Genelec 1031 vs. 1032...what's the difference - Gearslutz Pro Audio Community
The 1032 has a 10" woofer. At the time (and maybe still) is was the largest 2 way Genelec. out. It's in the same ballpark as the 1031 sonically, maybe not as tight in the low-low mids, but still very Genelec. (For better or worse)
1030=6 inch woofer
1031=8 inch woofer
1032=10 inch woofer
7 days ago
Microsoft issues ‘highly unusual’ Windows XP patch to prevent massive ransomware attack - The Verge
UK hospitals, Telefonica, FedEx, and other businesses were hit by a massive ransomware attack on Friday. Around 75,000 computers in 99 countries were affected by malware known as WannaCry, which encrypts a computer and demands a $300 ransom before unlocking it. The malware was able to spread thanks to flaws in old versions of Windows that were originally used by the NSA to hack into PCs before being made public by the Shadow Brokers group last month.
7 days ago
command line - How to get coloured terminal over ssh? - Ask Ubuntu
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Seems like colors were already set in ~/.bashrc for me and the issue is that ssh does not use the bashrc file. You can use bashrc in your ssh session by adding the following to ~/.bash_profile:

if [ -f ~/.bashrc ]; then
. ~/.bashrc
8 days ago
Production versus mixing - Gearslutz Pro Audio Community
I mix on the same Genelec 1032b’s that we got in the mid 90’s . love them. I recently added a new Genelec sub which made a great difference, i can now really hear what s going on down there. I have developed a habit of also mixing through my lap top speakers and my slightly bigger sounding computer monitor speakers . If you can make it sound good on those three i recon your on pretty safe ground.
eq  orbital 
8 days ago
Below 40 hertz? - Page 2 - Gearslutz Pro Audio Community
Fletcher and munson curves dictate the minium level in dB SPL of the frequencies to be detected by the human ear.
20Hz needs minium 80dB to be heard like a pin falling in the ground.
30hz needs 65dB minium,
40hz needs 55dB.
50hz needs near 48dB
60Hz needs a bit over 40dB SPL
70hz - over 35dB
80Hz - near 35dB
90Hz - near 30dB
100Hz - 30dB
8 days ago
Kinetic 2017 vs. 1992 - Gearslutz Pro Audio Community
So for our original mix , we did it with our green album set up .

cheep 16 channel mixer
emax 2
sr 16 or R8
sh 09
quadraverb ( resonator on the snare )
10 days ago
OT: Softsynth version of Alesis Quadrasynth? | Cakewalk Forums
No, not specifically of the Quadra Synth, but Dimension Pro has some electronic piano sounds. Or you can roll your own from your favorite Quadra Synth patch. All you need is stuff you might already have in place:


b) Dimension Pro

c) A wave editor like Sony Sound Forge, Audacity, Goldwave, or Adobe Audition;

d) A computer audio device with inputs for recording the output of the Alesis Quadra Synth;

e) A computer MIDI interface for allowing SONAR to control the Alesis Quadra Synth;

f) Windows Notepad for creating the .sfz text files which tell Dimension Pro how to load samples and assign them;

First, get everything hooked up. MIDI out from SONAR to MIDI in of Quadra Synth. Audio out from Quadra Synth to SONAR audio track.

Second, create a MIDI sequence in SONAR that will run through a series of notes at different velocities. How many notes and how many velocities will be determined by how rich/complex you want the resulting sample set to be (ie how many notes should be in the sample set--every note in the range of the QS Rhodes, or every minor-3rd note; and by how many velocity switched layers you want).

Third, run the MIDI sequence from SONAR so that the Quadra Synth responds to it on the Rhodes patch and plays back the note sequences. Have record running in SONAR on an audio track to receive the rendered audio notes.

Fourth, export the recorded audio track with all the individual notes in it as a 24bit wave file then bring this into your wave editor. Use the wave editor to slice out each individual note, apply loop points to them, and save them as individual .wav files.

Fifth, use Notepad to create a text .sfz file that will tell Dimension where how to load and layer the multisamples you created in step 4.

Sixth, launch Dimension Pro, load the SFZ file into an element, tweak the remaining user interface parameters, save as a new Dimension Pro program (.prog) file, and you now have a Dimension Pro virtual instrument version of your favorite Quandra Synth Rhodes sound.

Do this for all your favorite Quadra Synth sounds then you can retire the Quadra Synth.
21 days ago
mixing with crappy car speakers? - Gearslutz Pro Audio Community
For a cheap speaker sound test, I use an old Panasonic table radio I modified with a 1/4" switched jack connected to it's 4" speaker. You can find these old table radio's on E-bay or thrift stores, cheap...Mine is in a nice looking wood cabinet, and would be used in an office setting.....Sound wise, it's all mid-rangey.....and a perfect tool for testing for mono sound out of a cheap radio......

The thing about it is, it's not very dynamic, but very easy to listen to for long periods of time, such as in an office setting......

I also have an old Sony boom box with line input jacks, that I use occassionaly.

My main monitors are Yamaha Home Theater speaker cabinets. They are a three way cabinet with 12" speakers. Very similar to NS-10's but with more bass....I also have a set of NS-10's connected to this system....The end result is, if it sounds good on the Yamaha's, it usually will sound good anywhere, car, boombox, table radio, so I'm happy wity my setup and monitoring options.
mixing  speakers 
4 weeks ago
RAV4 Acoustics problem, even with Boston Acoustics SX60. - Toyota RAV4 Forums
One thing that always bugged though was not just the crappy sound quality of the factory system. Had it been just crappy, it wouldn't bother me that much. I drove cars with crappier sound, but my RAV4 was causing a totally unique and weird sensation that I was having in my ears whenever I cranked up the volume even to the middle. It felt like.... like the pressure you're getting when you're diving. Or, like the pressure you're getting when the airplane descends. My ears even hurt though the music was nowhere near loud.
I've never experienced anything like that in any other vehicle.

The factory head unit has bass and treble boost at all settings above -5. If you have the bass and treble at 0 then it's putting 10dB of boost in at 60Hz and 7kHz. Have you tried adjusting the eq to see if that changes anything?
car_audio  rav4 
5 weeks ago
Taming the boomy bass - Page 6 - Toyota RAV4 Forums
don't know if you guys saw my first and second posts here http://rav4world.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=18958, but the boomy bass comes from the stock head unit. The bass EQ boosts at 70Hz and treble EQ boosts at 7kHz. EQ settings of -5 are 0dB boost and +5 is 20dB boost. If you have the stock headunit at 0, that's still 10dB boost. It was hard for me to believe my ears at first, before I put my meter on it, when I kept turning the EQ's down lower and lower but still thought it sounded boomy.

I have 2 sets of plots on there before and after I replaced my headunit. The plot of the stock HU set on -5 is nearly identical to the aftermarket HU set flat.
5 weeks ago
Pixelmon Mod Downloads
Pixelmon Launcher for Windows (Beta)
pixelmon  minecraft 
6 weeks ago
ntfsclone(8) - Linux man page
ntfsclone -s -o - /dev/sda1 | gzip -c | ssh mike@ 'cat > /share/data/Clones/X41_2523-EMU.gz'
# prompts for password, but it is hidden. Enter it if the system seems to stall.

ssh mike@ 'gzip -dc /share/data/Clones/X41_2523-EMU.gz' | ntfsclone -r - -O /dev/sda1
10 weeks ago
Master fader clipping? - Avid Pro Audio Community
Tip from Roger Nichols, go to 2nd 'expert page' of TC limiter section adjust digital ceiling down a bit to -1 or -.5 that cures it, It was bugging me too!
mastering  finalizer 
11 weeks ago
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