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How the Death of iTunes Explains the 2010s - The Atlantic
I still have an SSD full of music, that I own, and I too will miss iTunes when it is gone. I even have baroque ways of syncing MP3s to my Android phone.

More importantly, I too have long felt the reality of Inbox Infinity and lists that never end.

Even more importantly, para 11 is chefs-kiss-emoji.
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6 weeks ago by infovore
Only crash « Snarkmarket
"What else could we apply crash-only thinking to? Imagine a crash-only government, where the transition between administrations is always a small revolution. In a system like that, you’d optimize for revolution—build buffers around it—and as a result, when a “real” revolution finally came, it’d be no big deal."
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june 2010 by infovore

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