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StatHat - Awesome custom stat tracking tool.
Hosted statistics tool with attractive interface and smart API. Not cheap for its single-tier plan ($99/mo), but looks like it might be worth a poke.
analytics  statistics  api  web  tools 
august 2013 by infovore
zolrath/marky_markov · GitHub
"Marky Markov is an experiment in Markov Chain generation implemented in Ruby. It can be used both from the command-line and as a library within your code." It's very fast, and basically does all the work I've been doing on my projects by hand for me. But better.
markovchains  ruby  machinelearning  statistics  textgeneration 
june 2013 by infovore
what are the haps
"In other words, the more packages you send at once, the shittier job FedEx does of delivering each of them, with each package getting less and less of a delivery attempt. And the limit actually approaches zero, which means that if you somehow send me infinity packages through FedEx, they will not even knock on my door. They will take the infinity dollars and run. I did honestly not intend today to use math to prove precisely how bad FedEx is at delivering packages, but, um, here we are?" I love Ryan North.
ryannorth  qwantz  statistics  delivery  fedex 
january 2013 by infovore / Visualizations of Canabalt scores scraped from twitter
Scraping Canabalt scores off Twitter, ramming them into Mongo and processing in R. The results are not vastly revelatory, but it's a nice account of the process of storing, processing, and representing big data.
statistics  r  mongodb  canabalt 
february 2011 by infovore
The Seven Secrets of Successful Data Scientists : Dataspora Blog
"...don’t confuse this kind of data exploration, where the goal is to size up the data, with building proper data plumbing, where you want robustness and maintainability. Perl and bash scripts are nice for the former, but can be a nightmare for building data pipelines." Lots of good stuff in this article; this was a highlight.
bigdata  data  datamining  statistics  machinelearning 
september 2010 by infovore
FIFA Earth | The Football Twitterverse | Football World
Hmn. Visualisation of tweets about the word "FIFA" (do the maths there) and all games played of FIFA 10 - so you can see both which teams are doing well, and which countries have good FIFA gamers in them. There's little bits of stats-fluff, but it doesn't go nearly deep enough. It's lovely EA are doing this... but it could be, you know, useful, rather than just shiny? Bungie's statistics crown is still a long way off.
twitter  visualisation  ea  fifa  games  online  integration  statistics 
october 2009 by infovore
Guide to Getting Started in Machine Learning | A Beautiful WWW
"Someone at work recently asked how he should go about studying machine learning on his own. So I’m putting together a little guide." Ooh, useful. Lots of starting points for machine learning in R.
r  datamining  programming  machinelearning  statistics 
october 2009 by infovore
The Three Sexy Skills of Data Geeks : Dataspora Blog
"Statisticians’ sex appeal has little to do with their lascivious leanings ... and more with the scarcity of their skills. I believe that the folks to whom Hal Varian is referring are not statisticians in the narrow sense, but rather people who possess skills in three key, yet independent areas: statistics, data munging, and data visualization. (In parentheses next to each, I’ve put the salient character trait needed to acquire it)."
data  analytics  visualization  statistics  datamining  maths  analysis  trends 
june 2009 by infovore
How Not To Sort By Average Rating
"You are a web programmer. You have users. Your users rate stuff on your site. You want to put the highest-rated stuff at the top and lowest-rated at the bottom. You need some sort of "score" to sort by."
programming  statistics  ranking  algorithm  via:jerakeen  rating 
february 2009 by infovore
Team Fortress 2
"On Tuesday we shipped an update that added a bunch of features / bugfixes / balancing tweaks that came out of the community's feedback. In particular, it made some changes to the underlying TF damage system, and as part of that, it modified the way critical hits are determined. We thought it might be interesting to dig a little into the change, and hopefully give you some insight into our thinking." Another cracking example of explaining game mechanics clearly and directly, to an engaged community.
games  play  statistics  mechanics  fun  teamfortress2  balancing  probability 
february 2009 by infovore
Dopplr Blog » Blog Archive » Dopplr presents the Personal Annual Report 2008: freshly generated for you, and Barack Obama…
"We’ve generated what we call the Personal Annual Report for all our users. It’s a unique-to-you PDF of data, visualisations and factoids about your travel in 2008, that we’re delivering over the next week via email to every Dopplr user who travelled in 2008. To give you an example, we thought we’d show you the Personal Annual Report of someone who’s had a very busy 2008 - President Elect Barack Obama." This is super-awesome. Can't wait for mine, no matter how small it is.
statistics  publishing  illustration  information  pdf  generation  informatics  dopplr 
january 2009 by infovore
Sci-Fi Hi-Fi: Weblog: (via bradleyallen) If it looks like a leaderboard, and quacks like a leaderboard...
"’s become apparent to me that social software is a medium turns all communication into a self-representation game whose ultimate goal is popularity."
play  design  representation  socialsoftware  score  statistics  leaderboard  popularity 
december 2008 by infovore
Left 4 Dead Infected & Weapon Statistics | Hellforge | HellForge | Diablo 3
"A dude by the name of Phoebus has posted a collection of his research on Left 4 Dead's infected and weapon damage statistics over on the official Steam forums. I think that it'll be of great interest for any serious player of the game to delve into this information." There's a question over their accuracy, but there's still a decent amount of detail here, and the details on tail-off of weapon damage is useful to know. Also a relief to have the hellacious friendly-fire damage on Expert confirmed.
games  reference  statistics  numbers  left4dead 
december 2008 by infovore
Fitting curves to data using Ruby and the GNU Scientific Library
"If you need to perform data analysis, provide graphics for your users in your webapp, or produce high quality plots I encourage you to investigate the combination of ruby, GSL and GNUPlot." Looks good. I should probably give this a poke some time; could come in handy.
gsl  graphing  plotting  data  analysis  statistics  ruby  visualisation 
december 2008 by infovore
You Know What I Did Last Summer? (Frumination)
"I spent 10 weeks last Summer as an intern on the strategy team of Transport for London's (TfL) London Rail division.... My general task was to help London Rail start to make use of the oceans of data spewing out of the Oyster smartcard ticketing system, but I spent the bulk of my time working on a project that came to be titled Oyster-Based Performance Metrics for the London Overground. I've posted my final report and slides and outline for the presentation I gave to TfL executive management." Some interesting data and information here.
travel  tfl  statistics  oyster  overground  data  graphs 
november 2008 by infovore
World of Goo Player Profiles
Visualising the heights of people's towers by importing their savegame. Lovely.
worldofgoo  games  statistics  highscore  visualisation 
november 2008 by infovore
Chris' Survival Horror Quest
"Some people believe that there's no correlation between quality and sales, and thus think that the way to make money is to make things that are easily marketable (read: licenses). Game developers themselves usually argue that sales above a certain level require a game to be sufficient quality. I decided to see which of these perspectives was correct for the Playstation 2 era." Datanalysismachinego!
data  visualization  statistics  sales  games  quality  analysis 
september 2008 by infovore
Winner of the Personal Visualization Project is… | FlowingData
"The winner is Tim Graham who took manual personal data collection to another level. From email spam, to beverage consumption, to aches and pains, Tim embraced the spirit of self-surveillance. He even made his personal data available in the forums." Dataviz overload!
information  infoviz  dataviz  statistics  reporting  data  analysis  personal 
september 2008 by infovore
Games Without Frontiers: How Videogames Blind Us With Science
"After all, what is science? It's a technique for uncovering the hidden rules that govern the world. And videogames are simulated worlds that kids are constantly trying to master. Lineage and World of Warcraft aren't "real" world, of course, but they are consistent -- the behavior of the environment and the creatures in it are governed by hidden and generally unchanging rules, encoded by the game designers. In the process of learning a game, gamers try to deduce those rules. This leads them, without them even realizing it, to the scientific method."
games  science  scientificmethod  systems  method  deduction  statistics  inference  wired  teaching  education 
september 2008 by infovore
Ubigraph: Free dynamic graph visualization software
"UbiGraph is a tool for visualizing dynamic graphs. The basic version is free, and talks to Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, C, C++, C#, Haskell, and OCaml."
visualisation  graphing  opensource  software  programming  graphics  statistics 
may 2008 by infovore
Server Monitoring and Reporting Software ~ Scout
"The easier way to monitor servers and web applications." Single-server plan is free; looks like it could be very handy indeed.
scout  reporting  monitoring  statistics  analysis  server  web 
april 2008 by infovore
Running the Numbers - An American Self Portrait
Remarkable series of images by Chris Jordan depicting rates of consumption in America through exhaustive diagrams. Staggering when you see them in close-up.
numbers  statistics  art  photograph  composite  imagery  america  society  via:lightsurgery 
march 2008 by infovore
Data Feeds at BookMooch
Wow. Bookmooch has some seriously comprehensive data available from it, if you fancing munging their entire dataset (security-sanitised, obviously).
bookmooch  data  api  xml  statistics 
february 2008 by infovore
Second Life: What are the real numbers?. Many-to-Many:
There’s nothing wrong with a service that appeals to tens of thousands of people, but in a billion-person internet, that population is also a rounding error. If most of the people who try Second Life bail (and they do), we should adopt a considerably mo
shirky  secondlife  sl  economics  statistics  community  analysis  trends  play  games  virtualworlds 
december 2006 by infovore
Crazy Egg – visualize your visitors
Crazy Egg is, basically, low-budget heatmapping for the web. Powered by Rails - it'd be interesting to look into this more when certain things go live...
analytics  heatmaps  web  tracking  rubyonrails  statistics  usability 
september 2006 by infovore
evhead: Pageviews are Obsolete
Good analysis of the situation, and ev's right: pageviews pretty much *are* obsolete...
statistics  metrics  web  analysis 
september 2006 by infovore
IGN: Reggie Talks Nintendo's Future
Full transcript of Reggie Fils-Aime's speech at TGS 2005. Great statistics.
nintendo  games  demographic  statistics  controllers 
january 2006 by infovore

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