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Susy: Responsive grids for Compass
This looks good; roughly corresponds to how most grids I've built in the past n year _really_ worked in practice.
compass  sass  css  grid  framework 
february 2014 by infovore
Serve - Delicious ERB, Haml + Sass
Simple dynamic site generator with standardised templating tools: certainly looks nice for building those early-stage prototypes before you need a full backend.
ruby  web  development  erb  haml  sass  markdown  templating 
april 2012 by infovore
About this Blog | Free PeepCode Blog
Lovely, lovely article explaining just how the PeepCode Blog works. The blog itself features unique layouts for every post. There's no CMS, no database, but what's going on under the hood is at least as clever - and the flexibility makes the beautiful and clear pages much easier to build.
blog  code  design  ruby  sinatra  markup  sass 
february 2010 by infovore

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