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The Server Souvenir: Taking Home Remnants of Virtual Worlds | Platypus
"In this short post, I will outline how owners of commemorative WoW server hardware treat these objects as mementos of their time in the world of WoW." (And: how. as the systems became more parallel, there was less physical connection between "a single box" and "a single realm", and so the desire to own Your Realm goes down.

Somewhere in there is My Thunder Bluff.
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9 weeks ago by infovore
monit and rvm deployment (Example)
Turns out rvm-shell might be handy.
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august 2016 by infovore
What sysadmin things should every programmer know? - Server Fault
"As a programmer, we tend to take sysadmins for granted. The few times I've been without a good sysadmin have really made me appreciate what you guys do. When we're venturing into an environment without a sysadmin, what words of wisdom can you offer us?" A good list.
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may 2012 by infovore

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