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Higher Estate Taxes Can Prevent a Nation of Dynasties - Bloomberg
But inherited wealth means that wins and losses aren’t so temporary. Unlike income, wealth is easy to pass on to your descendants — you just sign it over in your will. Even if heirs make bad financial decisions and spend down their fortunes over time, inheritances can lead to inequality that persists for generations. And if heirs squirrel away the money in well-diversified portfolios of stocks and real estate, wealth inequality may actually be self-reinforcing.
inheritance  incomeinequality  socialmobility  politics  estatetax  DonaldTrump  USA  author:NoahSmith  Bloomberg  2018 
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It Can Happen Here | by Cass R. Sunstein | The New York Review of Books
In their different ways, Mayer, Haffner, and Jarausch show how habituation, confusion, distraction, self-interest, fear, rationalization, and a sense of personal powerlessness make terrible things possible. They call attention to the importance of individual actions of conscience both small and large, by people who never make it into the history books. Nearly two centuries ago, James Madison warned: “Is there no virtue among us? If there be not, we are in a wretched situation. No theoretical checks—no form of government can render us secure.” Haffner offered something like a corollary, which is that the ultimate safeguard against aspiring authoritarians, and wolves of all kinds, lies in individual conscience: in “decisions taken individually and almost unconsciously by the population at large.”
Nazi  history  totalitarianism  consumer  personalaccount  comparison  politics  DonaldTrump  Germany  USA  NYReviewofBooks  2018 
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Trump Hurts U.S. Exports in the Marketplace of Ideas - Bloomberg
Over time, those ideological “exports” may prove a bigger problem than any particular misguided Trump policy. Trump too, is an innovation, and various populist right and alt-right parties around the world have taken comfort and drawn inspiration from his rise. Again, focus on the same general point that has made the American capitalist system so potent: Follow the ideas.
DonaldTrump  politics  critique  internationalrelations  author:TylerCowen  Bloomberg  2018 
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How to Tell If a President’s Words Are Treasonous - Bloomberg
Alarm over Trump’s Russia comments is justified, but they don't qualify as "perfidy" in the constitutional sense.
DonaldTrump  review  critique  treason  Bloomberg  2018 
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Trump Is (Probably) Not a Russian Pawn - Bloomberg
Using economic game theory to try and understand the relationship between Trump and Putin.
DonaldTrump  VladimirPutin  politics  internationalrelations  review  author:TylerCowen  Bloomberg  2018 
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What Immigration Crisis? The U.S. Isn’t Being Swamped - Bloomberg
In other words, although the issue of children at the border presents a moral crisis, Central American immigration is not at a crisis level overall, nor likely to become so. Trump is spreading alarm over a phenomenon that will probably dwindle away from now on. The problem of unaccompanied children at the border is a problem, and one that Trump will hopefully handle better in the future. But the U.S. isn't in danger of being inundated by Central Americans.
migration  refugees  immigration  review  DonaldTrump  decline  USA  Mexico  CentralAmerica 
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Donald Trump, the Playboy Model Karen McDougal, and a System for Concealing Infidelity | The New Yorker
One woman’s account of clandestine meetings, financial transactions, and legal pacts designed to hide an extramarital affair.
DonaldTrump  KarenMcDougal  politics  relationships  journalism  USA  NewYorker  2018 
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Jared Kushner Is China’s Trump Card | The New Yorker
How the President’s son-in-law, despite his inexperience in diplomacy, became Beijing’s primary point of interest.
JaredKushner  DonaldTrump  internationalrelations  politics  China  Russia  USA  NewYorker  2018 
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How the U.S. Is Making the War in Yemen Worse | The New Yorker
The conflict has killed at least ten thousand civilians, and the country faces famine. Why are we still involved?
Yemen  conflict  internationalrelations  BarrackObama  DonaldTrump  Houthi  Iran  SaudiArabia  USA  NewYorker  2018 
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Michael Wolff’s ‘Fire and Fury’: Inside Trump’s White House
One year ago: the plan to lose, and the administration’s shocked first days.
DonaldTrump  politics  KellyanneConway  SteveBannon  USA  NYMag  2018 
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How Trump makes extreme things look normal - YouTube
The scariest part of Trump's first year as president isn't how abnormal he is, it's how normal he makes everything else look by comparison.
OvertonWindow  politics  DonaldTrump  review  critique  Vox  Youtube  2017 
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55 Ways Donald Trump Structurally Changed America in 2017
These are the concrete actions his administration has taken to alter how the country works.
DonaldTrump  politics  review  immigration  migration  justice  environment  education  finance  consumer  foreignpolicy  critique  NYMag  2017 
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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: 'Trump is where he is because of his appeal to racism' | Sport | The Guardian
The basketball legend and social activist who counted Ali and King among his contemporaries discusses Colin Kaepernick, LaVar Ball and Trump’s America
KareemAbdulJabbar  basketball  racism  race  activism  MuhammadAli  DonaldTrump  ColinKaepernick  MartinLutherKing  interview  Guardian  2017 
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Israelis Will Pay for Trump's Jerusalem Gambit - Bloomberg
What the president expects in return for his generosity could be costly in the peace process.
DonaldTrump  internationalrelations  Jerusalem  review  Israel  Palestine  Bloomberg  2017 
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The Mystery of Mary Trump - POLITICO Magazine
Donald Trump reveres his father but almost never talks about his mother. Why not?
MaryTrump  profile  DonaldTrump  psychology  politics  Politico  2017 
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Despite the Russia investigation, Donald Trump’s party remains silent and loyal
The party of Lincoln is now very much the party of Trump. Congressional Republicans have fallen into line behind the president, unwilling to hold him to account. Take the majority whip, John Cornyn, the second-highest-ranking Republican senator, who was asked by Politico to comment on the Trump administration’s ever-changing position on health-care subsidies. “I’m with the president,” he replied – but when asked what the president’s position was, Cornyn “threw up his hands in the air”. The Texas senator may have no idea what the president thinks but he is with him nevertheless.
DonaldTrump  Republicans  politics  review  critique  NewStatesman  2017 
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The Danger of President Pence | The New Yorker
Many Americans have debated whether the country would be better off with Pence as President. From a purely partisan viewpoint, Harold Ickes, a longtime Democratic operative, argues that—putting aside the fear that Trump might start a nuclear war—“Democrats should hope Trump stays in office,” because he makes a better foil, and because Pence might work more effectively with Congress and be more successful at advancing the far right’s agenda. Newt Gingrich predicts that Pence will probably get a chance to do so. “I think he’s the most likely Republican nominee in 2024,” he said. Ron Klain, who was chief of staff to the former Vice-President Joe Biden, is skeptical of this, given Trump’s accumulating baggage. “There is no success for Mike Pence unless Trump works—he cannot run far enough or fast enough to not get hit by the falling tree,” Klain said. “But he may think he can.” Evidently, the next chapter is on Pence’s mind. Over the fireplace in the Vice-President’s residence, he has hung a plaque with a passage from the Bible: “ ‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the lord, ‘Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’ ” ♦
MikePence  profile  politics  DonaldTrump  Republicans  KochBrothers  review  critique  USA  NewYorker  2017 
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The Risk of Nuclear War with North Korea | The New Yorker
On the ground in Pyongyang: Could Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump goad each other into a devastating confrontation?
conflict  nuclearweapons  KimJongUn  DonaldTrump  internationalrelations  review  critique  NewYorker  2017 
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Carl Icahn’s Failed Raid on Washington | The New Yorker
Was President Trump’s richest adviser focussed on helping the country—or his own bottom line?
CarlIcahn  DonaldTrump  politics  lobbying  deregulation  review  critique  NewYorker  2017 
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The viral Vice documentary was the perfect rebuke to Trump’s Charlottesville remarks.
Over the past few days, a short documentary film about what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia, last weekend has become a viral phenomenon. Produced by HBO’s Vice News Tonight and hosted by journalist Elle Reeve, “Charlottesville: Race and Terror” is restrained and understated. But viewed in light of Donald Trump’s repeated defense of white nationalist protesters, it decisively punctures the cloud of moral equivocation that’s been so petulantly conjured over the past several days by the president. Whereas Trump thinks the events of the weekend should be considered in myopic isolation—tallying up the number of blows that were landed by each of the “two sides” and assigning blame accordingly—the Vice documentary vividly shows that the white nationalists who came to Charlottesville did so in ravenous pursuit of violence. It was the whole point of “Unite the Right,” not an unfortunate side effect. Violence was the reason these people showed up, and it provided the animating logic that held together their otherwise incoherent ideas.
racism  race  DonaldTrump  Charlottesville  Vice  Slate  2017 
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What's worse than war with North Korea? War with China | Isaac Stone Fish | Opinion | The Guardian
The Trump administration’s narrow minded focus on North Korea means it’s taking its eye off China as a result. That’s a mistake
DonaldTrump  NorthKorea  China  USA  internationalrelations  conflict  review  critique  Guardian  2017 
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Peter Thiel Has Been Hedging His Bet On Donald Trump
Peter Thiel has said publicly that Trump’s administration is “off to a terrific start.” Privately, he’s told friends that there is a 50% chance the current presidency “ends in disaster.”
PeterThiel  DonaldTrump  politics  review  USA  Buzzfeed  2017 
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How Russia Mercilessly Played Trump for a Fool | Vanity Fair
He and his coterie of idiots, nihilists, and opportunists were the perfect prey for Putin’s spell.
VladimirPutin  DonaldTrump  internationalrelations  espionage  politics  review  critique  VanityFair  2017 
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The Trumps and the Truth - WSJ
Mr. Trump somehow seems to believe that his outsize personality and social-media following make him larger than the Presidency. He’s wrong. He and his family seem oblivious to the brutal realities of Washington politics. Those realities will destroy Mr. Trump, his family and their business reputation unless they change their strategy toward the Russia probe. They don’t have much more time to do it.
DonaldTrump  politics  internationalrelations  review  critique  USA  Russia  WallStreetJournal  2017 
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What Russian Journalists Think of How American Reporters Cover Putin and Trump | The New Yorker
The Russian media is under nearly omnipresent pressure from numerous entities: political operatives in the Kremlin, who tightly monitor what is said in the press about Putin and the myriad arms of the Russian state; media owners, who neuter coverage and readily get rid of overly ambitious reporters and editors; and financial constraints, namely a small advertising market and a tiny number of readers willing to pay for independent journalism. The result is that the space for independent, muckraking journalism has shrunk further. Yet, even given these many constraints, Russia is nevertheless home to a coterie of talented and self-motivated journalists, who produce work that is courageous and illuminating.
I spoke to more than a half-dozen of them, all of whom found themselves in some way bemused, frustrated, or disappointed in the way that the U.S. press has covered Putin and Russia—especially concerning the question of election interference—over the last months. On the whole, said Mikhail Zygar, a political journalist and the author of “All the Kremlin’s Men,” a well-sourced insider look at the cloistered world of Russian politics, the way the U.S. media has covered the Russia scandal has made “Putin seem to look much smarter than he is, as if he operates from some master plan.” The truth, Zygar told me, “is that there is no plan—it’s chaos.”
internationalrelations  espionage  politics  VladimirPutin  DonaldTrump  USA  Russia  NewYorker  2017 
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How He Used Facebook to Win | by Sue Halpern | The New York Review of Books
There is no doubt that Trump’s digital operation—overseen by Parscale with the involvement of Giles-Parscale, Cambridge Analytica, the Republican National Committee, and scores of contractors—drew heavily on Barack Obama’s 2012 reelection playbook. Recalling that campaign, Kreiss describes how the Democrats repurposed a marketing strategy called “uplift” or “brand lift” and used it to pursue voters they identified as receptive to Obama’s message. They did so by gathering millions of data points on the electorate from public sources, commercial information brokers, and their own surveys, then polling voters with great frequency and looking for patterns in the responses.

All this was used to create predictive models of who was likely to vote for Obama, who was not, and who was open to persuasion. It also indicated who would be disinclined to vote for Obama if contacted by the campaign. These models sorted individuals into categories—let’s say, mothers concerned about gun violence or millennials with significant college debt—and these categories were used to tailor communications to members of each group. Kreiss observes that such sorting was necessary because
DonaldTrump  CambridgeAnalytics  elections  politics  USA  NYReviewofBooks  2017 
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Q&A: Transcript: Interview with Donald Trump | The Economist
The Economist talks to the President of the United States about economic policy
DonaldTrump  interview  economics  policy  trade  immigration  taxation  NAFTA  Economist  2017 
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Courting trouble: Why Trumponomics won’t make America great again | The Economist
Trumponomics is a poor recipe for long-term prosperity. America will end up more indebted and more unequal. It will neglect the real issues, such as how to retrain hardworking people whose skills are becoming redundant. Worse, when the contradictions become apparent, Mr Trump’s economic nationalism may become fiercer, leading to backlashes in other countries—further stoking anger in America. Even if it produces a short-lived burst of growth, Trumponomics offers no lasting remedy for America’s economic ills. It may yet pave the way for something worse.
DonaldTrump  politics  economics  policy  protectionism  trade  review  critique  USA  Economist  2017 
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Trump Just Incriminated Himself
The core concern was always deeper than this. It was that Trump doesn’t understand the Constitution he has sworn to protect; that he would abuse his executive power, to lash out at enemies; that he would undermine the rule of law by trying to get his way, consequences be damned; that he would turn vital democratic institutions, such as the Justice Department and the FBI, into mere handmaidens of his own interest, rather than guarantors of the public’s. And it is clear to me that the firing of Comey — while within the president’s Constitutional powers — falls squarely into this category. To fire someone who is conducting an investigation into your own campaign cannot help but be seen as an interference with the rule of law. It is to cast doubt on the integrity of that investigation, and its future. It undermines public confidence that the executive branch can enforce the law against itself. It politicizes what should not be politicized. It crosses a clear line.
DonaldTrump  politics  review  critique  James  Comey  FBI  USA  NYMag  2017 
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The great British Brexit robbery: how our democracy was hijacked | Technology | The Guardian
A shadowy global operation involving big data, billionaire friends of Trump and the disparate forces of the Leave campaign influenced the result of the EU referendum. As Britain heads to the polls again, is our electoral process still fit for purpose?
DonaldTrump  Brexit  VoteLeave  politics  elections  targeting  SCLGroup  CambridgeAnalytica  RobertMercer  SteveBannon  AggregateIQ  USA  UK  Guardian  2017 
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The education of Donald Trump - POLITICO
The White House remains on a collision course between the president's fixed habits and the demands of his new job.
DonaldTrump  profile  politics  review  SteveBannon  JaredKushner  ReincePriebus  USA  Politico  2017 
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Ivanka Trump’s West Wing Agenda
By inserting herself into a scalding set of gender dynamics, she is becoming a proxy for dashed dreams of a female presidency and the debate about President Trump’s record of conduct toward women and his views on them. Critics see her efforts as a brash feat of Trump promotion — an unsatisfying answer to the 2005 “Access Hollywood” recording that surfaced during the campaign and the seas of pink, cat-eared “pussy hats” worn by protesters after the inauguration — by a woman of extraordinary privilege who has learned that feminism makes for potent branding. (Ms. Trump is not promoting her book for ethics reasons.)
IvankaTrump  profile  DonaldTrump  politics  USA  review  NYTimes  2017 
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How Wrestling Explains Alex Jones and Donald Trump - The New York Times
Alex Jones’s audience adores him because of his artifice, not in spite of it. They admire a man who can identify their most primal feelings, validate them, and choreograph their release. To understand this, and to understand the political success of other figures like Donald Trump, it is helpful to know a term from the world of professional wrestling: “kayfabe.”

Although the etymology of the word is a matter of debate, for at least 50 years “kayfabe” has referred to the unspoken contract between wrestlers and spectators: We’ll present you something clearly fake under the insistence that it’s real, and you will experience genuine emotion. Neither party acknowledges the bargain, or else the magic is ruined.
DonaldTrump  politics  truth  kayfabe  review  comparison  analogy  USA  NYTimes  2017 
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How Trump Blew Up the Conservative Media - POLITICO Magazine
While both Fox and Breitbart have undergone modest adjustments since Trump took office, his victory has thrown old-line conservative media into a state of genuine crisis. The conservative elite represented by the Wall Street Journal editorial page—whose hawkish, free-market views enjoyed outsize influence in previous Republican administrations—is now struggling to figure out what, exactly, its role is in the Trump era. After helping lay the groundwork for many of the policies of the Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush administrations, the elite conservative media have no place in the Trump White House. “They’re like the Catholic Church during the Great Schism, plagued by deep internal feuding, dancing on the head of a pin because they’re not important anymore,” says one executive of Dow Jones, the paper’s parent company, which is also run by Murdoch.

The roots of the modern conservative movement can be traced to the founding of National Review in 1955, and since then, its most important ideas have sprung from the journals and editorial pages of the right. Trump’s victory shook that landscape, reshaping the existing order and igniting bitter ideological feuds that are still playing out. The way they resolve themselves matters not just for an ideologically flexible president who has a closer relationship with the titans of right-wing media than any of his predecessors, but also for the future of the party he leads.
DonaldTrump  politics  journalism  FoxNews  BreitbartNews  review  conflict  Politico  2017 
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America’s Dangerous Love for Special Ops - The New York Times
But the history of America’s special operations forces recommends caution. They are primarily tactical tools, not strategic options. Nor, for all the talent and training, can they always beat the odds.
military  specialforces  DonaldTrump  USA  review  NYTimes  2017 
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How Russia Hacked Obama's Legacy
In its last year, the Obama administration had its eyes on burnishing the outgoing president’s legacy — and ignored the threat from an old foe.
elections  politics  DonaldTrump  HillaryClinton  hacking  BarackObama  Russia  USA  Buzzfeed  2017 
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Is the F-35 a Trillion-Dollar Mistake? - Bloomberg
Trump criticized the cost of America’s warplane of the future, but what he’s not saying is that it might be hackable and leave soldiers vulnerable.
F35  military  procurement  review  critique  DonaldTrump  USA  Bloomberg  2017 
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There Is No Deep State - The New Yorker
The problem in Washington is not a Deep State; the problem is a shallow man—an untruthful, vain, vindictive, alarmingly erratic President. In order to pass fair and proper judgment, the public deserves a full airing of everything from Trump’s tax returns and business entanglements to an accounting of whether he has been, in some way, compromised. Journalists can, and will, do a lot. But the courts, law enforcement, and Congress—without fear or favor—are responsible for such an investigation. Only if government officials take to heart their designation as “public servants” will justice prevail.
DonaldTrump  deepstate  politics  conspiracy  review  critique  USA  NewYorker  2017 
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The Man Who Wants to Unmake the West: Steve Bannon, Donald Trump and the EU - POLITICO Magazine
Europeans are starting to worry that Steve Bannon has the EU in his cross hairs. Here’s how the White House could genuinely help pull it apart.
SteveBannon  DonaldTrump  EuropeanUnion  Brexit  Europe  USA  internationalrelations  review  Politico  2017 
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How to bribe Trump’s White House | Fusion
You get a job in the White House, which means you’re going to be a powerful and influential individual. Lots of deep-pocketed individuals are going to want to curry favor with you, but it’s hard for them to do that in a way that withstands government ethics rules.
bribery  politics  corruption  DonaldTrump  review  author:FelixSalmon  Fusion  2017 
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Why Fox News just can't quit Donald Trump - YouTube
Fox News and Donald Trump are having a public love affair, but their relationship is less of a romance and more of a hostage situation.

After eight years of attacking President Obama, Fox has happily adapted to its new role as a guard dog for the Trump administration. But the relationship between Fox and Trump is less of a romance and more of a hostage situation. Rupert Murdoch, Executive Chairman of News Corp (which owns Fox News), was a vocal critic of Trump during the 2016 campaign. He criticized Trump’s position on immigration, accused Trump of “embarrassing” the country, and was once described as “the billionaire Donald Trump can’t win over.”
So what explains Murdoch’s change of heart? Why is one of Trump’s most influential critics allowing his network to turn into a Trump PR channel?
FoxNews  RupertMurdoch  DonaldTrump  politics  news  Vox  YouTube  2017 
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Donald Trump and the Enemies of the American People - The New Yorker
In Vladimir Putin’s Russia, as in every genuinely authoritarian state, there are no “enemies”—or, at least, none with the capacity to challenge power. Calling on all the repressive means available in such a state—compliant courts and legislatures; the elimination of political competition; comprehensive censorship of television—soaring popularity ratings are achieved. President Trump may wish for such means, just as he wishes for such popularity. For all the chaos and resulting gloom these past weeks, it has been heartening to see so many “enemies of the American people”—protesters, judges, journalists, citizens of all kinds, even some members of Congress—do their work despite Presidential denunciation, not necessarily as partisans of one party or another but as adherents to a Constitution.
DonaldTrump  journalism  opposition  politics  review  USA  NewYorker  2017 
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Michael Flynn, General Chaos - The New Yorker
What the removal of Flynn as the national-security adviser reveals about Donald Trump’s White House. 
MikeFlynn  politics  DonaldTrump  intelligence  USA  NewYorker  2017 
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Elon Musk Is Really Boring - Bloomberg
The billionaire visionary is digging in on a tunnel project to skirt gridlock, but there’s a hole in his Trump-era business bet.
ElonMusk  DonaldTrump  infrastructure  BoringCompany  USA  Bloomberg  2017 
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Damning reports emerge of Trump campaign's frequent talks with Russian intelligence | US news | The Guardian
The Russian influence scandal engulfing the White House deepened dramatically on Tuesday night with reports that some of Donald Trump’s campaign aides had frequent contact with Russian intelligence officials over the course of last year.

A report in the New York Times came nearly 24 hours after the national security adviser, Michael Flynn, was forced to resign over conversations with the Russian ambassador to Washington and misleading statements about them to the press and vice-president Mike Pence.
DonaldTrump  elections  Russia  USA  internationalrelations  Guardian  2017 
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Feisty, Protectionist Populism? New Zealand Tried That - Bloomberg View
What would you think of a Western democratic leader who was populist, obsessed with the balance of trade, especially effective on television, feisty and combative with the press, and able to take over his country’s right-wing party and swing it in a more interventionist direction?

Meet Robert Muldoon, prime minister of New Zealand from 1975 to 1984. For all the comparisons of President Donald Trump to Mussolini or various unsavory Latin American leaders, Muldoon is a clearer parallel case.
DonaldTrump  RobertMuldoon  comparison  politics  protectionism  USA  NZ  author:TylerCowen  Bloomberg  2017 
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How Donald Trump Beat Palm Beach Society and Won the Fight for Mar-a-Lago | Vanity Fair
From the moment Donald Trump set eyes on Mar-a-Lago, the grand palace of old Palm Beach, he was on a collision course with one of the richest and most insular towns in America. Mark Seal chronicles how the president-elect created his “Winter White House” with brash ploys, lawsuits, and by turning Palm Beach’s exclusivity against it.
DonaldTrump  PalmBeach  MaraLago  review  USA  VanityFair  2017 
february 2017 by inspiral
What Happens If Net Neutrality Goes Away?
We’ll likely see new business models and video streaming products from the big ISPs if Trump removes net neutrality rules, and upstart content providers could struggle to compete.
NetNeutrality  internet  regulation  FederalCommunicationsCommission  DonaldTrump  streamingmedia  onlinevideo  TechnologyReview  2017 
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In His Own Words
It’s time to use Trumpspeak against him
DonaldTrump  critique  language  protest  politics  TheAwl  2017 
february 2017 by inspiral
Covering Trump the Reuters Way | Reuters
We don’t know yet how sharp the Trump administration’s attacks will be over time or to what extent those attacks will be accompanied by legal restrictions on our news-gathering. But we do know that we must follow the same rules that govern our work anywhere, namely:
DonaldTrump  Journalism  politics  censorship  Reuters  2017 
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Donald Trump is a disaster for Brexit
The reality is that the UK is now faced with a US president who is fundamentally at odds with the British view of the world. For all the forced smiles in the Oval Office last week, the May government certainly knows this. For political reasons, Boris Johnson, the British foreign minister, is having to talk up the prospects of a trade deal with Mr Trump.
Brexit  internationalrelations  USA  UK  EuropeanUnion  DonaldTrump  Russia  FinancialTimes  2017 
january 2017 by inspiral
A bit of context on Trump, NATO, and Germany - Marginal REVOLUTION
I strongly favor NATO and I don’t think you can trust the Russians with just about anything, or for that matter make much of a deal with them. I’m with Mitt Romney on all of this, as I’ve been saying for years.

That said, I feel some of the recent discussions on Trump’s pronouncements have been a bit kontextlos. I would suggest this wee bit of background history:
GerhardSchroder  internationalrelations  VladimirPutin  DonaldTrump  Germany  Russia  USA  NATO  author:TylerCowen  MarginalRevolution  2017 
january 2017 by inspiral
Donald Trump isn’t a fascist - Vox
A leading expert on 1930s-era politics explains that Trump is a right-wing populist, not a fascist — and the distinction matters.
DonaldTrump  politics  populism  fascism  review  USA  author:SheriBerman  Vox  2017 
january 2017 by inspiral
The Worst Design Of 2016 Was Also The Most Effective | Co.Design | business + design
The 2016 election probably wasn't won or lost on a hat or a branding system, but the hat serves as a powerful proxy for how blindsided many were by the forces that led to Trump becoming president-elect. It’s an allegory about how to interpret symbols, how to deploy design, and why visual fluency is crucial for everyone—not just designers—as we process, regroup, and strategize for the next round of elections.
DonaldTrump  MakeAmericaGreatAgain  politics  branding  elitism  backlash  design  FastCompany  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
The Long-Term Jobs Killer Is Not China. It’s Automation. - The New York Times
Another analysis, from Ball State University, attributed roughly 13 percent of manufacturing job losses to trade and the rest to enhanced productivity because of automation. Apparel making was hit hardest by trade, it said, and computer and electronics manufacturing was hit hardest by technological advances.
employment  automation  globalisation  trade  China  review  DonaldTrump  USA  NYTimes  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
Is Donald Trump a Threat to Democracy? - The New York Times
American democracy is not in imminent danger of collapse. If ordinary circumstances prevail, our institutions will most likely muddle through a Trump presidency. It is less clear, however, how democracy would fare in a crisis. In the event of a war, a major terrorist attack or large-scale riots or protests — all of which are entirely possible — a president with authoritarian tendencies and institutions that have come unmoored could pose a serious threat to American democracy. We must be vigilant. The warning signs are real.
DonaldTrump  democracy  politics  review  critique  forecast  NYTimes  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
This Is How Facebook Is Radicalizing You - BuzzFeed News
“Facebook doesn’t want to challenge you, they don’t want to upset you, because they know that if you’re challenged on their platform, you wouldn’t want to use it as much,” Derakhshan said. “The very fact that you cannot show your reaction to anything you see on Facebook by saying that you agree or disagree or that it’s true or false and you can only show your emotions to it is very telling.”
webjournalism  AltRight  masculinity  viral  sexism  racism  DonaldTrump  Buzzfeed  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
What the Alt-Right Really Means - The New York Times
While everyone in this set of groups is racist in at least one of these senses, many are not racist in others. Not many of the attendees at the Washington gathering favored the term “white supremacist.” The word implies a claim to superiority — something few insisted on. “White nationalist” is closer to the mark; most people in this part of the alt-right think whites either ought to have a nation or constitute one already. But they feel that almost all words tend to misdescribe or stigmatize them.
altright  politics  racism  DonaldTrump  NYTimes  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
Donald Trump and the Rise of Alt-Reality Media - POLITICO Magazine
Now, one of the icons of this alt-reality media, sits at the right hand of the new president. The self-described Leninist, who wants to “destroy the state,” has bragged that under his leadership Breitbart had become, in his own words, a “platform for the alt-right," a movement associated with the darker corners of the right, including white nationalism and anti-Semitism. Under Bannon, Breitbart and its satellites have not hesitated to use their clout to attack other conservatives who have been insufficiently enthusiastic about embracing Trumpism. Specifically, Bannon declared it was his mission to destroy Speaker Paul Ryan and, even after the public detente between Trump and Ryan, his old website continues to relentlessly attack the conservative speaker.
DonaldTrump  politics  journalism  review  critique  AlexJones  Breitbart  SteveBannon  AltRight  Politico  2016 
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Manufacturing Jobs Aren’t Coming Back
President-elect Trump’s promise to bring back production jobs ignores the realities of advanced manufacturing.
manufacturing  automation  trends  impact  employment  DonaldTrump  USA  review  TechnologyReview  2016 
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When and Why Nationalism Beats Globalism - The American Interest
If the story I have told here is correct, then the globalists could easily speak, act, and legislate in ways that drain passions and votes away from nationalist parties, but this would require some deep rethinking about the value of national identities and cohesive moral communities. It would require abandoning the multicultural approach to immigration and embracing assimilation.
The great question for Western nations after 2016 may be this: How do we reap the gains of global cooperation in trade, culture, education, human rights, and environmental protection while respecting—rather than diluting or crushing—the world’s many local, national, and other “parochial” identities, each with its own traditions and moral order? In what kind of world can globalists and nationalists live together in peace?
DonaldTrump  Brexit  nationalism  psychology  globalism  authoritarianism  assimilation  multiculturalism  review  critique  author:JonathanHaidt  TheAmericanInterest  2016 
november 2016 by inspiral
The Right Way to Resist Trump - The New York Times
And an opposition focused on personality would crown Mr. Trump as the people’s leader of the fight against the Washington caste. It would also weaken the opposition voice on the issues, where it is important to conduct a battle of principles.
DonaldTrump  politics  opposition  strategy  SilvioBerlusconi  comparison  USA  Italy  NYTimes  2016 
november 2016 by inspiral
J.D. Vance, the False Prophet of Blue America | New Republic
But that doesn’t mean we should repeat the establishment failures of this election cycle and minimize the influence of economic precarity. Trump is a racist and a sexist, but his victory is not due only to racism or sexism any more than it is due only to classism: He still won white women and a number of counties that had voted for Obama twice. This is not a simple story, and it never really has been.

We don’t need to normalize Trumpism or empathize with white supremacy to reach these voters. They weren’t destined to vote for Trump; many were Democratic voters. They aren’t destined to stay loyal to him in the future. To win them back, we must address their material concerns, and we can do that without coddling their prejudices. After all, America’s most famous progressive populist—Bernie Sanders—won many of the counties Clinton lost to Trump.
DonaldTrump  politics  elections  JDVance  critique  socialclass  race  NewRepublic  2016 
november 2016 by inspiral
This Is How Facebook Is Radicalizing You - BuzzFeed News
“Facebook doesn’t want to challenge you, they don’t want to upset you, because they know that if you’re challenged on their platform, you wouldn’t want to use it as much.”
Facebook  webjournalism  filterbubble  extremism  DonaldTrump  Brexit  masculinity  altright  Buzzfeed  2016 
november 2016 by inspiral
Fake News – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
Indeed, this is the same reason fake news flourishes: because users want it. These sites get traffic because users click on their articles and share them, because they confirm what they already think to be true. Confirmation bias is a hell of a drug — and, as Techcrunch reporter Kim-Mai Cutler so aptly put it on Twitter, it’s a hell of a business model.
Facebook  webjournalism  filterbubble  fake  truth  DonaldTrump  politics  elections  Stratechery  2016 
november 2016 by inspiral
Donald Trump Does Have Ideas—and We’d Better Pay Attention to Them - POLITICO Magazine
These observations are not to be confused as a ringing endorsement for a Republican Party that does not yet exist, and perhaps never will exist. But they are warning, of sorts, about impending changes that cannot be laughed off. The Republicans have at least been given a gift, in the disruption caused by Trump. The old alliances within it were held together by a geopolitical fact-on-the-ground that no longer exists: the Cold War. Now long behind us, a new geopolitical moment, where states once again matter, demands new alliances and new ideas. With the defeat of Bernie Sanders in the primaries, Democrats have been denied their gift, and will lumber on, this 2016, with “globalization-and-identity-politics-speak,” hoping to defend the world order that is predicated on it. If Sanders had won, the Democrats would have put down their identity politics narrative and returned to claims about “class” and class consciousness; they would have put down the banner of Nietzsche and taken up the banner of Marx, again. And that would have been interesting! Alas, here we are, with, on the one hand, tired old post-1989 ideas in the Democratic Party searching for one more chance to prove that they remain vibrant and adequate to the problems at hand; and on the other, seemingly strange, ideas that swirl around us like mental dust waiting to coalesce.
politics  Democrats  Republicans  identitypolitics  critique  DonaldTrump  HillaryClinton  review  USA  Politico  2016 
november 2016 by inspiral
After Donald Trump Was Elected President, Aaron Sorkin Wrote This Letter to His Daughter | Vanity Fair
The Oscar-winning screenwriter of The Social Network and mastermind behind The West Wing reacts to Donald Trump being elected the 45th president of the United States in a moving letter written to his 15-year-old daughter Roxy and her mother Julia Sorkin.
DonaldTrump  politics  elections  critique  author:AaronSorkin  USA  VanityFair  2016 
november 2016 by inspiral
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