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russell davies: cheapfuturefashionfomatics
"This is the S2H replay; an activity monitor/pedometer thing that does a similar job to the fitbit. Except it feels way more like the future than the fitbit because it's cheap, fashiony and simple. And you they'll actually deliver one outside the US." I like "fashiony" as both an adjective and a watchword. The S2H sounds pretty nifty, too, and Russell's write-up is great...
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february 2010 by infovore
russell davies: measuring pebbles
"Syncing is easy and reliable - as simple as you'd expect from a games company rather than as rubbish as you get from a GPS company."
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july 2009 by infovore
Trends in Japan - CScout Japan Blog » Bandai RPG Pedometers animate your steps
"Bandai will soon be releasing two new hybrid pedometer games to keep you entertained while racking up the miles as you go about your life. ... [The] idea is to set personal goals of exercise and achieve them in a fun way."
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october 2008 by infovore

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