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CoopDigital Newsletter — 20 Nov 2017: What are cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin,...
Excellent overview and collection of links on cryptocurrencies from the Co-op Digital Newsletter; some useful links in here for A Thing.
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november 2017 by infovore
Fool Britannia | Never Knowingly Underwhelmed
"But – and here’s where every single one of these cuts affects us all, even people who live in gated communities and have second homes in the country – I don’t personally want to live in a society where the worst-off are treated with corner-cutting contempt. This is the seventh richest nation in the world. In the world. And yet a report commissioned by the TUC predicted that by 2015, almost 7.1m of the nation’s 13m youngsters will be in “homes with incomes judged to be less than the minimum necessary for a decent standard of living”." The whole piece is very good indeed; Andrew Collins, excellent as ever.
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