T60p CPU/GPU temperatures
GoofyGAguy and Pit1337 are both correct. The shim replaces the thermal cooling pad and is held in place by pressure supplied by the heat sink, as well as by the thermal compound (arctic Silver 5 or equivalent) applied to both surfaces of the shim.

You can buy the shim over eBay, or make it yourself fairly easily. I made my own using a 1mm thick sheet of bronze I purchased at a hardware store for $4.00. I simply cut off a small piece using a hacksaw, filed off the burrs, and it was done.

11 days ago
Thinkpad Keyboards 42T3937
That widescreen keyboard FRU 42T3937 is NOT from a T60.
It was made for T400/R400/T500/R500/W500 series, and actually made by NMB.
The T6x KB fits in the above, and the opposite is probably true as well (never tried it myself).

16 days ago
T60P "official" FireGL V5250 video card drive for WIN7
Did you load the x86-video-ati driver? That should replace the Gallium LLVM software renderer.
19 days ago
Thinkpad T61 15" FRANKENPAD UXGA 1600x1200 Flexview Core 2 Extreme X9000 | eBay
This is a fully modded Frankenpad motherboard swap with a T61 internals inside the chassis of a 15 inch T60p. There is no faulty Nvidia NVS or FX gpu which had a high failure rate and causes overheating. This laptop only has integrated video that never fail. This laptop has been extensively upgraded. The full extent of upgrades and specifications are listed below.

-Middleton Bios, removes hardware whitelist, enables sata 3.0 GB/s
-BOE HYDIS UXGA 1600x1200 IPS FLEXVIEW display
-Intel Core 2 Ex...
6 weeks ago
IBM t60 vs t60p laptops - Thinkpads Forum
T61/p was never offered as a standard (4:3) 15", hence the whole FrankenPad concept which is based on installing a motherboard from 14" (4:3) T61/p into a 15" (4:3) T60/p chassis and gaining the advantage of 8GB RAM, faster CPUs and other *61 goodies combined with an IPS FlexView LCD.
6 weeks ago
How to send mail from command line with Gmail and Mutt
echo "This is the body" | mutt -s "Testing mutt" user@yahoo.com -a /tmp/XDefd.png
6 weeks ago
How to change the title of an xterm
really great format for technical faq
docs  faq 
6 weeks ago
R50 — Aleutia
The world's Best Mini PC
pc  linux 
8 weeks ago
Just a Theory [Past]: Always Use TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE
cropp • 6 years ago
I am slightly lost as to why setting the servers default session time zone to 'UTC' makes any sense if you never view your data in 'UTC'. Is this to protect someone trying to insert time without timezone into a timestamp with time zone field? I agree both the app inserting data and the app displaying data should make sure to set there timezone, but if every time I login with pg admin or command line I have to type 'set session time zone PST or PST8PDT' because that's how a business interacts with there data then it makes no sense.

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Basil Bourque cropp • 5 years ago
I too was confused by the sixth bullet:

If your app always needs data in some other time zone, have it SET timezone = 'UTC' on connection.
I assume that was a typo. Perhaps he meant something like:

If your app always needs data in some other time zone,
have it SET timezone = 'XXX' on connection, where XXX is the desired time zone.
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justatheory Mod Basil Bourque • 5 years ago
Yes, that's right.
8 weeks ago
WWW::Mechanize Best Practices | i hack on things
   autocheck         => 1,
    cookie_jar        => HTTP::CookieJar::LWP->new,
    protocols_allowed => ['http','https',],
perl  mechanize 
9 weeks ago
linux - How do I kill all screens? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
screen -ls | grep Detached | cut -d. -f1 | awk '{print $1}' | xargs kill
screen  linux 
10 weeks ago
Tea Masters: How to repair a crack on a tetsubin?
I followed his advice: I boiled some rice in the tetsubin until it became porridge. Then I waited until it become cold, removed the porridge, cleaned the pot and waited another night. Now, when I'm using the tetsubin, the water has stopped leaking from these cracks. What a relief! And how amazing that something as common and natural as rice could repair an iron kettle!
10 weeks ago
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