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The remembrance of things parsed •
Rather sweet article about the Usborne programming books from Ed. Equal parts nostalgia, bewilderment, and magic.
usborne  programming  basic  youth  nostalgia  computers 
february 2016 by infovore
The XCOM: Enemy Unknown review that took 18 years to write | Quarter to Three
1994 Tom Chick and I have a lot in common - a love of submarine sims and slightly over-technical flight simulators. And X-Com. (Well, UFO, really). A lovely piece of writing about what game design in 2012 looks like (amongst other things) compared to our youth.
games  writing  tomchick  xcom  ufo  youth 
october 2012 by infovore
ComicsAlliance Top 10 Best Comics of 2010: #3 - Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour - ComicsAlliance | Comics culture, news, humor, commentary, and reviews
" the end, adulthood isn't a single decision you make, but a long series of decisions you make every day for the rest of your life. And the best reason to grow up isn't because it is expected or required, but because it means moving forwards. Because while it may also involve incredibly tedious things like mortgages and car payments, growing up is a natural function of seeking a life that is more dynamic than static, of choosing ambition and hope over avoidance and fear, of wanting to know who you're going to be and not just who you were, even if that takes you away from the things you used to love." A lovely reading of Scott Pilgrim #6.
comics  scottpilgrim  adulthood  youth  change 
december 2010 by infovore
The Brainy Gamer: OMG, girls in trouble!
"I talk to a lot of parents about video games, and many of them continue to worry about the negative effects of games on their kids. If you dig a little deeper in these conversations, you quickly discover their concerns have little to do with their daughters. It's the boys they're worried about. When I say "video game" they hear "violent killing game," and they fear the messages these games send to their impressionable sons. They should worry more about their daughters." Michael Abbott on the horror that is games targeting young girls.
games  play  youth  gender  education  girls  consumerism  vanity 
may 2009 by infovore
apophenia: Taken Out of Context -- my PhD dissertation
danah's PhD dissertation. I need to bookmark this, and have not read it yet, but am sure, at some point, I am going to plough through it, for work, recreation, or (most likely) a bit of both. Until then: just a bookmark.
teens  socialsoftware  paper  research  socialnetworking  publics  dissertation  danahboyd  youth 
january 2009 by infovore

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