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Importing Custom Images into Eagle -
This genuinely 100% works. Gosh. That's going to make life easier.
eagle  cadcam  cad  pcb  circuitboard  svg  tools 
march 2018 by infovore
PCBShopper » A Price Comparison Site for Printed Circuit Boards
Compare PCB fabrication around the world and get the cheapest for your precise needs. Useful!
diy  electronics  hardware  pcb  manufacture 
january 2017 by infovore
Your First Prototype: Assembly Tips and Techniques (3/3) — Prototype 2 Production
Saved mainly for its neat description of what you'd want in an assembly diagram of a toplayer.
pcb  electronics  eagle 
may 2016 by infovore
Practical PCB Layout Tips Every Designer Needs to Know
Filed away for reference. Especially the thing about trace width.
electronics  pcb 
november 2015 by infovore
Tangent Tutorials
Nice list of tutorials, particularly focusing on EAGLE.
eagle  cad  pcb  electronics  tutorials 
january 2014 by infovore

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