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Notes, links, etc | Prototyping in Tokyo
Nice write-up of this show from Denise - I greatly enjoyed it, and agree with most of what she wrote. I particularly enjoyed examples of the SLS (3D printing technique) process, notably, the case showing what emerges from the printer - and how much material is brushed away by hand to reveal the object thereafter. Many of the exhibits they showed were magical, and yet they worked hard to remove the magic from the _processes_, and I really think they pulled that off.
engineering  design  prototyping  3dprinting  additivemanufacture  japanhouse  japan 
march 2019 by infovore
Label Whisperer | cooper-hewitt labs
"...we have tangible evidence that there are ways for a museum to adapt to a world in which all of our visitors have super-powers — aka their “phones” — and to apply those lessons to the way we design the museum itself." This is smart, and tesseract is going into the toolkit.
tesseract  ocr  cooperhewiit  aaron  spiking  prototyping 
february 2014 by infovore
x-OSC | x-io Technologies
"x-OSC is a wireless I/O board that provides just about any software with access to 32 high-performance analogue/digital channels via OSC messages over WiFi. There is no user programmable firmware and no software or drivers to install making x-OSC immediately compatible with any WiFi-enabled platform. All internal settings can be adjusted using any web browser." Small, simple, wireless OSC-transmitting board; really nice idea, simply implemented, and noted down as a way of simplifying certain kinds of projects in future...
osc  hardware  electronics  prototyping 
july 2013 by infovore
"Prototype iPhone apps with simple HTML, CSS and JS components." Looks nice; also, lovely splash site.
html  ios  iphone  prototyping  mobile 
november 2012 by infovore
On Performance « SB129
"One of the most important things I learnt throughout the process was that through ‘performing’ ideas – including getting members of the audience involved – it was evident whether or not the experience/idea/design would be valuable, exciting or intriguing. During the presentations, you could instantly tell if the project was a success. In some ways this combines presentation with a form of fictional user testing, they were performing to know. Here, prototyping is taken to another level, where ideas are exposed to an audience, events are ‘acted out’ and success is evaluated. Performance as a prototyping medium." I like 'performing to know'
mattward  design  performance  prototyping  exploration 
august 2012 by infovore
Make Flash Games with StencylWorks
GameMaker-like tool for OSX and Windows - that outputs Flash games, built out of Flixel and Box2D. Niiice.
games  prototyping  flash  flixel  box2d 
june 2011 by infovore
PeteSearch: Data is snake oil
"Next time somebody's trying to sell you on the awesomeness of their new data technique, ask to see a prototype. If they haven't got that far, it's snake oil." Everything in this article is, basically, true. It's a really good run-down of all the issues that emerge in the reality of dealing with data-driven products at any scale."
data  prototyping  materialexploration  software 
december 2010 by infovore
Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
Really rather good, from what I've read so far, especially for prototyping.
iphone  javascript  html  css  development  prototyping  book 
october 2009 by infovore
Briefs: A Cocoa Touch Framework for Live Wireframes
"Briefs is a framework for packaging concept screens & control schemes that run live on the iPhone and iPod Touch. This allows you to experience the feel of your concept without the expense of development." Ooh.
iphone  ui  interaction  design  development  prototyping 
september 2009 by infovore
Game Prototype: Crane Wars
This is great: a 25-minute video from Blurst looking at a short prototype they built. During the retrospective, other members of the team question the designers/developers about their intentions, their goals, and examine ways to make the prototype into a better game. There's some good questioning, some nice explanation, and it's a great insight into a process built around rapid prototyping and execution on top of Unity. Interesting to see how another company work on rapid prototypes and then try to "find the fun". Also: making the prototype public is another great piece of explanatory work.
design  games  video  process  mechanics  prototyping  critique  unity  blurst  retrospective 
march 2009 by infovore
2D Boy: I love you, 2D Boy! » Blog Archive » the world (of goo) wasn’t built in a day — part 1 of 7
"for a while now we’ve been meaning to post some early childhood snapshots of world of goo, to dig deep into our code repository and remember the good ol’ days. the early part of a game’s development is often very enjoyable because things evolve rapidly and there’s a great sense of accomplishment. it’s also a lot of fun to look back at those early days and laugh at what the game use to look and feel like." First in a seven part series, in which 2D Boy walk us through the - playable - origins of World of Goo. Game devs: more like this, please.
games  development  process  prototyping  worldofgoo  evolution  2dboy 
march 2009 by infovore
Tinkerkit: a physical computing toolkit for designers: Main/Home Page
"TinkerKit is an Arduino-compatible physical computing prototyping toolkit aimed at design professionals. The interest in physical computing as an area in development within the creative industries has been increasing rapidly. In response to this! is developing the TinkerKit to introduce fast iterative physical computing methodologies to newcomers, and particularly design professionals." Standardised modules, standardised connectors, Arduino-compatible. I remember Massimo showing me his keyboard-emulating board ages ago. Nice to see Tinker productising the platform, too.
design  prototyping  hardware  electronics  arduino  tinkerit  tinkerkit 
february 2009 by infovore
Gary Penn on the rules of game design | Technology |
"You've got to get shit happening – you can talk about it, you can write it down, it means nothing until you actually make it and think f**k that's nothing like what I thought it was going to be! That happens most of the time." Gary Penn on prototyping, getting real, and how they do stuff at Denki. More good stuff.
design  games  play  prototyping  fun  denki 
february 2009 by infovore - Iwata Asks: Wii Fit
Satoru Iwata interviews the product designer and producer behind the Wii Fit balance board. There's some interesting stuff on the prototyping process on the second and third page of the interview.
wii  wiifit  games  fitness  hardware  interface  controller  design  interaction  prototyping 
november 2008 by infovore
Relevant History: Reflections on tinkering
"As we move into a world in which we can manufacture things as cheaply as we print them, the skills that tinkerers develop-- not just their ability to play with stuff, or to use particular tools, but to share their ideas and improve on the ideas of others-- will be huge." Lots of good reflections from "Tinkering As A Mode Of Knowledge".
tinkering  hacking  technology  making  opensource  building  craft  prototyping  learning  education 
november 2008 by infovore
Battle of the CSS Frameworks | Capsize Designs
A neat summary of what's available out there; I use Blueprint for prototyping, but it's interesting to see what else is available - particularly the more stripped-down frameworks.
css  design  code  web  layout  framework  prototyping 
october 2008 by infovore
Home - Pencil Project
"The Pencil Project's unique mission is to build a free and opensource tool for making diagrams and GUI prototyping that everyone can use." Hmn.
design  prototyping  wireframe  web  interaction  wireframing 
october 2008 by infovore
Photomake - Ponoko
"Turn photos of your designs into real life things." Fabbing based upon photographs or illustration. Blimey.
prototyping  fabbing  making  design  manufacture  service 
september 2008 by infovore
adaptive path » blog » Peter Merholz » Pen(cil) and paper to live prototype - where’d the wireframe go?
"I think the role of the architecture diagram, user flow, and wireframe belongs very much after the fact, after we’ve sketched and prototyped an experience. Those are tools to document what has been agreed through sketching and prototyping. They are not the best means for solving challenging design problems." That seems like a good way of putting it.
documentation  ux  userexperience  design  sketching  prototyping  wireframe  making 
august 2008 by infovore
OmniGraffle UX Template | Konigi
"In this template you'll find shared layers (masters) for a title page, wireframe, wireframe/storyboard hybrid, simple storyboard, and storyboard with notes. Column guides and a regular grid make it easy to use and keep your layout tight." Nice .graffle templates for UX designers.
design  ux  omnigraffle  template  layout  prototyping 
august 2008 by infovore » Blog Archive » The Arduino Bluetooth board
Ooh - nearly here - program via bluetooth, access as bluetooth device. Nifty.
arduino  bluetooth  hardware  programming  embedded  prototyping  design  electronics 
january 2007 by infovore
todbot blog » Blog Archive » Arduino breadboard shield: $10 & 10 mins
Lovely. I am totally pumped about buying an Arduino very, very soon. This'll make some more compact hacking relatively easy.
arduino  hardware  electronics  development  programming  prototyping 
january 2007 by infovore
Creating prototypes with OmniGraffle | urlgreyhot
Clickable Omnigraffle prototypes which export to clickable PDFs. Very nice; makes me want a new version of Omnigraffle to replace my copy of 2.0...
omnigraffle  interaction  design  ia  prototyping  screencast  tutorial 
december 2006 by infovore
37signals: An Introduction to Using Patterns in Web Design
I've read this several times over the past year. Really is time to stick it into delicious, I feel
design  patterns  webdesign  web  usability  prototyping  interactiondesign 
august 2006 by infovore

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