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Blue Lines Revisited - Peanuts: The Future Of A Radical Price
"Frankly anyone who thinks you need anything else for a working online content model is living in the past." Hah!
socialsoftware  monkeys  tomewing  funny  analogy  media 
june 2009 by infovore
GameSetWatch - Opinion/Round-Up: The State Of Social Gaming
"I think that there are really obvious reasons this isn't currently happening. Tech-oriented, web-trained, fast-paced, hard-nosed Silicon Valley culture is not really that similar to game developer culture. Outside of GDC Austin... I haven't seen a lot of opportunities for the two industries to mix. Most crucially, everybody's too damn busy trying to get their jobs done to really spend a lot of time or thought on the issue." That gap in culture is something that still fascinates me.
games  social  facebook  platform  culture  web  socialsoftware  gaas 
june 2009 by infovore
4 Takeaways From the Social Gaming Summit — So Far
"Pincus said game-based activity like this was an investment of what he called “social capital,” a means of maintaining contact with our growing network of friends and acquaintances. If the industry further emphasized this advantage in future games, Pincus argued with charming bullishness, social gaming could become as pervasive as social networks themselves."
socialplay  games  socialsoftware  socialcapital  gaas  facebook  myspace  platform 
june 2009 by infovore
Xbox 360 And Facebook Games Can Interact With Each Other -
'With Facebook Connect coming to Xbox 360 later this year, could we see similar connectivity between Xbox 360 and Facebook games? "Absolutely," Facebook's head of platform Ethan Beard told me back at E3. "Yeah, totally. That's a simple one -- that's an easy one. There's probably things that we haven't even thought of [coming later]."' Hmmn. Worth a quotation, at least.
interoperability  facebook  games  xbox360  gaas  socialsoftware  platform 
june 2009 by infovore
Gamasutra: Kim Pallister's Blog - The Most Significant Thing At E3 2009
"If the promise of previous generations was “games that just work”, and the current that “games work with each other”, then the promise of the NEXT generation will be this: That true next-gen game platforms will comprise services that *just work* with one another." Yes. Interoperability can take many forms, and it's easier to make work at a service than a platform level.
games  platforms  consoles  socialsoftware  identity  services  gaas 
june 2009 by infovore
teh tumblr
"I imagine this is how everybody who responds to the idea of Twitter with “Who cares if you’re eating a sandwich?” envisions Twitter." Yes.
funny  twitter  socialsoftware  bias  humour 
may 2009 by infovore » Blog Archive » Foursquare, Locative Media, and Prescriptive Social Software - Part One
"Locative social media is especially interesting because it directly affects how people move through the city. It can be terrifically fun and useful for people who fit its prescribed social model." This kind of proscription (or encouragement) of behaviour is interesting, and I think there are a variety of ways to do it "sensibly". And: how did you expand the group of "people who fit its prescribed social model"? Small changes of behaviour, amongst larger groups, are much, much more interesting.
social  play  games  location  place  casual  foursquare  locative  socialsoftware 
april 2009 by infovore
Dave Gorman: When Twitter Gets Weird...
"Which I think meant they were telling me they'd be happy if I pretended to follow them but then used technology to ignore them in favour of other people. What? So not only would they rather I pretended to follow them they wanted to explain to me how this dishonest artifice could easily be achieved." Dave Gorman on a kind of pretend-following, usage patterns of Twitter, and keeping tools useful for yourself (amongst other stuff; this is very good).
davegorman  twitter  culture  mores  etiquette  socialsoftware  manners 
march 2009 by infovore
Liking something the wrong way (Phil Gyford’s website)
"...I never thought I’d be banned from something for liking it in the wrong way. It’s interesting to discover completely different attitudes to these new ways of interacting online." Yes, I find this a lot; my actions and behaviours are shaped in a particular way, to the point that I've found myself recently (in the case of Twitter) recommending a totally opposite manner of usage to a friend.
behaviour  interaction  design  socialsoftware  twitter  flickr  manners  mores  online 
march 2009 by infovore
Purse Lip Square Jaw: On mobile cities, Archigram, invisible networks and ubicomp
"The question of responsibility and accountability gets sticky here - especially if we consider that technologies are too often viewed as neutral tools or isolated artefacts. If we draw out these flows, these networks, these interconnections, we find ourselves faced with the possibility of being connected to people/objects/places/activites/ideas that we may never see. And with intimacy always comes risk."
mobile  technology  socialsoftware  ubicomp  networks  connectivity  annegalloway  archigram 
march 2009 by infovore
Exporting the past into the future, or, “The Possibility Jelly lives on the hypersurface of the present” « Magical Nihilism
"Warning - this is a collection of half-formed thoughts, perhaps even more than usual." They seem pretty well-formed to me, even if the blogpost is a dense infoburst. Lots of solid gold in here, worth reading twice, slowly, and thinking on. And then working out what the conclusions are.
socialsoftware  space  place  mattjones  location  time  thoughts  proximity  resolution 
february 2009 by infovore
apophenia: Taken Out of Context -- my PhD dissertation
danah's PhD dissertation. I need to bookmark this, and have not read it yet, but am sure, at some point, I am going to plough through it, for work, recreation, or (most likely) a bit of both. Until then: just a bookmark.
teens  socialsoftware  paper  research  socialnetworking  publics  dissertation  danahboyd  youth 
january 2009 by infovore
Tags do work (for me, at least) - 0xDECAFBAD
Leslie roughly captures a few thoughts I've had and some reasonably opinions. In a nutshell: the social value of tagging is broad, fuzzy, and a second-order effect. As a loose, freeform taxonomy for personal use, they're superb, and delicious captures that excellently. I tag for me; if it's useful for you, that's a nice side effect.
socialsoftware  delicious  ia  folksonomy  tags  tagging  taxonomy 
january 2009 by infovore
Sci-Fi Hi-Fi: Weblog: (via bradleyallen) If it looks like a leaderboard, and quacks like a leaderboard...
"’s become apparent to me that social software is a medium turns all communication into a self-representation game whose ultimate goal is popularity."
play  design  representation  socialsoftware  score  statistics  leaderboard  popularity 
december 2008 by infovore Social objects, power, stickiness, and love
"An object provides for [the wants we define ourselves as] through the lack it displays." Jyri Engeström on social objects and the way they create wants, fulfil needs, and they way that drives our behaviour around them. Jolly good.
srs  web  socialobjects  jyriengestrom  socialsoftware  sociology  culture  needs  wants 
october 2008 by infovore
Wonderland: Turbine's MMO 2.0 pres
Detailed write-up from Alice of a presentation from Turbine - the stuff on where to draw boundaries between game and web is really, really interesting.
turbine  web  games  mmo  play  social  socialsoftware 
october 2008 by infovore
Nasty as they wanna be? Policing
"Director of Community Heather Champ doesn't just guard the pool and blow the occasional whistle; it's a far more delicate, and revealing, dance that keeps the user population here happy, healthy and growing." A nice SFGate piece that at least acknowledges the complexities of community management.
socialsoftware  web  flickr  communitymanagement  moderation 
september 2008 by infovore
Gamasutra - Moving From MMO To Web: What's The Story?
"People think the interface is the game, and I think that is kind of backwards. I think the game is the game, and we should be thinking what are the many interfaces to it... you touch Twitter in many ways, you touch Facebook in many ways." Raph Koster. But you guessed that, right?
web  mmo  social  software  design  socialsoftware  socialnetworking  casual  play  games 
september 2008 by infovore
Near Future Laboratory » Blog Archive » *-computing
"There's a weird conceit in here, that the activities and practices of normal human beings will involve data processing and algorithms of some sort, which is an awfully big assumption. So big, in fact, that it has distilled down to a way of seeing the world as consisting of bits of data that can be processed into information that then will naturally yield some value to people... Design for people, practices and interaction rituals before the assumptions about computation, data structures and algorithms get bolted onto normal human interaction rituals."
computing  data  ubicomp  julianbleecker  social  software  socialsoftware  design 
september 2008 by infovore
Sweetcron - The Automated Lifestream Blog Software
This looks like it could be interesting/fun; if anything, worth watching as a slightly more attractive option for lifestreaming...
web  tools  socialsoftware  lifestreaming  opensource 
august 2008 by infovore
Fake following
"One of the new features of FriendFeed (a Twitter-like thingie) is "fake following". That means you can friend someone but you don't see their updates... It's one of the few new social features I've seen that makes being online buddies with someone manageable and doesn't just make being social a game or competition." This is a really good solution that is totally broken.
socialnetworking  socialsoftware  interaction  design  friendfeed 
august 2008 by infovore
meish dot org » Sociable Media
" can’t do one of these bits and expect everything to work out great. You have to think about what can and needs to be done in each bucket." Another part of the it's-not-a-software-problem issue, with some good points on community.
commenting  socialmedia  journalism  socialsoftware  newspapers  softwareproblems  peopleproblems 
august 2008 by infovore
Robin Hunicke at LIFT 08 - Video
Absolutely excellent. A little depressed but also pleased at the overlap with my NLGD talk. Here's hoping I can munge together something good. And give credit where credit is due.
games  design  play  socialsoftware  social  applications  web2.0  groups  networks  friends  robinhunicke 
june 2008 by infovore
Rands In Repose: We Travel in Tribes
"The value lies in the network of people and how they illuminate the things I don’t know." Rands hits the nail on the head. It's about who you know, and how you make use of them. Just like real-world friends. Hint: Scoble is using it wrong.
twitter  communication  socialsoftware  network 
may 2008 by infovore
Cheddar Gorge - Deep Thoughts and Silliness - Bob O'Hara's blog on Nature Network
People are playing Cheddar Gorge on Nature Network. Awesome. Let's hope this playdiates elsewhere on the network.
cheddargorge  naturenetwork  socialsoftware  play  humour 
may 2008 by infovore
Lifeblog: Blood from stone: Don't focus on ad revenue from social networking services
"I've never been satisfied with folks trying to build services that generate 'eyeballs' just to 'monetize' that traffic with ads." Charlie rightly lays into the monetizers.
socialnetworking  socialsoftware  socialmedia  social  business  advertising  monetization  marketing 
april 2008 by infovore
Virtual Worlds News: Disney's Virtual Magic Kingdom to Close Doors
Disney are shutting down VMK despite its continued success and large userbase; as a "promotion", it's run its course. Some of the comments are very affecting. Lessons to be learned about the implicit contracts you create when you build worlds.
disney  virtualmagickingdom  community  online  virtualworlds  mmo  ethics  contracts  socialcontract  socialsoftware 
april 2008 by infovore
Free Your Spot - skate map - skate spot
Collaborative mapping and annotation of skateboarding spots. Nifty - and I quite like the Ferro-esque type everywhere.
socialsoftware  skateboarding  skating  geo  locative  place  commons  public  publics 
april 2008 by infovore
GitHub: My Kind of Social Software
"[GitHub] is my kind of social software. You want to "friend me"? Send me a patch. Fork me." Nice post from Ryan Tomayko looking at GitHub from a slightly different angle.
github  socialsoftware  versioncontrol  git  software 
february 2008 by infovore
James Governor’s Monkchips » The Notes application, Do you Faceback yet?
"Why would I ever want to use Facebook as the UI for blogs? One simple reason: people as tags, tags as people."
facebook  tags  socialsoftware  ia 
october 2007 by infovore
Common Pitfalls of Building Social Web Applications and How to Avoid Them - Bokardo
"Here are some of the common pitfalls that lead to failure when building social web applications."
socialsoftware  design  community  product  development 
september 2007 by infovore
CBS Acquires Eupope’s for $280 million
I get the feeling will be just fine; what CBS have _really_ acquired is AudioScrobbler. That data's worth a fortune.
acquisiting  cbs  lastfm  business  buyout  socialsoftware 
may 2007 by infovore
Scrobbler by John Nunemaker
"Scrobbler is a [ruby library] wrapper for the audioscrobbler ( web services." It looks very ncie.
lastfm  audioscrobbler  ruby  gem  api  webservice  music  socialsoftware 
may 2007 by infovore
Social Software Building Blocks / nForm / Customer Insight, Strategy, Design and Development
Not every social software system has all of these, but most of them have three or more. And the most popular social websites implement many of these building blocks, but focus on just one or two.
software  social  socialsoftware  design  architecture  model  honeycomb 
april 2007 by infovore
ASCII by Jason Scott: You've Ruined Everything
Many times, the roles that are taken up in an online community that's based around a "thing" are so structured and expectant that you could almost fashion carved wooden masks for them.
community  society  socialsoftware  forums  boards 
february 2007 by infovore
"By today, the headquarters of Front National has entirely disappeared from Porcupine; in its place, a tiny casino has sprung up overnight, and is already receiving customers." Second Life _is_ Las Vegas!
absurd  politics  secondlife  virtualworlds  humanrights  culture  society  socialsoftware  frontnational 
january 2007 by infovore
Toothpaste for Dinner: MyPal
"Send/receive funds in exchange for friendship!"
humour  comic  paypal  myspace  friendship  socialsoftware  daft 
january 2007 by infovore
Friends, friendsters, and top 8: Writing community into being on social network sites
Friendship helps people write community into being in social network sites. Through these imagined egocentric communities, participants are able to express who they are and locate themselves culturally.
friends  socialsoftware  social  networking  paper  analysis  facebook  friendster  myspace  sharing  technology  sociology  research 
january 2007 by infovore
apophenia: on being virtual
"Most people are deeply invested in the physicality of life; this is not going away".
social  software  secondlife  virtualworlds  networking  socialsoftware 
december 2006 by infovore
Caterina Fake - .net magazine
Surprisingly good (for .net) interview with Caterina Fake. “The most difficult part is not the technology but actually getting the people to behave well.”
socialsoftware  interview  social  design  flickr 
december 2006 by infovore
Facebook's "Privacy Trainwreck": Exposure, Invasion, and Drama
"Privacy is not simply about the state of an inanimate object or set of bytes; it is about the sense of vulnerability that an individual experiences. When people feel exposed or invaded, there's a privacy issue." Loads in here that's of use beyond this qu
exposure  privacy  facebook  social  socialsoftware  socialnetworking 
september 2006 by infovore
How can software be social?
It is, after all, already social, writes Julian Bleecker. He's right. Ties into my ideas around 'sociable" software.
social  software  socialsoftware 
april 2006 by infovore
What do we do with 'social media'? (
Tom Coates' own notes for the Guardian Changing Media Summit
socialsoftware  media  social  web20 
april 2006 by infovore
Friendster lost steam. Is MySpace just a fad?
Public - super-public - hyperpublic. Lots of interesting stuff in this essay from danah. Memo to self: it's all about the ablative case.
public  superpublics  friendster  myspace  essay  glocalization  danahboyd  socialsoftware 
march 2006 by infovore
Ning-powered app for finding other Mario Kart friendcodes. Fun!
ning  nintendo  ds  mariokart  socialsoftware 
march 2006 by infovore

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