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The IF Theory Reader | The Gameshelf
"So is it worth reading dusty IF history? Well, I haven't read it yet. But I can say that the book really represents a tour through the past ten years of the IF community's thinking. Some of the essays are from 2001; some have been revised for this edition; some are brand-new. Many have been published in other forms, so if you've been devouring our blog posts and essays for the past few years, you will see few surprises. But if your awareness of IF dates from the last century -- or if you've been following us only casually -- I think this book has something to offer."
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march 2011 by infovore
Well Played 1.0: Video Game, Value and Meaning | ETC-Press (Beta)
Well Played is now out, and can be read online and purchased from Lulu. It's exactly the sort of thing I've wanted for a while - a reader for videogames, and for the actual experiential side of them - and it's got some great authors contributing pieces on a host of games. Worth your time, for sure.
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may 2009 by infovore
Rososo, the peaceful newsreader
"Rososo shows you which bookmarks have updated, and hides the rest. It is a good alternative to newsreaders, which, like your email inbox, tend to accumulate obligation and guilt." Not sure about only showing sites, rather than content, but I like the idea of peaceful software a lot.
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october 2008 by infovore
Chmox - a Mac OS X CHM viewer
CHM files - compiled HTML - are basically Windows Help files. You need something like this to view them on a Mac.
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april 2007 by infovore » Announcing Skim: Stop printing - Start Skimming.
PDF reader specifically designed for reading documentation, presentations, etcetera. Some rather neat features.
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april 2007 by infovore

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