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Philip Pullman calls time on the present tense | Books | The Guardian
"I want all the young present-tense storytellers (the old ones have won prizes and are incorrigible) to allow themselves to stand back and show me a wider temporal perspective. I want them to feel able to say what happened, what usually happened, what sometimes happened, what had happened before something else happened, what might happen later, what actually did happen later, and so on: to use the full range of English tenses." There's lots in here. I think it might be good; it is definitely interesting, and worth returning to.
philippullman  writing  tense  english  technique 
september 2010 by infovore
Versus CluClu Land: It's the Little Things
" feeling is that the barriers to verismilitude in video games aren't technological-- lighting effects, texture work, mocapping-- but /technical/. They're matters of technique, mastering the extant toolset in order to produce the novelistic details that make for the feeling of authentic transport. Game design doesn't need a better camera, or a holodeck. What it requires is old-fashioned artistry and imaginativeness, an obsessive and nerdish Flaubert who will come along and show us how games work."
games  storytelling  narrative  design  technique  iroquoispliskin 
december 2008 by infovore
Zack Arias - Atlanta based editorial music photographer » White Seamless Tutorial :: Part 1 :: Gear & Space
"If I had but one backdrop to use for portraiture I would choose a simple roll of white seamless paper. With one roll of paper you can create many options. For the rest of the week I’m going to break it down for you. We are going to look at getting it to pop to pure white, making it various shades of grey, getting it to go black, gelling it to any color in the rainbow, and doing very easy and quick changes in post production to further the visual options available to us when using such a simple background." Fantastic tutorial.
tutorial  technique  lighting  strobist  photography  background  studio 
september 2008 by infovore
Gamasutra - Valve's Faliszek: Not All Game Stories Need 'Evil Masterminds'
"Trying to over-explain the cause of a disaster often detracts from its more tangible impact. ... Instead, Faliszek says, it is more effective to create resonant gameplay experiences that players will remember, particularly if the setting in question, such as a zombie invasion (or a tornado outbreak, for that matter) is already familiar." Why games don't always need tangible villains.
games  resonance  left4dead  valve  story  narrative  technique 
september 2008 by infovore
The Online Photographer: Emerson on Tone
"When he has mastered tone, and with it exposure and development, he knows the most difficult part of his technique and practice, let him then proceed to picture-making." Emerson's Naturalistic Photography for Students of the Art, 1889.
photography  technique  exposure  development  process  learning 
february 2008 by infovore
The FSTOP » Professional Photographers Discuss Their Craft
Online magazine mainly about pro advertising photographers. Looks like it could be interesting.
photography  technique  magazine 
july 2007 by infovore
Michael Grecco - Lighting and the Dramatic Portrait
Wonderful excerpt from Grecco's book. This is all on lighting portraits, with some fabulous examples and (even better) technique notes and diagrams. One to return to.
flash  strobist  lighting  technique  photography  portrait  portraiture 
january 2007 by infovore
Creating Passionate Users: Better Beginnings: how to start a presentation, book, article...
Guilty of half of these (at points). They usually didn't matter - but I'll be some more in mind for the future.
presentation  technique  performance  narrative  communication  writing 
october 2006 by infovore
Online Depth of Field Calculator
Really nice - simple implementation, clear explanation of results, and it calculates hyperfocal length for you. Hyperfocal length is really useful to know, folks.
dof  photography  technique  calculator  hyperfocal 
september 2006 by infovore
Ron Bigelow's Photography Articles
It was here I learned to use Unsharp Mask, and here I learned to stop using it (I'm using High-pass Sharpening, ever since Ben mentioned it). He writes really well, though, and gave the best explanation of USM I've ever read, so I must dive into his other
photography  technique  reference 
june 2006 by infovore
Espresso Tamping
We bought a cheap espresso machine at the weekend. I'm not covinced I'm getting the coffee compact enough yet, hence this.
coffee  espresso  technique 
january 2006 by infovore

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