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Forecast for Developers
"The same API that powers and Dark Sky for iOS can provide accurate short­term and long­term weather predictions to your business, application, or crazy idea." Crazy idea: yup, that'll do.
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may 2013 by infovore
stamen design | Weather weather everywhere
Some really good "show everything" in this post about a new Stamen project.
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june 2012 by infovore
Condition 1 weather in Antarctica is nasty! - Gadling | travel blog | news, stories, deals, and tips. Go there.
"During Condition 1 weather, winds gust at speeds of anywhere from 50 to 60 MPH and the wind chill hits anywhere between 75° F to 100° F below zero. Ouch. Not surprisingly, personnel are prohibited from leaving their buildings during these storms." Which gives them ample time to make videos like this.
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february 2009 by infovore
Yahoo! Weather
Y!DN Weather forecasts by location, through API. I'm trying the "Weather forecasts" challenge in Rubyquiz (flexing muscles, etcetera) and it seems ilke a good place to start.
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march 2006 by infovore

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