexism  feminism  gender  informationtechnology  review  Medium  2017 
august 2017 by inspiral
This is how Big Oil will die – NewCo Shift
Cars are complicated.
Behind the hum of a running engine lies a carefully balanced dance between sheathed steel pistons, intermeshed gears, and spinning rods — a choreography that lasts for millions of revolutions. But millions is not enough, and as we all have experienced, these parts eventually wear, and fail. Oil caps leak. Belts fray. Transmissions seize.
automotive  petroleum  electricvehicles  disruption  review  author:SethMiller  Medium  2017 
june 2017 by inspiral
Ten Myths About Machine Learning – Pedro Domingos – Medium
Machine learning used to take place behind the scenes: Amazon mined your clicks and purchases for recommendations, Google mined your searches for ad placement, and Facebook mined your social network to choose which posts to show you. But now machine learning is on the front pages of newspapers, and the subject of heated debate. Learning algorithms drive cars, translate speech, and win at Jeopardy! What can and can’t they do? Are they the beginning of the end of privacy, work, even the human race? This growing awareness is welcome, because machine learning is a major force shaping our future, and we need to come to grips with it. Unfortunately, several misconceptions have grown up around it, and dispelling them is the first step. Let’s take a quick tour of the main ones:
machinelearning  artificialintelligence  review  author:PedroDomingos  Medium  2017 
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Introducing the Citymapper Smartbus – Citymapper – Medium
In fact, we’re reinventing the entire software stack for running and operating a bus. We believe smarter buses lead to better mobility and cities.
Starting on Tue May 9th and Wed May 10th. With an experimental popup route: CMX1, running a Circulator in the heart of London.
publictransport  infrastructure  agile  startup  London  Citymapper  Medium  2017 
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No, Mexico City is not “The New Berlin”: A response to Vice
To compare this reality to a city like Berlin, where most people have pensions, a good standard of living, quality state-run healthcare, and decent wages is the height of egregiousness. It makes you wonder exactly how tone-deaf the writers of pieces like this can be. Have they ever dared venture outside the Roma-Condesa bubble? How much do they even know about Mexico City? Why have so many of these articles been popping up in recent years? Is it just cluelessness that drives them, or is it part of some local government branding strategy akin to the “Mexican Moment” debacle of a few years back?
At best, these articles display a certain naïveté. At worst, they engage in outright erasure, where the parts of the city not inhabited by affluent, trendy (and yes, mostly White) foreigners are simply ignored. It’s a kind of metaphorical displacement akin to the very real displacement that occurs when this crowd moves into an area, gradually making it unaffordable for ordinary people. Intentionally or not, the idea of Mexico City as this “new Berlin” only helps to exacerbate the dynamics of exclusion that plague our city every single day.
MexicoCity  Berlin  comparison  urbandevelopment  gentrification  tourism  review  critique  Medium  2017 
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“Inclusion” is not for outsiders – Fits and Starts – Medium
By celebrating the inclusion of insiders — people of different genders and races who have been pre-assimilated into Silicon Valley via Harvard or Georgetown or Stanford — the industry misdirects attention from the inclusion of actual outsiders. We don’t change much by publicizing that we have hired people that we would have hired anyway. Under the current philosophy the rich (and this includes culturally and educationally rich) only get richer. You’re a woman who went to Harvard, we have a job for you! You are an African American engineer from MIT, we have 6 competing offers! That’s not to say that these candidates aren’t fantastic, they are. It’s saying that we’re not looking past race and gender to other forms of socioeconomic mobility.
inclusion  employment  diversity  review  personalaccount  author:NaithanJones  Medium  2017 
april 2017 by inspiral
No Silver Bullets: Why I DIDN’T join a podcast network
This isn’t meant to be a chest-pounding proclamation of my independence from podcast networks. It’s quite possible that I made the totally wrong decision. I’ll likely never know.
podcast  podcastnetwork  monetisation  strategy  review  author:DavidKadavy  StartupGrind  Medium  2017 
april 2017 by inspiral
Iteration is not design – The Design Innovator – Medium
Iteration with user feedback is great for identifying problems with your design. It doesn’t do a thing to tell you how to fix those problems.
design  websitedesign  iteraction  userexperience  critique  Darwinism  author:ToddOlson  Medium  2017 
march 2017 by inspiral
Welcome to Series, a new type of story on Medium
Readers spend almost five million hours per month on Medium, following the latest smart ideas from their favorite writers. Today, we’re introducing a new type of story to Medium for readers who just can’t wait for that next post: Series. Series are mobile stories that can be added to over time and unfold card by card with the tap of your finger. This is our first step toward building a new way to read on Medium that’s both seamless and serialized.
MediumStories  launch  Blogging  Medium  2017 
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The fatal flaw in subscription models
Paywalls rely on publishers assuming that an individual will only have one or two subscriptions, and therefore that theirs is the only content worth paying for. Yes, on a publisher-by-publisher basis, it is critical that the content they produce is valued and paid for. But on an industry level, it isn’t sustainable.
subscription  webjournalism  paywalls  media  innovation  Medium  Blendle  TheMediaBriefing  2017 
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Venture capital is going to murder Medium
But I don’t think we’ll grow old together, Medium and I. I suspect it’ll end quite tragic, actually. $132,000,000 is a lot of money after all, and that’s how much venture capital Medium has been dipped in. Before having a prayer or a song about how to turn into that multi-billion-dollar business it must to satisfy the required rate of return.
Medium  webjournalism  publishing  profitability  venturecapital  review  critique  SignalvsNoise  2017 
january 2017 by inspiral
Lunch with the FT: Susan Wojcicki
Over tofu in Palo Alto, the YouTube boss talks about reinventing TV and how Silicon Valley would benefit from employing more women
Youtube  SusanWojcicki  interview  onlinevideo  streamingmedia  profile  FinancialTimes  Medium  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
Rocket AI: 2016’s Most Notorious AI Launch and the Problem with AI Hype – The Mission – Medium
Unless you’re keeping up with the field, talking to researchers, reading papers, tracking academia, and following start-ups, you can be easily fooled by AI hype. A year ago, investors were looking for Deep Learning for X. Now, some investors are sniffing around for Reinforcement Learning for X (another branch of machine learning, where algorithms optimize to maximize a reward). Outside of the research community, there’s little depth of understanding of these terms, or why for instance RL and DL are often totally unnecessary for X.
artificialintelligence  machinelearning  hypecycle  review  critique  RivaMelissaTez  TheMission  Medium  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
Is it a good time to start a software company? – Medium
Here are the questions I am thinking about:
In this phase of software’s deployment, what will distribution of the winners look like?
What is the next ‘platform’ in software?
What is the next boom industry post-software?
What are the valuable assets to capture from the last boom and redirect towards the next one?
software  startup  opportunity  review  investment  venturecapital  author:SamGerstenzang  Medium  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
How the SoC is Displacing the CPU – Medium
Over time, in line with classic disruption theory, the SoC transistor platform caught up to the incumbent CPU transistor platform to the point where now the Apple A9X SoC offers 64 bit desktop-class computing enabling a handheld tablet to go toe-to-toe with a state-of-the-art laptop CPU from Intel (See John Gruber here).
The key to the success of early post-PC products like the iPad is the fact that they were designed from the ground-up without the baggage of legacy PC-era software (Mac OS) or hardware (x86 CPU).
CPU  SoC  microchips  innovation  Intel  ARM  comparison  evolution  author:PushkarRanade  Medium  2016 
november 2016 by inspiral
The Non-Technical Guide to Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence – Machine Learnings – Medium
There is already a ton of technical content being produced about artificial intelligence and machine learning. This list is a primer for non-technical people who want to understand what machine learning makes possible.
artificialintelligence  machinelearning  guide  startup  journalism  Medium  author:SamDeBrule  2016 
november 2016 by inspiral
The Government IT Self-Harm Playbook – Medium
Government isn’t there yet. It may never get there. No matter how well intentioned, when it comes to IT government has an awful habit of messing things up.
Liam had a word for these bad things — he called it self-harm. It’s a neat term to describe the self-inflicted digital mess government tends to get itself into. Simon Wardley talks about inertia and bias. Same idea.
Whatever you call it, in my time in government (and healthcare) I’ve seen an awful lot of it. This stuff isn’t limited to government, either — not by any stretch. Big private sector organisations are riddled with these problems, too.
government  tech  IT  enterprise  review  critique  agile  cloudcomputing  DevOps  enterprisearchitecture  platform  portal  tunrkey  userresearch  GovernmentDigitalService  author:DanSheldon  Medium  2016 
november 2016 by inspiral
Apple just told the world it has no idea who the Mac is for – Charged Tech – Medium
To me, the event last night was Apple trying to remind the world it cares about the Mac, but more than anything else the undertone was this: Apple only cares about the Mac when it’s convenient, but even then, it’s obviously not thinking that hard about the impact is has.
Apple  AppleMacBookPro  launch  review  critique  hardware  PCs  laptops  author:OwnWilliams  ChargedTech  Medium  2016 
october 2016 by inspiral
Microsoft goes all in on VR – GHVR – Medium
What we’re seeing here are the final steps in a strategy that has to have been some years in the making — Microsoft is turning itself into the preeminent VR company, providing both core software and hardware technologies, at a price point that will range from $299 — for a VR headset plugged into an Project Scorpio Xbox or Windows 10 workstation— all the way up to $3000 for a stand-alone mixed reality headset, the Hololens.
Microsoft  virtualreality  augmentedreality  HoloLens  Xbox  Windows10Holographic  strategy  review  author:MarkPesce  GHVR  Medium  2016 
october 2016 by inspiral
Charlie Munger on The Two Types of Knowledge – The Startup – Medium
There are no shortcuts. Real knowledge comes when people do the work. Real knowledge comes from doing, from “experiencing.”
CharlieMunger  knowledge  review  classification  FarnamStreet  Medium  2016 
october 2016 by inspiral
Google’s Schizophrenic Pixel Positioning – Beyond Devices – Medium
If, though, this is the real motivation behind Pixel (and I strongly suspect it is), then all this stuff about targeting the iPhone and tightly integrated hardware and software is really something of a smokescreen. I would bet Google’s OEM partners can see that pretty clearly too, and for all Google executives’ reassurances that the OEMs are fine with it, I very much doubt it.
GooglePixel  Google  strategy  smartphones  review  author:JanDawson  BeyondDevices  Medium  2016 
october 2016 by inspiral
What $50 buys you at Huaqiangbei, the world’s most fascinating electronics market. – Medium
We’ve long been fascinated by the Huaqiangbei electronics market area of Shenzhen. (Hereafter, we’ll just call it HQB.) If you need some bit of electronics or a phone accessory, you can find it in HQB. There is an entire multi-floor shopping mall that sells nothing but phone cases. There’s one that specializes in smartwatches. There’s a mall that sells cellphones wholesale. There’s one just for surveillance cameras. And then there are the component markets. Need a chip? Or 250,000 chips? Somebody there can get them for you.
hardware  Shenzen  Huaqiangbei  China  keyboardio  Medium  2016 
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The Third Transportation Revolution – Medium
Or look at San Francisco, where the historic Ferry Building was blocked for decades by a two-level freeway. Since locals couldn’t really get there, it became a rarely-visited office building. But when the road was damaged by an earthquake in 1989, the city saw an opportunity. Instead of rebuilding the space for cars, it tore down the highway and reimagined the area as a place where people could gather. Shops, restaurants, and cafes were built, and before long the Ferry Building became the focal point of the San Francisco waterfront. Every weekend, almost 25,000 people visit its farmers market and support local vendors. As a result, new neighborhoods emerged, and within five years, there was 51% more housing available in the surrounding area.
selfdrivingvehicles  ridesharing  Lyft  advocacy  cities  urbandevelopment  evolution  transport  review  forecast  author:JohanZimmer  Medium  2016 
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Why Silicon Valley is all wrong about Apple’s AirPods – Chris Messina – Medium
And this is what Apple can do that no one else can: make the behavior of talking to a disembodied entity on your face so socially acceptable that the voice computer revolution can finally get underway.
Apple  AppleAirPods  innovation  design  strategy  advocacy  author:ChrisMessina  Medium  2016 
september 2016 by inspiral
The Tyranny of Agile – Code for America Blog – Medium
Why do we experience any of these doctrines (agile, lean, six sigma, in house, outsourced) as tyranny? Well, in the current moment, in government largely, it’s been the tyranny of waterfall, not agile. Most government IT projects have been relentlessly shoehorned into waterfall project management nightmares for the past few decades. Agile has been the knight in shining armor who rode in and broke waterfall’s grip on procurement, the key to power. But can we solve all of government’s technology needs through agile development? When you consider that much of what ails government today is the use of custom development at high cost when a commodity product is readily and cheaply available, we must acknowledge that agile is one useful doctrine, not THE doctrine. We need a roundtable of knights, not one Sir Lancelot. (I don’t love this metaphor, but let’s just roll with it, okay?) The problem is that we don’t always know what fits where, and instead try to adopt methodologies across the board based on what’s worked for us most recently.
Agile  projectmanagement  productdevelopment  critique  government  informationtechnology  author:JenniferPahlka  CodeforAmerica  Medium  2016 
august 2016 by inspiral
I’m a neoliberal. Maybe you are too — Medium
There is a emerging and growing group of people, particularly coming out of the libertarian movement, that lacks a useful descriptive term. These are people who are libertarianish — but they are fundamentally different to the mainstream libertarian movement when it comes to important values and approaches, and frankly lots of libertarians hate them for being, in their eyes, too statist or leftist.
I am one of them, and perhaps you are too. Many of our left-wing opponents would describe us as neoliberal to slander us. I suggest we follow the Suffragettes and wear this label with pride.
neoliberalism  advocacy  review  author:SamBowman  Medium  2016 
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Our changing relationship with music and its new practical function — MUSIC x TECH x FUTURE — Medium
Here is the big issue. Music for new generations is not about reflecting their unique personas, but a mirror of the activity he or she is performing. Music was once a question of loyalty and identity. Today it’s a good consumed according to moments. So the musical preferences of these listeners is much more flexible and no longer the reflection of their identities.
music  identity  socialclass  evolution  review  Spotify  playlist  author:ThiagoRPinto  Medium  2016 
august 2016 by inspiral
Merged Reality- The Best of All Worlds — Medium
All of this — and even more — is possible with merged reality. And here’s why: Merged reality hinges on five technological advances soon to be available to developers, makers and inventors.

All of this — and even more — is possible with merged reality. And here’s why: Merged reality hinges on five technological advances soon to be available to developers, makers and inventors.
virtualreality  Intel  IntelMergedReality  review  Medium  2016 
august 2016 by inspiral
Bots are Better Without Conversation — Medium
It’s also important to note that we don’t think bots are going to replace apps any time soon. That’s not the point. The point is that people are increasingly spending their time in chat apps, so we’re building experiences inside chat that allow people to do more while they’re there. That’s why bots are so interesting.
The good news is that bots are useful even without the conversational element. They have other advantages. To name a few:
Kik  chatbots  KikBotShop  mobilemessaging  virtualassistant  review  author:TedLivingstone  Medium  2016 
august 2016 by inspiral
Use (and Misuse) of Business Case Studies — Learning By Shipping
In particular, learning through the presentation of business situations and discussion in order to uncover the many competing forces within a given decision is super helpful. The unique aspect of learning by the formal case method is captured in the discussion more than in the documented (and edited) history of a decision or any specific artifacts. Learning from anecdotes, wisdom of mentors, or stories collected in business books can be equally valuable so long as you approach them with some caution. All the approaches of learning from cases have some cautions worth considering.
casestudies  management  education  review  critique  author:StevenSinofsky  LearningbyShipping  Medium  2016 
august 2016 by inspiral
Snapchat will be fine. — Medium
Due to its humble origins as an ephemeral sexting app, Snapchat is not built to cultivate an online social presence like Instagram. At its core, Snapchat was and will continue to be a messaging app. Your Snapchat followers are usually people you are comfortable directly messaging. This level of comfort makes you more likely to live share. The difference can most simply be observed through the default home screen for both apps. Snapchat’s home screen is a camera. It invites you to capture the world around you and share your life. Instagram’s home screen is a feed. It asks you to like other people’s photos.
Snapchat  SnapchatStories  Instagram  InstagramStories  socialmedia  comparison  author:MichaelLevin  Medium  2016 
august 2016 by inspiral
News Publishers’ Facebook Problem — Monday Note
No one seems happy with Facebook’s recent algorithm change. The anger is growing among those who put too much faith in the giant social network’s ability to monetize news content.
Facebook  webjournalism  journalism  media  discovery  socialmedia  algorithms  review  critique  author:FredericFilloux  MondayNote  Medium  2016 
july 2016 by inspiral
Forget Comcast. Here’s The DIY Approach to Internet Access. — Backchannel
For people who want to see an Internet at least partly liberated from the grip of rapacious, government-connected telecommunications giants, Guifi is one of the most hopeful developments to date. Its core values, ownership, and operations are testament to the idea that you and I, and our communities, can — and should — control how we communicate. For the tens of thousands of people using it, some at no charge, Guifi operates as well as Time Warner Cable does for New Yorkers (and maybe better).
telecoms  ISP  decentralisation  internet  Guifi  RamonRoca  Spain  Catalonia  BackChannel  Medium  2016 
july 2016 by inspiral
The Trojan Drone — War Is Boring
Remote strikes are an illegal military strategy disguised as a technological advancement
drones  military  assassination  critique  terrorism  USA  WarisBoring  Medium  2016 
july 2016 by inspiral
“Airbnb’s Sheryl Sandberg” is the Valley’s Quiet Superpower — Backchannel
Belinda Johnson is the brain behind the $25 billion startup’s attempts to befriend everyone.
BelindaJohnson  Airbnb  profile  management  regulations  legal  review  BackChannel  Medium  2016 
july 2016 by inspiral
Complexion Reduction: A New Trend in Mobile Design — SWARM Thoughts — Medium
So you’re sold on CR and ready to hop on the bandwagon? Good, follow these guidelines and you’ll have an award winning app in no time.
1. Remove Color. Well ok, you can have one color, but use it extremely sparingly to indicate action. Everything else better be black and white. Let the content of your app bring the color.
2. Bigger, Bolder, Blacker Headlines. You see that headline there? Bump it up about 20 to 30 pixels and make it HEAVY.
3. Simple, Thin, Recognizable Icons. Your icons better be universal and no color allowed here either. And if you want bonus points order them left to right in this way: home, search, primary action, secondary action, profile.
4. Double, NO, Triple your White Space. Maybe even quadruple it. You really can’t go wrong here.
5. Make your App Icon Brighter. If you are fiending to design something with flash and color, make it the app icon. This is where you put your personality and brand. And make it stand out!
mobileapps  graphicdesign  trends  userexperience  minimalism  minimalistdesign  review  author:MichaelHorton  SwarmNYC  Medium  2016 
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Why brands need a bot strategy now — Medium
Not all apps will be replaced by bots — but some definitely will
Tone of voice (and copywriting) is more important more than ever — when brands don’t have the same visual mechanism as on web or apps to convey their messages
Rails (defined decision trees) are a good way to keep users happy in the early days of bots
Bots should be part of a bigger customer experience strategy — or risk being another ‘build it and they won’t come’ expense
This is happening. Now.
chatbots  mobilemarketing  mobilemessaging  strategy  comparison  mobileapps  BAMMobile  Medium  2016 
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61 Glimpses of the Future — Today’s Office — Medium
In the last five weeks I’ve travelled 7,000km overland through Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan’s GBAO region and China’s western provinces. After a year of working flat out the journey was part vacation, a desire to fill in few gaps of my knowledge of the region and a client assignment.
For those that don’t know, the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAO) is a remote, sparsely populated, mostly Pamiri, Kyrgyz-speaking region of Tajikistan. The home to the Pamir mountains, it has decent argument for calling itself the “the roof of the world”.
I thought about separating this list into tech & behaviour, but they’re way more interesting mixed together.
Without further ado:
China  Tajikistan  Kyrgizstan  Tibet  tourist  anthropology  personalaccount  author:JanChipchase  Medium  2016 
july 2016 by inspiral
How VR Will Change Sports. And How It Won’t — Backchannel
Belch is in good company. Sports executives as of late have been showering VR with cash. Comcast (parent of Olympics broadcast rights holder NBC Sports) and Time Warner were among those investing $30.5 million in streaming startup Next VR last year. Disney, ESPN’s parent company, led a $65 million fundraising round for Jaunt, another VR company. (Full disclosure: I will be on contract to NBC Sports as a TV producer for the Rio Games.) It’s a fair amount of FOMO funding considering that the vast majority of sports fans don’t own headsets.
At least not yet. And the question is: will they ever? Some debate that VR is the digital equivalent of the second coming of Stephen Curry, more than justifying the huge investments being made to marry the technology to athletic competition. Others insist it’s all hype, destined to go the way of 3D glasses. Today, VR sets are still painfully dorky to wear. Even Belch is circumspect. “Everyone is so enamored with VR,” he said. “The idea that people could just sit on their couch and feel like they’re at the game, it’s just not the reality now. It’s not ready. It’s not good enough. It will get there, but people are really hoping for it. It’s a sexy notion.”
Virtual reality has an exciting future and oodles of room to grow. Its arrival is already conjuring anxiety, anticipation and motion sickness in the industry. But it’s not going to reinvent sports, nor should we expect it to. So why is the industry exhibiting such euphoric interest in VR?
virtualreality  sport  television  americanfootball  opportunity  review  socialVR  BackChannel  Medium  2016 
july 2016 by inspiral
Make the TV Commercials Stop — 500ish Words
Obviously, some of these “internet businesses” (which probably feels as silly to write as it is to read) are increasingly advertising on television. I saw a ton of ads for Google’s Android operating system during the Finals, for example. And even some startups are dabbling in this — gotta love those Slack ads, in particular. But it’s hard to see a world in which these guys ever advertise on television at the scale at which the current heavyweights are doing it. And this is problematic for television, as we currently know it, to say the least.²
Now, I’m not predicting the death of advertising, I just believe that it’s likely to morph faster than people realize. Google’s business is based on this. Facebook’s business is based on this in a slightly different way. And soon, it seems destined that Snapchat will have a huge business based on this. Because it’s the latter, probably more so than anyone else out there right now, except for maybe YouTube, that can bridge the gap from television advertising — again, long the greatest form of advertising — to something akin to it in the new way of the world.
televisionadvertising  decline  media  alternative  onlineadvertising  mobileadvertising  authorMGSiegler  500ish  Medium  2016 
july 2016 by inspiral
Silicon Valley doesn’t care about black people — Medium
Tech companies are no stranger to using media, money, and smarts to raise the stakes on issues it cares about. If they really thought that hiring black people was in their best interest, they wouldn’t let them be murdered in the streets by police. Silicon Valley does not treat black people like people, it treats them like a statistic. Its funny (not really), because that’s usually how the rest of America treats black people too. Silicon Valley was, as far as I know, one of the first industries to treat LGBTQ individuals like people, and look how far we’ve come on that front.
The point is, if technology leaders want to solve their diversity problem, they have to prove that they understand our issues, struggles, and our fears. The overwhelming majority don’t, and they have research to do. They have to understand that promises of diverse workplaces aren’t enough for a community that’s been given nothing but promises for hundreds of years. Women and people of color take a risk every time they join a tech company with questionable diversity statistics. It’s time for tech companies to take risks too, by rejecting the people and practices that allow African-Americans to be routinely murdered by law enforcement for simply living.
SiliconValley  startup  diversity  racism  critique  author:JustinEdmund  Medium  2016 
july 2016 by inspiral
Innovation in the Middle East: 48 things I learned while designing a new bank in Dubai — Fluxx Studio Notes — Medium
This spring I was part of a Fluxx team that spent three months in Dubai designing a challenger bank for a big local player. I learned a lot…
Dubai  UAE  personalaccount  financialservices  culture  review  author:AliceWilkie  Medium  2016 
july 2016 by inspiral
The New Payola: Deals Landlords Cut with Internet Providers — Backchannel
This astounding, enormous, decentralized payola scheme affects millions of American lives. And these shenanigans will only stop when cities and national leaders require that every building have neutral fiber/wireless facilities that make it easy for residents to switch services when they want to. We’ve got to take landlords out of the equation — all they’re doing is looking for payments and deals (understandably: they’re addicted to the revenue stream they’ve been getting), and the giant telecom providers in our country are more than happy to pay up. The market is stuck. Residents have little idea these deals are happening. The current way of doing business is great for landlords and ISPs but destructive in every other way.
housing  internet  ISP  monopoly  critique  BackChannel  Medium  2016 
june 2016 by inspiral
In Defense of the Digital Album — Medium
Aside from the exclusive tier of artist-celebrities, the economics of being a musician have changed drastically over the past decade. Given the increasingly imaginative revenue streams needed to cobble together a musical career, it’s no surprise bands are shaping their sound to fit their audience. The pace at which playlists feeds us new music creates a hunger for bands that can quickly respond to our demand.
So where does this leave the album? Singles have always driven the music industry’s progress, from 78s to 45s, cassingles to the present. But where the single is the purest representation of art for commerce, the album is a rare opportunity for musicians to commercialize art. The golden era of the album in the ’60s and ’70s found bands who’d made their bones in radio pop exploring the boundaries of their craft. The sonic palates that dictate Pet Sounds and Graceland extend past the confines of 3-minute marketable music.
music  evolution  album  data  author:HeatherWillensky  Medium  2016 
june 2016 by inspiral
“Medium’s team did everything”: How 5 publishers transitioned their sites to Medium » Nieman Journalism Lab
If you’re a huge website and you have a huge development team, I think Medium is a good place to copublish but not necessarily do a full migration. If you’re an independent, small or mid-sized publisher and you’re spending way more time and money on technical aspects than you want or need to, Medium allows a lot of autonomy and will do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. There’s a lot of value there for independent publishers.
webjournalism  publishing  Medium  platform  personalaccount  PacificStandard  TheAwl  TheBillfold  TheHairpin  TheRinger  Femsplain  TheBoldItalic  NiemanLab  2016 
june 2016 by inspiral
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