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JHaskell's Blog: Serial Comm Fundamentals on Arduino
Nice straightforward guide to buliding simple Serial protocols for the Arduino. Jolly good.
arduino  serial  electronics  microcontroller 
february 2014 by infovore
The Hairless MIDI<->Serial Bridge
"Hairless MIDI<->Serial Bridge is the easiest way to connect serial devices (like Arduinos) to send and receive MIDI signals. 100% Free Software. For Mac OS X, Windows & Linux."
arduino  midi  serial 
december 2012 by infovore
Repatcher | Open Music Labs
"rePatcher is an Arduino shield that allows you to “repatch” your Max/MSP or Pure Data patches with a 6 x 6 patchbay matrix. It also has 6 general purpose control knobs for modifying parameters in your patch. Since it does all of this over USB, it can be hacked to work with any other program that can accept a serial stream." Oh, very nice.
maxmsp  pd  puredata  music  serial  arduino  shield 
february 2012 by infovore
NewSoftSerial | Arduiniana
"NewSoftSerial is the latest of three Arduino libraries providing “soft” serial port support. It’s the direct descendant of ladyada’s AFSoftSerial, which introduced interrupt-driven receives – a dramatic improvement over the polling required by the native SoftwareSerial."
arduino  libraries  serial 
january 2011 by infovore
sserial2mobile - Google Code
"This library implements the Software serial Arduino library to establish a serial connection to a Mobile phone. The methods methods hides the AT+ commands from the user allowing messages to be sent by passing the method on a phone number or email and the message." Oh, now that is interesting.
mobile  serial  sms  arudino 
january 2009 by infovore
Dickens and the Classic Serial - Giddings
Specifically, the classic _television/radio serial_ - but a cracking piece of writing nontheless
victorian  tv  radio  drama  serial  mediastudies 
may 2006 by infovore

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