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Where You Should Move to Make the Most Money: America’s Superstar Cities - WSJ
A tech-driven concentration of talent since the 1980s has helped the rich get richer. But it has also sharpened an urban-rural divide that, some say, threatens growth.
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How a 30K-member Facebook group filled the void left by Uber and Lyft in Austin | TechCrunch
Exactly a month ago, Uber and Lyft paused operations in Austin after voters defeated Proposition 1, an attempt to overturn mandatory fingerprint-based background checks for Uber and Lyft drivers in the city.

With almost a million residents of the 11th largest city in the United States now void of the reliable transportation option that is Uber and Lyft, no one really knew what would happen.

And while a few law-abiding apps sprung up to take Uber and Lyft’s place, it seems that a good deal of demand has shifted to an unlikely provider – an unregulated, peer-to-peer Facebook group.

The group is called Arcade City Austin / Request A Ride, and now has over 30,000 members. So how does it work?

Riders post their requests, which is typically a pickup and drop-off destination as well as desired time (most as ASAP). Then, literally within minutes, potential drivers will respond with an ETA, price, and phone number to call to confirm the pickup. Riders are then instructed to delete the post after confirming a ride, as not to clutter the page.
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The Cruel Information Economy: The U.S. Cities Winning In This Critical Sector |
Our rankings are based on employment growth in the sector over the short-, medium- and long-term, going back to 2005, and factor in momentum — whether growth is slowing or accelerating. (For a detailed description of our methodology, click here.)
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The Tech Boom’s Second Cities - The New Yorker
The shift toward tech has brought people to Silicon Valley cities like San Francisco and San Jose, of course, as happened during previous tech booms, but tech executives and investors have been somewhat more cost-conscious this time around. That has meant opening offices and hiring tech workers in secondary cities outside of Silicon Valley. Austin and Seattle have been big beneficiaries of that movement, as have some smaller cities, like Salt Lake City. In 2013, when the small-business blog at the Times started a series on what it called “startup cities” outside of the then-obvious tech capitals, one of its first posts was a profile of Austin.
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Black Market Ride-sharing Explodes In Austin
Now that Uber and Lyft have pulled out of Austin due to onerous new city regulations, drivers and riders are turning to black market ride-sharing.
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The Short-Lived Career of an Austin Uber Driver - The New Yorker
All told, they spent more than nine million dollars on the campaign, which was about eight million dollars more than anyone has ever spent on a local campaign here. The coalition opposing Prop 1 spent less than a hundred and fifty thousand dollars. One theory about why the measure ultimately failed is that voters were disgusted by the amount of money Uber and Lyft threw at it—or, relatedly, that people were just so fed up with all the pestering that they chose to register their annoyance at the polls. In other words, they voted against the campaign itself.
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