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Very Slow Movie Player – Bryan Boyer – Medium
[this is good]. I think I like Bryan's write-up even more than the artefact itself. It captures some of the fascination I still have with e-paper well. It also captures the process of thinking through making in a gentle, thoughtful way I've perhaps not succeeded at recently.
bryanboyer  eink  film  movies  images  calmtechnology  vsmp  raspberrypi 
17 days ago by infovore
fivdi/onoff: GPIO access and interrupt detection with JavaScript
Seems like the best GPIO library in JS I can find, simply because it actually supports hardware interrupts.
gpio  raspberrypi  javascript  hardware  interrupts 
january 2016 by infovore
HOWTO: Boot your Raspberry Pi into a fullscreen browser kiosk | Wired Watershed
"...we thought it’d be useful to document what we achieved: automatically running Chromium, full-screen, with a single kiosk-mode web-page." Yep, that will be useful, I'm sure.
browser  kiosk  raspberrypi 
september 2013 by infovore
Roll Your Own Looper, Cheap: Raspberry Pi + Pd + KORG monotron Hands-on - Create Digital Music
Great CDM post on using pd on the Raspberry Pi, along with hardware controllers, for a headless MIDI interface. Makes me think about what you could do with this, an MBED, and some cunning.
music  midi  pd  puredata  raspberrypi 
july 2013 by infovore
Cooking up an Office Dashboard Pi — GoCardless Blog
I'm less interested in dashboards than the more generic advice for building up a headless Pi.
dashboard  raspberrypi 
june 2013 by infovore

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