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EUROPP – Is a ‘Jamaica’ coalition possible? The Greens, the FDP, and the struggle to become Germany’s third political force
With only one day to go before the 2017 German federal election, Angela Merkel’s CDU/CSU is widely expected to emerge as the largest party. But her next coalition partner will depend on the results of the parties behind her. At present, the FDP and the Greens are two parties with a solid opportunity to become junior members of the next government. Both parties have recently formed coalitions with the CDU at the state level, two of which are so-called ‘Jamaica’ coalitions (alluding to the respective parties’ colours of black, green and yellow) suggesting a similar model could also work at the federal level. But do their programmes really allow for them to find common ground?
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september 2017 by insertrealname
Russia’s Facebook Fake News Could Have Reached 70 Million Americans
Russian-funded covert propaganda posts on Facebook were likely seen by a minimum of 23 million people and might have reached as many as 70 million, according to analysis by an expert on the social-media giant’s complex advertising systems. That means up to 28 percent of American adults were swept in by the campaign.
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Response to David Wells’ Reform Act op-ed | It's Politics, All the Way Down
It seems that the Senate’s journey from relatively harmless anachronism to active obstacle of democratic governance continues apace. After weeks of speculation that the red chamber would allow Michael Chong’s Reform Act to die a quiet death at the end of Parliament, this week we heard an argument from one of the Senators opposed, Conservative David Wells, as to why the bill deserves such a fate.
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