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The Quietus | Features | A Quietus Interview | Ancestral Register: Shabaka Hutchings Interviewed
Stewart Smith talks to the prodigious and prolific saxophonist, clarinettist and composer Shabaka Hutchings of The Ancestors, Comet Is Coming, Melt Yourself Down and Sons Of Kemet
ShabakaHutchings  interview  profile  jazz  music  TheAncestors  CometisComing  MeltYourselfDown  SonsofKemet  TheQuietus  2016 
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Safely Migrating To Google Tag Manager | LunaMetrics
This is a guide for technically-proficient users who are looking to safely migrate from on-page Google Analytics code to Google Tag Manager. You should be comfortable with JavaScript, web applications, and web servers.
GoogleAnalytics  GoogleTagManager  analytics  migration  guide  LunaMetrics  2016 
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What people miss about the gender wage gap - YouTube
It's more complex than women earning 79 cents for every dollar a man makes.
gender  women  incomeinequality  review  Vox  Youtube  2016 
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What Happens When You Quit Showering? - The Atlantic
We spend two full years of our lives washing ourselves. How much of that time (and money and water) is a waste?
washing  hygiene  health  personalaccount  TheAtlantic  2016 
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Game on: why Japan’s arcades are still winning
Keisuke Tsukada is on a roll. He sits in front of a screen, motionless except for his hands, which move at speed over a joystick and a set of bright buttons. As new fighters appear, he crushes them. The word “Perfect” keeps flashing across his screen. Suddenly, the tide turns; the winning stops and the pummelling starts. A few seconds later, with the letters “KO” (Knock Out) blazing across the screen and his avatar out cold, Tsukada gathers up his briefcase and darts off to a client meeting that starts in five minutes.

“Honestly, I know, I could play most of these games on my phone. But for a hundred yen I can get at least 20 minutes of play on a big screen — even more sometimes,” he says. “The games, especially the old ones, are the same wherever you play them, so every arcade feels familiar, even if you walk in for the first time. You escape into them.”
gaming  arcades  trends  Japan  FinancialTimes  2016 
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Maisonneuve | Chain Reaction
What does it take to puncture cycling’s insular bro culture? Andrea Bennett speaks with the women mechanics inciting change in her community.
cycling  sexism  retail  bikeshop  bikekitchen  Maisonneuve  2016 
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Economist digital strategy chief: We expect display advertising to have disappeared by 2025 – Press Gazette
So if it can’t support itself from digital advertising alone, that bodes ill for others trying to do the same thing.

No related posts.

And the situation is even worse for incumbent publishers (e.g,, the Guardian) trying to switch to this model, because they have far higher costs as a result of their print legacies: larger newsrooms, pension liabilities, physical assets such as printing presses, and so on.

That does not mean that all incumbents are doomed: just those that try to switch to a free, ad-supported model.

It doesn’t work now, and the chance of it working in the future will only get smaller, as ad-blocking becomes more widespread and the shift to mobile consumption pushes down advertising rates.
webjournalism  onlineadvertising  media  critique  Economist  profitability  paywalls  review  TomStandage  interview  PressGazette  2016 
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Police seek Amazon Echo data in murder case (updated)
Amazon's Echo devices and its virtual assistant are meant to help find answers by listening for your voice commands. However, police in Arkansas want to know if one of the gadgets overheard something that can help with a murder case. According to The Information, authorities in Bentonville issued a warrant for Amazon to hand over any audio or records from an Echo belonging to James Andrew Bates. Bates is set to go to trial for first-degree murder for the death of Victor Collins next year.
AmazonEcho  virtualassistant  crime  murder  police  warrant  law  privacy  Engadget  2016 
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Uber’s Drive Into India Relies on Raw Recruits - WSJ
Uber scrambles to find drivers in India, where many don’t have a car or smartphone
Uber  ridesharing  India  employment  critique  review  WallStreetJournal  2016 
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Toyota unlocks its engine technology, could sell to rivals
Long guarded about what was beneath the hood of its pioneering Prius cars, Toyota Motor plans to open up its powertrain technology to rivals, hoping this will boost sales and speed up the industry's shift to lower-emission vehicles.

Announcing last week it would expand its gasoline hybrid technology development, Toyota said it would consider selling complete powertrain modules - engines, transmissions and other drive components - to its competitors.
Toyota  hybrid  automotive  trends  review  AutomotiveNews  2016 
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Chinese investors buy stake in mapping firm HERE | Reuters
Two Chinese companies and Singapore's sovereign wealth fund GIC have agreed to buy a 10 percent stake in a digital mapping company controlled by Germany's leading carmakers to help them develop self-driving cars.

Chinese digital mapping company NavInfo (002405.SZ), internet group Tencent (0700.HK) and the Singapore fund will invest in mapping company HERE under a deal announced on Tuesday.
Tencent  GIC  NavInfo  Here  locationbasedservices  map  takeover  Reuters  2016 
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Is Emirates Airline Running Out of Sky? - Bloomberg
It flies the fanciest product on the biggest planes on the longest routes. There might not be much more room to soar
Emirates  airlines  travel  review  profile  globalisation  protectionism  Bloomberg  2016 
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Top 10 Enduring Web-Design Mistakes
Summary: A large-scale usability study revealed the most common and damaging web-design mistakes of today. They aren't surprising or new - they're enduring issues that continue to hurt website usability.
websitedesign  usability  navigation  review  bestpractice  NielsenNormanGroup  2016 
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When I talk about Climate Change, I don’t talk about science. | Southern Fried Science
The term “Climate Change” is now loaded with so much political baggage that it becomes almost impossible to hold a discussion across political lines. In stakeholder interviews, people generally understand and acknowledge the impacts of climate change on local and regional scales, as long as you don’t call it “Climate Change”. This has been my experience working in rural coastal communities, which tend to be strongly conservative and intimately connected to the changing ocean.

Which is why, when I talk about Climate Change, I don’t talk about science. 
climatechange  globalwarming  education  activism  guide  SouthernFriedScience  2016 
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Fraud in Silicon Valley: Startups Show Their Unethical Underside
Fraud is not new in tech, of course. Longtime investors remember when MiniScribe shipped actual bricks inside its hard-disk boxes in an inventory accounting scam in the 1980s. The ’90s and early aughts brought WorldCom, Enron, and the dot-bombs. But today more money is sloshing around ($73 billion in venture capital invested in U.S. startups in 2016, compared with $45 billion at the peak of the dotcom boom, according to PitchBook), there’s less transparency as companies stay private longer (174 private companies are each worth $1 billion or more), and there’s an endless supply of legal gray areas to exploit as technology invades every sector, from fintech and med-tech to auto-tech and ed-tech.
startup  venturecapital  fraud  ethics  review  critique  Theranos  Zenefits  HamptonCreek  FaradayFuture  HyperloopOne  Fortune  2016 
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How China Built ‘iPhone City’ With Billions in Perks for Apple’s Partner - The New York Times
A hidden bounty of benefits for Foxconn’s plant in Zhengzhou, the world’s biggest iPhone factory, is central to the production of Apple’s most profitable product.
Apple  iPhone  Foxconn  manufacturing  subsidy  taxation  Zhengzhou  China  NYTimes  2016 
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How Margaret Thatcher Took On Acid House - The Daily Beast
All-night raves known as Acid House parties were spreading across the UK in 1989, ‘the Second Summer of Love.’ But it took a letter from an MP’s irritated uncle in the shires to get Mrs. Thatcher involved in the debate.
MargaretThatcher  music  acidhouse  dancemusic  CriminalJusticeBill  history  UK  TheDailyBeast  2016 
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Website Forms Usability: Top 10 Recommendations
Summary: Follow these well-established — but frequently ignored — UX design guidelines to ensure users can successfully complete your website forms.
websitedesign  forms  usability  bestpractice  guide  NielsenNormanGroup  2016 
january 2017 by inspiral
Superintelligence: The Idea That Eats Smart People
In the absence of effective leadership from those at the top of our industry, it's up to us to make an effort, and to think through all of the ethical issues that AI—as it actually exists—is bringing into the world.
superintelligence  artificialintelligence  singularity  review  critique  author:MaciejCegłowski  IdleWords  2016 
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Why America's Restaurant Industry Is in a Bubble About to Burst - Thrillist
What we're witnessing, as you see this rise of both the high and low end, is the hollowing out of the restaurant industry center -- the gentrification of food, carried to its logical conclusion. You had something that was interesting and a great value, it attracted everyone, and now all that's left until a rebirth is extravagance or thrift.
restaurants  bifurcation  trends  cost  employment  property  Thrillist  2016 
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The year the music died?
Those days have ended. Pop music now is a confusing tangle of different interests. Record labels are challenged by tech companies. The numbers of musicians and recordings grow even though revenues fall. PRS for Music, which collects royalties on behalf of UK songwriters, saw its membership rise from 70,000 in 2010 to 112,000 in 2015.

Uncertain of what lies ahead, it is natural to dwell on the death of what came before. The mistake arises in assuming that pop music itself is dying.
music  evolution  culture  DavidBowie  GeorgeMichael  FinancialTimes  2016 
january 2017 by inspiral
Stop saying that 2016 was the ‘worst year’ - The Washington Post
There are several reasons for this. To start, the structure of the media means negative subjects are almost always being highlighted. Harm is done in an instant, and disasters are happening at once: an earthquake, a plane crash or a terrorist attack. In contrast to this, the best news for life on Earth — improving global health, falling poverty, environmental progress — are shaped by quiet trends over the course of decades or centuries. The focus on single events and neglect of slow developments selects negative news instead of often positive developments.
journalism  positivity  negativity  negativebias  review  author:MaxRoser  WashingtonPost  2016 
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The Fable of Edward Snowden - WSJ
As he seeks a pardon, the NSA thief has told multiple lies about what he stole and his dealings with Russian intelligence.
EdwardSnowden  espionage  Russia  USA  WallStreetJournal  2016 
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Berlin Terror: Reconstruction of the Breitscheidplatz Attack - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Terror attacks bring people together. That, at least, is what used to happen. But the attack in Berlin has followed a different script, with the gap between those content to wait for the facts and those eager to score political points now wider than ever before. A look back at 48 hours that changed the country.
terrorism  review  Berlin  Germany  Spiegel  2016 
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Teens are vaping more than ever, and not just nicotine - The Verge
Vaping is more popular with teens than ever, with more than one-third of high school students reporting having tried e-cigarettes. And teens aren’t always using e-cigs for nicotine, according to a new US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that dug into teen vaping behavior.
vaping  teenagers  growth  penetration  USA  TheVerge  2016 
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The Guardian’s Summary of Julian Assange’s Interview Went Viral and Was Completely False
If one really wants to battle Fake News and deceitful journalism that misleads others, one cannot selectively denounce some Fake News accounts while cheering and spreading those that promote one’s own political agenda or smear those (such as Assange) whom one most hates. Doing that will ensure that nobody takes this cause seriously because its proponents will be seen as dishonest opportunists: much the way cynically exploiting “anti-Semitism” accusations against Israel critics has severely weakened the sting of that accusation when it’s actually warranted.
fakenews  journalism  JulianAssange  Guardian  review  critique  BenJacobs  author:GlennGreenwald  TheIntercept  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
I'm a Tourist in Lagos. You Have a Problem With That? - Bloomberg View
Visitors should avoid the mistake of judging living standards through appearances alone, because that tends to overweight the value of infrastructure. Prague in the late 1980s looked pretty splendid, largely because of its historic buildings, but good consumption opportunities were hard to come by. South Korea impresses with its roads, bridges, ports and trains, but the widespread poverty of the country’s elderly is harder to see. As for Lagos, its infrastructure appears mediocre to Western eyes, and so we probably underrate its prosperity. But if you are arriving from the Nigerian countryside you might be impressed by the tall buildings and road network and thus overrate the wealth of the place.
tourist  economy  personalaccount  Lagos  Nigeria  author:TylerCowen  Bloomberg  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
A Bigger Problem Than ISIS? - The New Yorker
The Mosul Dam is failing. A breach would cause a colossal wave that could kill as many as a million and a half people.
MosulDam  engineering  hydroelectricity  Iraq  review  critique  NewYorker  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
Anna Jones’s vegetarian recipes for Christmas leftovers | The Modern Cook | Life and style | The Guardian
Some would argue that the leftovers from Christmas lunch are the very best bit. With a clever makeover, green veg, nuts and fruits can be turned into something new and equally celebratory the next day ...
recipe  brusselsprouts  pancakes  Guardian  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
For Fact-Checking Website Snopes, a Bigger Role Brings More Attacks
That is certainly true at Snopes itself. For 20 years, the site was dedicated to urban legends, like the purported existence of alligators in New York City sewers, and other benign misinformation. But its range and readership increased significantly during a prolonged presidential election campaign in which the facts became a partisan issue and reality itself seemed up for grabs.

One way to chart Snopes’s increasing prominence is by measuring the rise in fake news about the site itself. If you believe the internet, the founder of Snopes, David Mikkelson, has a longer rap sheet than Al Capone. He was supposedly arrested for committing fraud and corruption and running a pit bull ring. In the wake of a deal that Snopes and others made this month to start fact-checking for Facebook, new slurs and allegations poured forth.
Snopes  webjournalism  fakenews  profile  review  Facebook  partnership  NYTimes  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
Intent on Unsettling E.U., Russia Taps Foot Soldiers From the Fringe
At a time when Russia’s relations with the West, or at least with established parties there, have soured dramatically over Syria, Ukraine and accusations of interference on all sides, Mr. Putin has enjoyed an extraordinary run of apparent good luck, as exemplified by the surprise election victory of Donald J. Trump, who has repeatedly voiced admiration for the Russian leader. Pro-Russia candidates won presidential elections recently in Bulgaria and Moldova, and France’s National Front, which received bank loans worth nearly $12 million from Russian banks, is now a serious contender for the French presidency next year.
internationalrelations  espionage  Russia  Estonia  Hungary  Europe  EuropeanUnion  review  critique  NYTimes  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
These Are The Criminals and Corporations That Have Gotten Really, Really Rich Off The Refugee Crisis - The Huffington Post
The biggest refugee crisis in recorded history has engulfed continents, swung elections and fueled the rise of nativism. It has also made a lot of people very, very rich. These are the stories of the CEOs, criminal masterminds, pencil-pushers and low-flying vultures who have figured out how to profit from global instability, also known as human suffering.
refugees  migration  organisedcrime  Niger  Italy  Sicily  Germany  Turkey  Syria  Europe  HuffingtonPost  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
What I Wish I Knew Before Working Remotely Around the World
When you’re in a foreign place, every day is a fresh series of questions: What will you eat? (Everything!) What will you see? (All the places!) But how will you get there? Will this coffee shop let me work there? Does it have reliable Wi-Fi? All these uncertainties seem exciting, but therein lies the kicker: every unknown variable, every wrench in the works, eventually leaves you feeling drained, or at a loss of what to do next. Put another way, when everything is familiar, you waste less energy on basic stuff in your day to day. When it’s not, you need all of the mental and emotional help you can get.
nomad  travel  guide  Lifehacker  2016 
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Why isn't Holacracy working at Zappos? — Quartz
Empathy and vulnerability are two sides of the same coin, according to Brown. It’s why entrepreneur Maren Kate Donovan wrote that Silicon Valley has a vulnerability problem, too. Perhaps the key to making Holacracy work at Zappos is crafting it in such a way that it still retains its bent toward self-organization, but via a more humane, flexible system.
Holacracy  management  Zappos  review  critique  Quartz  2016 
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Yotam Ottolenghi’s noodle recipes for post-Christmas comfort | Life and style | The Guardian
Forget turkey sandwiches. The food I’ll be craving after the Christmas feast will feature noodles in a big way
noodles  recipe  author:YotamOttolenghi  Guardian  2016 
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The Worst Design Of 2016 Was Also The Most Effective | Co.Design | business + design
The 2016 election probably wasn't won or lost on a hat or a branding system, but the hat serves as a powerful proxy for how blindsided many were by the forces that led to Trump becoming president-elect. It’s an allegory about how to interpret symbols, how to deploy design, and why visual fluency is crucial for everyone—not just designers—as we process, regroup, and strategize for the next round of elections.
DonaldTrump  MakeAmericaGreatAgain  politics  branding  elitism  backlash  design  FastCompany  2016 
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The Inside Story of Apple's $14 Billion Tax Bill - Bloomberg
The iPhone came out in 2007. So why was Apple still paying taxes like it was 1990?
Apple  taxation  offshore  Ireland  Europe  EuropeanUnion  review  Bloomberg  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
Bitcoin’s Rally Crushed Every Other Currency in 2016. Here’s Why - Bloomberg
“Bitcoin is coming into its own,” says Tim Draper, a venture capitalist who’s bought thousands of bitcoins over the years. “There are starting to be consumer uses for bitcoin, and if people have any concerns about their own fiat currency -- the rupee, for example -- they flee to bitcoin as an alternate currency.”

The rationale behind bitcoin’s booms and busts can be difficult to pinpoint, but here’s what might be responsible for the cryptocurrency’s stellar surge this year:
Bitcoin  Blockchain  valuation  growth  money  currency  forecast  Bloomberg  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
Lunch with the FT: Susan Wojcicki
Over tofu in Palo Alto, the YouTube boss talks about reinventing TV and how Silicon Valley would benefit from employing more women
Youtube  SusanWojcicki  interview  onlinevideo  streamingmedia  profile  FinancialTimes  Medium  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
World War Three, by Mistake - The New Yorker
Harsh political rhetoric, combined with the vulnerability of the nuclear command-and-control system, has made the risk of global catastrophe greater than ever.
nuclearweapons  internationalrelations  war  history  Russia  USA  review  author:EricSchlosser  NewYorker  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
macOS is becoming legacy software - The Verge
It might be arguable that Apple is melding its two operating systems into one, but the weight of evidence is heavily on the side of the company making iOS as good as it can be, and then dragging macOS along for the ride. Everything happening with macOS and the computers running it seems to be a retrofitting or adaptation of Apple’s leading-edge stuff on iPhones and iPads. We’ve long ago passed the point of "trickling down" desktop features to the mobile realm — Apple has been "mobile first" for much longer than competitors like Microsoft have been touting that slogan.
Apple  strategy  operatingsystem  iOS  MacOS  TheVerge  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
Facebook at a Crossroads
In 2017, Zuckerberg will have to manage the awkward adolescence of his existing business and try to show real progress on his aspirations for one day doing something larger.
Facebook  strategy  revenues  growth  forecast  TechnologyReview  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
The Spiritual Crisis of the Modern Economy - The Atlantic
In the absence of other sources of meaning, Americans are left with meritocracy, a game of status and success, along with the often ruthless competition it engenders. And the consequence of a perspective of self-reliance—Americans, compared to people in other countries, hold a particularly strong belief that people succeed through their own hard work—is a sense that those who fail are somehow inferior.
workingclass  white  politics  selfreliance  socialmobility  education  opportunity  religion  review  critique  grace  TheAtlantic  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
SF supports immigrants — just not into our neighborhoods - San Francisco Chronicle
San Francisco is one of the most progressive cities in the nation, especially when it comes to national immigration. We believe so much in the natural right of people to join us here in America that we fought to keep our status as sanctuary city even in the face of being federally defunded for it. We pride ourselves on our rejection of plans to tighten immigration controls and deport undocumented immigrants. Yet take that same conversation to the local level and all bets are off. City meetings have become heated, divisive and prone to rhetoric where we openly discuss exactly which kinds of people we want to keep out of our city.
migration  immigration  regulation  SanFrancisco  USA  SanFranciscoChronicle  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
The Long-Term Jobs Killer Is Not China. It’s Automation. - The New York Times
Another analysis, from Ball State University, attributed roughly 13 percent of manufacturing job losses to trade and the rest to enhanced productivity because of automation. Apparel making was hit hardest by trade, it said, and computer and electronics manufacturing was hit hardest by technological advances.
employment  automation  globalisation  trade  China  review  DonaldTrump  USA  NYTimes  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
The alternative city guide to Newcastle | Travel | The Guardian
A stubborn desire to make things happen in this great northern city has led to vibrant arts, food and drink scenes. Whether dining, drinking or dancing, the experience will come with real Geordie camaraderie
tourist  guide  Newcastle  Guardian  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
Rocket AI: 2016’s Most Notorious AI Launch and the Problem with AI Hype – The Mission – Medium
Unless you’re keeping up with the field, talking to researchers, reading papers, tracking academia, and following start-ups, you can be easily fooled by AI hype. A year ago, investors were looking for Deep Learning for X. Now, some investors are sniffing around for Reinforcement Learning for X (another branch of machine learning, where algorithms optimize to maximize a reward). Outside of the research community, there’s little depth of understanding of these terms, or why for instance RL and DL are often totally unnecessary for X.
artificialintelligence  machinelearning  hypecycle  review  critique  RivaMelissaTez  TheMission  Medium  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
Instagram has doubled its monthly active user base in two years - The Verge
It appears that the rise of Snapchat and all its Spectacles fun have yet to slow Instagram’s growth: the Facebook-owned company today announced that it has reached 600 million monthly active users, doubling its figure from 2014.

Of that statistic, 100 million monthly active users were added in the past six months — Instagram’s last milestone announcement was back in June of this year. Since then, Instagram introduced one of its biggest feature to date: Instagram Stories, a near-carbon copy of Snapchat. It also added the ability to delete followers from your private account and filter out abusive words this month, alongside an ephemeral live video function to users in the US.
Instagram  socialmedia  statistics  growth  penetration  TheVerge  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
Isa Pa Ecocash — Studio D
What impact does mobile money have on the behaviours of a population that has minimal access to formal banking infrastructure, and is coping with hyperinflation and its after effects?

The following report, commissioned by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, puts the adoption of mobile money into a social, economic and cultural perspective. Reading this report you’ll better understand:

The rate of adoption
The disparity between formal growth rate and what is happening on the ground
What it will take to have broad impact on financial inclusion
The challenges ahead
money  mobilemoney  Zimbabwe  mobile  unbanked  StudioD  2016 
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Line Sets Sights on a Messaging Shake-Up - Bloomberg
Line Corp. is planning to shake up its staff and business to build on the 20-plus percent share gain since the messaging company pulled off the tech world’s biggest public offering of the year.

Chief Executive Officer Takeshi Idezawa is tapping top lieutenants Jun Masuda and Joongho Shin to lead the hunt for fresh growth ideas. Their new responsibilities will be announced as part of a broader revamp of the Tokyo-based company’s corporate culture at a town-hall meeting in mid-January, two people familiar with the matter said. 

While it might seem strange to alter strategy so soon after July’s market debut, subscriber growth is slowing, as is revenue from games and digital stickers. Line is under pressure to come up with new ways to make people spend on what is otherwise a free messaging service. At the same time, it’s seeking to expand its user base of 220 million in the face of competition from Tencent Holdings Ltd. and Facebook Inc. Line shares were down less than 1 percent on Wednesday, giving it a market value of 888 billion yen ($7.71 billion).
Line  mobilemessaging  strategy  management  restructure  Bloomberg  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
Wynn Las Vegas Announces the Addition of Amazon Echo to All Hotel Rooms
LAS VEGAS, Dec. 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Wynn Las Vegas and Amazon announce plans to equip all 4,748 hotel rooms at Wynn Las Vegas with Echo, Amazon's hands-free voice-controlled speaker. The introduction of this technology into every guest room, beginning this month with installation in suites, will be an industry first in the world, allowing guests of Wynn Las Vegas to control various hotel room features with a series of voice commands via Alexa, the brain behind Echo. 
Wynn  WynnLasVegas  AmazonEcho  Alexa  virtualassistant  PRNewswire  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
1 Billion More Yahoo Accounts Have Been Hacked - BuzzFeed News
Yahoo believes, based on third-party forensic evidence, that someone stole user data from 1 billion Yahoo accounts in 2013, according to a press release from the company. This theft, it says, is likely separate from the hack of 500 million accounts it disclosed in September.
Yahoo  hacking  security  critique  Buzzfeed  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
Ten Minutes of Play Sums Up Nintendo’s Messy Super Mario Debut - Bloomberg
Nintendo Co.’s debut game for smartphones is turning out to be anything but super.

Since its release for Apple Inc. devices on Thursday, Super Mario Run has shot to the top of download charts in more than 100 countries as tens of millions celebrated the iconic video game character’s arrival on iPhones. Yet problems emerged almost immediately, with thousands vigorously complaining that the three levels available with the free download were over too quickly -- in less than ten minutes in most cases -- and the $10 price tag to unlock the rest was too steep.

That backlash is now reverberating through its share price. Nintendo shares were largely unchanged at the Tuesday midday break after dropping by 11 percent in the two trading days since the game’s release, wiping out more than $3.5 billion in market value. Investors and analysts are starting to second-guess the company’s decisions and its ability to execute on mobile devices.
Nintendo  mobilegaming  SuperMarioRun  pricing  critique  Bloomberg  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
Uber self-driving plan defies California regulators
Uber is poised to start carrying passengers in self-driving cars in San Francisco despite lacking a permit to test autonomous vehicles in California, in the latest example of the company’s brash approach to regulation.

The move will heighten concerns about transparency and safety at a crucial time for driverless policy in the US, as carmakers and technology companies vie to dominate a technology that is seen as vital to the future of transportation.
Uber  selfdrivingvehicles  pilot  regulation  ridesharing  California  SanFrancisco  USA  FinancialTimes  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
Facebook begins testing ways to flag fake news
Facebook will try out new ways to report and flag fake news this week, setting up a partnership with fact-checking organisations to try to address the “worst of the worst” hoaxes spread by spammers. 

The world’s largest social network is testing several ways to try to limit the rapid proliferation of fake news stories. This was highlighted by posts that went viral during the US presidential election campaign, such as a report that the Pope endorsed Donald Trump or the “Pizzagate” story that claimed Democrats were involved in a paedophile ring. 
Facebook  webjournalism  fakenews  strategy  moderation  Poynter  partnership  FinancialTimes  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
Google studying ways to deal with offensive search suggestions & results
Facing criticism over "fake news," inappropriate search suggestions and more, the search company is looking for long-term and comprehensive solutions.
Google  search  moderation  algorithms  innovation  autocomplete  fakenews  strategy  SearchEngineLand  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
Alphabet Shifts Self-Driving Cars Into New Unit Called Waymo - Bloomberg
Google parent company Alphabet Inc. is separating its self-driving car project into a new business called Waymo, seeking to sharpen its focus on changing the transportation industry.

John Krafcik, chief executive officer of Waymo, announced the move on Tuesday at an event in San Francisco. The company has been developing autonomous vehicle technology for more than six years, as part of its X research lab. Waymo is emerging from this research phase as a standalone business owned by Mountain View, California-based Alphabet.
Alphabet  Google  Waymo  selfdrivingvehicles  spinoff  strategy  Bloomberg  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
Uber admits its self-driving cars have a problem with bike lanes - The Verge
Less than a week after self-driving Uber cars were spotted committing a range of traffic violations in San Francisco, the company has admitted that its autonomous vehicles also have a "problem" with the way they handle bike lanes. An Uber spokesperson told the Guardian that the company was working to fix a programming flaw that could see the cars making unsafe turns in the city's cycling lanes
Uber  selfdrivingvehicles  automotive  bikelanes  critique  review  trial  SanFrancisco  TheVerge  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
Advertisers are cooling on Snapchat Live Stories - Digiday
With viewership for Snapchat’s Live Stories stagnating, the feature is not a priority for media buyers.

In addition to Discover, Live Stories is one of two media-driven features inside the Snapchat app. Available alongside Discover on the Stories and Discover pages, Live Stories provides content curated around different events and topics — everything from a big NBA game to the ongoing conflict in Mosul. Content includes photos and videos shot by users as well as the event organizers, when applicable.
Snapchat  SnapchatLiveStories  decline  statistics  review  Digiday  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
Facebook test lets you hide upsetting ads
Targeted ads can be annoying, but they're much worse when they're insensitive to tragedies in your life. If you lose a child, seeing ads for children's products is understandably traumatic. Facebook wants to change this. It's testing a feature that lets you hide potentially upsetting ads. The option is currently restricted to blocking ads for alcohol and parenting products, but the social network tells Ad Age that it may add other topics if users report concerns.

It's part of a larger change to ad preferences that should make them easier to use than before. They're both more visual and remain consistent whether you view them from your settings or the ad itself.
Facebook  onlineadvertising  blocking  personalisation  launch  Engadget  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
Instagram stops users from pretending to be in Singapore to go viral
Instragram has released an update that prevents users from tagging themselves in Singapore when they're not there in a bid to go viral. 

The update to its algorithm comes after a swathe of users realised geo-tagging their posts with Singapore gave them an increased chance of being on the Explore page, which helps boost likes on a post and follower numbers. 
Instagram  Singapore  locationbasedservices  critique  influencer  Telegraph  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
Twitter Makes It Even Easier to Broadcast Live Video
Starting on Wednesday, users will be able to start broadcasting video right from Twitter, without needing to use Periscope, the video streaming service Twitter acquired two years ago. Users won’t even need to download Periscope’s app at all, the company told Fortune.

This is Twitter’s latest move to integrate the two services, after adding in January the ability for users to embed and watch live Periscope videos on its platform.
Twitter  livestreaming  Periscope  launch  Fortune  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
Facebook admits fourth measurement error
Facebook said that third-party measurement firm, comScore, had found it was undercounting traffic from iPhone users. 

Instant Articles allows publishers to upload their content directly to Facebook, cutting down on loading times while providing an option for them to sell their own advertising and keep 100% of the revenue.

In an update to a previous blog post, Facebook said: "We've uncovered an issue for a small group of Instant Articles publishers that impacts reporting in comScore.
Facebook  metrics  review  critique  Comscore  Campaign  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
Snapchat Adds Shazam, Group-Chat Features | Variety
Snap Inc.’s Snapchat has packed a bunch of new features into its latest app, including the ability for users to chat with up to 16 friends and integration with Shazam.

The social-media player cut a deal with Shazam, under which users can identify a song by pressing and holding on the Snapchat camera screen when music is playing nearby. Once songs are ID’d, they appear in the “Settings” menu — letting users access Shazam content and send their music and artist discoveries as Snaps to their friends.

Snapchat’s new Groups features can be created while sending a Snap, or when you’re making a new Chat. When friends are present in a group chat, their names are displayed at the bottom of the conversation. Group chat messages are deleted by default after 24 hours, and Snaps sent to a Group can only be opened and replayed once by each recipient.
Snapchat  launch  groupchat  Shazam  partnership  music  Variety  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
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