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martinleopold/pUI: Graphical User Interface Library for Processing
Simple, but non-horrible Processing GUI library that isn't ControlP5.
processing  gui  interaction 
april 2016 by infovore
Some pointers for Natural Language Processing / Machine Learning — Gist
MattB writes down his tips for language processing/machine learning; useful that somebody's done this.
machinelearning  naturallanguage  processing  programming 
october 2012 by infovore
Dual Analog Controller Object
"DAController is a wrapper class for use with the proCONTROLL joystick library written by Christian Riekoff for Processing. It encapsulates the two analog sticks and all the buttons found on a typical dual analog controller." Ooh.
processing  controller  analogue  games 
may 2012 by infovore
"The proCONTROLL library allows Processing to communicate with controll devices like joysticks, joypads but also keyboards and mice." It works quite nicely.
processing  programming  control  interface 
may 2012 by infovore
Augmented Reality With Processing (Tutorial)
Nice tutorial for exploring AR with Processing. (Yes, I know it's AR, but I also am interested in how this works, so stop your booing in the peanut gallery).
ar  augmentedreality  processing  tutorial  programming 
december 2011 by infovore
Making Things See: A Book for O’Reilly about the Kinect | Ideas For Dozens
"I’m excited to announce that I’ve been contracted by O’Reilly to write a book about the Microsoft Kinect. The book is tentatively titled Making Things See: Computer Vision with the Microsoft Kinect, Processing, and Arduino. My goal is to introduce users to working with the Kinect’s depth camera and skeleton tracking abilities in their own projects and also to put those abilities in the wider context of the fields of gestural interfaces, 3D scanning, computer animation, and robotics." Nice. Joining this stuff together is *hard*, and getting it into the hands of designers, rather than programmers, is very important.
kinect  processing  books  oreilly 
june 2011 by infovore
Kinect and Processing at daniel shiffman
"This is all very preliminary, but here is a first pass as a Processing Kinect library." Ooh.
processing  kinect  programming  library 
november 2010 by infovore
American Pixels
"As computer technology has evolved to make artificial images look ever more real - so that the latest generation of shooter and war games will look as realistic as possible - ajpeg is intended to go the opposite way: Instead of creating an image artificially with the intent of making it look as photo-realistic as possible, it takes an image captured from life and transforms it into something that looks real and not real at the same time." Beautiful.
compression  imagery  pictures  algorithms  graphics  reality  processing  images  photographs 
january 2010 by infovore
Let's Enhance
"Zoom in on that spot there." Blade Runner has a lot to answer for; notably, this.
video  films  movies  technology  enhance  processing  tvtropes  grr 
january 2010 by infovore
Creating an audiogeography from walks through the silence at
"We would then take the data generated from these walks and plot them into a computer representation of the area and generate visualisations from that. Building an audiogeography superimposed on the physical landscape with the sound levels as experienced by somebody who would walk through the area." Some nice work from Alper and Kars.
processing  art  visualisation  sound  silence  rendering  geography  maps 
november 2009 by infovore
YouTube - SIGGRAPH 2009 Technical Papers Video Preview
The future of image processing and 3D graphics is awesome, bonkers, sort-of relevant and full of bunnies. Worth a watch.
siggraph  video  images  3D  processing  graphics  rendering 
october 2009 by infovore
GameSetWatch - Raw Thrills' Eliminated American Idol Arcade Game
"Players stand in front of a green screen while the game films them and creates a music video background while they sing. Their performance is then emailed to them or burnt onto a DVD players can take home." Awesome. Unfortunately, the project has been canned. Still, it's worth watching the slightly cringey videos of the developers playing it, because it's a nifty bit of code.
arcade  karaoke  games  americanidol  cancelled  video  processing 
october 2009 by infovore
YouTube - Giant White Glove
That performance of Billie Jean. But with a Giant White Glove. Brilliant.
videos  processing  manipulation  michaeljackson  data  motioncapture 
july 2009 by infovore
Knave of Diamonds - Treetop
"I gave a presentation on Treetop last night at lrug - seemed to go down well. There aren’t many examples of treetop grammars I’ve seen, so it might be useful if you find the main site’s documentation a bit impeneterable." Roland drops some Treetop science, and it looks very useful. Good stuff!
ruby  language  parsing  processing  tree  treetop  library  rolandswingler 
may 2009 by infovore
Just Landed: Processing, Twitter, MetaCarta & Hidden Data | blprnt.blg
Mapping where people are leaving and arriving based on nothing more than what they said on Twitter. Pretty, and perhaps the beginnings of something quite useful.
data  informatics  twitter  visualisation  processing  mapping  socialmedia 
may 2009 by infovore
Photojojo » How to Develop Film Using Coffee and Vitamin C! Srsly!
Chemically, this makes sense, but I'd never thought this might be possible.
homebrew  photography  film  processing  developing 
march 2009 by infovore
Aaron Meyers tumbls
"Today, I made a little application using the Spore API." Specifically, rendering the skeletons of creatures in Processing. Nice.
programming  games  visualisation  api  processing  spore 
march 2009 by infovore
"The original page, which sadly has since then disappered from the face of the earth, was all about this hidden "demon face" in one of Aphex Twin's tracks, #2 (the long formula) on "Windowlicker". This face was supposed to be viewable with a spectrograph program, so I decided to try it myself." Some fun - and somewhat impressive - decoding of hidden imagery on IDM cds. The Venetian Snares cats are particiuarly great.
sound  processing  audio  music  idm  imagery  spectrograph  spectrographic  crazy 
november 2008 by infovore
Leapfroglog - Download my travel-time map
Kars releases the source for his travel-time map of the Netherlands. Nice to see the artefact-as-code, as well as the artefact-as-design.
design  karsalfrink  netherlands  map  processing  programming  visualisation  interaction  interface 
september 2008 by infovore
Leapfroglog - The making of a travel-time map of the Netherlands
"I had an example, I had some data, and I had a little experience with making things in Processing." Kars explains the thinking behind his time-travel maps, built in Processing. Really nice work.
visualisation  travel  karsalfrink  processing  data  programming 
august 2008 by infovore
I Eat Beats
"Skittle-based beat sequencer, a tangible and edible music interface. This is a prototype developed over the course of two evenings, with a webcam and Processing." Fun!
processing  music  sequencing  visual  sequencer  interaction  design  tangible 
july 2008 by infovore : Wii Nunchuck
A brief - but useful - guide to getting data out of the Wii Nunchuck.
arduino  hardware  processing  hacking  sensor  microcontroller  physical  input  device  interaction 
june 2008 by infovore
cv.jit - main
"cv.jit is a collection of max/msp/jitter tools for computer vision applications." Yasser just showed me these - very impressive, and quite simple, really.
visualisation  maxmsp  video  image  processing 
may 2008 by infovore
"Funnel is a toolkit to sketch your idea physically, and consists of software libraries and hardware. By using Funnel, the user can handle sensors and/or actuators with various programming languages such as ActionScript 3, Processing, and Ruby."
sketching  ruby  actionscript  processing  hardware  physical  computing  design  arduino 
april 2008 by infovore
Photographer's How to [eeewiki]
Using an Asus eeePC as a mobile RAW-processing and viewing platform. Not sure it'd replace Lightroom, but it sure is a nice idea for a mobile preview environment...
eeepc  asus  eee  photography  raw  processing  image  editing  gimp 
february 2008 by infovore
Color Management made easy by Thom Hogan
"Thom's Quick & Dirty Guide to Color Management: 99% of what you need to know in 1% of the space."
color  colour  colourmanagement  colormanagement  management  photography  processing  photoshop 
january 2008 by infovore
"This is a site for large data sets and the people who love them: the scrapers and crawlers who collect them, the academics and geeks who process them, the designers and artists who visualize them." Aaron Swartz strikes again. This looks great.
dataviz  infoviz  visualisation  scraping  data  accumulation  processing 
january 2008 by infovore
Books \ Processing 1.0 (BETA)
The Processing book. I had a look at blackbeltjones' a few nights ago - big, dense, heavy, paper like a bible. Quite a lovely book, really. Will probably buy it at some point.
books  programming  design  infoviz  dataviz  graphics  processing 
october 2007 by infovore » Blog Archive » Wiimote Communication
Using the Wiimote with Processing, Max/MSP, and a whole load of other things (via OSC) on Mac OS. Fun!
wii  wiimote  processing  interaction  hardware  hacking 
september 2007 by infovore
Anymails - Visualization of my email inbox |
Beautiful: "Anymails is a visualization of my received emails... An unread email is hairy and swims fast; a read email has less hair and does not swim so fast anymore; a responded email is hairless and barely moves."
flash  processing  visualization  email  dataviz  infoviz 
august 2007 by infovore
Handy one-liners for sed
sed is my new best friend. This is very, very useful.
sed  shell  bash  scripting  unix  programming  processing 
july 2007 by infovore
Introducing templatemaker |
Template maker is "a Python library for extracting data from similarly formatted text strings." Looks super-useful.
python  scraping  text  processing  utility 
july 2007 by infovore
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Tutorials by Michael Tapes
Good set of video tutorials on Lightroom. This one - 15 minutes on processing one picture, from original RAW file to a decent final image, is particularly good.
photography  tutorial  lightroom  raw  processing 
march 2007 by infovore
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Tutorials by Michael Tapes
Lots of LR tutorial videos - really must get around to watching these some time.
adobe  lightroom  photography  tutorial  processing 
march 2007 by infovore
Of Cameras and Art
Nice essay from Alain Briot; touches on several of my beliefs (which roughly explain the feeling of inadequacy I have with my own pictures).
photography  art  processing  development  photoshop 
november 2006 by infovore
Daring Fireball: Markdown Syntax Documentation
After a year or two of being completely sold on Textile, I'm really thinking that there's a lot to this Markdown lark. Namely, readability
markdown  formatting  syntax  text  processing 
november 2006 by infovore
ESV Bible Blog » Blog Archive » Mechanical Turk Recap
The ESV Bible team crowdsourced their interlinked search database to Amazon's Mechanical Turk. That turned out quite well for them.
crowdsourcing  mechanicalturk  amazon  outsourcing  distributed  processing 
july 2006 by infovore
Arduino - HomePage
Nice. A tiny little USB I/O board for about twenty-thirty quid. It works with Macs, it works with Processing and Wiring, and it comes from Italy. Probably my way into experimenting with physical interface fun. Time to buy a soldering iron...
processing  wiring  io  hardware  sensor  physical 
june 2006 by infovore
Interesting technique for sharpening photos without unsharp mask. Will try this out.
photography  howto  processing 
march 2006 by infovore

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