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timhunkin/initiation to museum design
"Every gallery project needs an Andy" - and other insights from Tim Hunkin on installation design, following his work on 'The Secret Life of the Home' at the Science Museum. All rings very true for me, and glad to see it's not just me that finds this sort of stuff challenging. Also: very interesting on museum culture.
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october 2015 by infovore
Science Museum - Visit the museum - Dan Dare & the Birth of Hi-tech Britain
"In an age before globalisation, products from rockets to radios sprang from local roots. Together they reveal a fascinating ‘lost world’ of British design and invention – a glimpse of a time when the TV in the corner was a Murphy, not a Sony."
exhibition  sciencemuseum  technology  design  eagle  futurism  comics 
april 2008 by infovore

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