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Forum Software vs. Online Community Platforms: Which is the Best Support Option for Your Company?
nage membership and dues on an individual or company level. However, if you don’t have membership requirements now or plan to track membership in your community in the future, this might be an unnecessary feature.
forums  community  utility  comparison  onlinecommunityplatform  Socious  2014 
october 2016 by inspiral
The Governance of Regulators - Books - OECD iLibrary
This publication provides guidance on the institutional arrangements for regulators.
regulation  policy  bestpractice  government  guide  OECD  2014 
october 2016 by inspiral
Measure customer satisfaction: CSAT, CES and NPS
In the table below we have summarized the key elements for each measurement type to clarify the differences between the three satisfaction measures:
customersatisfaction  customersatisfactionscore  customereffortscore  netpromoterscore  metrics  comparison  CheckMarket  2014 
september 2016 by inspiral
Students today are dramatically different than they were ten years ago. They’re not attending college just for a degree and “the college experience;” they want assurance of a job at the end of it all. And in addition to their heightened concern for finances, schedule flexibility, degree options, and a rewarding career, they
want personalized answers—immediately. In short, they’re tough customers for marketing and enrollment departments to serve.
university  marketing  guide  strategy  Blackboard  2014 
september 2016 by inspiral
Mining the Metrics that Matter to Nonprofits | Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation
While the issue of performance measurement has received more attention amongst nonprofits in recent years, the need for ROI-based reporting is hardly a new phenomenon.  In 2001, John Sawhill and David Williamson published Measuring what Matters in Nonprofits based on their research on 20 of the largest nonprofits in the U.S.  Their McKinley Quarterly piece argues that most nonprofits measure success based on funding levels, membership growth, people impacted, and overhead.  While these inputs are vital management tools and critical to evaluating the health of the operation, the “measures that matter” for every nonprofit should be its progress in fulfilling its mission, its success in mobilizing its resources, and its staff's effectiveness on the job. The specific measures will vary based on the type of organization and mission but generally should fall into three broad categories:

Impact measures – Metrics aligned with the long-term focus or mission of the organization

Activity Measures – Metrics aligned with the day-to-day operational effectiveness of the staff

Capacity Measures – Metrics aligned with funding, fund-raising, and resource mobilization
charity  management  metrics  guide  ROI  impactmeasures  review  Cornerstoneondemand  2014 
august 2016 by inspiral
Mining the Metrics that Matter to Nonprofits | Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation
While the issue of performance measurement has received more attention amongst nonprofits in recent years, the need for ROI-based reporting is hardly a new phenomenon.  In 2001, John Sawhill and David Williamson published Measuring what Matters in Nonprofits based on their research on 20 of the largest nonprofits in the U.S.  Their McKinley Quarterly piece argues that most nonprofits measure success based on funding levels, membership growth, people impacted, and overhead.  While these inputs are vital management tools and critical to evaluating the health of the operation, the “measures that matter” for every nonprofit should be its progress in fulfilling its mission, its success in mobilizing its resources, and its staff's effectiveness on the job. The specific measures will vary based on the type of organization and mission but generally should fall into three broad categories:
charity  metrics  performance  ROI  guide  review  Cornerstoneondemand  2014 
august 2016 by inspiral
The truth about smart cities: ‘In the end, they will destroy democracy' | Cities | The Guardian
The smart city is, to many urban thinkers, just a buzzphrase that has outlived its usefulness: ‘the wrong idea pitched in the wrong way to the wrong people’. So why did that happen – and what’s coming in its place?
smartcities  review  critique  privacy  topdown  Guardian  2014 
august 2016 by inspiral
Why Some Innovation Tournaments Succeed and Others Fail - Knowledge@Wharton
The tournaments are most successful when they pose a highly unstructured question; they work less well for questions that require linear thinking. “If you face a cost cutting situation or you have a ton of customer complaints, you don’t run a tournament,” says Terwiesch. “Traditional methods such as quality management and Six Sigma [the set of techniques and tools for process improvement made famous by Jack Welch, the former head of GE] work just fine for those.”

Innovation tournaments are “about bringing a massive number of eyeballs to a problem,” states Narinder Singh, president of Topcoder, a company that conducts contests in computer programming. “We’re trying to take the community-driven approach that the open source community pioneered and operationalize it for commercial development. We’re turning work into a marketplace of ideas.” They can be used for problems large and small, internal or external. “It’s all in how you break it down and frame it.”
innovation  competition  management  review  Wharton  2014 
july 2016 by inspiral
How SaaS Marketing is Different from Every Other Type of Marketing
So, what are the most important things of all?

It’s easy. Get ready for it. There are only two.

Awesome products.
Killer support.
SAAS  marketing  review  guide  freetrial  retention  customerservice  speed  Kissmetrics  2014  contentmarketing 
july 2016 by inspiral
The Incredible True Story Behind AMC’s Halt And Catch Fire – How Compaq Cloned IBM And Created An Empire | Internet History Podcast
This Sunday, AMC is premiering a new original series called Halt And Catch Fire. Set in the early 1980s, it tells the story of a band of cowboy entrepreneurs and engineers who join the PC Wars by cloning an IBM machine and taking on Big Blue for control of the nascent personal computer industry.

AMC’s show is fictional, but it turns out, there is a true life story that is similar to this course of events, and it led to the creation of one of the greatest technology companies of all time, Compaq Computers.

Rod Canion was one of the co-founders of Compaq back in the early 80s, and he was there for the real world PC wars. He’s written a book about the time period, Open: How Compaq Ended IBM’s PC Domination and Helped Invent Modern Computing. In the interview below, I spoke to Rod about the book, the process of taking on Big Blue and cloning the IBM-PC, and how a series of incredible calculated gambles paid off to eventually build one of history’s most successful technology companies.
HaltandCatchFire  television  PCs  history  Compaq  IBM  personalaccount  RodCanion  interview  InternetHistoryPodcast  2014 
may 2016 by inspiral
Chain Of A Lifetime: How Blockchain Technology Might Transform Personal Insurance
"Chain Of A Lifetime: How Blockchain Technology Might Transform Personal Insurance" is the outcome of a research project conducted between August and December 2014 which explored how blockchain technology might transform personal insurance and in particular interactions among individuals and insurance companies over time.

Blockchain technology's main innovation is an electronic public transaction record of integrity without central authority. Beside cryptocurrencies and distributed payment systems, blockchain applications could include areas of finance where a central, trusted third party has traditionally been used, trade reporting, depository receipts, escrow accounts or trade finance. Blockchains can contain set of documents, record assets and help to manage interconnected devices. Emerging applications, such as smart contracts and decentralised autonomous organisations, might in future also permit blockchains to act as automated agents.

The report concludes that blockchain technology could transform the way people manage identities and personal information; blur even further the divide between global and local; influence consumer perception of time; drive honesty and transparency; and, influence consumer perceptions of risk that could change the way insurers support mutualisation. The report highlights how, at the time of writing, most insurance companies do not yet seem ready to experiment with blockchain technology. They find it difficult enough to understand Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies. Non-insurers are more likely to be the first to create insurance or insurance-related applications. Blockchain applications in insurance are likely to start with digital identity systems and management of personal data.
blockchain  insurtech  insurance  opportunity  innovation  forecast  Z/YenGroup  LongFinance  2014 
may 2016 by inspiral
Cool Online Collaborative Communities
Spotlight on unique collaborative communities bringing people together to inspire, innovate
community  collaboration  creativeshowcase  Ravelry  Minecraft  43Things  NextDoor  MozillaScienceLab  Redbooth  2014 
february 2016 by inspiral
State of Community Management 2014 | Lithium Resources
In their exhaustive 5th annual report they survey more than 160 communities across eight unique competencies and reported their findings. Download the full report and our summary white paper with key highlights to easily digest and impress your community manager friends!

Download the report and find out why:

Community is delivering measurable business results
Superfans and advocacy programs pay off
Your CEO needs to get with the (community) program
External and internal communities are unique beasts
And why it’s awesome to be a community manager these days
community  research  survey  Lithium  2014 
february 2016 by inspiral
Wiley: Wiley-Knode Partnership Puts Collaboration at the Center of the Research Experience
John Wiley & Sons, Inc., today announced a new partnership with startup technology company Knode to provide customized research expertise portals to learned societies and other academic organizations worldwide.

Designed to foster innovation and collaboration, Knode’s expertise profiling system compiles a “research signature” for users based on their publication history, patents, clinical trials and grants. The resulting profile forms part of a growing ecosystem of research expertise.

Wiley’s cloud-based portal, powered by Knode technology, is populated with more than 20 million documents and millions of expert profiles. Users can search by expertise, name or affiliation, and custom filters allow the results to be tuned according to specific criteria, for example to identify key opinion leaders or rising stars in a particular discipline.

Researchers are using Knode to find experts, identify and connect with collaborators, and promote their expertise to the world. For society executives and institutional research managers, custom analytics provide aggregated views of research expertise and output.
Knode  academia  publishing  expertise  directory  collaboration  Wiley  2014 
february 2016 by inspiral
Why Academic Publishing Needs To Get More Social | Exchanges
The digital revolution has upended the media and publishing industries in recent years with its ability to give more content producers more platforms on which to be heard, and audiences a near constant stream of (mostly free) news and opinions to consume. Yet despite this shift, the process of writing and reading has remained largely unchanged. Sure, authors and journalists have adopted a new set of online creation tools, but once a story has been published, it quickly becomes just another static piece of content that gets buried beneath an avalanche of what’s new and next. Although readers can share their favorite articles on social channels alongside their own point of view, they’re largely consuming these bits of content inside a vacuum devoid of context or meaningful dialogue.

Though the shelf life of a well-researched academic paper may be slightly longer than something that’s a part of the standard news cycle, it’s important that publishers embrace new social tools and platforms to rescue their authors’ works from simply becoming another historical footnote by helping their content become more dynamic and expansive.
academia  publishing  socialmedia  interaction  advocacy  forecast  author:ScottLachut  PSFK  Wiley  2014 
february 2016 by inspiral
Nature Communications: Citation Analysis
Overall, articles published OA appear to show a higher number of citations, though the effect is small, and
the data provided does not allow us to control for possible confounding effects such as the posting of articles
in repositories, the number and location of authors, and the possibility that authors are selecting their ‘best’ papers to publish on OA terms. Similarly, any effect of OA on the timing of citations appears to be small, and we have not been able to control for possible changes such as increased awareness of the journal on the part of both readers and authors. But although the impact on citations is small, the impact of open access publication on HTML views and PDF downloads is large and signi cant, suggesting increased visibility for the open access papers.
academia  publishing  openaccess  citation  impact  review  research  Nature  2014 
february 2016 by inspiral
How to Build an Inbound Marketing Strategy in 24 Hours
First, let's identify what strategy actually is. It really doesn't have to be that complicated.  Strategy is simply a plan of action designed to achieve an expected goal.  So, we need a goal to get started. For the purpose of this article, let's say that our goal is to generate 50 qualified leads per month for the sales team.
contentmarketing  inboundmarketing  strategy  review  marketresearch  contentcalendar  Hubspot  2014 
january 2016 by inspiral
As governments push to close
taxation loopholes, the private wealth management industry has come under sharp scrutiny. Yet keen to remain competitive, family of ces are innovating to better serve their clients, while keeping well within the limits of the law.
familyoffice  investment  highnetworth  tech  informationtechnology  softwareasservice  Bloomberg  2014 
january 2016 by inspiral
Report outlines how family offices can keep sensitive data out of cyber hacker hands | Campden FB
A “shocking” number of family offices send confidential information via email, according to a family wealth IT expert, as new research outlines how family offices can protect themselves from cyber attacks.
familyoffice  informationtechnology  security  critique  TrustedFamily  ArchwayTechnologyPartners  CampdenFB  2014 
january 2016 by inspiral
10 Canva Tips That Will Help You Become a Visual Content Master
Canva has quickly emerged as one of the most powerful and popular web-based tools for creating visual content. But like any other tool, it must be used with great care to reinforce and strengthen your online branding, not detract from it.
Canva  socialmedia  photography  guide  review  utility  ContentMarketingInstitute  2014 
january 2016 by inspiral
File Sync and Share and the Future of Work
File sync and share has become an important force in business that no company can ignore. As employees often bring consumer applications and devices into the office to do work, they have clearly led the way in identifying a valuable opportunity to implement tools that extend the value of organizational content and deliver valuable improvements to the business.
documentmanagement  collaboration  enterprise  opportunity  research  Dropbox  Forrester  2014 
december 2015 by inspiral
A Complete Guide To The Essentials Of Post-Hummingbird SEO
The key elements examined in our audits are those that you would expect. In order to make Hummingbird work for your site, you will still need to focus your efforts on the same features you’re likely already focusing on. The difference lies in the methods of implementing each of those features.

Technical Site Features

An internal link structure and architecture that facilitates the customer moving through your site easily is a must. Fast page loading, optimized images and sitemaps all contribute to the end-user experience and that, in the end, is what matters the most.

On-Page Elements

The rumors aren’t true: basic on-page elements still play a huge role in SEO ranking. Title tags, page URLs, ALT image tags and appropriate H1 tags are taking on new levels of importance. We have seen some of our clients improve their search results by as much as 45% simply by focusing on these items.


Hopefully, you’re not too tired of hearing “Content is King” because it’s more important now than ever… and it doesn’t look like it’s changing any time soon. Make sure your content is never duplicated, always high quality and is relevant and useful to your audience.
Google  GoogleHummingbird  search  searchmarketing  guide  SearchEngineLand  2014 
december 2015 by inspiral
How Google Hummingbird Changed the Future of Search | WordStream
At the heart of the Hummingbird lies the all-important concept of semantics, or meaning. Even the fanciest computers are still pretty stupid. This is because although it’s easy for humans to distinguish between two different yet similar concepts (by virtue of context), computers can’t do this unless they’re explicitly told. Stupid computers.
search  searchmarketing  Google  GoogleHummingbird  semanticsearch  semanticweb  review  forecast  WordStream  2014 
december 2015 by inspiral
Is A Startup Incubator Or Accelerator Right For You? - Forbes
What is a Startup Incubator?

An incubator is physically locating your business in one central work space with many other startup companies.  In many cases, the startups in these incubators can all be venture funded by the same investor group. You can stay in the space as long as you need to, or until your business has grown to the scale it needs to relocate to its own space. The mentorship is typically provided by proven entrepreneurial investors, and by shared learnings of your startup CEO peers. Examples include Lightbank and Sandbox Industries in Chicago.

What is a Startup Accelerator?

A startup accelerator is very similar, but has some distinct differences. Your time in the space is typically limited to a 3-4 month period, basically intended to jump start your business and then kick you out of the nest. The cash investment into your business from the accelerator itself is very minimal (e.g., $20,000), but your time in the accelerator should largely improve your chances of raising venture capital from a third party entity on the back end, after you graduate from the program.  Mentorship could be coming from 100 entrepreneurs that are affiliated with the accelerator (many of which are proven CEOs, or investors looking for their next opportunity or simply helping the local startup community). Examples include Tech Stars and Y Combinator.
startup  incubator  accelerator  comparison  opportunity  review  Forbes  2014 
december 2015 by inspiral
Social Listening in Practice: Influencer Marketing
This paper, one of an ongoing use case series, will show you how using influencers to contribute to the marketing of your product can supercharge your campaigns and help you reach a bigger, more relevant audience than ever before.
influencer  marketing  guide  review  BrandWatch  2014 
november 2015 by inspiral
Salesforce for B2B Marketers: The Complete Guide a Pardot eBook
Learn why Pardot is the marketing automation solution of choice for Salesforce customers —and why it should be at the top of every B2B marketer’s wishlist. This eBook will walk you through some of Pardot’s top functionality, including go-to features, important statistics, and the advantages of pairing Pardot with Salesforce CRM.
Pardot  guide  marketingautomation  datacollection  leadqualification  leadnurturing  emailmarketing  ROI  Salesforce  2014 
october 2015 by inspiral
Working from Norway solves for Edgefolio many of the HR problems you often have a in startups. They claim that Scandinavian social capital means you can put a lot more trust in your employees, with finishing the task at hand well being much more important than working hours. Other big tech cities such as San Francisco and London are already saturated by people looking for engineers so the recruitment process was a lot easier for them than it would otherwise have been.
Edgefolio  fintech  startup  profile  hedgefunds  ArcticStartup  2014 
october 2015 by inspiral
FCA research: consumers do not trust 'expensive' IFAs - Citywire
The report, by Ignition House, said: ‘Pre-retirement respondents without an IFA commonly reported a strong mistrust of financial advisers based on poor past experience. Some respondents were under the impression that IFAs were paid by commission and felt that IFAs might not always work in their best interests.
IFA  consumer  research  critique  fundmanagement  FinancialConductAuthority  UK  CityWire  2014 
september 2015 by inspiral
Startup Accelerator Programmes: A practice guide | Nesta
This practice guide explains how accelerator programmes work and supports you to think practically about setting up your own programme.

Key findings
Find out what accelerator programmes are and how they work.
Learn about the common characteristics and different roles of accelerators programmes.
Understand why you might choose an accelerator programme as an incubation method, and sense check if it is right for you.
Start to think about accelerator design in your own context using practical prompts and worksheets.
accelerator  startup  research  UK  review  guide  NESTA  2014 
august 2015 by inspiral
Are you man enough to wear pink? - Telegraph
From Gatsby to today's City boys, pink is the most masculine colour there is - although don't expect your favourite sports team to wear it any time soon
pink  fashion  colour  Telegraph  2014 
july 2015 by inspiral
The Future of Payments: towards a vision for 2020 » Banking Technology
While the payments landscape has evolved rapidly over the past decade, due to a flurry of innovation and regulation, expansive growth in electronic payments and the inclusion of new market entrants, industry research1 indicates that the next decade will yield a period of even faster changes, writes Daniel Szmukler, director, Euro Banking Association.
payments  trends  consumer  corporate  EuroBankingAssociation  BankingTechnology  2014 
april 2015 by inspiral
Is a profit worth the price of the Times’s paywall? | Media | The Guardian
Murdoch’s flagships are locked behind a barrier that throttles traffic and, arguably, relevance. But they made £1.7m last year
Times  paywalls  media  newspapers  review  Guardian  2014 
april 2015 by inspiral
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