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Customer Engagement vs. Customer Satisfaction
However, it soon became clear that marketers had been chasing the wrong goal. In the late ‘90s and early ‘00s, researchers discovered that extremely satisfied customers were only slightly more likely to stay with a firm than moderately satisfied customers. In a 1995 Harvard Business Review article, Thomas Jones and Earl Sasser Jr. pointed out that “satisfied customers defect.” Indeed, numerous studies debunked the clout of customer satisfaction. For example, one analysis of banking customers found that 6% of “extremely satisfied” customers closed their accounts—nearly identical to the 5.8% departure rate for less satisfied customers. In other words, it was discovered that efforts to improve customer satisfaction provided a very low ROI.

Customer Engagement came on the scene when researchers included emotion as an important driver of the customer experience. Customer satisfaction was a functional measurement; it examined customer feedback on tangible, rational outcomes such as price. When a less expensive product appeared, customers were likely to switch providers. In contrast, Customer Engagement included emotional facets of the purchasing experience; it incorporated how consumers felt. Research verified that this was an important distinction; fully engaged customers were far more loyal than less engaged customers. In other words, achieving higher engagement provides a handsome ROI. The banking study mentioned earlier found that just 3.8% of fully engaged customers closed their accounts.
customersatisfaction  customersatisfactionscore  customerengagement  review  metrics  PeopleMetrics  2010 
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What Are the Methods of Measuring Stakeholder Satisfaction
Project managers typically conduct a stakeholder analysis to gather input from people who have influence over the success of the project. By establishing effective methods of measuring stakeholder satisfaction, managers help set expectations to reduce obstacles or conflict during the project.
projectmanagement  stakeholdermanagement  guide  BrightHubPM  2010 
august 2016 by inspiral
Cash Prizes for Innovation Are Surging - WSJ
The rise of cash prizes for innovation is a response to changing business conditions—and a return to a winning strategy
innovation  competition  history  review  author:EricSHintz  WallStreetJournal  2010 
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Do the Health Benefits of Cycling Outweigh the Risks?
On average, the estimated health benefits of cycling were substantially larger than the risks relative to car driving for individuals shifting their mode of transport.
cycling  health  research  advocacy  EvironmentalHealthPerspectives  2010 
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Pawned. Gamification and Its Discontents
Critiquing the poor implementation of gamification in the digital sector
gamification  critique  2010  sebastian  deterding  imported 
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Branded Apps & Automotive - Nov 2010
Report looking at automotive brands' use of mobile apps as a means of marketing
mobileapps  automotive  mobilemarketing  excion  2010  imported 
july 2011 by inspiral
Consumers Engaged Via Social Media Are More Likely To Buy, Recommend
Report looking at the increased propensity to purchase associated with people who are members of social networking sites
socialmedia  purchase  chadwickmartinbailey  2010  usa  imported 
july 2011 by inspiral
WOF: How many email accounts do you use? - TechSpot News
Statistics on the number of email addresses held by consumers.
emailmarketing  email  consumer  techspot  2010  imported 
june 2011 by inspiral
Giving Green Paper
Government green paper providing a road map for increasing voluntary donations of time and money
charitablegiving  charity  volunteering  cabinetoffice  2010  imported 
april 2011 by inspiral
Giving, wellbeing, and behavioural science
Paper looking at the benefits consumers get from charitable giving
charitablegiving  charity  motivations  cabinetoffice  2010  imported 
april 2011 by inspiral
Broad range of statistics looking at consumers use of the internet
internet  socialnetworking  officeofnationalstatistics  2010  uk  imported 
april 2011 by inspiral
Facebook and brands from DDB
DDB's review of Facebook and the opportunity it provides for brands and social media based marketing.
facebook  onlinemarketing  socialmedia  ddb  2010  imported 
march 2011 by inspiral
The Real Life Social Network v2
Presentation looking at home consumers interact with friends and acquaintances and how there is a mismatch with how we use social networks
socialnetworking  consumer  facebook  recommendation  2010  pauladams  imported 
march 2011 by inspiral
Barclays Wealth Insights
Profile high net worth individuals and associated wealth management issues
highnetworth  wealthy  wealthmanagement  barclayswealth  2010  imported 
march 2011 by inspiral
Global Wealth Report
Report running through the state of the wealthy and a run down of key markets
highnetworth  wealthy  global  creditsuisse  2010  imported 
march 2011 by inspiral
What men and women are doing on Facebook
Feature article looking on the use of social networks by men and women
socialnetworking  facebook  gender  men  women  2010  forbes  imported 
march 2011 by inspiral
How Brands Are Using Instagram to Reach New Audiences
Report looking at how brands are using Instagram to reach consumer audiences
instragram  socialmedia  mashable  2010  imported 
march 2011 by inspiral
The Evolution Of Social CRM -
Inforgraphic looking at the growth of social CRM
crm  socialmedia  viralblog  2010  imported 
february 2011 by inspiral
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