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Everything is Amazing, But Nothing is Ours –
"Look, all technology breaks sometimes. I’m not saying that new is bad because it’s buggy; I promise you, the old stuff broke too. You probably do not want to go back. But there’s a difference between “the car broke down” and “the car got lost”. One is a fragility of *things*: if you drive a car, you need to take responsibility for keeping it in good shape. It’s a scarcity problem. But the latter feels more like an abundance problem: it’s fragility of *something*, I just couldn’t put my finger on what."

I liked this paragraph.
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Wish I’d seen this « Adam Greenfield’s Speedbird
"...what exemplars like Dopplr and Fire Eagle demonstrate beautifully is [that]... the seams between systems are as important to the way a service is ultimately experienced as the more obvious interface between system and human user."
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