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"DataFart lets you easily graph data from the command line." So it does.
data  graphing  cli  bash  visualization 
march 2013 by infovore
Rickshaw: A JavaScript toolkit for creating interactive time-series graphs
"Rickshaw is a JavaScript toolkit for creating interactive time series graphs." This looks nice.
graphs  javascript  d3  visualization 
november 2012 by infovore
In-screen sports graphics - Design - Domus
"Parametric models indicate how a change to one component of a structure causes ripples of changes through all the other connected elements, mapped across structural loads but also environmental characteristics, financial models and construction sequencing. FC Barcelona's activity is also clearly parametric in this sense. It cannot be understood through sensors tracking individuals but only through assembling the whole into one harmonious, interdependent system: the symphony and orchestra, rather than the midfield string section, or Lionel Messi as the first violinist." A brilliant article from Max; finally, he's written his long-promised article on 'realtime sports graphics' and it's really excellent: insightful about football and data visualisation alike. Top stuff.
maxgadney  visualization  design  graphics  motion  sport  football  analysis 
june 2012 by infovore
Unrealart Computer Generated Art by Alison Mealey
"All artworks have been created using data from the game "Unreal Tournament". Each image represents about 30 mins of gameplay in which the computers AI plays against itself. There are 20-25 bots playing each game and they play custom maps which I create. Each map has been specially designed so that the AI bots have a rough idea of where to go in order to create the image I want. I log the position (X,Y,Z) of each bot, every second using a modification for the game, I also log the position of a death. I then run my own program written in Processing to create printable postscript files of that match."
games  art  visualization  generative  ai 
october 2009 by infovore
SQL pie chart |
"My other half says I’m losing it. But I think that as an enthusiast kernel developer she doesn’t have the right to criticize people." Generating ASCII pie charts with a single SQL query. It's a very, very big query. It's a bit crazy.
sql  mysql  ascii  graphics  programming  visualization  sick 
august 2009 by infovore
The Three Sexy Skills of Data Geeks : Dataspora Blog
"Statisticians’ sex appeal has little to do with their lascivious leanings ... and more with the scarcity of their skills. I believe that the folks to whom Hal Varian is referring are not statisticians in the narrow sense, but rather people who possess skills in three key, yet independent areas: statistics, data munging, and data visualization. (In parentheses next to each, I’ve put the salient character trait needed to acquire it)."
data  analytics  visualization  statistics  datamining  maths  analysis  trends 
june 2009 by infovore
"Protovis is a visualization toolkit for JavaScript using the canvas element. It takes a graphical approach to data visualization, composing custom views of data with simple graphical primitives like bars and dots."
javascript  charts  graphics  graphs  canvas  visualization  library  programming 
april 2009 by infovore
What does one TRILLION dollars look like?
"...these various numbers are tossed around like so many doggie treats, so I thought I'd take Google Sketchup out for a test drive and try to get a sense of what exactly a trillion dollars looks like." A nice, simple piece of amateur informatics that is a good wake-up call.
money  visualization  finance  economics  bailout  us 
march 2009 by infovore
jQuery Sparklines
"This jQuery plugin generates sparklines (small inline charts) directly in the browser using data supplied either inline in the HTML, or via javascript." Nifty.
infographics  visualization  jquery  plugin  charts  graphs  sparklines 
february 2009 by infovore
News Knitter
"News Knitter converts information gathered from the daily political news into clothing. Live news feed from the Internet that is broadcasted within 24 hours or a particular period is analyzed, filtered and converted into a unique visual pattern for a knitted sweater. The system consists of two different types of software: whereas one receives the content from live feeds the other converts it into visual patterns, and a fully computerized flat knitting machine produces the final output. Each product, sweater of News Knitter is an evidence/result of a specific day or period."
visualization  information  clothing  news  knitting  clothes  textiles 
january 2009 by infovore
Periodic Table of Awesoments
"Modern day awesominers know there are actually 118 fundamental "awesoments" that compose all good things. The Periodic table of Awesoments can be a very useful tool. It's designed to show the relationships between awesoments, and often one can even predict how awesoments interact simply by their positions on the table."
humour  visualization  awesome  dorky  periodictable 
december 2008 by infovore
Visualising a forum thread - Developer blog : Digital Photography Review
Some interesting visualisations of the way forum threads on dpreview - which has nested threads in posts - grow and progress. Interesting for the patterns it throws up, and somewhat useful, if only for rough, high-level analysis.
flash  visualization  forums  community  discussion  web  dpreview  trees  networks 
december 2008 by infovore
Flare | Data Visualization for the Web
"Flare is an ActionScript library for creating visualizations that run in the Adobe Flash Player. From basic charts and graphs to complex interactive graphics, the toolkit supports data management, visual encoding, animation, and interaction techniques. Even better, flare features a modular design that lets developers create customized visualization techniques without having to reinvent the wheel." Oh, that could come in useful
flash  programming  library  visualization  dataviz  infographics  layout 
november 2008 by infovore
cityofsound: Wi-fi structures and people shapes
"I mapped the strength of the wi-fi signal across levels 1 and 2 of the Library, the primary areas that the Library’s wi-fi is used. By taking readings across the floor of both levels, using standard wi-fi-enabled consumer equipment in order to mimic the conditions for the average user [...], I was able to construct a snapshot of the wi-fi signal strength across the Library." Some lovely work by Dan Hill.
visualization  technology  wifi  space  architecture  behaviour  buildings  activity  mapping  danhill 
november 2008 by infovore
The igraph library for complex network research
"igraph is a free software package for creating and manipulating undirected and directed graphs. It includes implementations for classic graph theory problems like minimum spanning trees and network flow, and also implements algorithms for some recent network analysis methods, like community structure search." Oh, that could be very handy
ruby  visualization  networkanalysis  graphing  socialgraph  programming  opensource 
november 2008 by infovore
Lexical Analysis of 2008 US Presidential and Vice-Presidiential Debates - Who's the Windbag?
"The analysis presented here explores word usage in the 2008 US Presidential and Vice-Presidential debates. The purpose is to explore the structure of speech, as characterized by the use of nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs, and noun phrases. The speech patterns of opposing candidates are compared in an effort to identify characteristic value and personality traits."
words  wordle  visualization  linguistics  syntax  analysis  politics  debate 
october 2008 by infovore
Chris' Survival Horror Quest
"Some people believe that there's no correlation between quality and sales, and thus think that the way to make money is to make things that are easily marketable (read: licenses). Game developers themselves usually argue that sales above a certain level require a game to be sufficient quality. I decided to see which of these perspectives was correct for the Playstation 2 era." Datanalysismachinego!
data  visualization  statistics  sales  games  quality  analysis 
september 2008 by infovore
Fleshmap: Listen: Music
"What do we sing about, when we sing about the body?" Lovely infographic, ever-so mildly NSFW. Hint: hip-hop talks a lot about bottom.
music  infographics  body  visualization  dataviz  lyrics 
august 2008 by infovore
RailRoad diagrams generator
"RailRoad is a class diagrams generator for Ruby on Rails applications." Much like MattB's original .dot generator, but perhaps a bit more advanced. Useful!
visualization  information  database  diagram  development  rubyonrails  ruby  rails 
may 2008 by infovore
LastGraph: Home
Visualisation for looking at your listening history on The outputs are beautiful.  visualization  listening  infoviz  dataviz  graphing  svg 
september 2007 by infovore
Anymails - Visualization of my email inbox |
Beautiful: "Anymails is a visualization of my received emails... An unread email is hairy and swims fast; a read email has less hair and does not swim so fast anymore; a responded email is hairless and barely moves."
flash  processing  visualization  email  dataviz  infoviz 
august 2007 by infovore

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