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Using Automated Rhyme Detection to Characterize Rhyming Style in Rap Music
"Imperfect and internal rhymes are two important features in rap music previously ignored in the music information retrieval literature. We developed a method of scoring potential rhymes using a probabilistic model based on phoneme frequencies in rap lyrics. We used this scoring scheme to automatically identify internal and line-final rhymes in song lyrics and demonstrated the performance of this method compared to rules-based models. We then calculated higher-level rhyme features and used them to compare rhyming styles in song lyrics from different genres, and for different rap artists. We found that these detected features corresponded to real- world descriptions of rhyming style and were strongly characteristic of different rappers, resulting in potential applications to style-based comparison, music recommendation, and authorship identification." Awesome, and something I am going to sit down and read properly.
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march 2012 by infovore
A process of elimination leads to discovering when Ice Cube's "good day" was.
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january 2012 by infovore
Wu-Tang Clan's RZA Breaks Down His Kung Fu Samples by Film and Song
RZA picks out the spoken-word samples he pulled from old kung-fu movies, and provides some background. I particularly like the waveform infographics...
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november 2007 by infovore

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