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Thunder Bluff Classic Rail Poster Art Print by Josh Atack | Society6
Charming. My favourite thing about this is that it's a picture of home, and, weirdly, it arouses the same emotions in me as it would if it were a poster of a real place.
wow  games  art  pastiche  poster 
february 2013 by infovore
3.5 inch poster set on the Behance Network
"This Posters shows, how many floppies are enough for current softwares." I do not miss installing from floppy at all.
poster  media  floppydisks 
november 2010 by infovore
"Your argument did not address my own, but nice try". I think I'm going to need this in future.
resources  strawman  poster  motivationalposter  arguing 
january 2009 by infovore

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