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Music Mouse - An Intelligent Instrument - An Emulation
Web-based port of Laurie Spiegel's _Music Mouse_. Instant composition; just wonderful to fiddle with. Suddenly thinking about interfaces for this.
audio  sound  composition  musicmouse  lauriespiegel 
may 2018 by infovore
Let's Learn About Waveforms
A superb interactive explainer. I've long believed the best way to understand this stuff - how sound works - is by seeing and hearing it simultaneously. This page does just that. Brilliant.
music  interaction  design  sound  audio  explainer 
february 2018 by infovore
Feet First Foley - Audient
Yes, it's marketing spiel for Audient, but it's a cracking film of a modern foley artist at work.
film  sound  audio  foley  effects 
october 2017 by infovore
Presentation: The Sound & Music of Hyper Light Drifter
Rich Vreeland and Akash Thakkar on the sound design and composition for Hyper Light Drifter. Really good, straightforward talk about building a world through sound.
sounddesign  games  music  sound  richvreeland  disasterpeace 
march 2017 by infovore
The Story of ORCH5 | Robert Fink -
This is fantastic, and a sound I've obsessed about the history of before: Fairlight Orchestral Stab 5, aka ORCH5. A paper that traces its history.
music  sound  fairlight  orchestralstab5  sampling 
february 2017 by infovore
10 Great 2016 iOS + Android Music/Sound Apps
Marc's list of portable music apps for the end of the year. Filed away.
music  ios  apps  sound  marcweidenbaum 
january 2017 by infovore
G-Audio Unity | Dynamic Audio for Unity
Good looking Unity audio library (as used in Mini Metro).
unity  games  audio  sound  music 
october 2016 by infovore
What a Dinosaur’s Mating Scream Sounds Like - The New Yorker
In absolute agreement with Michael Cook: this is a great article about what procedurally generated sound is like - the answer being, a lot of up-front work on parameters before procedure kicks in; the role of the sound designer being in designing systems and simulations as well as sound (rather than *just* the sound); and most importantly, something that can be explained to a lay audience with truthful language, rather than hyperbole. A good piece of technology journalism.
sound  dsp  modelling  games  nomanssky  synthesis  audio 
august 2016 by infovore
Oxford Handbook on Algorithmic Music – draft ToC | Alex McLean
This looks super-interesting, and has such a great line-up of writers.
music  sound  algorithms  livecode 
april 2016 by infovore
SCHOOL of NOISE | Experimental sound workshops for children and young people
"The School of Noise runs workshops for young people and adults encouraging the exploration of noise, sound and music. Our aim is to provide creative and imaginative activities using sound in accessible, fun and educational ways.

Using a wide variety of analogue and digital equipment our activities include; sculpting sounds using small modular synthesisers, composing original experimental sound art, circuit bending, field recording, coding and programming, building cardboard record players, conducting orchestras of fruit and vegetables, creating and recording Foley sounds, preparing pianos, soundwalks, learning about acoustic ecology plus more."

schoolofnoise  music  sound  education  experimental 
april 2016 by infovore
Looped and Delayed Viola
"The result is a rhythmic meditation on the tonality inherent in her instrument. To hear bits of the viola on repeat is to hear the organic turned into a machine, as nuances are frozen into employment as compositional elements." Yep.
sound  music  looping  viola  acoustic 
april 2016 by infovore
RA: Trickfinger: Letting Go
Really interesting interview with John Frusciante on his move into electronic music; particularly interesting (and good) on the relationship between engineering and art, and an artist's desire to work more closely with his materials.
johnfrusciante  music  production  sound  engineering  composition 
november 2015 by infovore
Learn electronics with the vintage Side Man drum machine - Create Digital Music
This looks like it could be a really lovely thing - what a piece of machinery, too. (I'm always convinced that sound is one of the simplest and most useful ways to illustrate analogue electronics, sometimes).
music  sound  electronics  wurlitzer  drummachines  soundman  darshahewitt 
october 2015 by infovore
Silk is a giant string instrument that makes Bitcoin into music - Create Digital Music
"As Bitcoin and Litecoin cryptocurrencies fluctuate in value against the more traditional currencies, the imagined monetary values generate new melodies and rhythms. Recalling both the controversial recent silk road and its historical analog, these silk strings form a mythological musical song." I'll admit: I liked this more than I was expecting to from the description.
music  sound  sonification  soundart  vtol  dmitrymorozov  bitcoin 
september 2015 by infovore
Slides from my AES Reverb presentation | Valhalla DSP
Fascinating presentation - even in slides-only-form - from Sean Costello of ValhallaDSP, on a history of reverberation.
reverb  effects  audio  engineering  sound  music 
september 2015 by infovore
Novation // Olafur Arnalds & the Bass Station II - YouTube
Yes, it's promotional shtick for Novation, but rather lovely to see Olafur Arnalds going to Bridport to play a small hall (and to play his Broadchurch soundtrack).
olafurarnalds  music  sound  soundtracks 
april 2015 by infovore
Universal Record : Jesse England
"With this project, I ask: In the record listening experience, how important is the still environment and kinetic spectacle? With modern tangible media supplanted by cross-platform, network-based storage and playback, is contemporary record and turntable ownership a novelty, or an effort towards meditative stability?" Superb.
music  sound  technology  ritual 
april 2015 by infovore
fun with sea moss (or, basic digital sound devices)
Basic digital oscillators based on hex inverters and the like.
audio  diy  electronics  music  sound  oscillators 
march 2015 by infovore
[FOOTSTEPS] /± erase
"Some rapid prototyping later, alongside the expert developers from the R&D team, I had arrived at the below: an autonomous system capable of delving into the BBC’s media archive in search of certain foley effects, deconstructing the artifice of television back into its constituent parts. Pre-loaded with a particular search term, it spiders the archive, iterating backwards through time for instances of a particular kind of sound effect, downloading the relevant media, and extracting the specific timestamp referenced by the subtitle. It then re-composites them to create a generative collage, structured by chance based on when a particular kind of sound has appeared on-screen." Dan Jones programatically extracting Foley from the BBC archive.
danjones  foley  sound  soundeffects 
february 2015 by infovore
The Best Thing I Bought This Year: DUBS Acoustic Filters [2014 in Review] - Create Digital Music
Ooh, these look good: decent earplugs/filters/attenuating devices for non-horrendous cost.
earprotection  sound  music  earplugs 
december 2014 by infovore
Yuri Suzuki and Mark McKeague have a new design/invention firm. I like that they emphatically describe themselves as making "machines" (along with products and experiences). (Found because of Ototo).
design  studio  work  making  sound  music  yurisuzuki  markmckeague 
october 2013 by infovore
3D printing some sweet music
"The Lulzbot is being driven specifically to produce a certain frequency of sound with its stepper motors. The results of a few different songs are what’s hanging on the wall to the right. You can hear it printing Bizet’s Carmen in the clip after the break." I'd been thinking about this; glad someone's already implemented it.
3dprinting  sound  music  steppermotors 
april 2013 by infovore
Halo: Reach Audio - Sound Mixing in Halo: Reach - Popular Mechanics
"Here's how important the music is: In all of the Halo games to date, Bungie has left out the option to turn the music off." Nice article on Marty O'Donnell's work for Bungie; I really enjoyed the shot of the "stripey room".
games  audio  sound  music  martyodonnell  halo  bungie 
september 2010 by infovore
Soundshapes: Amit Pitaru/Zach Gage bring Sonic Wire Sculptor to iPhone - Boing Boing
Hard to explain, but a must-watch; lovely spatial music sequencer/toy. (And: I miss Offworld :( )
sound  music  3d  spatial  sequencer  iphone 
april 2010 by infovore
Creating an audiogeography from walks through the silence at
"We would then take the data generated from these walks and plot them into a computer representation of the area and generate visualisations from that. Building an audiogeography superimposed on the physical landscape with the sound levels as experienced by somebody who would walk through the area." Some nice work from Alper and Kars.
processing  art  visualisation  sound  silence  rendering  geography  maps 
november 2009 by infovore
In search of the click track « Music Machinery
"I’ve always been curious about which drummers use a click track and which don’t, so I thought it might be fun to try to build a click track detector using the Echo Nest remix SDK." Analysing tempo fluctuation on a variety of popular recordings to find out who uses a click track; as you might have guessed, Ringo and John Bonham didn't.
audio  music  sound  analysis  api  python  clicktrack  drummers  rhythm 
march 2009 by infovore
SoundManager 2: Javascript Sound For The Web
"By wrapping and extending Flash 8's sound API, SoundManager 2 brings solid audio functionality to Javascript." Dark voodoo. Dark, clever, voodoo.
flash  programming  audio  music  sound  javascript  mp3  nifty 
january 2009 by infovore
Bop It - Technical music and vocal details - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"The Bop It commands are called out in different tones. These tones differ from version to version as well. In Bop It Blast, distinct tones are employed by both male and female speakers." I did not know that.
play  audio  toys  sound  hasbro  bopit 
january 2009 by infovore
sakurakoshimizu: 20071201
"Waveform Series is the laser-cut shapes of the waveform of the sound in sound editing software environment. I used some human sound such as yawn, atchoum, giggle, wow, and the sound of church bell." Utterly, utterly gorgeous.
design  beautiful  sound  audio  silver  jewelry  lasercutting  waves 
december 2008 by infovore
Play Auditorium
"Auditorium is about the process of discovery and play. There are no right or wrong answers; there are many ways to solve every puzzle." Sounds gorgeous; looks beautiful. So much loveliness.
web  flash  games  play  audio  sound  music  beautiful 
november 2008 by infovore
"The original page, which sadly has since then disappered from the face of the earth, was all about this hidden "demon face" in one of Aphex Twin's tracks, #2 (the long formula) on "Windowlicker". This face was supposed to be viewable with a spectrograph program, so I decided to try it myself." Some fun - and somewhat impressive - decoding of hidden imagery on IDM cds. The Venetian Snares cats are particiuarly great.
sound  processing  audio  music  idm  imagery  spectrograph  spectrographic  crazy 
november 2008 by infovore
Bleep Labs » Thing-a-ma-kits!
"Now noisy makers can assemble and modify their own light controlled analog noise friend!" I want an analog noise friend.
toys  synthesizer  music  project  hardware  electronics  sound  noise 
september 2008 by infovore
Love is blind
"Dark Room Sex Game is an award-winning multiplayer, erotic rhythm game without any visuals, played only by audio and haptic cues. The game can be played with Nintendo Wiimote controllers or a keyboard." Um, wow.
videogames  wiimote  interaction  sonic  aural  sound  sex 
july 2008 by infovore
BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Lost tapes of the Dr Who composer
"A hidden hoard of recordings made by the electronic music pioneer behind the Doctor Who theme has been revealed - including a dance track 20 years ahead of its time." Wow.
electronicmusic  audio  sound  radiophonicworkshops  deliaderbyshire  music  effects 
july 2008 by infovore

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