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This Music Made Me: Tom Rogerson | This Music Made Me | musicOMH
This feels... familiar. Two things resonated a lot, though: the description of Hymns Ancient and Modern as a tradition to come from, and especially the description of 'cramming for A-levels' - my version of that was a combination of Fopp and Parrot Records at university, and the local libraries' CD sections during my teenage years.

He's a better musician then me, though, clearly.
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march 2018 by infovore
How I wish /// Pawel Grudzien /// Live at the Preservation Room - YouTube
A really nice exploration of what live piano + electronics could be like. I'm not quite sure how I feel about the actual filming: there's a lot of modular on display, which is very analogue and visible, with all its sequencers... but there's also at least one midi controller visible and if it's talking to a computer... is it disingenuous to hide a laptop? Hmn.
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february 2017 by infovore
The Piano Among the Patch Cables
I've been thinking a lot about pianos and electronics, and this is a nice exploration of the lines I've been thinking along. I think the piano manipulation could be more interesting, but it's certainly in the ballpark of what I'm interested in attempting.
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september 2016 by infovore
Donald Fagen Concepts For Jazz/Rock Piano - YouTube
75 minutes of Donald Fagen talks to Warren Bernhardt about composition, voicing, and runs through some Steely Dan and solo stuff. The explanation of the voicing on Peg is worth your time alone. So much in here - and nice filming of _hands_ for once.
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july 2014 by infovore
Blimey - 1.68gb multisampled Yamaha C7, for most popular soft samplers, for no money.
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january 2009 by infovore
Nicky Hopkins - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"He is regarded as one of the most important session musicians in rock history, playing on countless hit recordings by leading British and American acts." He is also my new hero.
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july 2007 by infovore

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