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how do i make ethanol gel - Page 2 - Chemistry - Science Forums
Folks:  I have been working on a usable gel fuel recipe for almost a year now and I finally feel I have a successful and cost effective one.  I want the fuel for use in a gel fuel fireplace so I based my research on duplicating the SunJel commercial fuel as closely as possible.  I also use some empty SunJel cans to contain MY fuel as they are the sturdiest and are designed for the fireplace use. Which does require that I buy at least one case of the fuel to begin with.  Anyway, here are the results of my research.  I hope this helps others trying to come up with a more cost effective gel fuel:
Formulas - using empty SunJel containers
Concentrated for use with fire pots
Calcium acetate powder, 1/2 cup
$3.30 per half cup
Water, 1 cup
91% isopropyl alcohol - 6 cups
$3.87 per 6 cups
makes 4 containers
1.79 per container
Consistancy same as SunJel for use with gel fuel fireplace
Calcium acetate, 1/2 cup
$3.30 per half cup
Water, 1 cup
91% isopropyl alcohol - 10 cups
$6.40 per 10 cups
makes 7.5 containers
1.38 per container
Note:  this first part must be done EXACTLY as stated or the jell will not happen correctly!:
1) Measure ½ cup of the calcium acetate into a large mixing bowl.  Add one cup of water and whisk together well.  Measure 6 cups of the alcohol into a separate bowl.  Pour into larger mixing bowl all at once and whisk to blend. 
2)  Let sit until jelled and then add additional alcohol (up to 4-5 cups) to get desired viscosity.  More alcohol will not increase its flammability, but if too liquid, you lose the safety benefit of the jell.
1)  SunJel using Amazon Prime costs $3.33/container
2) Supplier for calcium acetate - quartzpegmatite on ebay
3) Supplier for 91% Alcohol - Walmart
4) Use real beeswax nuggets for crackle
5) SunJel containers are the strongest and are designed for use in gel fuel fireplaces, increasing safety
Material Costs
Calcium Acetate
$20/lb (with shipping ebay)
91% Isopropyl Alcohol
$2.58/bottle (4 cups/bottle, Walmart)
10 weeks ago
Toronto Zen Centre - Chants & Sutras
(Chanted with Hands in Gassho)

All beings, without number, I vow to liberate.
Endless blind passions, I vow to uproot.
Dharma gates, beyond measure, I vow to penetrate.
The Great Way of Buddha, I vow to attain.
10 weeks ago
Progressive Buddhism: A Reading of the Bodhisattva Vow
All beings, without number, I vow to liberate 

Endless blind passions I vow to uproot 

Dharma gates beyond measure I vow to penetrate 

The way of the Buddha I vow to attain
10 weeks ago
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