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برنامج الملخص مع احمد العذاري/محافظ بغداد الجديد وقانونية التصويت/ يوم 14-10-2019 - YouTube
1:55 Falah Jazairi resignation letter was sent "through his political bloc"; 16:45 compares Jazairi to AAM, says he doesn't have a strong bloc behind him; 25:00 Jazairi says council "voted on something they didn't see and wasn't addressed to them"; 33:00 Jazairi says to host his health is "better than yours"; 42:00 Sultan: "there's no contractor who doesn't have a political entity behind him . . . there is no such thing as a political entity without an economic arm"
october 2019 by insideiraqipolitics
ابو مهدي الكرعاوي / قيادي في الحشد الشعبي حول صالات الروليت والقمار - YouTube
Abu Mahdi al-Karawi, 2:15 says NSS leading investigation, says will uncover high-level officials aiding the criminals
Hashd  Baghdad 
august 2019 by insideiraqipolitics
فلاح الجزائري: الفتح وسائرون يشكلان كفتا الميزان ولن يسمحا بتسويق من جاءوا بأجندات خارجية - YouTube
Sept. 2018, Falah Jazairi on al-Ahad TV, 8:00 says those believing America can provide a solution will be "crushed on the rocks, the rock of the mujahedin"
february 2019 by insideiraqipolitics
افاق تنفرد بأول لقاء مع محافظ بغداد الجديد فلاح الجزائري .. حديث الساعة -22-12-2018 - YouTube
Dec. 22 interview with Falah al-Jazairi on Afaq; 6:50 says has served 30 years in Amanat Baghdad, at one point head of sewers department; 7:45 says need to abandon method of dealing with each issue through crisis cells, switch to real planning
february 2019 by insideiraqipolitics
محافظ بغداد: دولة القانون هو مرجعيتي السياسية ولا انتمي لأي فصيل مسلح
Feb. 1, Falah Jazairi saying he is SLC, denying any militia ties; article says was confirmed by court as governor Jan. 7
february 2019 by insideiraqipolitics
فلاح الجزائري / محافظ بغداد الجديد عبر الهاتف - YouTube
Dec. 22, Falah Jazairi on Rashid TV, 5:00 criticizes reliance on crisis cells, etc. says need serious planning; 5:45 says doesn't want to be divisive, wants to work together "as single team" with all colleagues; 6:15 says "I am very close actually to my brothers in Hikma and Ahrar," both the leaders and "those present" (i.e., locals), says they know I have no intent for iqsa; 10:30 says first priority is to "let people leave as human beings: water, sewers, paved roads"
february 2019 by insideiraqipolitics
لقاء الاعلامي نجم الربيعي مع قائد عمليات بغداد الفريق الركن جليل الربيعي - من بغداد - YouTube
Jan. 13 22:00 says returned thousands of IDPs to Hizam Baghdad areas, sees populating these areas as part of restoring security; 24:30 says zero car bombs in Baghdad in 2018, one suicide bomber in Shula, had advance warning but could not find bomber in time; 37:00 describes campaign to end tribal "dakka" shootings, convinced authorities to prosecute under a more severe article of criminal code; 41:15 says about 200 cameras in place in Baghdad, provided by provincial government; 44:00 says Chinese ambassador offered Chinese face recognition technology for security cameras in Karrada as free grant, about to go into action
Baghdad  security  BOC  tribes  China 
january 2019 by insideiraqipolitics
بغداد تختار محافظا جديدا والبصرة تنتظر تغييره والنجف تنوي إقالته
Dec. 13, Ahrar's Fadhil Hussien Shweli elected Baghdad government on Dec. 12, but questions exist about legality of session; Idani still undecided
Baghdad  Basra  najaf  AsaadIdani 
december 2018 by insideiraqipolitics
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