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Example of creating a new row and also creating a row in a related belongs_to resultset. Note Hashref.

title=>"Music for Silly Walks",
artist => {
name=>"Silly Musician",
12 hours ago
WordPress - Debian Wiki
| mysql --defaults-extra-file=/etc/mysql/debian.cnf
wordpress  debian 
4 weeks ago
Maps, Weather, and Airports for Newport Beach, United States
Latitude 33.6189
Longitude -117.9289
Altitude (feet) 3
Lat (DMS) 33° 37' 8N
Long (DMS) 117° 55' 44W
Altitude (meters) 0
8 weeks ago
Inside the polar regions, a part of the zodiac never rises above the horizon. Hence,
certain signs can never be Ascendant there. Examples are northern Alaska, northern
Norway or Siberia. In these two places, the signs of Sagittarius and Capricorn never rise
above the horizon, while the opposite signs, Gemini and Cancer, always remain below
the horizon. Therefore, people born there cannot have these four signs as their
Ascendant. One of the questions to ask is whether a noticeable number of people walk
around in these regions without the characteristics of the signs of these Ascendants.
8 weeks ago
SWISS EPHEMERIS for the year 1977
8 weeks ago
swetest -b30.4.2005 -p1 -fPZ -ut15 -head
astrology  swetest 
8 weeks ago
- Astrodienst
Swetest computes a complete set of geocentric planetary positions,
for a given date or a sequence of dates.
Input can either be a date or an absolute julian day number.
0:00 (midnight).
With the proper options, swetest can be used to output a printed
ephemeris and transfer the data into other programs like spreadsheets
for graphical display.
8 weeks ago
def nakshatra(jd, place):
"""Current nakshatra as of julian day (jd)
1 = Asvini, 2 = Bharani, ..., 27 = Revati
8 weeks ago
ssh - Cross platform centralized password manager - Super User
I'm partial to flat text files, myself. PGP/GPG encrypt them to the group who needs access if you can't trust their machines to keep it safe.

It doesn't get much more portable than text.
september 2017
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