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University public engagement: 20 tips | Higher Education Network | The Guardian
Experts from our recent #HElivechat share best practice and advice on better engaging the public in university research
university  highereducation  tertiaryeducation  engagement  review  guide  opportunity  Guardian  2013 
august 2016 by inspiral
Landscape 2013: Who are the Players in the IP Marketplace? - | Patents & Patent Law
What are these models and who are the respective players implementing them? These models and their players are generally referred to as “IP intermediaries” because they are neither the IP creators nor the IP “consumers” (e.g., licensees and purchasers). These intermediaries, however, attempt to perform one or more services or offer one or more products that connect the IP creators and the IP consumers.
More specifically, these IP business models include:
Patent Licensing and Enforcement Companies (PLECs)
Institutional IP Aggregators/Acquisition Funds
IP/Technology Development Companies
Licensing Agents
Litigation Finance/Investment Firms
IP Brokers
IP-Based M&A Advisory Firms
IP Auction Houses
On-Line IP/Technology Exchanges, Clearinghouses, Bulletin Boards, and Innovation Portals
IP-Backed Lending Firms
Royalty Stream Securitization Firms
Analytics Software and Services Firms
University Technology Transfer Intermediaries
IP Transaction Exchanges & Trading Platforms/IP Transaction Best Practices Development Communities
Defensive Patent Pools, Funds and Alliances
Technology/IP Spinout Financing Firms
Patent-Based Public Stock Index Publishers
IP Insurance Carriers
intellectualproperty  market  patents  typology  IPWatchdog  2013 
may 2016 by inspiral
Publish or perish: Academic publishing confronts its digital future | Features | Johns Hopkins Magazine | Hub
"1. Publishers publish. Publicly. If I can do public intellectualism more easily at @TheAtlantic [The Atlantic magazine] or @newinquiry [online literary magazine The New Inquiry], something is wrong. #aaup13"

"3. Invent something new. There's a huge open space between trite trade non-fiction and scholarly esoterica. Fill it. #aaup13"

"9. If there is a 'dying' form it's not [the] book but the journal. What could we do to make technical, inter-field discourse not suck? #aaup13."
academia  publishing  openaccess  trends  review  JohnHopkinsMagazine  2013 
february 2016 by inspiral
Predatory publishing is just one of the consequences of gold open access
This article examines the ways the gold open-access model is negatively affecting scholarly communications.
Instead of zealously promoting a particular method of scholarly com-munication, librarians should ask themselves: what is the best model for the future of scholarly communication? The gold OA model is demonstrating many signifi cant weaknesses and drawbacks, so librar-ians and others need to re-examine the model with a healthy skepticism instead of doubling down and pro-moting it as the fi nal solution.
openaccess  academia  publishing  predatorypublishing  review  author:JeffreyBeall  LearnedPublishing  2013 
february 2016 by inspiral
Sham journals scam authors : Nature News & Comment
Scientific publishing, meet cybercrime. Two reputable European science journals have fallen prey to identity theft by criminals who have created counterfeit journal websites. These online doppel­gängers have duped hundreds of researchers into paying author fees, with the ill-won gains being funnelled to Armenia.
academia  publishing  fraud  Nature  2013 
february 2016 by inspiral
For Scientists, an Exploding World of Pseudo-Academia -
But some researchers are now raising the alarm about what they see as the proliferation of online journals that will print seemingly anything for a fee. They warn that nonexperts doing online research will have trouble distinguishing credible research from junk. “Most people don’t know the journal universe,” Dr. Goodman said. “They will not know from a journal’s title if it is for real or not.”

Researchers also say that universities are facing new challenges in assessing the résumés of academics. Are the publications they list in highly competitive journals or ones masquerading as such? And some academics themselves say they have found it difficult to disentangle themselves from these journals once they mistakenly agree to serve on their editorial boards.

The phenomenon has caught the attention of Nature, one of the most competitive and well-regarded scientific journals. In a news report published recently, the journal noted “the rise of questionable operators” and explored whether it was better to blacklist them or to create a “white list” of those open-access journals that meet certain standards. Nature included a checklist on “how to perform due diligence before submitting to a journal or a publisher.”
predatorypublishing  publishing  academia  critique  JeffreyBeall  BeallsList  openaccess  review  NYTimes  2013 
february 2016 by inspiral
Should You Change Your SEO Strategy Because of Google Hummingbird?
The five things that we should take out of the release of Hummingbird are as follows:

Long tail keywords
Useful information
Increased Entrance Portals
Continued SEO
Google  GoogleHummingbird  search  searchmarketing  guide  Kissmetrics  2013 
december 2015 by inspiral
Reacting to Miley
What Miley did onstage was less a song-and-dance number than a series of erratic movements and loopy facial expressions. To see the change in our cultural temperament, you need only to look at Lady Gaga’s V.M.A.s appearance, replete with costume changes and an elaborate set, all designed to showcase Gaga’s distinctive persona. It did not excite the same kind of response as Miley’s because it was controlled, deliberate, and not easily broken up into bits. Miley, on the other hand, in her spastic mayhem, anticipated the imminent online feeding frenzy. It was if she were saying “GIF me now.”
MileyCyrus  VMAs  animatedGIF  culture  trends  atomisation  author:SashaWeiss  NewYorker  2013 
october 2015 by inspiral
The Most Important Tactic In Converting Email Campaigns | The Email Marketing Blog
In order to establish a message hierarchy for your next campaign, ask yourself what is it that you want people to do as a result of your email?
emailmarketing  bestpractice  messagehierarchy  guide  relevance  dotmailer  2013 
october 2015 by inspiral
API: Entry Point to the New 'Open' World of Banking | Bank Systems & Technology
The greater flexibility provided by API technology means banks can quickly provide the kind of product customization and experience customers expect. This depends on open infrastructures and data feeds.
API  banking  innovation  opportunity  BankSystems&Technology  InformationWeek  2013 
january 2015 by inspiral
There Will Be Blood: The Era of Engagement Banking — Medium
We are moving away from a banking relationship defined by the goal of being a customer’s primary financial institution to one where we focus on becoming their primary financial application. It’s no longer about wallet share. It’s about app-driven mindshare – as our customers reach into their pockets for their mobile device or use their glasses or other form of wearable technology and think about their financial relationship choices – before, during, and after a financial moment of truth.
banking  financialservices  disintermediation  trends  forecast  author:BradleyLeimer  2013 
november 2014 by inspiral
Please Retweet! 10 Steps To Learn How To Retweet
You are a powerful brand advocate for your company for your company. You are the only one that can provide access to an audience that cannot be easily reached by your brand or company. By building up and reaching out to your social network you can help extend your company’s or brand’s message over 10-fold! In fact, Dell reports that only 8% of a brand’s social media followers overlap with an individual coworker’s followers.

Your role is also critical to extending a brand’s message because Gartner reports that 70% of a people trust a person’s recommendation about a brand (e.g., at retweet) vs. 15% who trust a message directly from a brand. Your friends and network see you as an expert and you need to leverage that positioning!

This presentation reviews 10 easy steps to use retweeting as a way to extend your message to help be a part of a brand’s social business strategy to reach an audience that is not currently reachable.
Twitter  retweet  guide  bestpractice  GerryMoran  SAP  2013 
september 2014 by inspiral
We are the city on Vimeo
Follow the last 9 months of bicycle number 12248, in green, as it is pedalled around London by 2,286 people. It finally came to rest in January 2013 where it now enjoys a more sedate life at the Museum of London.
During this 9 month period over 7 million journeys were made using London's public cycle hire scheme. These journeys are shown as red, purple and blue lines coloured according to the number of bikes available at the journey's origin and destination. The average change in bike availability over each day of the period is compressed into 25 minutes so we gradually see the city breathing as bikes move between the centre and edges of the scheme.
Structure is revealed in the chaos of millions of bicycle journeys by changing the length of the trails the bikes leave behind them and periodically hiding the less common journeys.
This video is an extract from the exhibit 'We are the City' shown at Digital Shoreditch 2013 and the Museum of London.
cycling  bikeshare  London  datavisualisation  JoWood  2013 
september 2014 by inspiral
The Future of Employment: How susceptible are jobs to computerisation?∗
We examine how susceptible jobs are to computerisation. To as- sess this, we begin by implementing a novel methodology to estimate the probability of computerisation for 702 detailed occupations, using a Gaussian process classifier. Based on these estimates, we examine ex- pected impacts of future computerisation on US labour market outcomes, with the primary objective of analysing the number of jobs at risk and the relationship between an occupation’s probability of computerisation, wages and educational attainment. According to our estimates, about 47 percent of total US employment is at risk. We further provide evidence that wages and educational attainment exhibit a strong negative relation- ship with an occupation’s probability of computerisation.
employment  automation  disruption  research  USA  OxfordUniversity  2013 
august 2014 by inspiral
Content Marketing in the UK: 2014 Benchmarks, Budgets & Trends
Welcome to our second annual report on the content marketing practices of UK marketers. In this report, we provide comparisons of for-profit UK, North American, and Australian marketers. One of the key findings is that UK marketers (48%) consider themselves to be more effective at content marketing* when compared with their North American (41%) and Australian (33%) peers. Among the other findings: Only 42% of UK marketers say they have a documented content strategy; however, 10% of those answering this question were unsure. This is the highest rate of uncertainty we saw around this question when comparing responses across continents. 76% of UK marketers are producing more content than they did one year ago, compared with 72% of North American and 81% of Australian marketers. UK marketers (89%) use Twitter more often than their North American (84%) and Australian (79%) peers do; however, like those peers, they rate LinkedIn highest in terms of effectiveness. UK marketers allocate more of their total marketing budget (31%) to content marketing when compared with North American (29%) and Australian (27%) marketers. UK marketers are fairly challenged in regard to producing enough content (46%) and producing engaging content (44%). However, they use more content marketing tactics on average than their peers across the globe, and they use those tactics more frequently. That—in addition to their confidence in their effectiveness—leads us to conclude that content marketing is alive and well in the UK.
research  UK  DMA  ContentMarketingInstitute  2013  contentmarketing 
july 2014 by inspiral
Facebook Studio :: Gallery
In June 2013, the German DIY and home improvement chain Hornbach announced on its Facebook Page that it had bought a tank. Fans were excited about the news, although they did not initially know what the tank was for. Piece by piece, post by post, Hornbach revealed that the tank was being transformed into a product that underlined decades of Hornbach’s exceptional market positioning: a product created out of passion for DIY and a fair share of madness. The Hornbach Hammer was born. Extremely limited to 7,000 pieces. An icon of DIY culture, created by Hornbach. The first limited sales run of the hammer, available exclusively to Hornbach Facebook fans, sold out in under five minutes. The hype created on Facebook was unstoppable. When the Hornbach Hammer officially went on sale in stores and in the online shop, it sold out in just two hours. And the traditional media campaign (TV, OOH and print) hadn't even started yet. In the following weeks, the Hornbach Facebook Page provided daily updates on secret and exotic places where the last 700 remaining Hornbach hammers would be sold: on a ferry between Germany and Denmark, at night in a sex shop, on a special website, at Europe's biggest heavy metal festival, or even from an old lady in a pedestrian zone. People gave it all—including traveling up to 600 kilometers—to (maybe) get one.
HornbachHammer  DIY  retail  Facebook  creativeshowcase  Hornbach  FacebookStudio  2013 
may 2014 by inspiral
Tech and the VirtuoCity | Comment | Research
How eye-tracking technology and computer simulations are working together to help out-of-home advertisers understand their place in the world. By Posterscope’s David Gordon and JCDecaux’s Chris Felton.
outdooradvertising  eyetracking  JCDecaux  VirtuoCitry  SecondLife  innovation  Research-Live  2013 
april 2014 by inspiral
Getting Started with Analytics Measurement for Marketing Campaigns: A Brief Guide - Analytics Blog
To do this, I've created a guide for them to follow to make it easy to choose the proper UTM codes to have consistent campaign tagging across the business. This allows us to begin to assign source and medium values to finance channels and usage metrics to really understand how each campaign performs in terms of our bottom line business metrics.
googleAnalytics  analytics  campaigntracking  guide  Google  2013 
march 2014 by inspiral
Benefits of Linking your Google Analytics and Adwords Accounts - YouTube
Linking your AdWords and Google Analytics accounts gives you access to the entire picture of customer behavior, from ad click or impression through your site to conversion. Learn more by watching this video.
GoogleAdWords  googleAnalytics  analytics  guide  integrations  Google  2013 
march 2014 by inspiral
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