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Fight at the museum: how George Lucas learned that cultural locations matter | Cities | The Guardian
George Lucas got a surprise when his plans for a massive museum on Chicago’s lakefront were met with lawsuits. But museum locations have always been a tricky proposition – and their role in cities is changing
museums  urbandevelopment  location  GeorgeLucas  DesignMuseum  London  Chicago  Guardian  2016 
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A Weekend in Chicago - The New York Times
Three days, 64 people shot, six of them dead: Memorial Day on the streets, and the violence that has engulfed families and neighborhoods.
guns  violence  crime  Chicago  personalaccount  USA  NYTimes  2016 
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Laura Washington: Uber solves my 'hailing while black' problem | Chicago Sun-Times
Two numbers tell the tale.


3.9 million.

Traditional taxi cabs made 350,000 trips beginning or ending in Chicago’s underserved communities between October 2015 and March 2016.

Ride sharing companies, like Uber and Lyft, racked up a stunning 3.9 million trips to or from underserved communities in the same period, according to City Hall.

The city defines “underserved” as “areas with high levels of transit-dependent populations and areas that are not receiving high levels of taxi or ride-share service.”

Mostly, the South and West sides of Chicago.
Uber  ridesharing  taxi  access  equality  Chicago  comparison  ChicagoSunTimes  2016 
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The Short Life Of Deonte Hoard, The 53rd Person Murdered In Chicago In 2015
Shot and killed just shy of his 18th birthday, Deonte Hoard was one of 489 homicide victims in Chicago last year. How this happened — and how it keeps happening — is both one person’s story and the story of how a community has been forced to adjust to murder as an everyday fact of life.
DeonteHoard  Chicago  crime  murder  guns  personalaccount  USA  Buzzfeed  2016 
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Housing Affordability in China |
Finally, there is credible housing affordability data from China. For years, analysts have produced "back of the envelope" anecdotal calculations that have been often as inconsistent as they have been wrong. The Economist has compiled an index of housing affordability in 40 cities, which uses an "average multiple" (average house price divided by average household income) (China Index of Housing Affordability). This is in contrast to the "median multiple," which is the median house price divided by the median household income (used in the Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey and other affordability indexes). The Demographia Survey rates affordability in 9 geographies, including Hong Kong (a special administrative region of China). The average multiple for a metropolitan market is generally similar to the median multiple.
property  prices  comparison  affordability  HongKong  China  NewZealand  Australia  Singapore  UK  Canada  Japan  Ireland  USA  Shenzen  Beijing  Shanghai  Vancouver  Sydney  SanFrancisco  Melbourne  Nanjing  Auckland  Chengdu  London  Chongqing  Changsha  Hohhot  Tokyo  Dublin  Chicago  Atlanta  Economist  NewGeography  2014 
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The World's Most Influential Cities |
In order to quantify cities’ global influence, we looked at eight factors: the amount of foreign direct investment they have attracted; the concentration of corporate headquarters; how many particular business niches they dominate; air connectivity (ease of travel to other global cities); strength of producer services; financial services; technology and media power; and racial diversity. (Click here for a more detailed description of our methodology.) We found those factors particularly important in identifying rising stars that, someday, might challenge the current hegemony of our two top-ranked global cities, London and New York.
cities  ranking  influence  global  London  NewYork  Paris  Singapore  Tokyo  HongKong  Dubai  Beijing  Sydney  LosAngeles  SanFrancisco  Toronto  Zurich  Frankfurt  Houston  Amsterdam  Seoul  Washington  Shanghai  AbuDhabi  Chicago  Moscow  Boston  Brussels  Dallas  Madrid  Melbourne  SaoPaulo  Istanbul  Miami  Johannesburg  KualaLumpur  Mumbai  Bangkok  Delhi  Geneva  Atlanta  Berlin  Seattle  TelAviv  MexicoCity  Milan  Montreal  BuenosAires  Jakarta  Philadelphia  Cairo  Guangzhou  HoChiMinhCity  Lagos  Osaka  NewGeography  2014 
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