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The World's Most Influential Cities |
In order to quantify cities’ global influence, we looked at eight factors: the amount of foreign direct investment they have attracted; the concentration of corporate headquarters; how many particular business niches they dominate; air connectivity (ease of travel to other global cities); strength of producer services; financial services; technology and media power; and racial diversity. (Click here for a more detailed description of our methodology.) We found those factors particularly important in identifying rising stars that, someday, might challenge the current hegemony of our two top-ranked global cities, London and New York.
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Forget London and Hong Kong—the most expensive cities for expats are in Africa - Quartz
Mercer, a human resources consultancy, compared the prices of 200 items from blue jeans to movie tickets to an apartment in a secure area that would appeal to an expat in different cities worldwide. It then calculated the cost of living using New York City (which got pricier and rose from 24th to 16th place since last year) as the baseline.
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