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Richard Sapper's dark, alternate universe of tech design - Curbed
"What I find appealing about a Sapper-influenced future is the sense that we wouldn’t have to be so careful not to break, to spill, to let sentiment intrude or go over our daily calories. That future can be made of almost anything, can stack neatly and doesn’t require custom furniture to fit its curves. We might not need to waste energy on stairs, elevators, and ziplines to get us to our clifftops like James Bond villains. We wouldn’t have to figure out how to open a closed pod without tactile or visual cues. We would not be living up to our future, it would be working for us." From the Thinkpad outward - notes on Richard Sapper, and the kind of industrial design I can get behind.
richardsapper  design  productdesign  industrialdesign  thinkpad 
february 2018 by infovore
Radio with no physical controls; it just gets moved in space. Nifty
productdesign  design  object  radio  minimal  interface 
january 2005 by infovore

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