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Accuracy takes power: one man's 3GHz quest to build a perfect SNES emulator
Fascinating article on the lengths one has to go to to get perfectly accurate hardware emulation. It's not enough to get stuff to run; you have to get it to run right, and in the era this hardware comes from, that means it needs to take into account the weirdness of hardware.
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august 2011 by infovore
Hardcore Gaming 101: SOS / Septentrion
"The premise is simple - it's the 1920's, and you're a guy on a decadent cruise liner, one of four you can pick from the outset. Something goes wrong, of course, and the ship begins to sink. You have one hour, in real time, to escape the ship, while rescuing as many survivors as possible. Halfway through the game, the ship begins to sink and floods with water. If the time runs out, you're dead." Wonderful sounding Clock-Tower-y survival game for the SNES.
septentrion  games  survival  snes  nonviolent 
january 2010 by infovore
XYZ Computing
"SNES - As Good As It's Going To Get"
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september 2005 by infovore

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