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@OskSta Bad North Tech
Oskar Stålberg illustrates some of his work on Bad North. I love illustrations of software development through animation - captures the change-over-time aspect of code work.
badnorth  games  oskarstalberg  illustration  development  software  programming  documentation 
8 weeks ago by infovore
Embedded Wednesdays: Getting Started in Embedded Systems — Embedded
This is a great set of posts on embedded software and, in particular, getting started with STM Cortex-based chips. Will be returning to this to read it through properly.
embedded  hardware  programming  software  technology  arm 
august 2017 by infovore
Keynote Extractor
Latest OSXs only but: this does - with a nice template, and JSON options - what a pile of terrible Ruby I regularly update also does. I'd go with this over my terrible Ruby any day.
keynote  software  utilities  mac  osx 
july 2017 by infovore
One Weird Trick to Lose Size – Halide
Nominally, this is about making your iOS apps smaller, but it's actually a great piece on how to think about software design and production.
programming  development  software  ios  business 
june 2017 by infovore
charliesome/better_errors: Better error page for Rack apps
How did I not know this? Definitely better errors for Rack apps. Will be using in future.
library  software  programming  rails  ruby  rack  errors 
april 2017 by infovore
Spectacle, Speculation, Spam on Vimeo
I've loved Alan Warburton's work for a while, but this is superb: a talk, and a film, and it made me laugh and it's really on-point and just this, yes.
alanwarburton  cgwtf  art  visual  media  optical  software  ethics  criticalengineering 
january 2017 by infovore
29 Bullets
[this is good]. I particularly liked "one damn thing after another", because yes, that's how I tend to think about these things, wrestling an essay into something that makes sense as a told narrative.
software  powerpoint  culture  art  design  russelldavies 
november 2016 by infovore
Attempted explanation of Quake 3 Strafe Jumping Code (with tweets) · HilariousCow · Storify
Bloody marvellous: Aubrey dives deep on _precisely_ why strafejumping works, with references to the right bits of the Q3 sourcecode in github. I love this sort of videogame forensics combined with clear explanation.
code  software  gamefeel  quake3  id  idsoftware  strafejumping  games  aubreyhesselgren 
october 2016 by infovore Pipe Viewer
"pv - Pipe Viewer - is a terminal-based tool for monitoring the progress of data through a pipeline. It can be inserted into any normal pipeline between two processes to give a visual indication of how quickly data is passing through, how long it has taken, how near to completion it is, and an estimate of how long it will be until completion." Looks very handy.
unix  software  cli  utility  data  pipeline 
june 2016 by infovore
Delicious Max Tutorials - YouTube
Another interesting set of Max tutorials - a little more advanced than beginner, but some interesting stuff for sure.
maxmsp  max  software  music  audio  programming  tutorial 
april 2016 by infovore
BazTutorials - YouTube
Recommended as a set of Max tutorials
max  maxmsp  music  software  technology 
april 2016 by infovore
ValhallaPlate, Diffusion, and Presets | Valhalla DSP
"I view ValhallaPlate as being closely related to an SM57. Or a hammer. No need to be delicate with the tool. No need to think about things too much. It just works." I liked this line on toolmaking, especially when it comes to music technology.
music  software  tools  interfaces 
november 2015 by infovore
Autodesk Graphic - Mac Illustration and Graphic Design
Much more Illustrator-like than Sketch is, in many ways, and affordable. Certainly leaps ahead of Inkscape in not being rubbish. Going to use this for lasercutting/frontpanel work, I think.
graphics  vector  svg  osx  mac  design  software 
november 2015 by infovore
code like you don’t have the time (tecznotes)
[this is good] and I will remember more of it in future.
migurski  engineering  software  practice 
november 2015 by infovore
Interesting; the wrapper Github used for Atom, as a platform. Makes building desktop applications for web-folk like me a notch easier, though as ever, I find the Javascript ecosystem baffling.
desktop  github  javascript  software  development  applications  nodejs 
october 2015 by infovore
codersnotes / A Constructive Look At TempleOS
A cogent, thoughtful look at TempleOS - and a reminder not to dismiss things out of hand because of a few of their characteristics. I'm glad someone's taken the time to do this.
programming  software  os  templeos 
june 2015 by infovore
Really impressive: audiomux/midimux let you send audio and MIDI to and from iOS devices over a lightning cable. Which eliminates all manner of cable tangles, for starters.
ipad  ios  audio  midi  music  software  osx 
april 2015 by infovore
Three things a city in charge of its destiny ought to know about software | Matt Edgar writes here
"Instead of asking “will it scale”, ask a better question: “Does it gracefully handle massive diversity?”... This is not to say that scale doesn’t matter. Rather, understanding diversity is the better starting point. The diversity question accommodates scaling; the scaling question tramples all over diversity." A good post from Matt Edgar, but this point is particularly good.
government  scale  diversity  software  mattedgar  planning 
january 2015 by infovore
Panic Blog » The 2014 Panic Report
Great year-in-review from Panic: open, honest, and excited all at once. Envious of the environment and space they've cut for themselves.
software  business  yearnotes  panic  apple 
january 2015 by infovore
The Ultimate Front-End Build Tool: make
Very good post on Just Using make as your task runner.
build  make  tools  development  software  unix 
december 2014 by infovore
Recipes: starting & prototyping a new project
This is good - although it's _another_ reminder that my notebooks are not as legible as they once were.
design  planning  software  gds 
july 2014 by infovore
Gifsicle: Command-Line Animated GIFs
"Gifsicle is a command-line tool for creating, editing, and getting information about GIF images and animations." Handy.
animation  gif  software  tool  graphics 
november 2013 by infovore
Cockos Incorporated | LICEcap
"LICEcap can capture an area of your desktop and save it directly to .GIF" Like Skitch but spitting out animated gifs; I'm really interested in animated gifs as a documentation format.
screencast  software  gif  animation 
august 2013 by infovore
"Sheetsee.js is a JavaScript library, or box of goodies, if you will, that makes it easy to use a Google Spreadsheet as the database feeding the tables, charts and maps on a website. Once set up, any changes to the spreadsheet will auto-saved by Google and be live on your site when a visitor refreshes the page." This is good.
javascript  spreadsheets  data  publishing  web  software 
august 2013 by infovore
jlord on the internet | Fork n Go
"All it takes to get a website going for a repository on GitHub is a branch named gh-pages containing web files. You also don’t need a master branch, you can have a repo with just one branch named gh-pages. Here is what I think is really cool, if you fork a project with just a gh-pages branch, you’re only a commit away from having a live version yourself. If this repo being forked is using sheetsee.js then everyone is a fork, commit and spreadsheet away from having a live website connected to an easy (a familiar spreadsheet UI and no ‘publish’ flow because Google autosaves) to use database that they manage (control permissions, review revision history)." Very smart.
development  software  deployment  code  spreadsheets  javascript 
august 2013 by infovore
Xtreme Mapping
"Xtreme Mapping 1.4 is an advanced editor of MIDI controller mappings for Native Instruments' Traktor DJ software." I'm always amazed how bad Traktor's mapping editor is, given how much you can do; this looks like a powerful way to build more complex mappings.
app  traktor  mapping  music  djing  controller  software 
january 2013 by infovore
7 Patterns to Refactor Fat ActiveRecord Models - Code Climate Blog
via @aanand, and because I forgot to bookmark this when I read it the first time. Good, straightforward points.
activerecord  rails  ruby  refactoring  software  development 
november 2012 by infovore
The Web engineer's online toolbox
"I wanted to compile a list of online, Web-based tools that Web engineers can use for their work in development, testing, debugging and documentation." It is a really good list (I say this mainly because the first thing on the list is RequestBin, which is the thing I always forget the name of).
tools  web  development  software  programming 
november 2012 by infovore
Programming is a Pop Culture - raganwald's posterous
"Popularity rules, and fitness for purpose is secondary. We even make up a little rationalization about this: “Our code must be easy to read for the next programmer, so we pick idioms that will be familiar.” That would make stellar sense if idioms are forever, but they aren’t. They come and go like trends in pop music, and Ruby Archeologists can accurately date a business application by examining its gemspec file." I liked this line of thought.
culture  software  programming  development  languages 
november 2012 by infovore
AskTog: Magic and Software Design
This is marvellous: Tog on magic and software, and what one can teach the other. The stuff about perceived time periods, and also on distraction, is particularly great. It's not just about the functionality: it's about how you present it; showmanship all the way down. (And: I like the reminder about the kinds of honesty that are important, in order that dissimulation still works0.
tog  design  magic  interaction  experience  software 
october 2012 by infovore
On Being A Senior Engineer
Excellent, thoughtful article from John Allspaw on what experience in software engineering really looks like. Valuable reading both for software engineers, and also for the people who work with them.
engineering  programming  software  development  maturity  seniority  experience 
october 2012 by infovore
Source Filmmaker
Valve really are incredible; just watching the UI and technology for this in action is a little jawdropping. (Also, one for my friends who work in After Effects/3D prototyping and video...)
filmmaking  games  3d  software  technology 
june 2012 by infovore
Infrastructure for Startups
Excellent slides from Paul with some super-solid points, and a few tools I'd not encountered (Papertrail, notably).
infrastructure  development  software  business 
june 2012 by infovore
The HyperCard Legacy [Theory, Mac]: Programming for the People | by Jer Thorp | CreativeApplications.Net
"HyperCard effectively disappeared a decade a go, making way for supposedly bigger and better things. But in my mind, the end of HyperCard left a huge gap that desperately needs to be filled – a space for an easy to use, intuitive tool that will once again let average computer users make their own tools. Such a project would have huge benefits for all of us, wether we are artists, educators, entrepreneurs, or enthusiasts." Lovely piece by Jer Thorp on Hypercard. I've mentioned Hypercard is quite formative for me, right?
mac  hypercard  programming  software 
march 2012 by infovore
daniel sinker • Hacker-Journalism 2011: A year of "show your work"
An Impressive list of notable examples of programmatic journalism from Dan Sinker; something I must return to.
data  programming  journalism  code  software 
december 2011 by infovore
angry, productive birds (tecznotes)
"You can control time when you can see it." Things I like here: half-day resolution; tracking time as a group, rather than solo activity; the value of projects that may be numerically "over budget". Meetings as "0" is interesting; I'm not sure about that yet.
management  project  stamen  mikemigurski  software 
december 2011 by infovore
Why are you still deploying overnight? | Brian Crescimanno
"The claim is that by avoiding the daylight hours, fewer customers will be impacted by the rollout.  Problem 1: You presume there will be problems that impact availability.  You have no confidence in your code quality; or (or maybe, and), you have no confidence in your infrastructure and deployment process.  If you lack confidence that your new system is ready for production, you probably shouldn’t be pushing it to production!"
software  development  ops  deployment 
october 2011 by infovore
Agile Software Is A Cop-Out; Here’s What’s Next | Forrester Blogs
"Software development is not pure coding, engineering, architecture, management, or design. It is cross-disciplinary. Better yet, it is its own discipline. It is more akin to making a movie than to building automobiles on an assembly line. The studio revolves around talent. Great software talent means renaissance developers who have passion, creativity, discipline, domain knowledge, and user empathy. These traits are backed by architecture, design, and by technical know-how that spans just knowing the technology flavor of the day. Process is the studio; it has structure but is flexible enough to optimize talent and tools." This post is as dogmatic as what it rails against, but it's good at finding flaws in dogma and then pushing towards a more sympathetic view. And this paragraph is the best bit.
software  development  culture  technology 
october 2011 by infovore
Mac OS X Lion Samba and AFP workarounds | frankly at a glance.
Uh-oh. Hoping I won't have to be looking into this any time soon.
software  nas  osx  lion 
july 2011 by infovore
Experimenting with Piracy – An Indie Mac Developer’s Perspective
"I was serious. I presented the pirates with a choice. A one-time, limited offer that was only good right there and then. They could either click the “No thanks, I’d rather just keep pirating this software button” or they could be taken directly to my store’s checkout page along with a hefty discount." A thoughtful post on dealing with piracy - and some lovely examples of copywriting to boot.
development  software  piracy  copywriting 
july 2011 by infovore
Creating new worlds « Bloom Blog
"I needed to get up to speed with doing recursive node structures so I coded up a project that would put a dot on the screen. When you tapped this dot, it would create a bunch of orbiting child-dots. These children could also be tapped, creating even more child nodes. This prototype took less than a day to create and I naively thought we would be done with the whole thing in a week, max. Silly me."

Marvellous, dense post from Robert on designing Planetary: lots of show-everything, material exploration, and plussing. What detail looks like.
design  software  bloom  planetary  detail  plussing 
july 2011 by infovore
DTerm: A command line anywhere and everywhere
"Command line work isn't a separate task that should live on its own—it's an integrated part of your natural workflow. DTerm provides a context-sensitive command line that makes it fast and easy to run commands on the files you're working with and then use the results of those commands." This looks great. Will report back on it.
terminal  mac  osx  utilities  software 
april 2011 by infovore
Anatomy of a Crushing (Pinboard Blog)
"We were a niche site and in the course of eighteen months had siphoned off about six thousand users from our massive competitor, a pace I was was very happy with and hoped to sustain through 2011. But now the Senior Vice President for Bad Decisions at Yahoo had decided to give us a little help." Maciej on what Scaling Pinboard Fast actually looked like. Some good anecdotes in here.
architecture  web  software  performance  pinboard  scaling 
march 2011 by infovore
PeteSearch: Data is snake oil
"Next time somebody's trying to sell you on the awesomeness of their new data technique, ask to see a prototype. If they haven't got that far, it's snake oil." Everything in this article is, basically, true. It's a really good run-down of all the issues that emerge in the reality of dealing with data-driven products at any scale."
data  prototyping  materialexploration  software 
december 2010 by infovore - The Mac App Store isn't for today's Mac developers
"...if the Mac App Store is only populated by a subset of today’s Mac software, a few key points (such as “Inexpensive”) still won’t be true. This is why I believe that the Mac App Store will be dominated by (and become known for) apps that don’t exist on the Mac today." This is really good. It might even be right; regardless, it's thoughtful and well-argued.
appstore  mac  osx  development  distribution  software 
october 2010 by infovore
Open Source is about the differences - Apache Asserts
"One million changes, nearly three thousand developers... At the end of the day, we just sail and log our collective journey through the Sea of Changes to the software commons." Very nice, and as James said: yep, he gets it.
software  change  history  historiography  development 
september 2010 by infovore
Official Google Blog: App Inventor for Android
Another potential response to my regular "come on, where's Hypercard?" query.
software  programming  creation  android  mobile 
july 2010 by infovore
MarsEdit 3 - Desktop blog editing for the Mac.
MarsEdit 3 is out; the headline feature is the WYSIWYG mode, but for me, the headline features are syntax-highlighting, support for Wordpress Pages, and integration with Lightroom's library. Sadly, it's 10.6 only, and my knackered MBP is 10.5... but it's an upgrade I'll be making asap.
blog  editor  software  osx  mac  blogging  marsedit 
may 2010 by infovore
ReBirth for iPhone — Home
Blimey, ReBirth, entirely ported to iPhone and on the App Store. Looks finickity, but it was loads of fun, and for $7... I might end up with that.
rebirth  music  software  propellerhead  iphone 
may 2010 by infovore
freerange's manifesto at master - GitHub
"This information describes how Free Range operates, both as a business and as a culture.

We're open-sourcing our business, from the site to the contracts to the philosopy. Value does not come from these things, but from putting these ideas into practice. These ideas are not assets - we, the people, are.

Fork this." Free Range have put their manifesto and operating principles onto Github.
github  freerange  business  software  development  process  opensource 
may 2010 by infovore
Panic - Transmit - The ultimate Mac OS X FTP + SFTP + S3 app
Transmit 4 is looking really good; Transmit Disk, especially.
macosx  transmit  application  ftp  software  panic 
april 2010 by infovore
LICENSE.markdown at master from SFEley's candy - GitHub
"This is a proposed draft of the Don't Be a Dick license for open source projects. The purpose of this license is to permit the broadest feasible scope for reuse and modification of creative work, restricted only by the requirement that one is not a dick about it." Much to recommend here.
software  licensing  dbad  dicks 
april 2010 by infovore
Preview: Instapaper on iPad - Instapaper Blog
"No huge surprises, except maybe that I changed to dark toolbars. No multi-column reading, no fake book-page animations, and no giant newspaper graphics." Great explanation of Instapaper on the iPad from Marco. And: I'm sure it'll be great; in the past two months, I've become a total Instapaper convert.
instapaper  ipad  app  design  software 
march 2010 by infovore
The Story: Notes on a conference in disguise |
"Magick is all about naming and control. So is journalism, and software engineering—related disciplines." yes yes yes a thousand times yes (the most wonderful sentence in James' write-up of a non-conference I didn't attend).
naming  journalism  magic  control  software  thestory  jamesbridle 
february 2010 by infovore
"AquaPath is a free Cocoa-based developer tool for Mac OS X Tiger that allows you to evaluate XPath 2.0 expressions against any XML document and view the result sequence in a dynamic, intuitive tree representation." It is really good, and has already saved my bacon today.
xpath  xml  osx  visualisation  software  tool  development 
december 2009 by infovore
Grackle68k - Twitter Application for Classic Macintoshes
"Grackle68k is a twitter client for early Macintoshes running System 6 through OS9."
retro  mac  software  twitter  application  classic 
november 2009 by infovore
flogr - Project Hosting on Google Code
"Flogr shows your pictures from flickr in a customizable photo portfolio interface which includes a main photo page with EXIF details and flickr user comments, a customizable thumbnails page of your recent work, a slideshow component to browse through thumbnails, a tag cloud page, and an about page that shows your flickr user profile. With flogr you can control which photos are shown by specifying the flickr tag(s) to include so you can show only your best photographs if you choose." Which is something I've been looking for for a while. Glad I didn't have to write it, now.
flickr  photography  photoblog  webapp  software 
november 2009 by infovore
Hacking with Style: TrueType VT220 Font
"Fortunately, modern displays can display characters that look exactly like this without special circuitry used in the original DEC terminals and there is free software that can be used to create a usable outline font out of a PNG image." Recreating VT220 terminal fonts in software, and from thence into Truetype.
terminal  typography  fonts  retro  software 
november 2009 by infovore
AI Ruby Plugins
"This page will maintain list of AI related libraries for the Ruby programming language." Some interesting stuff here, although it's all in varying degrees of maturity...
ruby  ai  machinelearning  collectiveintelligence  algorithms  software  libraries  gems 
october 2009 by infovore
Yojimbo, and The Case for Anything Buckets – Shawn Blanc
"On your computer exists your hobbies, your current and/or future career, and the rest of your daily life. You don’t own a snowboard, but you do have a blog, a Twitter, an RSS reader, and a pirated copy of Photoshop. You, my friend, need an Anything Bucket."
yojimbo  organisation  osx  application  productivity  software  mac 
september 2009 by infovore
Newtoy | Kicking off a revolution in gaming with your friends on the iPhone and iPod Touch
Words With Friends: it's like Scrabulous, but on your iPhone, with push notification. There is little more that needs to be said, other than that it's a very good implementation with some nice UI detail.
games  iphone  scrabble  software  multiplayer  app 
august 2009 by infovore
Warhammer Online for Mac -
"It seems to me that Transgaming have done more to hurt the Mac gaming world than anyone else. The idea that you can turn your product into a Mac game OVERNIGHT, without employing ANYONE WHO SEEMS TO CARE ABOUT THE PLATFORM is an absurd thing to peddle."
tominsam  games  porting  transgaming  osx  mac  software 
august 2009 by infovore
When I Enter the Office, the Imperial March Plays — GIANT ROBOTS SMASHING INTO OTHER GIANT ROBOTS
Thoughtbot discover their RFID door-lock system has an API. A short bash at some code later, and they now have theme songs when they enter the office.
physicalcomputing  music  tunes  themesong  thoughbot  software  hack  code 
july 2009 by infovore
:: v a n . d e n . b r a n d e :: Breadbox64
"BREADBOX64 is a twitter client for the C64/128 which allows you to tweet from a real C64 and show your friends timeline." Now that's a classy look.
twitter  software  c64  retro 
june 2009 by infovore
Rands In Repose: A Deep Breath
"An obsessive meeting schedule is an investment in the boring, but by defining a specific place for the boring to exist, you’re allowing every other moment to have creative potential. You’re encouraging the random and random is how you’re going to win. Random is how you’re going to discover a path through a problem that one else has found and that starts with breathing deeply." Oh. That's an interesting way of looking at it.
management  software  design  development  engineering  meetings  structure  rands  organization  strategy  business 
june 2009 by infovore
Ian Bogost - Guru Meditation
"Guru Meditation also reminds us of the long history of experimentation with physical controllers in the mainstream consumer videogame market, even when both that market and its critics would have us believe that physical interfaces are as new as DDR or Nintendo Wii." A game for Atari 2600 + Joyboard, and also available as an iPhone port; make the yogi fly by sitting perfectly still, and perfectly upright. Written in assembler, and everything.
games  software  atari  vcs  balance  meditation  ianbogost 
may 2009 by infovore
Propellerhead - Record
"Record gives you unlimited audio tracks, world class effects and mixing gear, and a whole new take on music recording." Lovely: seamless Reason integration, virtual Line6 Pods, and a DAW-ish bit of software that works the way my brain does. Excited!
software  recording  propellerhead  record  music  audio 
may 2009 by infovore
Skew, The Frontend Engineer's Misery @ Irrational Exuberance
"With limited influence, unlimited hands in the pie, a low barrier to critique, and the perception of triviality, frontend engineers are the janitors of software development. Rather than cleaning up trash, the boulder they toil beneath is skew: the distance between team member's conceptions of a project." This really feels very familiar: it's the most under-appreciated art in the stack of software development, and the one that takes the brunt of the crap.
engineering  programming  development  frontend  product  software  project  management 
april 2009 by infovore
Rands In Repose: Keynote Kung-fu Two
"The original Keynote Kung-fu article describes how to set up and use Keynote for the first time, but once you’ve done a couple of presentations, you’re going to want more." Rands drops some Keynote science, and I learn at least one new thing.
presentation  keynote  software  osx  speaking  tips 
april 2009 by infovore
My Scrivener Setup for Novel Writing | Boomer Blogger-WineontheKeyboard
Nice post about using Scrivener for novel-writing, and a reminder as to how Targets work within it (which is handy for journalism).
scrivener  osx  novel  software  mac  writing 
april 2009 by infovore
Prezi - The zooming presentation editor
"With the help of Prezi you can create maps of texts, images, videos, PDFs, drawings and present in a nonlinear way." Oh. Now that looks interesting.
animation  software  presentation  tools 
march 2009 by infovore
TMI: Waterfall, Agile, Teen Sex and Category Errors
"Agile is like teen sex: Everyone wants to do it, many say they're doing it, only some actually are, and very few are doing it right." Yup.
programming  development  software  practice  process  agile 
march 2009 by infovore
"F.lux fixes this: it makes your computer's lighting adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day. It's even possible that you're staying up too late because of your computer. You could use f.lux because it makes you sleep better, or you could just use it just because it makes your computer look better." Perhaps not right for things that need to be color-managed... but might be good for everything else. And healthier.
osx  software  mac  lighting  time  color  temperature 
february 2009 by infovore
MagiCal | Software | Charcoal Design
"MagiCal is a FREE menu-based clock and calendar. It features a huge range of configuration options for how the time and date are displayed, and can operate either in conjunction with, or as a replacement for the built in system menu clock." Quite pretty, and makes a nice companion for FuzzyClock.
osx  software  calendar  mac  utility  time  date  menubar 
january 2009 by infovore
Katz Got Your Tongue? » Rails and Merb Merge
"Today is a fairly momentous day in the history of Ruby web frameworks. You will probably find the news I’m about to share with you fairly shocking, but I will attempt to explain the situation." Yehuda Katz weighs in with a great, informative post.
programming  development  ruby  rails  rubyonrails  web  software  merb 
december 2008 by infovore
This appears to be some kind of 3D-tinged mind-mapping software; Flatblack were behind the rotoscoped look of Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly; this is clearly an interesting digression for them.
3D  iphone  software  management  productivity  mindmapping  spatial 
december 2008 by infovore
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