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Ian Bogost - The Virtues of Long Compiles
"The point isn't nostalgia, that things were better in simpler times, but that the conditions we create (deliberately or accidentally) for and around the practices we pursue have a tremendous influence on the ways we carry out those practices. In the case of computer programming in particular, the apparent benefits of speed, efficiency, accessibility, and other seemingly "obvious" positive virtues of technical innovation also hide lost virtues, which of course we then fail to see." Culture as a byproduct of conditions.
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december 2011 by infovore
Future Of Music - Music Hack Day
""Future of Music (2010)" is a Mac OS X app that scans your iTunes library and computes the music you are not supposed to listen to anymore based on your preferences. It then helpfully deletes it from iTunes and your hard drive. Skips the recycle bin. Just like other recommender systems, it uses a lot of fancy math (and data from Echo Nest and that really doesn't matter in the end. Just click the button and let it take care of your life."
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october 2010 by infovore
The Technium: Predicting the Present, First Five Years of Wired
"Money is just a type of information, a pattern that, once digitized, becomes subject to persistent programmatic hacking by the mathematically skilled." (Lots of other good stuff here, but I wanted to note this one down).
trends  wired  quotations  technology  future 
june 2010 by infovore
Into The Abyss: Teal and Orange - Hollywood, Please Stop the Madness
"Those of you who watch a lot of Hollywood movies may have noticed a certain trend that has consumed the industry in the last few years.  It is one of the most insidious and heinous practices that has ever overwhelmed the industry... I speak of course, of THE COLOR GRADING VIRUS THAT IS TEAL & ORANGE!!!" Oh dear. An entertaining follow up to that great Stu Maschwitz post on 'porange'.
film  grading  porange  colour  trends  pop  retinaburning 
march 2010 by infovore
Ridiculous Life Lessons From New Girl Games | GameLife |
"The weird thing is that you can view these “wholesome” games as being just as bad for girls as Grand Theft Auto’s random bloodshed and rampant criminality is for young, impressionable boys. And while GTA’s influence on boys has been dissected to death, what about the Nintendo DS’ upcoming avalanche of games for tween girls? What kinds of values do preteens learn from these titles? Valuable life lessons, or bad habits?" As bad as GTA? Many, many times worse, if this sample is anything to go on.
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july 2009 by infovore
The Three Sexy Skills of Data Geeks : Dataspora Blog
"Statisticians’ sex appeal has little to do with their lascivious leanings ... and more with the scarcity of their skills. I believe that the folks to whom Hal Varian is referring are not statisticians in the narrow sense, but rather people who possess skills in three key, yet independent areas: statistics, data munging, and data visualization. (In parentheses next to each, I’ve put the salient character trait needed to acquire it)."
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june 2009 by infovore
Commissioning for Attention Part 1 - Read Me! « TEST
"...these ideas have been massively influenced by friends working in game design, agile website design or service design. Narrative media is still (outside of gaming) light-years behind the curve compared to the work going on in these disciplines, so a lot of the time I’m trying to act as a translator - taking concepts and ideas from more functional design disciplines into narrative/editorial contexts. When I speak to indies or producers, there’s a set of blogs/presentations that I tend to refer them to, so I thought i’d start by sharing this reading list." This looks like it's going to be an excellent series from Matt Locke.
mattlocke  crossplatform  media  design  comissioning  planning  trends  advice  data  platform 
march 2009 by infovore
Big Contrarian → The answer is no.
"The abundance of choice is not a concern, it is an asset. It provides our community with a more varied, more specialized toolbox, allowing us to select the optimal platform for the problem in front of us." A great post from Jack Shedd.
development  programming  software  learning  trends  web 
july 2008 by infovore
Second Life: What are the real numbers?. Many-to-Many:
There’s nothing wrong with a service that appeals to tens of thousands of people, but in a billion-person internet, that population is also a rounding error. If most of the people who try Second Life bail (and they do), we should adopt a considerably mo
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december 2006 by infovore

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