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Beautiful: Brian Crabtree's electronics, Kelli Cain's pottery, Iceland, motion. I don't even mind the juggling. But the sound!
music  pottery  briancrabtree  kellicain  juggling  iceland 
september 2015 by infovore
Pottery: clay, hand, wheel - rodcorp
"In September and October I did a short pottery course at Brighton's Painting Pottery Cafe - six evenings, once a week." Rod has been potting, and this is a lovely piece of writing about materials, and how they feel in the hand. Also: I think Rod is probably better at this than I'd be.
rodmclaren  potting  pottery  materials  clay 
january 2013 by infovore
Ray Finch obituary | Art and design | The Guardian
"Finch realised what he really wanted to do; to "make things people could both use and enjoy"." Yes, that.
rayfinch  gloucestershire  winchcombe  pottery  craft  making 
february 2012 by infovore

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