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My Dinner With Persephone - Rules for Anchorites
I have a lot of things. Bad parents, abandoned kids, broken girls getting whole, poorly socialized psyches incapable of understanding social systems. I have a lot.

But in the end, I just can't stop writing about Persephone.
essay  character:persephone 
april 2016 by innocentsmith
spuffyduds: Persephone Lied
The truth is, I was bored.
My mother blissing ahead of me, rosebuds rising in her footsteps,
And I skulking behind, thinking,
Oh look. She walks in beauty.
poetry  fic  mythology:greek  character:persephone  pairing:persephone/hades  length:short  author:spuffyduds 
november 2012 by innocentsmith

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